Barbara Bush wants Hillary Clinton to run for president.

Barbara Bush, not the former First Lady, but the daughter of former president, George W. Bush, has said that Hillary Clinton is “unbelievably accomplished” and hopes she will run for president in 2016.  It’s about as close to an endorsement as a Bush could give a Clinton and surely qualifies as news.  Former First LadyContinue reading “Barbara Bush wants Hillary Clinton to run for president.”

Obama owes Caroline Kennedy Big Time

Forget the $16 trillion national debt. Forget what we owe China. The greatest unpaid debt of Barack Obama, one of the greatest unpaid political debts of all time, is what the president owes Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, the daughter to John F. Kennedy. Every day that passes with this debt unpaid, is an uncomfortable day forContinue reading “Obama owes Caroline Kennedy Big Time”

Malia Obama, born on the third of July

Malia Obama had a birthday yesterday. White House kids seem to have it all. Every toy and gadget comes over the transom. The most famous people of their day are on hand. But the one thing that is often missing are the parents. When Tad Lincoln celebrated his 12th birthday on April 4, 1865, hisContinue reading “Malia Obama, born on the third of July”

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy?

okay, here is my take on Caroline Kennedy.  (Be patient, after flying back to New York to do CBS for the inauguration, I am back in Russia on my speaking tour.  This time in Yekaterinburg, so no access to my books to facts check. Will be home Monday.) First, I don’t think she is finished. Continue reading “Ambassador Caroline Kennedy?”

Caroline Kennedy? What would Joseph Pulitzer say?

Caroline Kennedy, appointed to U. S. Senate? When rumors spread that Robert Todd Lincoln, son of the assassinated president, Abraham Lincoln, was considering a political career on his own the ever vigilant American print media went ballistic.  No less than Joseph Pulitzer, himself, led an avalanche of stinging editorials warning that the emergence of Lincoln represented a dangerousContinue reading “Caroline Kennedy? What would Joseph Pulitzer say?”

Caroline Kennedy in the Senate? An historic perspective

  I am getting a ton of calls from journalists wanting some historical context for Caroline Kennedy’s likely appointment to the U. S. Senate.   Even one of the presidential historian – talking heads has checked in, asking for example, if there have been other children of presidents who have served in the Senate.  “Just AdamsContinue reading “Caroline Kennedy in the Senate? An historic perspective”

Obama Banks Endorsements For Right Moment

How Senator Barack Obama effectively uses his endorsements? You notice how Senator Barack Obama has a bad week and then he gets a boost and a change of subject by a major endorsement?  Like he loses in New Hampshire or Texas and Ohio and it is immediately followed by an endorsement?  Or The New YorkContinue reading “Obama Banks Endorsements For Right Moment”

Caroline Kennedy Endorses Obama: But there is more to the story.

  By Doug and Myriam Wead Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama may carry more clout than dismissive television pundits are giving it.  Yes, Caroline has been out of the public eye and does not command a huge following.  But oh what a following it is.  Caroline may just have opened the door to furtherContinue reading “Caroline Kennedy Endorses Obama: But there is more to the story.”