Obama and Clinton Spar Over Religion

  This recent exchange took place last week as the Democratic contest grew more tense.  Obama was in San Francisco, explaining to big donors why working class voters were proving harder for him to win over. “It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’tContinue reading “Obama and Clinton Spar Over Religion”


The Problem With Obama

Okay, sure, I would love to see America beloved by the world again.  I would thrill to see immigrants openly weeping as President Obama’s motorcade swept along the Champs Elysees.  And three million people gathered to welcome him to his father’s homeland of Kenya.  And the fourth largest nation in the world, Indonesia, virtually shutContinue reading “The Problem With Obama”

Bill Clinton, the last Black President

Okay, time to have a little lesson in history.  Bill Clinton is no racist.  Sorry, everybody pile on and have your fun, but that pig just won’t fly.  And this is coming to you from one who was raised as an evangelical Christian and is a political conservative, who worked in a Republican White HouseContinue reading “Bill Clinton, the last Black President”

Caroline Kennedy Endorses Obama: But there is more to the story.

  By Doug and Myriam Wead Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama may carry more clout than dismissive television pundits are giving it.  Yes, Caroline has been out of the public eye and does not command a huge following.  But oh what a following it is.  Caroline may just have opened the door to furtherContinue reading “Caroline Kennedy Endorses Obama: But there is more to the story.”