Is Sarah Palin ready?

No experience, only a governor for two years before being put on the national ticket?  Too religious?  Bible studies in the evening?  And yet, can’t take care of the children?  One daughter marries a man 30 years older.  Another rejects the family faith and flees to an Ashram in India.  Sarah Palin?  Nope.  All ofContinue reading “Is Sarah Palin ready?”

CBS NEWS: Fair and Balanced?

CBS NEWS: FAIR AND BALANCED? Is it just me or has anyone else noticed something dramatically unfolding at CBS news, namely that their news segments are becoming extraordinarily, bending over backwards, fair?  Is it moving out of the editorial game and back to its roots into the news gathering game?  Of course, they would denyContinue reading “CBS NEWS: Fair and Balanced?”

Was there a son of a president married in the White House?

DW:  Yes, John Adams, II.  He was the son of John Quincy Adams and the second child of a president to be married in the White House.  The bride was Mary Catherine Hellen, his own first cousin.   The John Quincy Adams’ were empty nesters when they went into the White House, all three ofContinue reading “Was there a son of a president married in the White House?”