The Nightly News Follies at ABC

ABC World News Update: Okay, first of all, I am an Elizabeth Vargas fan.  I faithfully watched Bob Woodward and Elizabeth Vargas nightly, expecting them to eventually vault to the top of evening newsdom’s pinnacle.  When Bob Woodward was wounded on assignment in Iraq, I immediately saw that his tragedy would be as definitive forContinue reading “The Nightly News Follies at ABC”

The First lady – First daughter tour: A repeat of history

  First lady Laura Bush and First daughter Jenna Bush will take to the airwaves next week to talk about their new joint venture, a children’s book entitled “Read All About it.”  Laura will sit in as guest host of the NBC Today Show.  Interviewing Jenna will be one of the segments. It is not theContinue reading “The First lady – First daughter tour: A repeat of history”