Sarah Palin: Frontrunner

Okay sports fans, here we go.  As of now, who is the front runner for the GOP nomination in 2012?  And the answer is pretty simple.  Sarah Palin.  She is not only the most likely to win the nomination, she is also probably the only one who could beat Barack Obama. Actually, no one canContinue reading “Sarah Palin: Frontrunner”


Now drafting Ron Paul for president.

Ron Paul really has a chance.  To be president, I mean.  Really. Because we are now in uncharted waters and things could go terribly wrong.  All that new money we are printing will eventually hit the shore and inflation will result.  And the tens of thousands of workers, soon to be hired by the governmentContinue reading “Now drafting Ron Paul for president.”

Ron Paul and Iowa in 2011

Note to reader:  This is a nice little series with about five thousand followers.  But you have to read them in order to know what we are talking about.  If you are following these posts dig right in.  If not, the chain is listed at the bottom of this post.  Take them on, one byContinue reading “Ron Paul and Iowa in 2011”

Ron Paul and Karl Rove don’t mix.

Okay, this is about hiring the right people at the right time and how that is critical for Ron Paul.  But there is no way you will even comprehend what we are talking about unless you get caught up.  So, if you haven’t read the following posts, start with the first one.  If you areContinue reading “Ron Paul and Karl Rove don’t mix.”

How Ron Paul Wins in 2012: Step One

As far fetched as it sounds, Ron Paul can actually win the Republican nomination in 2012 and change history. Step One: Win the Iowa Straw Poll in 2011. Well, this is a multi-post memorandum and some of what I have to say I won’t be saying publicly at all – because it is proprietary.  SoContinue reading “How Ron Paul Wins in 2012: Step One”

Is Ron Paul too old to run for president?

He will be 77 in the year 2012. Consider; Charles de Gaulle was president of France at the age of 79. Some say he was the greatest modern leader in French history. Ditto for Konrad Adenauer, declared by many to be the greatest chancellor of the German Republic in its modern history. Compare him toContinue reading “Is Ron Paul too old to run for president?”

Ron Paul for President in 2012

Now, more than ever.  Here’s why. When Ron Paul accepted the idea that, intended by our forefathers or not, we were a nation locked into a two party system and one had better accept that idea or be hopelessly marginalized, he guaranteed that his neo-libertarian ideas would be heard on a national stage.  In 2008Continue reading “Ron Paul for President in 2012”

Ron Paul called the other day and…

Here I am in Krasnodar, Russia.  Toward the end of an around the world speaking tour that took me to six countries and some pretty exotic locales, like Krasnoyarsk, Siberia and now this delightful, warm, little town near Sochi and the Black Sea. One gets an interesting perspective outside the USA.  And Russia is theContinue reading “Ron Paul called the other day and…”