A Mitt Romney Win?

“The time will come when the constitution and government will hang by a brittle thread and will be ready to fall into other hands but this people,  the latter-day saints will step forth and save it.” –  Joseph Smith, May, 1843. If history is any indicator Mitt Romney will win tomorrow’s election.  Yes, the pollsContinue reading “A Mitt Romney Win?”


The Genius of Sheldon Adelson:

The more he gives to Newt Gingrich, the more powerful he becomes. First the word was that Sheldon Adelson had met with Mitt Romney and was going to cut his support to Newt Gingrich. And now the story is he may dump in another $10 million to help get Newt elected. My guess is thatContinue reading “The Genius of Sheldon Adelson:”

Ron Paul can win the presidency

Imagine. A president-elect puts his hand on the Bible and swears to uphold the constitution of the United States and really means it. No games. No grabs for more power. No circumventing the congress by executive orders. No personal corruption, such as the traditional deals of ambassadorships in return for donations to a presidential libraryContinue reading “Ron Paul can win the presidency”

Bachman-Perry: Who is God’s Anointed?

“He who says that religion and politics don’t mix, understands neither one.”  – Gandhi The race between Congresswoman Michelle Bachman and Governor Rick Perry is coming down to an old fashioned, Christian, church-goin, doctrinal dog fight.  One that favors Bachman in the short run in Iowa and Rick Perry in the long run across theContinue reading “Bachman-Perry: Who is God’s Anointed?”

Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman: The fight for the Tea Party

No one can deny the nascent phenomenon of the liberty movement in America. It is riding a populist wave against government-insider deals that are making the rich richer and the poor poorer and sacrificing individual liberty in the process. An interesting mix of Republicans and Democrats are involved in this uprising, blurring old labels likeContinue reading “Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman: The fight for the Tea Party”

Ron Paul is back!

By Doug Wead Once more, after being written out of the script by the newspapers and television producers, the scrappy congressman from Texas, Ron Paul is back in the mix. And big time.  Sarah Palin, of all people, put him there. After turning down thousands of speaking invitations over a six month period Sarah PalinContinue reading “Ron Paul is back!”

Cheney for president?

Well, we now know that Dick Cheney is positioning himself for a presidential run. His challenge to Barack Obama on Gitmo will cast him as a “conservative” alternative and his position in favor of gay marriage will cast him as a “moderate” on social issues. If there is a major terrorist act on American soilContinue reading “Cheney for president?”

Ron Paul and the conspiracy of history

Not since 1939, when Winston Churchill’s lonely, defiant voice called the Nazi’s for what they really were, has anybody this old, been this right about something so dangerously missed by the rest of the public.    For the last decade, Ron Paul, a stubborn, ridiculed, white haired, Texas congressman, has been a persistent, irritating, lonelyContinue reading “Ron Paul and the conspiracy of history”

Sarah Palin and her opponents

Okay, now for a little bit of calibration.  Yesterday I stated a fact, that Sarah Palin is the front runner for the GOP in 2012.  That made some people happy and some people angry.  It doesn’t have to remain that way.  But whether you like it or not it is a fact. And being front runnerContinue reading “Sarah Palin and her opponents”