Presidents and their daughters, it didn’t start with Ivanka.

March 21, 2017

Television is full of pundits talking about how unprecedented it is that Ivanka Trump would be working with an office in the White House. In fact, she is part of a long and storied history. Many presidents have been very close to their daughters and many put them to work.

According to one account, George Washington held his stepdaughter, Patsy, in his arms when she died as a teenager. She suffered from epilepsy. He was devastated.

Letty Tyler ran the White House for her widowed father, President John Tyler, and was stunned when he married a second wife, who was younger than she. Julia Gardiner, the new first lady had Letty thrown out. You can read all about the drama in my book All the Presidents’ Children.

Martha Johnson, the daughter of President Andrew Johnson, ran things for her politically challenged father, during his grueling impeachment process. Her mother was an invalid. Martha established much of the protocol that is still observed in the White House to this day. She also marched to Capitol Hill where she lobbied for appropriations. “Whatever you may think of my father, the White House is the nation’s property and it needs to be maintained,” she said.

Her brother, Robert, had his own office in the White House. He had seen tents full of severed arms and legs during the Civil War but he could not stomach the impeachment of his father. Most historians believe that he took his own life.

The story of Ivanka Trump, and the role she played for her father in the recent presidential election, is told in all its color, in my new book, Game of Thorns: Inside the Clinton-Trump election of 2016.

Ivanka would hardly be the first daughter to rise to power but she would be one of the most recent. Anna Roosevelt, daughter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, practically ran the White House, during his last year in office, from her bedroom in the private quarters. Among other things, she ran interference with the first lady while her father renewed his relationship with his mistress, Lucy Rutherford.

There is a scene in my book, All the Presidents’ Children, when first lady Eleanor Roosevelt begs her daughter to be put on the manifest for the trip to Yalta. Eleanor knew it would be historic. First daughter, Anna, says no.

It remains to be seen how powerful Ivanka Trump will be but keep this in mind, you can fire an assistant and a chief of staff but you can’t fire “daughter.” It is a title Ivanka Trump will carry for life.

Inside the media war to remove Trump

March 12, 2017

Okay, let’s get this straight. The mainstream media is hot. They are steaming. Because YOU and I voted for the wrong person and elected Donald Trump.

The nerve. We are racist, even if we are African American or Hispanic, even if we voted twice for Barack Obama. Even those who actually voted for Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump, are bad, if they are not in the streets burning things down, breaking windows, and shouting profanity at people. We are all an embarrassment to the mainstream media and their European friends and their business associates in the People’s Republic of China. Oh, and some of you are probably Russian spies.

That said, here is a way for you to make up for your shortcomings, your deplorableness.

Subscribing to these talking points below will provide you with some redemption and assist the mainstream media in their relentless crusade to undue the democratic election of Donald Trump and remove him from office.

Mainstream media talking points.

#1) Donald Trump is paranoid because he suspected his predecessor had wiretapped him. You are supposed to join in the outrage at such immaturity.

obama and trump

Obama and Trump

What can’t be discussed? The fact that the Clinton’s accused their presidential predecessor of the same thing. Yep, Hillary Clinton accused dear, old, George H.W. Bush of bugging the private family quarters of the White House when she and Bill moved in. (President Bush, Sr. had served as director of the CIA.)

According to Secret Service agents interviewed for the book GAME OF THORNS, Hillary had the Secret Service sweep for bugs she believed had been planted by her predecessor but was unsatisfied with the result. According to the sources, she had the FBI do the same thing.

When the Clinton’s became estranged from the FBI they created their own White House Personnel Security Office, run by trusted campaign staffers, and empowered them to access private FBI files of their political enemies. It became the subject of a Congressional investigation and was the scandal called Filegate.


Hillary thought she was bugged by George H.W. Bush and had the FBI sweep the White House.

Besides, only days after telling us that President Trump was being unreasonable for suspecting his predecessor of spying on him, the same mainstream media tells us that the CIA can watch us through our Samsung television sets.

Well, if they can watch you and me, it seems quite reasonable that President Trump would want to know the details of how they may have been monitoring him.

Talking point number two.

#2) Donald Trump is the person the Russians wanted to win the presidential election and they are the reason he won.

Wait a second, I thought it was Jim Comey’s fault. No, no, that is the old story and it wasn’t working. This Russian thing is better.

What can’t be discussed is that the Russians actually gave money, millions of dollars, to the Clinton Foundation and got the uranium deal and the Silicon Valley deal from Hillary in return. No, no, we can’t talk about that.

We must believe the story that the Russians put Donald Trump in power and then the first thing they asked him to do is increase military spending.

Talking point number three.

#3) Donald Trump is refusing to hold a press conference to let the MSM press him. One of the networks boldly counts out the days. “It is now day 5 and still no press conference!” Come on, help us, build the outrage, day by day.

What can’t be discussed is that Hillary Clinton went more than 300 days between press conferences, and this in the middle of a campaign for president. The Washington Post actually had a counter going. So it’s kinda disheartening to be asked to create outrage over day 5, but if the MSM says we have to do it, we better try our best.

#4) We the tax payers are spending a fortune to pay for security for the Trump children. This is a nightly news story, hoping to spark outrage.

I’ve traveled internationally with presidential children. Surely, they don’t want the Trump children to be murdered or kidnapped. We wouldn’t want that for Malia or Sasha Obama or Chelsea Clinton. It’s hard to see just where the MSM is going with this one. Are we supposed to demand that the Trump children remain confined at Camp David?

We are also supposed to be outraged over the cost of Trump flying to Mar a Largo for the weekend. But Johnson and Bush flew to Texas, Nixon and Reagan to California. Obama preferred golfing trips to Hawaii.

We know that we’ve been bad, that we voted for someone who was unapproved by the American nobility. We know we should accept our poverty with grace and honor the nation’s oligarchy, who, after-all, worked hard to earn their positions as members of the 1%, if they will just be a little patient with us.



How some at Google cheated for Hillary and why they may now help overthrow Donald Trump.

March 8, 2017

“It’s never wrong to do the right thing.” – Mark Twain.

My new book, GAME OF THORNS, details how Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, helped Hillary Clinton set up her campaign technology system. It is a riveting story.

Several others on Clinton’s senior staff came from Google, including the head technology officer, Stephanie Hannon and the chief product officer, Osi Imeokparia. Google bet heavily on Hillary’s win and may not be done.

Even now, there is apparently a battle inside Google between leftist techy purists, who want to keep to the original mission and lefties who feel a moral responsibility to manipulate the numbers to advance their own political cause. Google disputes this narrative.

Officially, publicly, Google is searching for a few conservatives, not too smart, willing to step into their toxic political environment and be their punching bags.

You don’t have to be a genius to see how partisans inside Goggle played with their own search engine to cheat for Hillary Clinton. Such a process would now be indispensable in overthrowing Donald Trump and reversing the results of last November. Let’s hope that saner heads prevail.

During the election, if you used Google and started typing in “Hillary Clinton crimes” you would be cut off early by respectable choices such as Hillary Clinton crime reform.

The New York Times denies all of this.

But hey, check for yourself.

Even now, with the election over and Google supposedly returning to normal, type in “Hillary Clinton cri…” and you will see Hillary Clinton’s criminal justice speech listed as the second choice, behind Hillary Clinton cries after losing the election. We are supposed to believe that thousands of people are actually still searching for this speech, even though Google’s own numbers apparently show that this is not the case and never was the case.

Now type in “Hillary Clinton cri…” into any other search engine and see what you get. You will find non political results based on actual numbers of searches. For example, Internet Explorer will list in order…

Hillary Clinton criminal, Hillary Clinton crime family, Hillary Clinton crime, Hillary Clinton cringe, etc. Neither her criminal justice reform, nor her criminal justice speech, is even listed on the SERP. It was the same on other search engines I tested, probably because they are not edited for political content, they are driven by actual searches.

According to GOT, during the campaign “Ted Cruz is quickly suggested to be called ‘Lyin’ Ted,’ there’s no hiding the fact that Trump is labeled a racist, and a quick search of Bernie Sanders immediately takes you to his socialist label.”

But you had to fully spell out “Crooked Hillary.” There was no help from Google, while all other search engines knew exactly what you were looking for. And, according to GOT, when you did completely spell out “Crooked Hillary,” on Google, letter by letter, all the way to the end, you got Bernie Sanders! (I now get Crooked Hillary No.)

I have visited in nations run by dictators and noticed how one had to be careful what was said and who heard it. We may be there now in America. But it is not a government that will punish us and banish us, it will be companies, that seek to control what we read and write and think. And they are watching us even now, poised to punish us for speaking truth to power?

When Bill Clinton became president, Hillary immediately appointed one of her best friends to be Director of the IRS. And they began to audit her political enemies. You can read it in GAME OF THORNS. Let’s hope that Google does not develop a list of enemies. Or you won’t be hearing much from me anymore.

To those in Google, who still cling to the idea that a search should be pure and meet the needs of the searcher, don’t give up. You can fight for Hillary and the Left, you can despise Trump and sill provide the world with an honest search.

“It’s never wrong to do the right thing.” – Mark Twain.

How White Evangelicals Won the 2016 Election

February 25, 2017

He is brash, uncompromising, direct and has no sense, whatsoever, of political correctness. He is convinced he is right and isn’t afraid to publicly proclaim it. Some argue that he, as much as any other human being, helped win the 2016 presidential election. I am speaking, of course, about David Lane, the man the New York Times refers to as the Field Marshal of the Evangelical Army.


David Lane

Of course this was Donald Trump’s victory and not many others can compete with what he himself achieved, against all odds and expectations. And of the supporting players there are many other architects that come before David Lane. There is the brilliant strategist, Steve Bannon, the wordsmith Kelleyanne Conway, the son-in-law, Jared Kushner. There is the early work, too easily forgotten, of Corey Lewandowski. Most of all, there is the steady hand at the helm, of Reince Priebus.

Then there is the day, years ago, when Donald Trump sat discouraged in his Tower, and a perky, attractive, Florida, televangelist named Paula White came on the screen.


Paula White

Trump was missing his old, positive preacher, Norman Vincent Peale. “Gosh, your’e terrific,” said Trump. He flew her to New York and she eventually showed him the Evangelical world.

“You know, I’ve been married three times,” the sinner Donald Trump admitted to the preacher. “Me too,” answered the preacher. They became unlikely friends.

I tell all of their stories in my new book, GAME OF THORNS: Inside the 2016 Clinton-Trump election contest.  But the short snippet of David Lane’s story is one of my favorites.

He did not start out supporting Donald Trump. In fact, he didn’t start out supporting anybody. He focused on organizing Evangelicals to be participants in the process, regardless of who won the nomination. He arranged for any candidate to meet and interact with Evangelical Christians.

In the process, over a 17 year period, he built an effective ground game of pastors and activists. And Lane achieved something more. He united the Evangelical leaders in a way that their competing trade organization and rival denominations could not. Lane just kept coming at them, letting petty jealousies and competition roll off him like water off a duck’s back. He became the Movement’s common denominator.

The numbers are stark. The Democrats built their coalition with Muslims, 1% of the U.S. population, African Americans, 12.9% and Hispanics, 17.6% But they virtually staked the Republicans the Catholic vote, 22% and the White Evangelical vote, 26%.

Only months before the election, the Catholic and Evangelical vote was up for grabs. Major leaders in both camps were openly sympathetic to Hillary Clinton. But leaked Democratic emails had Clinton’s staff ridiculing Catholics and derisively dismissing the Evangelicals. They spoke openly about a post-election plan to co-opt the Catholic Church and change its doctrines, a “Catholic Spring.”

When Bill Clinton insisted that Hillary speak at Notre Dame University for St. Patrick’s Day, her arrogant campaign staff laughed. When President Barack Obama warned that they were leaving Evangelical votes on the table, they dismissed his concerns as last minute jitters.

When the Access Hollywood tape emerged, Evangelical Christians rose up in righteous indignation. A student body president at one of their major universities declared that they could vote “down ballot” and ignore the presidential race. But evangelical leader, Tony Perkins, reminded the believers that the next president would pick the Supreme Court. Most agreed and quietly sat back down.


Tony Perkins

The coup de grace came in the final week. With Trump behind 14 points in some polls, the Hillary Clinton campaign pulled out all the stops and paraded a long list of Hollywood celebrities across the stage at her rallies and urged them to get out the vote on television sitcoms and in specially produced, star studded, YouTubes.

Using the F -word and taking God’s name in vain, the celebrities urged the undecided Catholics and Evangelicals to fall into line and vote for Hillary.

The celebrity talking points all seemed to reflect the same refrain. Trump was hateful, they said. He used foul language. He was racist. But communicating that message with hateful, foul, racist language was more effective to audiences in California and New York City than to audiences in the toss up states, where the election would be decided.

It was not clear how the Clinton campaign expected these entertainers to move voters. Would they use the name of Mohammed as a curse word in a video to appeal to Muslims?


Clinton vs. Trump

On November 4, 2016, a gaggle of celebrities gathered to create a video urging America to get out and vote. Referring to Trump as “garbage” and comparing him to Hitler, they sang, “Jesus f-ing Christ / Holy f-ing shit / you’ve got to vote.”

“If this video motivates one person,” the actress Rachel Bloom said, “especially in a swing state, to just get out there, then it will have been worth it. I just personally didn’t want to say I did nothing. I wanted to say I tried.”

She certainly did. White Evangelicals voted 81% for Donald Trump.

The insider book about Trump and Clinton and the war with the media

February 25, 2017

Pre-Order GAME OF THORNS now !
This is the inside account of the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
From Trump Tower to Hillary Clinton’s campaign plane. The story you can’t find on YouTube.
– On the campaign plane with Clinton, certain of victory, popping champagne.
– Bushes and Clinton’s collaborate early and then betray each other.
– That moment, earlier in life, Trump, all alone, weeps over his father’s death.
– Trump in despair after Access Hollywood, almost quits to let Mike Pence take over.
– An attractive, female televangelist give Trump the inside scoop on evangelicals.
Trump says, I’ve been married three times. Evangelist says, “Me too.”
– Clinton’s post election plan to co-op doctrine in the Catholic Church.
– Jim Comey’s decision after 27 year war between Hillary & FBI

Why the corporate media will now try to remove Trump.

It’s about China and money.

Shocking moments behind the scenes during the Trump-Clinton campaign.

February 24, 2017

My new book GAME OF THORNS will be released on Tuesday and it is a hoot. This is the story of the 2016 election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If you’ve followed this election on YouTube and the mainstream media, you are definitely going to want to read this book and get it straight.


Clinton had plans for dealing with enemies

It takes you on-board the Hillary Clinton campaign jet, where they are popping the corks of Champagne bottles to celebrate their impending victory. It takes you to the despair at Trump Tower, were rumors spread that Donald Trump is going to start his own television network after he loses. Sean Hannity will be the host. You’ve got to read what they were saying in the Green Room at Fox News.

The book goes into detail about the Clinton IRS hit squads that were to come. Read how the Catholic Church will be co-opted, its doctrines liberated by a Clinton campaign to create a “Catholic Spring.” Learn about the plans for the future of the military chaplaincy.

One of my sources actually prepared a videotape in case he would become the target of assassination. The story of this tape and parts of the testimony broke on Drudge last night. It was published in the Daily Mail, you can read it here. But you will have to pre-order your book to read most of it.

The book give you the inside story of how President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton tried to reason with the Hillary Clinton campaign and how they refused the advise. This story broke in the Daily Caller and raised some eyebrows but no denials from the Obama or Clinton camp.

Read how political enemies were pushing a fake news story about Melania Trump.

Read how the Clinton’s and the Bushes colluded together and then broke apart and betrayed each other.


At first they helped each other out but eventually it broke apart.

Get the actual facts and evidence on how the media planned events and stories, working together with the Clinton campaign. And how deep their bias ran.

Be amazed at the arrogance of Clinton celebs who use profanity and sacrilegious language to try to persuade the undecided Catholics in the Rust Belt and evangelical Christians in the Southern States and the Florida panhandle to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Wonder at the Clinton campaign logic at the gathering of the rich and famous Clinton surrogates who meet on November 4, 2016, days before the election, to create a video urging America to get out and vote. Referring to Trump as “garbage” and comparing him to Hitler, they sang, “J*sus f_cking Chr*st / Holy f_cking sh*t / you’ve got to vote.”

“If this video motivates one person,” the actress Rachel Bloom said afterward, “especially in a swing state, to just get out there, then it will have been worth it. I just personally didn’t want to say I did nothing. I wanted to say I tried.”

Yes, she certainly did.

Hillary proudly embraced her celebrities onstage, that last weekend. They all wept in bewilderment when she lost.

And enjoy the stories of election night that can never be shown on YouTube. Inside Hillary’s suite at the Peninsula hotel, where shouts could be heard and glass shattered. I have five sources for that scene.

Hillary outspent the Donald, 5-3 in campaign funds, 6-1 in PAC money, including the largest funded PAC in American history. All the major banks and corporations backed her. Clinton paid staff outnumbered Trump’s 5-1.

Their ground games were incomparable. She had 960,000 volunteers on the ground his had evaporated after the Access Hollywood tape, like snow on a sunny day. Her digital team was led by the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. Trump asked his son-in-law to come up with something.


240 newspapers endorsed her candidacy. 19 backed Trump. The very day of the election, the  New York Times gave her 91% odds to win.

She was destined for greatness. She would be immortal. She would be compared to Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, and yet she would have more power than any of them ever had. She would instantly transcend other modern female leaders, such as Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel, because she would be running the world’s greatest superpower.

“Will you fire FBI Director James Comey?” she was asked repeatedly by staffers and donors, some only days before the election. She hadn’t decided, she would tell them. Comey would have to wait in suspense.

It is a great story, perhaps the greatest story of our lifetime. It is the GAME OF THORNS.

Donald Trump loves this female Judge

February 14, 2017

President Donald Trump and Judge Maryanne Barry, his sister.

Here’s one judge that Donald Trump loves. Federal Judge, Maryanne Barry, his older sister.

Judge Barry, is a Senior United States Circuit Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. She was first appointed to the federal bench during the Reagan administration. The Clinton administration promoted her again.

In 2004, she was presented with a public service award by Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor.


Kick & JFK on the right.

Many presidents have had close relationships with a sister. It is almost eerie. Abraham Lincoln looked to Sarah. Her death broke his heart. John Kennedy was disconsolate when he lost his sister, and best friend, Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy. He vicariously thrilled with her adventures and they shared many secrets together.


President Jimmy Carter was close to his sister, Ruth Carter Stapleton.


The George H.W. Bush family.

When George and Barbara Bush called young George, Jr. out of school in Texas, and had him get into the car, to tell him that his sister, Robin had died, he was stunned. He had known that something was wrong. He had begged to play with her at Kennebunkport, Maine that summer but they kept them apart, fearing that young George would be too rough.

Now, weeks later in Texas, told that she had died, he kept repeating, in between sobs, “Why didn’t you tell me, why didn’t you tell me.” He had not been given the chance to say goodbye.

(Read All the Presidents Children.)

Thomas Jefferson’s sister, Martha, was widowed at a young age and spent much of her life at Monticello, running her brother’s estate.

President Rutherford B. Hayes was close to his sister, Fanny. As children, when one got sick, the other one nursed them back to health. Rutherford used to pull his sister around on a sled.

When President Chester Arthur’s wife died, his sister, Molly McElroy, had to step in as first lady, to run the White House and take care of his little girl.

Theodore Roosevelt’s sister, Anna Roosevelt Cowels, “Bamie,” was so talented that Alice Roosevelt once said that she should have been the president.

In the soon to be released book, GAME OF THORNS, you will read about President Donald Trump’s older sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry.  When candidate Trump tangled with Megyn Kelly of Fox News, his big sister was there to reassure him. “Just be yourself.”

When the Access Hollywood tape was released, and all seemed lost, she and others counseled calm.

Journalists and television pundits are quick to point out that no president has ever had a sister serving as a judge. It’s true. But some have been close.

President George Washington’s nephew, Bushrod Washington, served on the Supreme Court.

President Zachary Taylor’s sister in law was the daughter of the famous Supreme Court Justice, John McLean.

President William Henry Harrison’s sister was married to a judge.

President John Tyler’s son in law was a judge. He became one of Tyler’s closest confidantes.

President James Buchanan’s brother was the US Attorney for Western Pennsylvania.

President John F. Kennedy’s brother was appointed Attorney General.

Then there is the big one. President William Howard Taft actually, later, became the tenth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

As you will learn in GAME OF THORNS, Donald Trump is close to his family members, that’s why his mind turned to them on the night he was declared the President –Elect.

“Truly, great people,” Trump told the nation, “I’ve got a great family.”