Lies the media tells me about Trump

December 14, 2016

Just a little catch up work for you.

Remember when the media declared that Trump’s transition was in disarray? That he was behind other presidents in filling spots for his new administration?

It now turns out that Donald Trump is way ahead of any other incoming administration in cabinet and sub cabinet appointments.

Here is a list of how long it took recent presidents to name their first cabinet position. The winner was George H.W. Bush who had just served eight years as vice president to Ronald Reagan and was inheriting the presidency from him and knew exactly what he wanted.

But even he has now been surpassed by Donald Trump’s record pace of filling up all the other slots.

By the way, the same media who accused him of being too slow is saying that he is too fast.

This is when past presidents-elect announced their first picks.

-Nixon: week 6

-Carter: week 5

-Reagan: week 6

-George HW Bush: week 1

-Clinton: week 6

-George W. Bush: week 6

-Obama: week 3

Does Trump have too many generals? Actually, 12 generals were president

December 11, 2016

Donald Trump is now criticized by the mainstream media for appointing too many generals to his cabinet. They say he is blurring the distinction between the political and the military.

Of course, they want politicians appointed because the same companies that finance the mainstream media with advertising dollars, and in some cases with corporate subsidy, have invested in those politicians by giving them donations. They want government money and contracts in return. The politicians will help them get that money. Your money. Tax dollars. They then pass that money back to the media as advertising dollars and the media serves as their mouthpiece to get even more money.

The generals don’t owe them a thing.

Of course, Trump needs politicians to help navigate the swamp but if he wants to end the corruption he will need leaders from business, academia and the military. (I mention academia but one had to be careful because most universities get millions from the government and are as compromised as the companies now on “corporate welfare.”)

By the way, Donald Trump is not the only one who has appointed too many generals. It looks like you, the people, have been pretty naughty too.

I thought you would appreciate a list of the generals who served as president of the United States, that you, the people, elected. Shame on you. Wait til the New York Times and the Washington Post find out.

Here they are.

George Washington

Andrew Jackson

William Henry Harrison

Zachary Taylor

Franklin Pierce

Andrew Johnson

Ulysses S. Grant

Rutherford B. Hayes

James Garfield

Chester A. Arthur

Benjamin Harrison

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Why Donald Trump is the most impactful president-elect since Abraham Lincoln

December 10, 2016

Okay, sit back down. You’re okay. Breathe. Breathe. You’ll be alright.

I said, “impactful,” okay? “Impactful.” It’s not even a Gates approved word, it underlines red in Microsoft Word. Just relax.

First, lets take a little tour and see some other impactful presidents-elect so you will get a sense of context.

Why Ronald Reagan was a great president-elect

Ronald Reagan made a big impact as a president-elect. He grunted and hummed and winked and whispered and the Iranians released the American hostages even while he was taking the oath of office on inauguration day. He had sent the signals. The Iranians had gotten the message. It didn’t take 8 years. It didn’t even take 8 minutes. Jimmy Carter was still president but we all know why they were released.

Richard Nixon made a big impact as a president-elect. He and Kissinger had agents on the ground in Paris at the peace talks with North Vietnam. Even while LBJ was trying to end the war. Lame duck, President Johnson, could only fume.

Lincoln had to keep Kentucky in the union.

Abraham Lincoln was the most impactful president-elect of all. Lame duck, President James Buchanan was having a 19th century version of a Netflix binge, nobody knew what he was up to, so with the nation being torn apart, Lincoln had to send signals from Springfield, Illinois.

He was trying, among other things, to keep Kentucky in the union and so keep his wife, Mary Todd and her family together. Happy wife, happy life? And happy country too?

Donald Trump best president-elect since Lincoln

Everything Donald Trump has done as president-elect has been impactful and strategic.

His trip to Indiana and involvement with the Carrier Company was hugely symbolic. It said, 1.) I keep my promises, 2.) This administration will be about jobs, 3.) I want it done fast.

Now, I know, the media says that the Carrier Company is only one company and a handful of jobs, he can’t go to every factory. Those jobs are a drop in the bucket.

But a president doesn’t have time to meet with the 2.79 million federal workers in his bureaucracy. They pick up on what he wants by listening to his speeches and by following his actions.

Obama was about giving speeches in the Rose Garden. Trump is about leadership on steroids, showing us by example how to get things done. Before this is over companies will be coming to him with deals that will create more jobs.

Likewise the message to Boeing was clear. You gave a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation and had all of your execs give money to Hillary’s presidential campaign. Now you want government money in return. Well, in the future, companies that want to succeed will do so better by producing products that are of good quality, come in under bid and on time and are actually needed. The day of bribe is over, the new day of supply and demand is back.

Finally, the call from Taiwan shows that everything is on the table. We know what we need from China and what they need from us and the arrangement will have to be more fair.

Changing the rules of history

When Trump delayed in naming his first cabinet officer the media pounced, using a new measurement to judge president-elects. Obama had named his first cabinet officer after three weeks, they said.

But then, lovers of history like yours truly, reminded them that Reagan, Ford, Carter, Clinton, George W. Bush, had all taken six weeks. And when Trump surprised everybody and named off cabinet picks, pop, pop, pop, the media moved the goal posts. The rules had changed. President-elects would henceforth be judged by something else, we will find it, just be patient. It will be something that Trump doesn’t do well.

The fact is, whether he is a good president or not remains to be seen, but like it or not, he is indeed an impactful president-elect. Even a great one. He is sending signals that need to be sent. He is a leader.  And whether he got 40 jobs out of Carrier or 4,000 misses the point. It’s 40 more than any other president-elect has ever gotten before.

Donald Trump has come out of the gate fast.





Behind the scenes of Trump and Boeing and why the Donald is so fast out of the gate.

December 6, 2016

A little history will help us understand the President-Elect and his relationship with Boeing. In 2009 Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton went to Moscow to secure a multi-billion-dollar deal for aircraft built by the Boeing Company.

In return, Boeing threw in $2 million towards the World Fair, even though the State Department had said it would not solicit funds from them and would keep all donations from U.S. companies at the $1 million level.

The World’s Fair was considered one of Secretary Clinton’s first successes at the State Department. Afterward, a grateful Boeing went on to donate nearly $1 million to the Clinton Foundation, as well, reportedly, encouraging its corporate leadership to participate in fundraising efforts for her presidential campaign. Boeing insisted that the deal with Russia had no bearing on their decision to donate to the Clinton Foundation, nor their donations to Clinton herself.

Boeing, and many other big corporations bet the house on Hillary, knowing they would win big for their investments when Hillary came to power and opened the government coffers.

One cannot blame the Donald for toying with them.

And no one should waste tears on the corrupt leadership at Boeing who knew full well what they were doing when they signed on with the Clinton’s.

Now, let’s talk about Taiwan.

They are saying that President Elect Donald Trump – messing with China – is unprecedented. He has to wait until he takes the oath of office. Those who love Hillary say what he is doing is dangerous. Those who love Obama say it is disrespectful. Those who love to be pundits on television say it has never happened before.

Sorry. They’re all wrong. There is nothing wrong with Trump sending signals. He should be sending signals.


Reagan messed with Iran as the President Elect and they let the hostages go even as he was taking the oath of office. It didn’t take eight years. It didn’t even take eight minutes.

Nixon messed with  North Vietnam, even though he was still only the President Elect. He even had envoys on the ground in Paris because he and Kissinger wanted to end the war their own way. Lyndon Johnson, a lame duck president, had to endure it.

I, myself, once met a head of state and passed a message from a President Elect. And if I can do it, well, it ain’t no big deal.

Perhaps the most important president elect in history was Abraham Lincoln. He had to say and do things quickly. The union was falling apart and the incumbent, James Buchanan was doing the 19th Century version of binge watching Netflix and wouldn’t come up for air.

So there is nothing wrong with a president-elect getting to work early.

The Trump critics can’t seem to make up their mind. First they say that his visit to the Carrier plant means nothing, it was only a few jobs, it was a drop in the bucket, the president can’t visit every plant. Then they say he is threatening world war three by talking to Taiwan.

The truth is that the Carrier incident was loaded with symbolism and was very important. It demonstrates that the president-elect is serious about jobs, will keep his promises, is going to act fast and expects the bureaucracy to pick up his style and follow suit. A president has to lead and not just stand in the White House Rose Garden and lecture the nation. Trump’s visit to Carrier in Indiana was leadership on steroids.

So too, the signal to China was important. It was a reminder that the United States has options. Yes, we want peace with China. Yes, we want to be able to buy their cheap products. Yes, we need their markets for our exports. But we cannot let our wishful thinking cause us to give away the store.

And Boeing? That is a signal to the corrupt corporate insiders who gave their bribes to the Clinton’s expecting a return on their investment. Want to be a success during a Trump administration? Build good products at a good price. Rely less on bribes.



Why George H.W. Bush will be ranked as one of America’s greatest presidents.

December 5, 2016

In a hundred years George H.W. Bush will be ranked among America’s greatest presidents. Maybe in the top five, with Washington, Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and, yes, his predecessor, Ronald Reagan.

It will be said that Lincoln saved the union but Reagan and Bush saved mankind.


George H.W. Bush will be ranked as one of American’s greatest presidents.

Today we worry about what would happen if nuclear weapons fell into the hands of terrorists. In the Reagan – Bush years that had already happened. Both the Soviet and Chinese government’s had nuclear weapons and both sponsored communist regimes that were barbaric.

Pol Pot, who ruled Cambodia practiced the most virulent form of Marxism. He targeted for execution anyone in academia, medicine, the military, government bureaucracies, private business. He marked for execution anyone who wore eye glasses. His thinking was that if they wear eye glasses they can probably read and if they can read we must eliminate them to restart our nation without contamination from the West.

President George H.W. Bush kept one of the escapees from the Cambodian killing fields on his senior White House staff as a reminder of what he was facing down.

Reagan started the process that ended the Cold War but it finally ended on the watch of George H.W. Bush. Reagan called for the Berlin Wall to come down. But it finally happened under the patient, brilliant guidance of George H.W. Bush who not only knew when to act but also understood the value of restraint and who knew when to remain silent.

When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, Bush united the world against the action. When he led the Gulf War, the invasion against Iraq, his allies, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait paid for half of the cost.

Within three months, allied forces defeated Saddam Hussein and drove the Iraqi army out of Kuwait. President George H.W. Bush called an end to the hostilities, and allowed Hussein to remain in power in Baghdad. Bush was heavily criticized for his decision. Others advocated eliminating the Saddam Hussein government altogether, while we had the chance. But Bush, Sr. feared that it would destabilize the region and upset the delicate Sunni-Shiite balance of the Middle East.

It’s not very often in history that we get to see what would have happened if a leader made a different decision but in this case we can. Years later, Bush’s son, President George W. Bush would be confronted with the same choice and he would topple Saddam Hussein.

The region was plunged into chaos, hundreds of thousands lost their lives, millions were uprooted, Christian communities dating their history back to the apostle Thomas were exterminated, wars spread across the Middle East, and the United States, who borrowed the money from world banks to fight their war, was plunged into its  second worst economic crisis in history.

Someday, a hundred years from now, when historians catch up to all of these details, there will be marble statues of George H.W. Bush. And when they pass by parents will tell their children, it is not only what  you do that makes you great, sometimes, it is what you don’t do. It is when you stay calm, or stay silent, or as another president, Theodore Roosevelt, once said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”





   What would make Japan sleep easier?

November 30, 2016

Another good US Ambassador

During the past 75 years, the US and Japan have emerged from a bitter war to become 2 of the strongest nations on earth. Their strength was insured as they worked together. The US and Japan have built 2 of the world’s strongest economies- together. Never in history have 2 former enemies done so.

Now, during these times of political uncertainty, is it conceivable to think that Japan may doubt the sincerity of the US to continue this relationship.

During the election campaign, Donald Trump raised issues of currency and market manipulation and has now rebuked the TPP agreements. Hillary Clinton, too, made comments and overtones that suggested her own “protectionist” leanings. This new American sentiment should worry Japan.

How can President Donald Trump assure Japan of a continued relationship? By naming a US Ambassador to Japan that understands Japan. One that Japan trusts.

The current Ambassador, Caroline Kennedy has done a wonderful job. She has worked hard to strengthen these relationships. The question is- “who can be trusted to continue this work”?

Enter a little know gentleman from Birmingham, Alabama.

Mark Jackson was appointed as Honorary Consul General of Japan in July on 2014. Until then, he founded and grew a global teleconference service and volunteered his time serving on many community boards, in the US and abroad. He has chaired the Birmingham Sister Cities Commission and strengthened his city’s ties and raised its global profile.

He has also developed solid relationships within Japan.  His father’s served in the Navy in the pacific theater and later returned to Japan to climb Mt Fuji. Before he passed away in early 2104, he was informed that Mark would be named Honorary Consul General. The elder Jackson’s response was “I am glad the world has changed. I fought the Japanese and now my son will be their diplomat.”

Following his father, Mark has a love for Japan. He has worked tirelessly to strength the economic and community ties between Alabama and Japan. Incidentally, Alabama is home to 142 Japanese-owned companies, including Honda, Toyota and Dai Ichi.

He has worked with current and past consuls general, mayors and ambassadors. He has helped develop new relationships between cities in Japan and Alabama. In short, he has proven his dedication to strengthening the bilateral relations between Japan and Alabama.

Can he do this for the US and Japan? I believe he can. He understands the Japanese culture and the US culture. He has an unwavering respect for his culture and Japan’s. He understands global business and economies. He supports fair and free trade and feels that mutual respect is the basic foundation of all relationships.

It has been proven that the US and Japan are allies but will this relationship continue? Naming an Ambassador with Mark’s experience will insure that it will.

Some will ask if it is safe to trust such an important relationship to a “diplomatic greenhorn” honorary consul general. I say yes. Mr. Jackson has the talent and drive needed.  He has the global relationships. He has the relationship base in both countries. And like his father, he has a deep love and respect for the US and Japan.

This election season has proven that uncertainty is a scary thing. It is important to assure our allies of our support. By naming a newcomer to this position, I am sure we will prosper together.



Dear Mr. Trump, give us Rudy Giuliani !

November 25, 2016

Dear Mr. President-Elect:

As one who was loyal early and long, right after my own Rand Paul dropped out, and took a lot of heat for it, please, please give us Rudy !

Here are three big reasons you should pick Rudolph Giuliani as Secretary of State.


1) He is the most qualified and successful politician-statesman alive. He succeeds at everything he does.

Working in the Justice Department and for the State of New York, he more than any other figure, brought down the famous five families of the Mafia which had been an intractable problem for the economy and society of America for generations.

He ended the reign of violence on the streets of New York, which was once like Chicago is today under Rahm Emanuel.

My feel is that he needs a new challenge. And this is it.

Actors who are good at one part often get type cast and need a new role to challenge their skills and give them range. Rudolph Giuliani, who succeeds at everything he does, needs that challenge. And you need him at your side.

As Mayor of New York City, he made the city great again and he can help you do that for America in the world.

Still want to drain the swamp? He did it in New York.

2.) He was loyal.

I’m not against your narrative of “team of rivals.” I think you are generous and smart to reach out to Mitt Romney and others who dissed you and involve them in your campaign to make America great again.

And Romney’s effort to turn the world of LDS against you didn’t work. Which makes your generosity all the more meaningful. And yes, you want to heal that. You SHOULD heal that.

So make Mitt the Ambassador to the Court of St. James.

But don’t disappoint someone who risked everything for you when it looked like you couldn’t win. And who was willing to sit on the sidelines with ignominy for the rest of his life. For you.

3.) He is Catholic. And you won those rust belt states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania by picking up former union workers, so called “Reagan Democrats” who are Catholic.

Okay, I hear you. We have six Catholics on the Supreme Court.

But now you have a vice president and a secretary of education and a secretary of HUD who are evangelical Christians. Time for a Catholic. Who is loyal to you and a genius at everything he does.

Give us Rudy. You need him. Team of rivals is good. Team of genius is better.