April 13, 2016

A guest blog by Camille Wead,

first year law student. Doug Wead’s daughter.

Camille Wead

Camille Wead, Editor of Law and History.

The Power of Ivanka Trump

Do not underestimate the power of a pregnant woman.

From the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge’s celebrity appearances to pregnant Kim Kardashian’s six-inch stilettos, if these past years have taught us anything it’s to never underestimate the powers of a pregnant woman.

But while the media has portrayed these women as beautiful ticking time bombs, sitting at home, waiting for their babies to be delivered, making occasional appearances, we average television viewers know the truth. These women are found to be more powerful at their most vulnerable stages of life, than at any other time. They work hard and encompass more than just fashion and hair, but surprisingly politics as well.

Ivanka Trump founded #womenwhowork a movement that celebrates hard working women that balance their different roles between their relationships as mother, professional, and business woman.

This hard working mentality doesn’t stop during pregnancy. With the due date coming closer, the very pregnant Ivanka traveled with family to support her dad’s ever growing 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign success.

She has attended every debate, every win, and every loss, all while keeping up business meetings for the new Trump hotel in the District of Columbia.

One would think that with all the many ongoing business appointments, a pregnant mother would stay at home, nesting before her new baby is born.  One must ask why a woman would take on so much?

Truth be told most daughters have the hearts of their father and in this case Ivanka is not only close to the famous presidential candidate, she is his secret weapon.  Donald Trump openly admits to the relational bond and recently joked, “No, he would not be taking her on the ticket as his vice presidential running mate.”

On March 27, 2016, Donald Trump appeared on an interview for ABC television. He was in full defense mode as opponents were attacking his wife Melania. His secret weapon, Ivanka was nowhere to be seen. The Donald looked harried and distracted.

Ivanka Trump with Theodore

Ivanka Trump with Theodore

That same day, right on cue,  Ivanka Trump gave birth to her new baby boy.

Historians had been comparing Donald Trump’s “outsider,” anti-corruption, presidential campaign to Theodore Roosevelt’s trustbusting.

From her hospital bed on April 3, 2016, Ivanka Trump posted the news on Instagram. The boy would be called Theodore.




Who is the GOP establishment?

April 11, 2016

You hear a lot of talk about the GOP establishment delegates and how they plan to steal the nomination from frontrunner, Donald Trump and maybe even Ted Cruz too. But who exactly are they?

It’s a political jungle so I will describe some of the fowl as metaphors. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

#1) The Backyard, Short-Winged, Sparrow-Darters.

These are folks who owe their position to the higher party leaders. They do what they are told and in return get to hold onto their positions. Some are respectable County Chairman. They invariably end up as delegates to the National Convention. They don’t make any money out of the arrangement but occasionally get a deal tossed their way from big donors. They get all the booze they want at the Convention.

Surprisingly some support Trump, some Cruz but most will do what the party bosses say.

#2) The Lofty, Thin-Crested, Priebus.

These are the big party bosses who shoulder the burden of raising serious money for the GOP, some from companies that benefit by the arrangement. Nowadays they are so busy trying to get the party re-elected to Congress that they depend on the Sununu’s listed below.

#3) The Goldman-Sachs-Beaked-Osprey.

These are big donors who pay $10,000 for a picture with a political star that everybody else gets free of charge. I once wanted to give money to a presidential candidate who was a close friend. His campaign manager scoffed, ”Don’t do it,” he said, “He will think less of you for it.”

Most of them want an outside candidate who needs their money.

#4) The Drop-Jowled, Break-Nose Sununu.

These are big leaders who help run the party from behind the scenes. They can deliver large donations to the party and to the candidates. They fear that Trump will disrupt their Washington money making machine.

Most of them are angling for an “open” convention which translates as a “closed convention” where they can pick Paul Ryan.

#5) The Snap-Ripper Rove.

These are political operatives who make money as “brokers.” They bring money and candidates and delegates together but keep a lot of the money for themselves.

You will see them all over TV – never divulging who they favor (a new face?) because they may be telling multiple candidates and donors that they should be THE ONE.

“Really your father should run for president. Maybe not this time. But hey, Trump had no political experience either. Your daddy is a heck of a lot smarter than Donald Trump – and richer.”

“I know. Daddy, I told you so. I keep telling him he should run for president.”

Most of these birds thrive on chaos. They don’t care who gets the nomination as long as they get paid. Some of these birds are near starvation and others are so fat from feasting that they can hardly lift off the ground.

#6) The Full-throated, Perkin-Plucked, Thrush.

These are evangelical Christians who raise money from the faithful to “represent” them on Capitol Hill. Some Thrushes will support anyone who will arrange for serious money to be donated to their nonprofits.

In 2012 some solemnly told their followers that Catholic Rick Santorum was the perfect presidential candidate. In 2016, when Santorum couldn’t get them any big donations, they shamelessly dropped him like a hot rock.

Most of the Thrushes came late to Ted Cruz and are scrounging for money on the edges of his campaign.

#7) The Smart-beaked, narrow nosed, VanderSloot.

These are Mormons initially brought in by party leaders years ago to help assure the Romney nomination in 2012 and to help the GOP balance the undue power of evangelicals.

Later, some in the RNC establishment felt that they had gone too far.  And so they tried to take back some of the power that had gone to VanderSloots in the Mountain States. For example, they tried to change Nevada into a Primary so that the LDS would have less power. And they tried to stop Arizona from changing into a Caucus for the same reason.

The VanderSloots wouldn’t mind seeing an opening for Mitt Romney, short of that, they will join the coalition to help stampede the convention for Paul Ryan.

#8) The Feulner-Feathered Weyrich.

These are conservative Catholics who have been longing to get one of their own nominated from Rudolph Giuliani in 2008, to Marco Rubio in 2016.

Some of them get research money for their think tanks, sponsorship for their seminars and advertising dollars for their publications from corporations who in turn get corporate welfare direct from the federal pig trough.

Most of them want Paul Ryan to win a contested convention but realize it will take a “Hail Mary” to make it happen.

Finally, behind all of these delegate-birds listed above are the big corporations whose special needs drive the process.

Coming Monday, who is the GOP establishment?

April 9, 2016

Today I received a remarkable email from a very powerful friend with much influence. A public figure you have seen on television.

Here’s what he wrote me….

So Doug at Christmas Time I sat with my Congressman from —————- and he said we’re already talking about a brokered convention with Ryan coming out as  the nominee that’s why he took the Speaker job. Now this guy was a Rubio supporter but predicted everything that’s happened!

I said, “Get real.”

He  said, “No it’s going to happen.”

Could this possibly happen Doug?

Coming Monday.

Who is the GOP establishment?

The curtain is pulled back.


Cruz wins Wisconsin, Trump wins nomination

April 6, 2016

Cruz wins Wisconsin but Trump wins the nomination. Here’s why.

The narrative on national television says that establishment Republicans will seize control of the Rules Committee at the RNC and they will open the convention to nominations from the floor.

It’s an unlikely scenario and even if it happens there’s a bigger problem. Any change in the Rules must be ratified on the floor of the Convention where Trump and Cruz delegates will shut it down.

Trump doesn’t want a new face in the competition, someone who hasn’t gone through the rigorous debates. That face would be a clean slate and voters could project what they want on it. And Cruz wants to be the only Trump alternative, which is his only chance to win.

Remember when Rule 40(b) was changed in 2012? When it went to the floor of the Convention, Chairman, John Boehner said, “In the opinion of the Chair the Ayes have it!”  Remember the uproar?  And that was over Ron Paul giving a speech.

Just imagine the bedlam if this convention’s chairman, Paul Ryan, tried to do that in Cleveland where the Trump and Cruz delegates dominate the floor? He would be betraying the two front runners of his own party. It wouldn’t work. The noise would be deafening.  His political career would be over forever.

So the Rules changes that everyone is salivating over on television this week are not likely to happen because even if they were changed in Committee they would not be ratified by the whole convention. There’s more. The Establishment must not only take control of the Rules Committee it must take control of the Credentials Committee or conceivably lose control of both. The Credentials Committee has the power to seat and unseat delegates that are being chosen at conventions. It will settle any challenges and decide what was fair at the respective State Conventions.

In 2012, this Committee arbitrarily removed duly elected Ron Paul delegates and replaced them with establishment Republicans. This is where Paul Manafort will earn his pay. If the establishment was seen to be pushing a third candidate at the RNC you could expect the Credentials Committee, dominated by Trump and Cruz, to start replacing delegates with their own. They could even bleed the establishment from the Rules Committee.

I know it sounds funny that Trump and Cruz would be working together but it is very likely in this scenario.  Trump would say we will take ten more out of the Minnesota delegation and give you ten more in Missouri.

Now, these new delegates will have to vote on the first ballot according to the state rules of their party just as the establishment delegates they replaced but in Committees and on the floor of the Convention they would vote as directed by their Trump-Cruz whips.

That’s why a multiple ballot convention would only belong to Trump and Cruz and not lead to Kasich or a “new face” as some are now claiming.

Finally, one last thing about the so called establishment. It is not monolithic. We are learning that many support Cruz and surprisingly many support Trump. The idea that John Sununu, Ben Ginsburg or Karl Rove can direct them is false.

So if the race is down to Trump and Cruz, which both men want, how does Trump win in the growing face of the “never Trump” movement?

Let’s start with money. Trump was outspent 10-1 in Wisconsin. At some point he can start to spend money to defend himself.

The next contest is in New York. With all the attention given to Trump’s insults you may have forgotten that Ted Cruz had one of his own, denigrating “New York values” in a national debate.

The decision will ultimately go to California.

Martha McCallum of Fox News said something very poignant this morning. It just seemed to pass by everybody unnoticed. She said, “There is momentum in the delegate gathering process too.” It was a very savvy observation.

Just as there is power in sequential Primary-Caucus wins, history shows that there are advantages to having the most delegates going into a convention. If Cruz needs 500 more delegates to win and Trump only needs 200, he will have a huge advantage.

Win or lose, the colorful billionaire, Donald Trump, has much to offer an uncommitted RNC delegate who has already had his picture taken with four presidents. A Christmas Party at Trump Towers in Manhattan may be even more memorable to a delegate than yet another Christmas Party at the White House.

Exposing the corrupt reasons why “the establishment” fears Trump and Sanders?

April 4, 2016

Why does the GOP establishment fear Donald Trump? And the Democratic establishment fear Bernie Sanders?



Both political parties depend on large donations from banks and corporations. So too do candidates running for office.

What do the banks and corporations get in return?

Money right back at ya. Big money. Directly and indirectly. Money through the Federal Reserve, money through the Export-Import Bank and most of all, money by creating artificial monopolies through selective enforcement of regulations.

First there is direct corporate welfare. This is not the biggest source of income, in fact, it is the least, but it is the easiest for the public to understand so I will begin there and tell more in later posts.

Billions of dollars are given to companies directly from the U.S. Treasury. In fact, twice as much money goes to corporate welfare than to welfare for the poor. The latter is a point that Bernie Sander’s supporters like to make.  Look it up yourself.

These grants are smothered in honorable language, “to create jobs, to stimulate the economy, to protect the environment, to redress past wrongs,” the list goes on and on. Special interest groups, some of them well-intentioned, promote these “causes” but in the end, the establishment corporations make most of the money.

There are sometimes very compelling and logical reasons for corporate welfare. When I was in the White House a major company wanted millions of dollars to compete in France. They said that the French saw their company as a cultural invasion and so the French government was subsidizing their own.  

But whatever the reason, the bottom line is this, the big companies get money from the government for their business and YOU don’t.  If you start a company you are on your own and worse, you will be subsidizing your competition with your very own tax dollars. 

Oh yeah, once they get that money they turn around and give it back as donations to the politicians and political parties that helped them get it. 

When you read that the establishment is backing Marco Rubio or now, reluctantly, Ted Cruz, that is where some of that backing comes from. When there was a misquote from the Chairman of Goldman Sachs saying he was fine with either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton as president, that was why it was so widely believed. And that’s why it raised eyebrows when Ted Cruz forgot to report a $750,000 loan from Goldman Sachs that launched his political career. 

Forget about liberal and conservative. Think in terms of insider and outsider. 

When I worked in the White House conservative businessmen came in to make sure I was onboard for federal dollars going to their companies.

“This is our chance,” they explained. “We are in power. The liberals do it.  We have to do it too.”

I also had publishers of conservative magazines and presidents of think tanks come in and lobby me for money for these same “conservative” companies. It didn’t take long for me to see that the companies who got government money were the companies who bought advertising in those same “conservative” magazines and who financed the retreats for their think tanks and gave them research grants.

This is how the liberal-conservative equation has become compromised. Liberals will push for environmental legislation but then exempt companies that give them money. Conservatives will criticize fraudulent welfare abuse but award money to companies that overcharge for worthless services.

Yes, there are good people in the middle of this. People who believe in their cause. Private contractors who give good service to the public, government servants who give their lives to help others. But the poor continue to get poorer and the rich continue to get richer.

The Democratic establishment doesn’t trust Bernie Sanders who would answer corruption with government run socialism.

Socialism is the poor man’s way to “game” the system. They will get YOU to pay for their rent, their food, their education. It’s popularity shows how hopeless the public is about corruption.

The Republican establishment doesn’t trust Donald Trump who keeps saying that Washington is stupid, that it should be run like a business, that contracts should go to the lowest bidder. But there is a reason why they don’t go to the lowest bidder. Corruption

Trump’s answer is a return to free enterprise, supply and demand, the American Dream.

Strange bedfellows: Why Trump and Cruz need each other now

April 2, 2016

Today the airwaves are full of false reports from experts telling us how the Republican National Convention might become open and might nominate a new name. Karl Rove claims that this might happen. Respected pundits speculate about it.  But it simply will never happen and let me explain why.

To put another name into play will not only require the betrayal of Donald Trump, it will require the betrayal of Ted Cruz. And while the Republican Party will not likely survive the former it certainly cannot survive both.

Here’s how it works.  Rule 40b requires that a candidate must have a plurality of delegates in eight states to be nominated.  This is the so called “Ron Paul Rule” put in place by Mitt Romney, John Sununu, Ben Ginsberg and others seeking to block Ron Paul from being nominated in 2012.  When Ron Paul actually closed in on a majority in eight states they contested some of his duly elected delegates and threw them off the floor of the RNC.  This so saddened the Governor of one of the states involved, seeing these GOP young people disenfranchised, that he protested the action and walked out with these young people.

At present, only two candidates have reached the eight state threshold for the 2016 RNC. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Under the current rules they are the only candidates who can be nominated. Thus reports today that some will vote for Rubio on the first ballot or that Kasich is surging among delegates is irrelevant. If delegates vote for a candidate that is not nominated, and because of State GOP rules some will do so, they won’t be counted. Thus Sharon Johnson of Arizona voted for Pat Buchanan in 1992 but it did nothing.

Ahhh, you say. But what if the Rules Committee votes to change Rule 40b? What if they changed it to a one state requirement to nominate? Or to no states and allow nominations on the floor?

To do that the Rules Committee would have to be controlled by delegates who want that to happen.

After the Rachel Maddow show a few weeks ago the media seems to better understand that the delegates pledged to Trump are not really people who necessarily support Trump.  Many of them support Cruz. Maybe even most of them. And some support Rubio or Bush or Romney or Ryan.

But it is safe to say that a majority of the delegates on the Rules Committee support either Trump or Cruz. They do not support Karl Rove or Ben Ginsburg or John Sununu or other GOP establishment Republicans. (Monday read a post on this blog about why the establishement fears an outsider.)

To win this battle the establishment Republicans must not only betray Donald Trump they must also betray Ted Cruz. They must convince a majority of the delegates on the Rules Committee to open the convention to someone else.  Someone not Trump and not Cruz.

It ain’t gonna happen.

Ted Cruz will not order his delegates serving on the Rules Committee to vote to open the convention to another name.  He will want to keep this as a decision between he and Trump. It is his only chance to win.

The corrupt GOP establishment may eventually do the unthinkable. Force the unity of the Republican Party, with them on the outside looking in.


Coming Monday: Why? Why does the establishment fear Trump and Sanders?

April 1, 2016

We read a lot about how the GOP establishment is trying to stop Donald Trump.  And how the Democratic super delegates are aligned against Bernie Sanders and are panicked over his insurgent candidacy.

Hillary Clinton’s temper is flaring. Ted Cruz and John Kasich are publicly saying that they may not support Donald Trump if he wins the nomination.

But no one is asking why?

What drives the GOP and Democratic establishments?

Why are they afraid?

Why are Republicans willing to elect Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump?

Is this about power? Why can’t Trump just reassure the GOP that he will let them keep their power? Won’t he need their help to run the country anyway?

But it’s not about power.


And Monday I will start the process of connecting the dots for you so that you can see why you are right and how it works.  And why those talking heads on television are saying those infuriating things that don’t make political sense. Because it’s not about politics.


And this Monday I will be confirming your worst fears.



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