Russia: Land of Opportunity

by Doug Wead What country’s individual tax rate tops out at 13%? Hint.  It isn’t the USA where federal and local taxes in New York are projected to reach a 57% bite.  If you are rich? Move to Florida or Nevada to avoid State Income Tax.  If you wanna be rich?  Move to this newContinue reading “Russia: Land of Opportunity”

Russian scientists close in on Fountain of Youth

Now, this is interesting.  An international group of scientists have embarked on the ultimate quest.   To find the fountain of youth.  Not since Ponce de Leon has the world been this hopeful. This time we should all expect a little more due diligence.The goal of the project is “to extend the period of human youth.” Continue reading “Russian scientists close in on Fountain of Youth”

Obama and American Arrogance

President Barack Obama is taking some hits for referring to America’s “arrogance.” Karl Rove rushed onto Fox News this morning, huffing and puffing, to criticize the president, saying that he could have made the same remarks with a positive spin on the subject. He should say what good things American is going to do notContinue reading “Obama and American Arrogance”

What would Reagan Do?

“But we are not going to simply kill some people to say, ‘Oh look, we got even.’ We want to know when we retaliate that we are retaliating with those who are responsible for the terrorist acts.” – President Ronald Reagan, 1984. This is the first in an ongoing series on what Ronald Reagan wouldContinue reading “What would Reagan Do?”

Is the economic crisis really a conspiracy?

There was a fire at the Hyatt Regency in Kiev recently. It was a Sunday night, March 8, 2009. And the reaction in the lobby was like the reaction of many of us in this the Second Great Depression. It was surreal. People were in denial. They could sense the overpowering smell of burning plastic,Continue reading “Is the economic crisis really a conspiracy?”

Looking for Mr. Goodwrench

  Before the government turns over billions of dollars to those very automotive executives who have taken their industry off the cliff, shouldn’t they be looking for someone else?  We will call him Mr. Goodwrench.  I am talking about that “loose cannon” on the executive floor who warned about all of this and even offeredContinue reading “Looking for Mr. Goodwrench”

Russia and Georgia: Ron Paul is right again

This story is a little more complicated than we thought.  And when I got back to the USA and started digesting all that I had seen and heard in Russian and the Ukraine and started looking into our own State Department involvement I was surprised to find Congressman Ron Paul in the middle of it. And IContinue reading “Russia and Georgia: Ron Paul is right again”