How FDR got us out of the Great Depression: Lessons for today

Conservatives and Liberals still argue about government’s role in ending the Great Depression and many people see the discussion more relevant today than ever before.  Conservatives point to a compelling 2004 study by two UCLA economics professors showing that Roosevelt’s New Deal policies actually prolonged the recovery.  Written four years before the recent crisis theContinue reading “How FDR got us out of the Great Depression: Lessons for today”

The Mummy returns with a cure for cancer

Can cancer be prevented? There is new evidence today that cancer is a man made disease.  And if so, there is hope that with the right diet and lifestyle we might someday find our way back.  Investigators at the University of Manchester, England have published the results of the first official “historical diagnosis of cancer”Continue reading “The Mummy returns with a cure for cancer”

Obama: Right speech, wrong time?

The only thing that history will remember about President Barack Obama’s speech to the nation tonight is the date.  Obama has called the oil spill his 9-11.  If so he is offering the nation too little, too late.  The oil spill happened on April 20, 2010.  He finally got around to addressing the nation onContinue reading “Obama: Right speech, wrong time?”

Just what is Israel up to?

On Monday, May 31, 2010, I awakened in my hotel room in Paris to the news that Israeli commandos had attacked a peaceful ship in international waters on its way to Gaza with humanitarian aid.  Several Palestinian aid workers onboard the ship were killed.  No one on the ship had arms.  They were simply gunnedContinue reading “Just what is Israel up to?”

Presidents and the politics of endless wars

Shortly after the 1980 election I interviewed former president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn. At one point in the conversation, Mrs. Carter stood up and walked around the room. “If Jimmy had bombed Tehran,” she said, “He would still be president.” She was right of course. And somewhere soon after presidents learned that nothingContinue reading “Presidents and the politics of endless wars”

Noah’s Ark? Inside story revealed

This week’s story of an evangelical Christian group claiming to have found Noah’s Ark triggered memories of a bizarre, never before published, moment in the White House of George Herbert Walker Bush. It was 1989.  The Cold War was still on.  I was serving as special assistant to the president, with a focus on “coalitions.” Continue reading “Noah’s Ark? Inside story revealed”

Ron Paul is back!

By Doug Wead Once more, after being written out of the script by the newspapers and television producers, the scrappy congressman from Texas, Ron Paul is back in the mix. And big time.  Sarah Palin, of all people, put him there. After turning down thousands of speaking invitations over a six month period Sarah PalinContinue reading “Ron Paul is back!”

Haiti to Christians: “Thanks for the money, now go to hell!”

By Doug Wead The plight of the jailed Baptist missionaries in Haiti is a metaphor for three much bigger problems.  For one, there is the corruption in the Haitian government.  Then, there is the virulent anti-Christian mood that now has free reign in Obama’s State Department.  And finally, there is the ignorance of the AmericanContinue reading “Haiti to Christians: “Thanks for the money, now go to hell!””

Terrorist underpants threaten to bring down Obama?

“Fire in the hole!” The GOP is riled up over the way the Obama administration has handled the recent terrorist attempt.  Departments should have been talking together, they say.  The terrorist was on a CIA terrorist watch list, why wasn’t he also on a no fly list? Obama Homeland Security Czar, Janet Napolitano, told SundayContinue reading “Terrorist underpants threaten to bring down Obama?”

Adherents: A bigoted website?

Adherents – a bigoted website ? Talk among some at the Assemblies of God Fine Arts Festival in Orlando last summer centered on the growing influence of what some see as a bigoted online website which seems bent on destroying their denomination.  Selected entries, false information, censored material and a failure to respond to correctionsContinue reading “Adherents: A bigoted website?”