LPAC 2014 has stellar lineup – starts tomorrow

 . The Liberty Political Action Committee has helped changed the views of the country and is helping to shape our future.  Join us starting tomorrow and hear Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Justin Amash and the father of the Liberty Movement, Ron Paul.  Oh yes, Doug Wead will be speaking too.  Ha. ha.  My kids say,Continue reading “LPAC 2014 has stellar lineup – starts tomorrow”

The Legacy of George W. Bush

Today, the George W. Bush library will be dedicated and a long list of luminaries will laud the life and legacy of our 43rd president.  I first met the future president in 1986, in Corpus Christi, Texas.  I was an independent businessman at the time, and simultaneously, working for his father as an adviser.  As the hostContinue reading “The Legacy of George W. Bush”

Ron Paul steals the show at Faith Coalition

Ron Paul surprised delegates at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference last week by quoting long portions of the Bible to buttress his political views.  Romney, Bachman, Pawlenty and most of the other GOP presidential hopefuls showed up at the event.  The Faith and Freedom Coalition is organized by Ralph Reed and is referred to by some asContinue reading “Ron Paul steals the show at Faith Coalition”

Ron Paul to Obama: Quit ordering Israel around!

In a statement released after the president’s speech, Thursday, May 19, 2011, Congressman Ron Paul took Barack Obama to task. “Unlike this president, I do not believe it is our place to dictate how Israel runs her affairs.” Ron Paul’s statement, released immediately after the speech, reflected the congressman’s long held views against American leadersContinue reading “Ron Paul to Obama: Quit ordering Israel around!”

Ron Paul just makes good sense

Well, I made it.  Today, May 17th, I am sixty five years old. I love being old.  At least I think I do.  I have lost my short term memory or my long term memory. (I can’t remember which one. ) Sometimes I think I have my short term memory or else I wouldn’t knowContinue reading “Ron Paul just makes good sense”

Ron Paul on Israel

Ron Paul and Israel By Doug Wead I am a “born again Christian” and like most from my culture I support Israel’s right to live at peace behind secure borders. I am also a strong supporter of Ron Paul because he, more than any other public figure, fights for personal liberty. Christians don’t need toContinue reading “Ron Paul on Israel”

Obama’s and the Chelsea Clinton Wedding?

It’s still a possibility. According to a knowledgeable source with ties to the Clinton’s and Obama’s there has been no final decision on whether the President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama will be at the marriage ceremony or reception of the upcoming Chelsea Clinton wedding.   According to this source, while the public isContinue reading “Obama’s and the Chelsea Clinton Wedding?”

Roundabouts: Who has the right of way?

Roundabouts in America: Who has the right-of-way? My wife is French and close to half of all roundabouts in the world are on French roads, so we were pleasantly surprised to see them popping up on the American landscape, especially now in Maryland and Virginia.  The problem is a total lack of understanding for mostContinue reading “Roundabouts: Who has the right of way?”