Trump is Reagan

Many comparisons are now circulating on the internet comparing Donald Trump to General George S. Patton, to former President Ronald Reagan and many others. In posts earlier this year I compared him to Andrew Jackson and  Theodore Roosevelt. It was my humble privilege to appear on the speaker’s circuit with Ronald Reagan, talking with him backstageContinue reading “Trump is Reagan”

Presidents’ children at Harvard

I am getting a lot of press inquiries about children of presidents who went to Harvard University.  ( Joshua Kendall has found all 22 presidents’ kids who went to Harvard.  Here is the link.) Start reading All the Presidents’ Children on Kindle right now. #1) John Quincy Adams #2) George Washington Adams (son of John QuincyContinue reading “Presidents’ children at Harvard”

Malia going to Harvard

Whatever you may think of the President and First Lady, they have been outstanding parents, putting the lives of their children above politics. Recently announced plans for their daughter Malia are a good example. The word is that Malia will have a year off before beginning her studies at Harvard in 2017. This will coincide withContinue reading “Malia going to Harvard”

Why Bernie won’t quit?

Okay, those who read my blogs already know the answer to this question.  It is the answer to almost any other question.  Altogether now… in chorus, please… “Money.” That’s right. Money. You will hear the most nonsensical, idiotic discussions on television coming from pundits who have never met a payroll. They will tell you whyContinue reading “Why Bernie won’t quit?”

Inside the Trump delegate hunt

What’s going on inside the Trump campaign’s hunt for delegates? Having been a part of ten presidential campaigns I can give you a pretty good idea. 1.) Identification: The first phase is finding and identifying each of the delegates. Names, emails, addresses, phone numbers. This process is ongoing and changing right up to the RNC.Continue reading “Inside the Trump delegate hunt”

Cruz wins Wisconsin, Trump wins nomination

Cruz wins Wisconsin but Trump wins the nomination. Here’s why. The narrative on national television says that establishment Republicans will seize control of the Rules Committee at the RNC and they will open the convention to nominations from the floor. It’s an unlikely scenario and even if it happens there’s a bigger problem. Any changeContinue reading “Cruz wins Wisconsin, Trump wins nomination”

Coming Monday: Why? Why does the establishment fear Trump and Sanders?

We read a lot about how the GOP establishment is trying to stop Donald Trump.  And how the Democratic super delegates are aligned against Bernie Sanders and are panicked over his insurgent candidacy. Hillary Clinton’s temper is flaring. Ted Cruz and John Kasich are publicly saying that they may not support Donald Trump if heContinue reading “Coming Monday: Why? Why does the establishment fear Trump and Sanders?”

The History of Super Tuesday: Frankenstein Monster

Super Tuesday: The Frankenstein Monster The idea of Super Tuesday has been around for years. The Southern States were frustrated by the fact that they were the most electoral rich region of the country but had little impact on the presidential nominees of their respective parties. Yes, New York, California, Illinois, Ohio and a handfulContinue reading “The History of Super Tuesday: Frankenstein Monster”

How Jeb Bush rediscovered his last name?

February 15, 2016      When Jeb Bush announced his campaign for the presidency journalists wondered how he would deal with the charges that he was only extending the family dynasty.  The answer was not long in coming. It soon became clear. He would run as his own man on his own record, not as aContinue reading “How Jeb Bush rediscovered his last name?”