Tonight, Barbara Bush, passed away at 92 years of age. By any standards, Barbara Bush is one of the most extraordinary women who has ever lived. Either that or she is one of the luckiest.  All around her people succeeded. Historians like to point to the fact that Barbara Bush is the only woman, other thanContinue reading “BARBARA BUSH – AN ICON OF HISTORY”


Top Ten American Presidents in History

It has been my humble privilege to meet six American presidents and seven first ladies. I’ve been able to conduct extensive interviews with five of those presidents. I served as an adviser to two of them, served on senior staff in the White House with one of them and co-authored a book with another. MyContinue reading “Top Ten American Presidents in History”

Hillary’s Game? Watch for another White House spousal abuse story to break.

2-8-2018. My sources inside Clinton world are now telling me that many weeks ago her team began working on a new plan to undo the 2016 election. It may not make her president, but if it works, it will move a step closer to ousting Donald Trump from office. According to the plan, the ClintonContinue reading “Hillary’s Game? Watch for another White House spousal abuse story to break.”

Trump’s crude comments are nothing new

The national media is in an uproar over the president’s alleged comments about why we are promoting immigration from “sh*t hole countries” while shutting the door for so many immigrants from more advanced nations. According to the media, there are two issues here. One is the president’s language, which they consider inappropriate. And second isContinue reading “Trump’s crude comments are nothing new”

After one year in office, Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson are more alike than ever.

GET BRIAN KILMEADE AND DON YAEGER’S BESTSELLING BOOK ON ANDREW JACKSON AND THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS. In this year of the 250th anniversary of the birthday of Andrew Jackson, many modern historians remain conflicted about the comparisons between “Old Hickory” and our current president, Donald Trump. But after one year in office, the comparisonsContinue reading “After one year in office, Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson are more alike than ever.”

Trump is the most impactful president since FDR

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has been the most impactful president since Franklin D. Roosevelt. When it comes to politics, James Carville and Paul Begala taught us that “its the economy stupid.” By those metrics Donald Trump leaves George W. Bush and Barack Obama standing still. Under both presidents the rich got richer andContinue reading “Trump is the most impactful president since FDR”

Bill Clinton’s “Me Too” list is a ticking time bomb

As of this moment there is a “Me Too” Bill and Hillary Clinton list of women. It is very possible that some of the names are kept under lock and key at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am not talking about the women of the 1990’s, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, MonicaContinue reading “Bill Clinton’s “Me Too” list is a ticking time bomb”

Hillary Clinton calls Trump a dictator, says she should be exempt from investigation.

So the Trump administration is a dictatorship? Hillary Clinton seems to think so. The whole idea is a bit of a stretch. In authoritarian dictatorships the government controls the media, does anybody seriously believe that Donald Trump controls the media? One study showed that 91 percent of media coverage was anti-Trump. Another study showed thatContinue reading “Hillary Clinton calls Trump a dictator, says she should be exempt from investigation.”

How liberal elites cheat on their taxes

Celebrities promote socialism in public while privately fleeing to tax havens, leaving the cost of paying for it all to the rest of us. As Leona Helmsley famously declared, “Only little people pay taxes.” Celebrities publicly argue for free healthcare, food, housing, education, entertainment, iPhones, guaranteed income, four day work weeks and all of this,Continue reading “How liberal elites cheat on their taxes”

Chuck Grassley has asked the most important questions

.       In the past I have had my differences with Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa but he is so busy pursuing justice and fairness in the U.S. Senate that I have to take my hat off and hold it in my hand and humbly ask his forgiveness. .       SenatorContinue reading “Chuck Grassley has asked the most important questions”