Smoke and Mirrors in Louisiana

On Saturday I promised an update into the complex world of Louisiana intraparty politics.  You will remember that the national press proclaimed an upset win by Ron Paul in the first round of caucuses.  But the GOP has worked to take that away. Here is how events are unfolding. The Republican Party of Louisiana hasContinue reading “Smoke and Mirrors in Louisiana”


Michigan Shocker! Ron Paul picks up more delegates

There is good news and bad news.  The good news comes out of Michigan.  But first, the bad news, let’s get that out of the way and then have some fun. Remember my warning that there were votes in a locked box taken from the state convention in Arizona?  And that the Ron Paul victoryContinue reading “Michigan Shocker! Ron Paul picks up more delegates”

Ron Paul is not OUT! He is UP!

“We are absolutely not dropping out of this race! We are focusing our efforts squarely on winning delegates and party leadership positions at state conventions.” – Jesse Benton, Campaign Chairman Ron Paul announced today he would not be competing in the upcoming primary states, saying that he would focus, instead, on his delegate strategy.  A strategyContinue reading “Ron Paul is not OUT! He is UP!”

Oklahoma GOP Convention Revisited

. The news from Arizona and Oklahoma is still unraveling, with conflicting reports.  My previous report came from our own Ron Paul people on the scene, including state coordinators, but even then the information was incomplete. . Here is a citizen update on Oklahoma from the peerless Jennifer Gibbons-Nie. . Hi Doug, me again.  Sorry to bug, I sent you theContinue reading “Oklahoma GOP Convention Revisited”

Ron Paul stuns in Arizona, upset win is game changer!

In a repeat of Iowa, where a Mitt Romney State Chairman held up accurate results of the vote for weeks, the  Arizona State Convention has gone into overtime.  Ballots are supposedly locked up, waiting to be counted “tomorrow.”  But citizens and journalists on the floor had no trouble discerning that Ron Paul forces had seized the day andContinue reading “Ron Paul stuns in Arizona, upset win is game changer!”

Ron Paul: How Many Delegates Now?

Speculation about the size of the Ron Paul presence at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August has some Mitt Romney operatives in a panic.  What is worrisome are the additional numbers of “stealth delegates” now winning positions in state conventions and going to Tampa as Mitt Romney delegates.  The question is this, howContinue reading “Ron Paul: How Many Delegates Now?”

Louisiana Shocker: Ron Paul Wins

By Doug Wead Well, the cat is out of the bag.  Saturday’s district conventions in Louisiana gave the Ron Paul campaign 74% of the delegates heading into the June state convention where the delegation to the Republican National Convention in Tampa will be finally determined.  Another state, another unseen victory for the Texas congressman.  And, it shouldContinue reading “Louisiana Shocker: Ron Paul Wins”

Ron Paul’s delegate math, an accurate update

Has Ron Paul won the majority of delegates from Washington State to the Republican National Convention?  That is the claim in a report filed by the International Business Times last night.   Has Ron Paul won the majority of delegates from Iowa?  That was a recent report from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC the day before. Now,Continue reading “Ron Paul’s delegate math, an accurate update”

Scientists reveal Romney and Obama are actually clones

One of the recent Rasmussen Polls has Ron Paul beating President Barack Obama in a head to head contest.  But in the same poll Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are tied.   It is not the first time.  For almost two years Romney and Obama have been close in the polls. Now, at last, weContinue reading “Scientists reveal Romney and Obama are actually clones”

Romney – Ron Paul in brutal battle !

The war over delegates at the district level last weekend descended into a brutal battle,  more like a scene from the plains of the Serengeti than a political convention.  Romney Hawks, now in complete control of his campaign (See Romney Hawks) are using strong arm tactics to shut out the Ron Paul forces.  A countyContinue reading “Romney – Ron Paul in brutal battle !”