Caroline Kennedy in the Senate? An historic perspective

  I am getting a ton of calls from journalists wanting some historical context for Caroline Kennedy’s likely appointment to the U. S. Senate.   Even one of the presidential historian – talking heads has checked in, asking for example, if there have been other children of presidents who have served in the Senate.  “Just AdamsContinue reading “Caroline Kennedy in the Senate? An historic perspective”

A list of preteen girls who lived in the White House

Little girl’s in the White House So what will it be like for Malia and Sasha? On inauguration day, Malia Obama would be 10 years old, Sasha Obama would be 7. There have been a lot of famous teenagers like Alice Roosevelt and Susan Ford and a long list of famous little boys, like WillieContinue reading “A list of preteen girls who lived in the White House”

Where will Sasha and Malia Obama go to school?

First big decision? One of the first big news stories for the First Family on the personal front will be the choice of schools for Malia and Sasha Obama. Will it be private or public? Or will they bring tutors and teachers into the White House and create their own school for the girls, withContinue reading “Where will Sasha and Malia Obama go to school?”

The new White House kids: What to expect?

  So what will it be like for the new kids in the White House?  What can the children of Obama or McCain expect?   The bad?   It’s a fishbowl.  And what happens in those few short years will stick to you for lifetime.  Take, for example, Chelsea Clinton’s braces.  A good parent willContinue reading “The new White House kids: What to expect?”

The attacks on Bristol Palin

 Presidential Campaigns: When the children become the issue. The media’s cruel attacks on Bristol Palin, the seventeen year old daughter of vice presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin, are nothing new.   The young Palin is single and apparently pregnant and some in the media are self righteously, outraged.  After all, isn’t Governor Palin an evangelical Christian? Continue reading “The attacks on Bristol Palin”

How many brothers does George W. Bush have?

How many brothers does George W. Bush have? By Doug Wead After meeting with my kids in California the mailbag is overflowing so I am going to try to answer some of these questions by blog. At least three people have wondered about the president’s brothers. I guess they learned of the ongoing work thatContinue reading “How many brothers does George W. Bush have?”

Chelsea Clinton for president

E. D. Hill is one of the most interesting of the sassy, unpredictable television hosts on FOX NEWS.  Beautiful, accomplished, an author in her own right, Hill always jumps on any passing flotsam in the newsroom and always makes something clever with it, exposing it for the world to see. This is an excerpt from myContinue reading “Chelsea Clinton for president”

Jenna Bush: America’s Sweetheart

As Americans focused on the Jenna Bush – Henry Hager wedding in Crawford this weekend, many began to realize just how much they had fallen in love with the First Family’s beautiful and fun loving twin daughter. They thought about how unpretentious she is.  That she doesn’t take herself too seriously, as when she impishlyContinue reading “Jenna Bush: America’s Sweetheart”

Was there a son of a president married in the White House?

DW:  Yes, John Adams, II.  He was the son of John Quincy Adams and the second child of a president to be married in the White House.  The bride was Mary Catherine Hellen, his own first cousin.   The John Quincy Adams’ were empty nesters when they went into the White House, all three ofContinue reading “Was there a son of a president married in the White House?”

Jenna Bush, Most Beautiful White House Bride in History?

  Jenna Bush is obviously a very beautiful bride, how do the historians rate these brides among the children of presidents, or is there such a thing?  Who do they say were the most beautiful brides?   There are two answers to that question.  The political answer is… “They are all beautiful, what do you mean?” Continue reading “Jenna Bush, Most Beautiful White House Bride in History?”