A Chelsea Clinton wedding “rain out” more likely

With the weather forecast for Rhinebeck, New York calling for thunderstorms for five of the next seven days, the idea of a “rain out” for the July 31, 2010 Chelsea Clinton wedding is getting more attention.   We are in a drought now but it looks like changes are coming and what will the weather lookContinue reading “A Chelsea Clinton wedding “rain out” more likely”

Obama’s and the Chelsea Clinton Wedding?

It’s still a possibility. According to a knowledgeable source with ties to the Clinton’s and Obama’s there has been no final decision on whether the President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama will be at the marriage ceremony or reception of the upcoming Chelsea Clinton wedding.   According to this source, while the public isContinue reading “Obama’s and the Chelsea Clinton Wedding?”

Chelsea Clinton to be married

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, the sitting secretary of state, is engaged to be married. According to an e-mail that she and longtime boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky, sent to friends this afternoon, the wedding will take place next summer. A spokesman for the Clinton family has confirmed it.

Jenna Bush debuts on the Today Show

Heeeeres Jenna! Jenna Bush will debut this Friday, September 18, 2009 as a correspondent on the NBC Today Show.  It will not be the first time a presidential kid crossed over to the Fourth Estate.  Call it “Stockholm syndrome” if you will, but these kids who suffer for years at the hands of the mediaContinue reading “Jenna Bush debuts on the Today Show”

A Chelsea Clinton Wedding?

Rumors are flying that Chelsea Clinton will be marrying her beau, Marc Mezvinsky, the last week of August on Martha’s Vineyard. The Clintons deny any such plans. But the National Enquirer insists that all the signs are there—including President Barack Obama’s scheduled vacation, also on Martha’s Vineyard.

The Obama’s: A functional family on the move

Some journalists are making a big deal out of how the Obamas are traveling to foreign ports together as a family unit. After the dysfunctional Clintons, Reagans and Roosevelts and even the Bushes, with their arcane rules of one at a time in the limelight, which meant a former president could not even be toldContinue reading “The Obama’s: A functional family on the move”

Malia Obama, born on the third of July

Malia Obama had a birthday yesterday. White House kids seem to have it all. Every toy and gadget comes over the transom. The most famous people of their day are on hand. But the one thing that is often missing are the parents. When Tad Lincoln celebrated his 12th birthday on April 4, 1865, hisContinue reading “Malia Obama, born on the third of July”

Best new website? 1weddingsource.com

Mary Jane Ontiveroz: She made the cake for Jenna Bush There is a knockout new website for wedding planning called 1weddingsource.com.  They have everything you need, a one stop marketplace of ideas, resources and wedding favors.  And this weekend they are revisiting the Jenna Bush wedding, which took place exactly one year ago, May 10.Continue reading “Best new website? 1weddingsource.com”

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy?

okay, here is my take on Caroline Kennedy.  (Be patient, after flying back to New York to do CBS for the inauguration, I am back in Russia on my speaking tour.  This time in Yekaterinburg, so no access to my books to facts check. Will be home Monday.) First, I don’t think she is finished. Continue reading “Ambassador Caroline Kennedy?”

Caroline Kennedy? What would Joseph Pulitzer say?

Caroline Kennedy, appointed to U. S. Senate? When rumors spread that Robert Todd Lincoln, son of the assassinated president, Abraham Lincoln, was considering a political career on his own the ever vigilant American print media went ballistic.  No less than Joseph Pulitzer, himself, led an avalanche of stinging editorials warning that the emergence of Lincoln represented a dangerousContinue reading “Caroline Kennedy? What would Joseph Pulitzer say?”