City finds way to tax churches and non profits

While the Federal government and the Catholic Church wrestle over healthcare provided contraception and abortions, City and County governments may have found a rather unique method of backdoor taxation on non profits.  They simply double the water bill for all churches and schools.  In a court case that is being carefully watched by churches and non profitsContinue reading “City finds way to tax churches and non profits”

Romney’s Mistake

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is making a big mistake by prolonging the discussion about his faith. Worse still, he and his staff don’t see it. Last week, Romney, a member of the Latter-Day Saints or Mormon Church, answered back the Rev. Robert Jeffress whose off camera comments apparently labeled Mormon’s a cult. Romney kept theContinue reading “Romney’s Mistake”

Ron Paul Wins Value Voters Poll

Filed 10-8-11 Romney, Perry and Bachman were there. So was Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. But Ron Paul stole the show at today’s Value Voters Summit. He quoted from the Bible effortlessly moving in and out of scriptural texts to make his points. The speech was constantly interrupted by standing ovations. Paul’sContinue reading “Ron Paul Wins Value Voters Poll”

Bachman-Perry: Who is God’s Anointed?

“He who says that religion and politics don’t mix, understands neither one.”  – Gandhi The race between Congresswoman Michelle Bachman and Governor Rick Perry is coming down to an old fashioned, Christian, church-goin, doctrinal dog fight.  One that favors Bachman in the short run in Iowa and Rick Perry in the long run across theContinue reading “Bachman-Perry: Who is God’s Anointed?”

Mitt Romney and the age of the Mormons

Mormons are big news now, with possibly two presidential candidates. Recent polls show former Massachusetts Gov., Mitt Romney, beating Barack Obama. And now former Utah governor and ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, is flirting with his own run for the presidency. Both stories put the subject of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsContinue reading “Mitt Romney and the age of the Mormons”

Mitt Romney: Frontrunner?

Mitt Romney: Frontrunner ?         By all accounts this should have been Mitt Romney’s turn to win the Republican nomination and the presidency.  In a survey last week he was the only Republican who topped Barack Obama in national polls.  Now, post Bin Laden, one has to wonder. What still makes Romney strong?Continue reading “Mitt Romney: Frontrunner?”

Gays battle over quality of Kagan nomination: Evangelical Christians shut out again.

Pundits are in an uproar probing Ms. Kagan’s sexual orientation, with some gay activists depressed that whatever her private life may be, it is still private and thus Obama failed to appoint an openly gay nominee such as Kathleen Sullivan or Pam Karlan.  But while some Gay and Lesbian activists bemoan the “quality” of thisContinue reading “Gays battle over quality of Kagan nomination: Evangelical Christians shut out again.”

Noah’s Ark? Inside story revealed

This week’s story of an evangelical Christian group claiming to have found Noah’s Ark triggered memories of a bizarre, never before published, moment in the White House of George Herbert Walker Bush. It was 1989.  The Cold War was still on.  I was serving as special assistant to the president, with a focus on “coalitions.” Continue reading “Noah’s Ark? Inside story revealed”

Haiti to Christians: “Thanks for the money, now go to hell!”

By Doug Wead The plight of the jailed Baptist missionaries in Haiti is a metaphor for three much bigger problems.  For one, there is the corruption in the Haitian government.  Then, there is the virulent anti-Christian mood that now has free reign in Obama’s State Department.  And finally, there is the ignorance of the AmericanContinue reading “Haiti to Christians: “Thanks for the money, now go to hell!””

Matt Brown, the Revolutionary

Matt Brown’s new book Revolutionaries, with its foreword by 9/11 survivor Sujo John, is a masterful work of history covering more than 2,000 years of the rise of Christianity.  Five years in the writing and a lifetime of study, Brown artfully avoids boring the reader by penning short biographical accounts of the leading figures fromContinue reading “Matt Brown, the Revolutionary”