Women are from Venus, men are pigs

      It hasn’t been easy being a man lately.  Men have been doing some pretty creepy things.  When I walk the dog, women and children give me dirty looks.  I dare not smile, or say a friendly, “hello.”       Last October a story broke that Green Bay Packer legend,Brett Favre, had sent a cell phone pictureContinue reading “Women are from Venus, men are pigs”

Matt Brown, the Revolutionary

Matt Brown’s new book Revolutionaries, with its foreword by 9/11 survivor Sujo John, is a masterful work of history covering more than 2,000 years of the rise of Christianity.  Five years in the writing and a lifetime of study, Brown artfully avoids boring the reader by penning short biographical accounts of the leading figures fromContinue reading “Matt Brown, the Revolutionary”

And God created Darwin

On this 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth, I am amazed that there is still the ongoing conflict between science and religion.  A couple of years ago the president of Harvard wrote an editorial for USA Today saying that religion and science should go their separate ways.  Politicians used to talk like that too. Not anymore. Continue reading “And God created Darwin”