Inside the McCain campaign: what we didn’t know

Losing presidential campaigns always prompt criticism and “what if’s” but most savvy observers were surprised that Senator John McCain and his creative team kept it as close as they did.   John McCain didn’t come away looking like a loser.  He played a remarkable game with very bad cards.   I mentioned in one of myContinue reading “Inside the McCain campaign: what we didn’t know”


A Fox within a Fox continued

(To understand this post you may want to read an earlier installment.) Okay folks, here is an example of what I am talking about.  Tuesday all of the news shows were trumpeting a new battleground poll showing Senator Barack Obama pulling ahead of Senator John McCain in the presidential race in the key fiveContinue reading “A Fox within a Fox continued”

And the debate? McCain loses to Bush !

  A recap of the second Obama – McCain Debate. Well, on style, they say Obama won.  And on debate points McCain won.  I mean, he did answer the questions.  Obama did a Palin and ignored the questions and just dropped into the nearest workable paragraph of his stump speech.  Smart.  It worked for Palin. Continue reading “And the debate? McCain loses to Bush !”

Seeing Sarah up close !

Donna Meisenholder, one of the more courageous commentators on this blog, sent in the following….. Just returned from a “live ” Sarah Palin Rally . Very little promo …venue changed at  about two weeks out . I believe holds 13,000 …every seat taken . Additionally 1-2000 on the tennis courts in front of stage .Continue reading “Seeing Sarah up close !”

Coldest State, Hottest Governor

Sarah Palin Wins the debate. Well, folks, I told you so.  Now, you gotta like Joe Biden.  Every one I’ve ever met who has ever known him, on both sides of the aisle, love this guy.  But he picked a strange issue to debate.  Whether or not John McCain is really a Maverick. Chuckle, chuckle. Continue reading “Coldest State, Hottest Governor”

Why Sarah Palin Will Win Tomorrow’s Debate

Why? Expectations. When Jack Cafferty cornered poor Wolf Blitzer on CNN recently and showed the clip of the Katie Couric-Sarah Palin interview and then launched into his panicky, now famous, oxygen deprived rant – “Have you ever seen anything like it, ever?  Have you?  Wolf? You there Wolf? Isn’t this unprecedented ditziness? Imagine?  A heartbeatContinue reading “Why Sarah Palin Will Win Tomorrow’s Debate”

A Fox within a Fox

“Talent hits a target that no one else can hit.  Genius hits a target that no one else can see.” – Arthur Schopenhauer Here it is folks, the last big, untouched, television market. Everyone knows the success story of how FOX NEWS was launched and made an effort to include conservative opinion and thinking inContinue reading “A Fox within a Fox”

Can McCain still win with a crashing stock market?

Can McCain win in spite of the stock market crash? Presidential elections are as complicated and nuanced as the stock market so trying to tie the two together is sometimes elusive.  There is so much data and so many variables that one can almost prove any bias.  There is one thing clear.  Most markets areContinue reading “Can McCain still win with a crashing stock market?”

Why was Charles Gibson chosen to interview Sarah Palin?

Why was Charles Gibson chosen to interview Sarah Palin? This morning, a blurry picture is emerging over why the McCain team choose Charles Gibson as the journalist to interview Mrs. Palin.  It was apparently decided at the very top (which means Rick Davis and a handful of others) and it was a process of elimination. WhileContinue reading “Why was Charles Gibson chosen to interview Sarah Palin?”

The History of the evangelical vote in presidential elections

What is the history of the crucial Evangelical Christian vote and where is it likely to go in the upcoming showdown between John McCain and Barack Obama?   The chart below, prepared by a team I put together for NEWSMAX and appearing in their current issue, offers the most comprehensive and accurate account of theContinue reading “The History of the evangelical vote in presidential elections”