Next Year’s News?

NEXT YEAR’S NEWS? Here is the news.  November 23, 2010.  One year into the future.  What a difference a year makes. – President Obama got tough today, issuing a stern warning to the government of Iran who has now developed ten nuclear warheads.  “Develop anymore,” warned Obama, “and the U.S. will lead a motion beforeContinue reading “Next Year’s News?”


Jenna Bush debuts on the Today Show

Heeeeres Jenna! Jenna Bush will debut this Friday, September 18, 2009 as a correspondent on the NBC Today Show.  It will not be the first time a presidential kid crossed over to the Fourth Estate.  Call it “Stockholm syndrome” if you will, but these kids who suffer for years at the hands of the mediaContinue reading “Jenna Bush debuts on the Today Show”

A Chelsea Clinton Wedding?

Rumors are flying that Chelsea Clinton will be marrying her beau, Marc Mezvinsky, the last week of August on Martha’s Vineyard. The Clintons deny any such plans. But the National Enquirer insists that all the signs are there—including President Barack Obama’s scheduled vacation, also on Martha’s Vineyard.

The Obama’s: A functional family on the move

Some journalists are making a big deal out of how the Obamas are traveling to foreign ports together as a family unit. After the dysfunctional Clintons, Reagans and Roosevelts and even the Bushes, with their arcane rules of one at a time in the limelight, which meant a former president could not even be toldContinue reading “The Obama’s: A functional family on the move”

Ron Paul Shall Rise Again

Yesterday on Meet the Press they reviewed the declining prospects for the Republican Party.  And the yawning conclusion was that no one can really challenge Barack Obama in 2012 and no one can revive the G.O.P.  They assessed the prospects of all the possible candidates but there was one glaring omission.  Guess who? Mitt RomneyContinue reading “Ron Paul Shall Rise Again”

Glenn Hauman and lies on the internet

Glenn Hauman and lies on the internet. The internet, like the playground in grade school, is full of bullies and if a teacher is not looking, they will hurt you for no other reason than that they can. There is the famous story of John Seigenthaler, who woke up one morning to find an entryContinue reading “Glenn Hauman and lies on the internet”

The sad state of television journalsim

 Some are saying that American television journalism is dead.  That entertainment has risen in its place.  And while that makes for great viewing, with long legged beauties reading scripts prepared for them by short baldheaded, young men, fresh out of graduate school, it represents all kinds of new dangers. For one, American may be headedContinue reading “The sad state of television journalsim”

Caroline Kennedy? What would Joseph Pulitzer say?

Caroline Kennedy, appointed to U. S. Senate? When rumors spread that Robert Todd Lincoln, son of the assassinated president, Abraham Lincoln, was considering a political career on his own the ever vigilant American print media went ballistic.  No less than Joseph Pulitzer, himself, led an avalanche of stinging editorials warning that the emergence of Lincoln represented a dangerousContinue reading “Caroline Kennedy? What would Joseph Pulitzer say?”

Memo to Chuck Todd of NBC: Get a haircut son

  Since we have all accepted the fact that news is no longer really news, that they are now in the entertainment business, with targeted, demographically selected audiences, that, for example, they can ignore the Georgian attacks on the Ossetia civilian population for three days and then call the subsequent Russian invasion of Georgia aContinue reading “Memo to Chuck Todd of NBC: Get a haircut son”