McCain’s Big Gamble: How it could work? How it could fail?

McCain’s big Gamble.  How it could work?  How it could fail? Several years ago John McCain must have locked himself in his Senate office bathroom and looked in the mirror and said, “Look pal, you are a moderate conservative in an ultra conservative party and if you run a traditional campaign you are going toContinue reading “McCain’s Big Gamble: How it could work? How it could fail?”

Can McCain still win with a losing economy?

Can McCain still win with a losing economy? Today the stock market dropped 500 points in the biggest loss since 9-11.  And things are only getting better in Iraq.  It all spells trouble for the John McCain Campaign which has been living on miracles for two years now.  After all, Senator McCain once glibly offeredContinue reading “Can McCain still win with a losing economy?”

The History of the evangelical vote in presidential elections

What is the history of the crucial Evangelical Christian vote and where is it likely to go in the upcoming showdown between John McCain and Barack Obama?   The chart below, prepared by a team I put together for NEWSMAX and appearing in their current issue, offers the most comprehensive and accurate account of theContinue reading “The History of the evangelical vote in presidential elections”

Has Sarah Palin spoken in tongues?

Has Sarah Palin Spoken in Tongues?   Last night a CNN reporter asked that question of Palin’s former pastor.  Because of my work as religious liaison in past presidential campaigns, I have been inundated with calls from the media asking about Sarah Palin’s church, the Assemblies of God, their doctrine and what this will mean. Continue reading “Has Sarah Palin spoken in tongues?”

Obama’s Convention Fails

In my humble opinion, the Democratic National Convention was a political disaster, a wasted opportunity to present Obama and his case for the presidency.  And I have been very impressed with Obama, he is a superb politician, even a great one, and he and McCain are two amazing pros, duking it out, but that said, this DNCContinue reading “Obama’s Convention Fails”

Why is Obama not giving his speech at the convention site?

Why is Obama not giving his speech at the convention site? Actually, throughout history, the presidential candidate seldom appeared at his own convention.  The public liked to believe that their presidents were reluctant to assume power.  It was all an elaborate pantomime of George Washington, who preferred Mt. Vernon and retirement.  Franklin Pierce and his wife,Continue reading “Why is Obama not giving his speech at the convention site?”

Obama’s community service commendable but not new!

  Early in the week the Obama Campaign went out of its way to promote the idea that their man’s community service was a precedent setting thing for a presidential candidate.  It may or may not have been good politics, and certainly his community work is commendable, but it reflects poor scholarship on their partContinue reading “Obama’s community service commendable but not new!”

Why many Jews fear Obama

My speaking trips around the world have left me with many friends in both the Islamic and Jewish cultures.  It is no secret that Muslims are almost unanimously rooting for Barack Obama in the upcoming U.S. elections, and that a majority of American Jews, led by the intrepid George Soros and Steven Spielberg, are too. Continue reading “Why many Jews fear Obama”

How will the Evangelicals vote in 2008?

  A history of the born again vote and where it will go in 2008.   An upcoming issue of Newsmax Magazine will offer a comprehensive account of the crucial Evangelical Christian vote and where it is likely to go in the upcoming showdown between John McCain and Barack Obama.    A chart, prepared byContinue reading “How will the Evangelicals vote in 2008?”

Smokin’ Some Weed with Ron Paul

  Okay, let’s cut to the chase.    The problem many people have with Congressman Ron Paul is his call for the decriminalization of marijuana.  This is not his cause celebre’, as my friend Roman Godzich points out, just a logical progression of his notion of personal freedom and personal responsibility.   But it is rightContinue reading “Smokin’ Some Weed with Ron Paul”