The Political Genius of Nancy Reagan

I have been planning to write this blog for some time. And then today, sadly, I learned of the passing of the former First Lady. Nancy Reagan was more than a  classy lady, a good dresser, a charming hostess, she was a very politically astute woman. Her husband’s image only grew after his own death andContinue reading “The Political Genius of Nancy Reagan”


So who are the top ten entertainment-celebrity charity fundraisers of all time?  With dollars raised adjusted for inflation?  And counting only money raised from the private sector, not factoring in money raised by influencing government legislation? And not counting business celebrities such as Bill and Melinda Gates? This is not an easy question to answer.Continue reading “TOP TEN CELEBRITY CHARITY FUNDRAISERS OF ALL TIME”

City finds way to tax churches and non profits

While the Federal government and the Catholic Church wrestle over healthcare provided contraception and abortions, City and County governments may have found a rather unique method of backdoor taxation on non profits.  They simply double the water bill for all churches and schools.  In a court case that is being carefully watched by churches and non profitsContinue reading “City finds way to tax churches and non profits”

Adherents: A bigoted website?

Adherents – a bigoted website ? Talk among some at the Assemblies of God Fine Arts Festival in Orlando last summer centered on the growing influence of what some see as a bigoted online website which seems bent on destroying their denomination.  Selected entries, false information, censored material and a failure to respond to correctionsContinue reading “Adherents: A bigoted website?”

Youth to Youth Concerts

Just back from a speaking gig in Kazan and St. Petersburg, Russia and trying to catch up. In my absence, I am amazed at the work of Youth to Youth Concerts.  This organization gathers talented American musicians from across the country and holds concerts to raise awareness for needy youth around the globe. Award winningContinue reading “Youth to Youth Concerts”