Bill Britt: Amway Legend

     Bill Britt, one of the most successful MLM businessmen in history and the man who built one of the world’s largest direct sales networks, died this week of heart failure.  He was 81 years old.  There will be a funeral service held in LaGrange, North Carolina and a memorial service next week inContinue reading “Bill Britt: Amway Legend”


The Best Presidents for Small Business ?

No modern president has really been good for small business.  Or even fair for small business.  Because all the provisions they made, with headline grabbing legislatiion, were overcome by the increased tide of regulation and big business subsidies. The whole process became corrupted by the 1964 landslide victory of Lyndon Johnson.  At that point, bigContinue reading “The Best Presidents for Small Business ?”

When Will The End Come?

Here is a list of facts and a timeline that every American should have nearby. It may help you plan.  Although, it is a little late to be planning. 2001 Projected US budget for 2009-2012 :  Plus $850 billion a year Projections now:  Minus $1.2 trillion a year US National Debt:  $14 trillion US GrossContinue reading “When Will The End Come?”

How FDR got us out of the Great Depression: Lessons for today

Conservatives and Liberals still argue about government’s role in ending the Great Depression and many people see the discussion more relevant today than ever before.  Conservatives point to a compelling 2004 study by two UCLA economics professors showing that Roosevelt’s New Deal policies actually prolonged the recovery.  Written four years before the recent crisis theContinue reading “How FDR got us out of the Great Depression: Lessons for today”

Breakup over Civilization 5 – Sid Meier loses Jon Shafer, his boy genius.

  This from the wonderful world of electronic games:  Young Jon Shafer, the genius behind Civilization V has left Sid Meier and Firaxis.  It kinda reminds you of Jeffrey Katzenberg leaving Disney.  Watch out.   Whatever happened, my money says that Shafer has depth and Firaxis has made a big mistake. To give you some background,Continue reading “Breakup over Civilization 5 – Sid Meier loses Jon Shafer, his boy genius.”

Obama: Right speech, wrong time?

The only thing that history will remember about President Barack Obama’s speech to the nation tonight is the date.  Obama has called the oil spill his 9-11.  If so he is offering the nation too little, too late.  The oil spill happened on April 20, 2010.  He finally got around to addressing the nation onContinue reading “Obama: Right speech, wrong time?”

Notre Dame Football? The problem is not the coach.

Okay, sports fans, here is something you will never read in The Blue and Gold.  Not because it hasn’t crossed their minds but rather because they need ongoing access to the players and coaches and I don’t.  They can’t afford to offend the administration.  I can.  You can thank Al Gore that this discussion canContinue reading “Notre Dame Football? The problem is not the coach.”

Russia: Land of Opportunity

by Doug Wead What country’s individual tax rate tops out at 13%? Hint.  It isn’t the USA where federal and local taxes in New York are projected to reach a 57% bite.  If you are rich? Move to Florida or Nevada to avoid State Income Tax.  If you wanna be rich?  Move to this newContinue reading “Russia: Land of Opportunity”

Russian scientists close in on Fountain of Youth

Now, this is interesting.  An international group of scientists have embarked on the ultimate quest.   To find the fountain of youth.  Not since Ponce de Leon has the world been this hopeful. This time we should all expect a little more due diligence.The goal of the project is “to extend the period of human youth.” Continue reading “Russian scientists close in on Fountain of Youth”