Exposing the corrupt reasons why “the establishment” fears Trump and Sanders?

Why does the GOP establishment fear Donald Trump? And the Democratic establishment fear Bernie Sanders? Money.   Both political parties depend on large donations from banks and corporations. So too do candidates running for office. What do the banks and corporations get in return? Money right back at ya. Big money. Directly and indirectly. Money through theContinue reading “Exposing the corrupt reasons why “the establishment” fears Trump and Sanders?”


Rupert Murdoch doesn’t need me to defend him but I’m going to anyway. He owns Twentieth Century Fox, World News Corp, The Times, Fox News Channel, Wall Street Journal, (Ha, I am out of breath and don’t need to continue, but you get the point.)  Nevertheless, when he recently tweeted aloud his thoughts about BenContinue reading “RUPERT MURDOCH FOR PRESIDENT”

Inside the government plans to shutdown the direct sales industry: Vemma is only the begining

The Arizona direct sales company Vemma was recently hit by the FTC and virtually shut down without a judge, jury or trial.  The income of thousands, including single mothers, housewives, young businessmen, retirees and disable veterans has been instantly blocked by the government agency.  Nobody will be paid, no matter what they have sold orContinue reading “Inside the government plans to shutdown the direct sales industry: Vemma is only the begining”

Bombshell: Charlie Marsh’s forgotten daughter

Today I received a bombshell.  Charlie Marsh, the networking – MLM  legend who is credited by some as the grandfather of system building, the upline to Dexter Yager, may have had a daughter out of wedlock.  And she is seeking reconciliation with the family she never knew. Here is the post:  How the Amway ToolContinue reading “Bombshell: Charlie Marsh’s forgotten daughter”

Forge of Empires: Best strategy game for iPad

At last there is a strategy game for iPad.  Forge of Empires.  Nothing else I’ve tried really compares.  And like everything else on iPad it has forced me into a wider community and to my surprise I like it. Since Christmas, 1992, when my son first tempted me to make a move in Sid Mier’sContinue reading “Forge of Empires: Best strategy game for iPad”

Regina Noriega and “the era of women.”

Listening to the audio version of Ayn Rand’s classic bestseller, Atlas Shrugged, I was reminded of Regina Noriega.  She is the most recent sensation in a growing list of outstanding women in the field of direct sales. This was the one field that men seemed to have to themselves, Mary Kay Ash being the anomaly.Continue reading “Regina Noriega and “the era of women.””

Duke Snider on steroids

It’s the end of baseball as we know it.  Stick a fork in it.  This month’s drama with Alex Rodriguez only underscores the futility of trying to make it work the way it once did.  If some use more drug enhancements and others less and still others none, and we only find out later inContinue reading “Duke Snider on steroids”

Jean-Luc Perrois “Talent finds a way”

Jean-Luc Perrois celebrates his birthday today and I wanted to get a little of his remarkable story on the record.  Perrois, my French brother in law, is a successful husband, father and businessman who lives in a beautiful chalet, high in the Alps overlooking Geneva, Switzerland.   The house is actually on the French sideContinue reading “Jean-Luc Perrois “Talent finds a way””

Jim Dornan – Amway Legend – passes

Jim Dornan, arguably the most successful networker in history, passed away at 2 PM yesterday.  He had been battling cancer for months. For more than twenty years Dornan built and ran the largest, most cohesive network of its kind in the world.  He attracted crowds of 100,000 filling soccer stadiums and auditoriums in Europe, Asia, AfricaContinue reading “Jim Dornan – Amway Legend – passes”

How Phil Gerlicher is Changing The Face Of Insurance

There is a lot of attention focused on First Financial Security.  You seem to have turned things around.  What has been the difference? The fact that we are still here has a lot of people talking.  I was told by one of the large recruiters in our industry that he and many others were standingContinue reading “How Phil Gerlicher is Changing The Face Of Insurance”