Ken Walsh writes about the isolation of the presidents

Kenneth T.  Walsh, Chief White House correspondent for U.S. News, has written yet another important book on the American presidency.  Prisoners of the White House: The Isolation of America’s Presidents and the Crisis of Leadership. (Paradigm Publishers, Boulder – London. ) Walsh may be this nation’s greatest authority on the modern American presidency.  His careerContinue reading “Ken Walsh writes about the isolation of the presidents”

Ken Walsh book opens a hidden door at the White House

Award Winning, White House correspondent, Ken Walsh has penned one of the most fascinating and insightful books ever written on the American presidency.  Family of Freedom: Presidents and African Americans in the White House opens a vignette into the presidency, and America itself, that most of us would have never found on our own.  JustContinue reading “Ken Walsh book opens a hidden door at the White House”

Obama and his girls

The planned release of President Obama’s new book, Of Thee I Sing, a Letter to my Daughters, represents a seismic change in the conventional presidential parenting philosophy.    Recent White House families, including political dynasties such as the Bushes, the Clinton’s and the Kennedy’s have all held to the idea that the less the First ChildrenContinue reading “Obama and his girls”

Matt Brown, the Revolutionary

Matt Brown’s new book Revolutionaries, with its foreword by 9/11 survivor Sujo John, is a masterful work of history covering more than 2,000 years of the rise of Christianity.  Five years in the writing and a lifetime of study, Brown artfully avoids boring the reader by penning short biographical accounts of the leading figures fromContinue reading “Matt Brown, the Revolutionary”

Five great books

My recent speaking tour, which took me around the world, allowed for down time and I was able to read a number of great books.  I pass them on to my friends….   Boone: A Biography (Algonguin, Chapel Hill) By Robert Morgan   This is the definitive modern biography of Daniel Boone, an American hero. Continue reading “Five great books”

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

There are some people you never forget.  Charlie “Tremendous” Jones is one of them.  Understandably, his name usually precedes him.  Who would have the nerve to call themselves “Tremendous?” I first heard about him in Springfield, Missouri where I was enrolled in college and working at night as the manager of the shoe department at Shopper’sContinue reading “Charlie “Tremendous” Jones”

Tom Rob Smith pens a thriller !

Book: Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith, 2008, Grand Central, New York.  450 pages. A thriller! Unconventional.  Unpredictable.  I didn’t know how it could possibly end. The plot of this story and the carefully crafted setting in the former Soviet Union is so good that you will race to the finish.  Everything works backward inContinue reading “Tom Rob Smith pens a thriller !”