So who are the top ten entertainment-celebrity charity fundraisers of all time?  With dollars raised adjusted for inflation?  And counting only money raised from the private sector, not factoring in money raised by influencing government legislation? And not counting business celebrities such as Bill and Melinda Gates? This is not an easy question to answer.Continue reading “TOP TEN CELEBRITY CHARITY FUNDRAISERS OF ALL TIME”

The Collapse of the House of Cards: How the video series imploded, can it come back?

It was too good to be true.  The American version of House of Cards, as in the case of its British predecessor, was so unique in capturing the real life atmosphere and attitudes of Washington politics that it soon developed a cult following in this very jaded city. Much of Washington laughs at Hollywood’s naiveContinue reading “The Collapse of the House of Cards: How the video series imploded, can it come back?”

Forge of Empires: Best strategy game for iPad

At last there is a strategy game for iPad.  Forge of Empires.  Nothing else I’ve tried really compares.  And like everything else on iPad it has forced me into a wider community and to my surprise I like it. Since Christmas, 1992, when my son first tempted me to make a move in Sid Mier’sContinue reading “Forge of Empires: Best strategy game for iPad”

Jean-Luc Perrois “Talent finds a way”

Jean-Luc Perrois celebrates his birthday today and I wanted to get a little of his remarkable story on the record.  Perrois, my French brother in law, is a successful husband, father and businessman who lives in a beautiful chalet, high in the Alps overlooking Geneva, Switzerland.   The house is actually on the French sideContinue reading “Jean-Luc Perrois “Talent finds a way””

Michael Jackson’s White House visit

Sometimes what seems important isn’t.  And what seems so ordinary is really special. In 1990, I was serving as a special assistant to the president in the George H. W. Bush White House.  One day a staffer named Joe Watkins brought Michael Jackson in for a visit.  Joe was a floater who reported to severalContinue reading “Michael Jackson’s White House visit”

Micah Buckley: Better than Jim Carrey

Micah Buckley:  Better than Jim Carrey During a visit to Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida a couple of weeks ago, my wife and daughter and I took in a remarkable stage performance of The Imaginary Invalid.  It is a modern, Beth Millis, adaptation of Moliere’s witty parody of the French noble classes.  It uses aContinue reading “Micah Buckley: Better than Jim Carrey”