Margaret Truman Daniel, “Queen of Mystery” Dies at 83

Mary Margaret Truman Daniel, the only child of former President Harry S. Truman, died today in an assisted living facility in Chicago.  She was 83.  One of America’s most popular mystery writers, with a long list of New York Times bestsellers, she was dubbed “The Queen of Mystery.”  Born on February 17, 1924, Margaret grewContinue reading “Margaret Truman Daniel, “Queen of Mystery” Dies at 83″


Bill Clinton, the last Black President

Okay, time to have a little lesson in history.  Bill Clinton is no racist.  Sorry, everybody pile on and have your fun, but that pig just won’t fly.  And this is coming to you from one who was raised as an evangelical Christian and is a political conservative, who worked in a Republican White HouseContinue reading “Bill Clinton, the last Black President”

How Huck Got Foxed

But as Lee Corso would say, “Not so Fast.” Governor Mike Huckabee’s campaign has already startled the wearisome herd of pundits who visit the same watering holes in the Boston, New York, Washington corridor.  Last September he was considered “peaking” as the national favorite of 9% of GOP voters which put him behind the anointedContinue reading “How Huck Got Foxed”

Caroline Kennedy Endorses Obama: But there is more to the story.

  By Doug and Myriam Wead Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama may carry more clout than dismissive television pundits are giving it.  Yes, Caroline has been out of the public eye and does not command a huge following.  But oh what a following it is.  Caroline may just have opened the door to furtherContinue reading “Caroline Kennedy Endorses Obama: But there is more to the story.”

Steve Doocy, the most talented man on television

  Or should I say Brian Kilmeade?    If he doesn’t soon get his own magazine “S” and he doesn’t rule an empire to rival Oprah Winfrey sometime within the next ten years, then there is surely no justice in the world, for Steve Doocy of the hit morning show Fox and Friends is handsContinue reading “Steve Doocy, the most talented man on television”

Mike Huckabee’s big mistake

When seeking to establish a base among evangelical voters, presidential contender, Governor Mike Huckabee, made a big mistake.  It is one that many presidential wannabes have made before him.  He went over the heads of the evangelical leaders of influence and talked directly to the people.  It works well with most constituencies, Catholics, Labor, Jews,Continue reading “Mike Huckabee’s big mistake”

Huck And Mitt? Joined at the Hip!

 Neither can win in November without the other.  The most interesting statistic to come out of the Nevada Primary tonight is the dismal 8% showing for Governor Mike Huckabee.  This shows what we all should have suspected that the Evangelical-Mormon estrangement cuts both ways.  And it sends a very clear message to both the RomneyContinue reading “Huck And Mitt? Joined at the Hip!”

Jenna Bush to Marry on May 10

Jenna Bush, the 25 year old twin daughter of the president, will marry longtime boyfriend Henry Hager of Virginia on May 10, 2008.  The couple will be married at the Bush family ranch in Crawford, Texas.  That announcement came this evening ending speculation that she would have a White House wedding. Jenna, considered the “moreContinue reading “Jenna Bush to Marry on May 10”

Robbed: How the national media denied Mitt Romney of his Wyoming Win

Two years ago, liberal bloggers launched vicious attacks on Governor Mitt Romney’s faith, questioning the sanity of someone who could believe such things and calling for him to repudiate his own heritage. If you still don’t know, he is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…. a Mormon.  And thenContinue reading “Robbed: How the national media denied Mitt Romney of his Wyoming Win”

A Conservative Republican Looks at Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire Win

The media is fixated on Senator Hillary Clinton’s upset victory in the New Hampshire Primary, wondering if her tear in the eye moment may have been the cause, or suggesting that a new television ad or a renewed involvement of her husband may have been the deciding factor.  Something happened.  Something caused 6,000 voters toContinue reading “A Conservative Republican Looks at Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire Win”