What President Barack Obama Said To President-Elect Donald Trump About North Korea

Donald Trump, President of the Unted States, standing with North Korean Leader, Kim Jung-un, shaking hands
From the pages of Inside Trump’s White House

President-elect Donald Trump’s first conversation with President Barack Obama was about the threat of war with North Korea but the most important details of that conversation and Trump’s conclusion have never been told.

Here is the president telling them in his own words:

      “Right there, right over there,” President Trump said, pointing to the two chairs in front of the fireplace, “is where Barack Obama told me that my greatest problem, when I became President, was the possibility of war with North Korea. In fact, privately, he said, ‘You-will-have-a-war-with-North-Korea-on-your-watch.’
      The President dramatically lowered his voice, continuing his story, “And I said to Obama, ‘Well, Mr. President, have you called him?’
      “And Obama said, ‘No, he’s a dictator.’” As if that in, itself, explained everything.
      Then the President paused, letting those words sink in. “No, he hadn’t called him because he’s a dictator?” 
      Now, two years later, Donald Trump was still amazed by that conversation. And then he concluded, out loud, to all of us in the room.

Historian Doug Wead's, Newest Book, on Presidential History, about President Donald Trump, called Inside Trump's White House, The Real Story of His Presidency


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

7 thoughts on “What President Barack Obama Said To President-Elect Donald Trump About North Korea

  1. Yeah. My name is Doug Wead and I have no shame in presenting as fact something that Donald Trump said.


    Just like Wead had no problem with the Bushmen misdeeds of which he, Doug Wead was a willing and paid participant.

    Sure, Trump never lies!

    Wead presents as fact something for which he has one source, that being the always lying Trump.

    And Doug Wead knows he always can blame it all on Obama and the Democratic Party in general.

    It’s a happy world Doug Wead inhabits.

    Doug Wead is a crock of pure s***

    1. John P Slevin :: You are entitled to your opinion, and even your conclusions, but to those of us who have bothered to read and follow Mr. Wead’s articles, commentary and works, it does make us wonder just what you have read that he wrote that you find so objectionable that you would attach a label to a human, something that he cannot possibly be, let alone “pure..”!
      Such labeling stems from a purely emotional triggering by something he said that you find emotionally objectionable. Mr. Slevin, politics makes strange bedfellows. Or have you never heard that? You do know when a politician is alleged to be lying, don’t you? When his/her lips are moving. LOL
      Clearly you have influenced no one to agree with you since you provide no factual source that debunks what President Trump states was said in his first meeting with then President Obama. Do you think Obama is being misquoted? Or you disagree because you think Obama would have never said that to him? What exactly is your beef?

      1. This is rich.

        So I am supposed to enter the realm of Doug Wead and debunk what Trump supposedly said to him about Obama?

        I mean, where did you take your course in logic?

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