Inside the media war to remove Trump

Okay, let’s get this straight. The mainstream media is hot. They are steaming. Because YOU and I voted for the wrong person and elected Donald Trump.

The nerve. We are racist, even if we are African American or Hispanic, even if we voted twice for Barack Obama. Even those who actually voted for Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump, are bad, if they are not in the streets burning things down, breaking windows, and shouting profanity at people. We are all an embarrassment to the mainstream media and their European friends and their business associates in the People’s Republic of China. Oh, and some of you are probably Russian spies.

That said, here is a way for you to make up for your shortcomings, your deplorableness.

Subscribing to these talking points below will provide you with some redemption and assist the mainstream media in their relentless crusade to undue the democratic election of Donald Trump and remove him from office.

Mainstream media talking points.

#1) Donald Trump is paranoid because he suspected his predecessor had wiretapped him. You are supposed to join in the outrage at such immaturity.

obama and trump
Obama and Trump

What can’t be discussed? The fact that the Clinton’s accused their presidential predecessor of the same thing. Yep, Hillary Clinton accused dear, old, George H.W. Bush of bugging the private family quarters of the White House when she and Bill moved in. (President Bush, Sr. had served as director of the CIA.)

According to Secret Service agents interviewed for the book GAME OF THORNS, Hillary had the Secret Service sweep for bugs she believed had been planted by her predecessor but was unsatisfied with the result. According to the sources, she had the FBI do the same thing.

When the Clinton’s became estranged from the FBI they created their own White House Personnel Security Office, run by trusted campaign staffers, and empowered them to access private FBI files of their political enemies. It became the subject of a Congressional investigation and was the scandal called Filegate.

Hillary thought she was bugged by George H.W. Bush and had the FBI sweep the White House.

Besides, only days after telling us that President Trump was being unreasonable for suspecting his predecessor of spying on him, the same mainstream media tells us that the CIA can watch us through our Samsung television sets.

Well, if they can watch you and me, it seems quite reasonable that President Trump would want to know the details of how they may have been monitoring him.

Talking point number two.

#2) Donald Trump is the person the Russians wanted to win the presidential election and they are the reason he won.

Wait a second, I thought it was Jim Comey’s fault. No, no, that is the old story and it wasn’t working. This Russian thing is better.

What can’t be discussed is that the Russians actually gave money, millions of dollars, to the Clinton Foundation and got the uranium deal and the Silicon Valley deal from Hillary in return. No, no, we can’t talk about that.

We must believe the story that the Russians put Donald Trump in power and then the first thing they asked him to do is increase military spending.

Talking point number three.

#3) Donald Trump is refusing to hold a press conference to let the MSM press him. One of the networks boldly counts out the days. “It is now day 5 and still no press conference!” Come on, help us, build the outrage, day by day.

What can’t be discussed is that Hillary Clinton went more than 300 days between press conferences, and this in the middle of a campaign for president. The Washington Post actually had a counter going. So it’s kinda disheartening to be asked to create outrage over day 5, but if the MSM says we have to do it, we better try our best.


#4) We the tax payers are spending a fortune to pay for security for the Trump children. This is a nightly news story, hoping to spark outrage.

I’ve traveled internationally with presidential children. Surely, they don’t want the Trump children to be murdered or kidnapped. We wouldn’t want that for Malia or Sasha Obama or Chelsea Clinton. It’s hard to see just where the MSM is going with this one. Are we supposed to demand that the Trump children remain confined at Camp David?

We are also supposed to be outraged over the cost of Trump flying to Mar a Largo for the weekend. But Johnson and Bush flew to Texas, Nixon and Reagan to California. Obama preferred golfing trips to Hawaii.

We know that we’ve been bad, that we voted for someone who was unapproved by the American nobility. We know we should accept our poverty with grace and honor the nation’s oligarchy, who, after-all, worked hard to earn their positions as members of the 1%, if they will just be a little patient with us.



Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

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