How some at Google cheated for Hillary and why they may now help overthrow Donald Trump.

“It’s never wrong to do the right thing.” – Mark Twain.

My new book, GAME OF THORNS, details how Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, helped Hillary Clinton set up her campaign technology system. It is a riveting story.

Several others on Clinton’s senior staff came from Google, including the head technology officer, Stephanie Hannon and the chief product officer, Osi Imeokparia. Google bet heavily on Hillary’s win and may not be done.

Even now, there is apparently a battle inside Google between leftist techy purists, who want to keep to the original mission and lefties who feel a moral responsibility to manipulate the numbers to advance their own political cause. Google disputes this narrative.

Officially, publicly, Google is searching for a few conservatives, not too smart, willing to step into their toxic political environment and be their punching bags.

You don’t have to be a genius to see how partisans inside Goggle played with their own search engine to cheat for Hillary Clinton. Such a process would now be indispensable in overthrowing Donald Trump and reversing the results of last November. Let’s hope that saner heads prevail.

During the election, if you used Google and started typing in “Hillary Clinton crimes” you would be cut off early by respectable choices such as Hillary Clinton crime reform.

The New York Times denies all of this.

But hey, check for yourself.

Even now, with the election over and Google supposedly returning to normal, type in “Hillary Clinton cri…” and you will see Hillary Clinton’s criminal justice speech listed as the second choice, behind Hillary Clinton cries after losing the election. We are supposed to believe that thousands of people are actually still searching for this speech, even though Google’s own numbers apparently show that this is not the case and never was the case.

Now type in “Hillary Clinton cri…” into any other search engine and see what you get. You will find non political results based on actual numbers of searches. For example, Internet Explorer will list in order…

Hillary Clinton criminal, Hillary Clinton crime family, Hillary Clinton crime, Hillary Clinton cringe, etc. Neither her criminal justice reform, nor her criminal justice speech, is even listed on the SERP. It was the same on other search engines I tested, probably because they are not edited for political content, they are driven by actual searches.

According to GOT, during the campaign “Ted Cruz is quickly suggested to be called ‘Lyin’ Ted,’ there’s no hiding the fact that Trump is labeled a racist, and a quick search of Bernie Sanders immediately takes you to his socialist label.”

But you had to fully spell out “Crooked Hillary.” There was no help from Google, while all other search engines knew exactly what you were looking for. And, according to GOT, when you did completely spell out “Crooked Hillary,” on Google, letter by letter, all the way to the end, you got Bernie Sanders! (I now get Crooked Hillary No.)

I have visited in nations run by dictators and noticed how one had to be careful what was said and who heard it. We may be there now in America. But it is not a government that will punish us and banish us, it will be companies, that seek to control what we read and write and think. And they are watching us even now, poised to punish us for speaking truth to power?

When Bill Clinton became president, Hillary immediately appointed one of her best friends to be Director of the IRS. And they began to audit her political enemies. You can read it in GAME OF THORNS. Let’s hope that Google does not develop a list of enemies. Or you won’t be hearing much from me anymore.

To those in Google, who still cling to the idea that a search should be pure and meet the needs of the searcher, don’t give up. You can fight for Hillary and the Left, you can despise Trump and sill provide the world with an honest search.

“It’s never wrong to do the right thing.” – Mark Twain.


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