Lies the media tells me about Trump

Just a little catch up work for you.

Remember when the media declared that Trump’s transition was in disarray? That he was behind other presidents in filling spots for his new administration?

It now turns out that Donald Trump is way ahead of any other incoming administration in cabinet and sub cabinet appointments.

Here is a list of how long it took recent presidents to name their first cabinet position. The winner was George H.W. Bush who had just served eight years as vice president to Ronald Reagan and was inheriting the presidency from him and knew exactly what he wanted.

But even he has now been surpassed by Donald Trump’s record pace of filling up all the other slots.

By the way, the same media who accused him of being too slow is saying that he is too fast.

This is when past presidents-elect announced their first picks.

-Nixon: week 6

-Carter: week 5

-Reagan: week 6

-George HW Bush: week 1

-Clinton: week 6

-George W. Bush: week 6

-Obama: week 3


3 Responses to Lies the media tells me about Trump

  1. Well stated, Doug Wead. Keep it coming. You can serve the public well by exposing and refuting their FAKE NEWS and the CIA’s veritable psychological warfare on Americans, which is spewed out by the US Corporate Media and their master-minds perched in the various Stink-stanks and academic institutions. BTW, please give me credit for the term we’ve just coined here – “Stink-Stank” , a 70-proof minted beauty right here on your blog ! We the People are winning this war. Truth is our weapon, spoken for the benefit of all who love liberty. “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” 2 Corinthians .

  2. leslymill says:

    Next….. give us a rundown on your thoughts on his picks.

  3. cd5 says:

    Trump is not just fastest in terms of naming his first pick, he is also fastest on average based on his median pick. You can see the difference between the administrations week by week here — Same article says that Rudy was offered the role of Attorney General but turned it down, holding out for Secretary of State apparently (which ended up going to the CEO of ExxonMobil who is most well-known for his volunteer work with Boy Scouts of America beyond his corporate pursuits).

    And, as LeslyMill requested, I would also like to know about Doug’s views on the individual cabinet-members. There are a lot of non-politicians: some generals which help make up for Trump’s lack of military experience (including Mattis who is against waterboarding), multiple millionaires and billionaires who have never held elected office, and some pretty big names that were NOT early Trump’16 backers (no Christie and no Rudy).

    There has been one cabinet-level appointment that was a Rand Paul supporter, U.S.Rep Mick Mulvaney R-SC is supposed to have accepted the OMB job (the executive-branch office that plans the budget proposals Trump will use to fight the CBO which is controlled by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and the dems). It will be hard to lose Mulvaney from the House, but might just be worth it.

    There is also hope that Trump might pick another liberty-allied person for the FDA, Jim O’Neill once said he thought drugs should only be tested to make sure they aren’t actively harmful — “first do no harm” — and then let the market decide whether or not the drug was efficacious for various ailments. Big pharma would hate that!

    Secretary of Agriculture is also still open, and there is the possibility that Trump might nominate somebody from Mulvaney’s faction for that role like Marvin Stutzman R-Indiana or even Huelskamp R-Kansas (albeit the latter endorsed Cruz instead of Rand and the former was undecided if memory serves).

    Quite a few of Trump’s picks have been estab-types on the surface (like Chao who is married to McConnell and like Cohn who was the #2 at Goldman Sachs), but have no voting record for us to judge them by, and often seem to have a non-estab life-story. So there is actually a decent chance that Trump will NOT be Romney v2.0 methinks. Whether he will “eliminate the national debt in eight years” as promised remains to be seen, obviously, and there are two ways to do that (boost growth whilst cutting spending… or bankrupt the country) but so far the initial choices have included some good people.

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