Why George H.W. Bush will be ranked as one of America’s greatest presidents.

In a hundred years George H.W. Bush will be ranked among America’s greatest presidents. Maybe in the top five, with Washington, Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and, yes, his predecessor, Ronald Reagan.

It will be said that Lincoln saved the union but Reagan and Bush saved mankind.

George H.W. Bush will be ranked as one of American’s greatest presidents.

Today we worry about what would happen if nuclear weapons fell into the hands of terrorists. In the Reagan – Bush years that had already happened. Both the Soviet and Chinese government’s had nuclear weapons and both sponsored communist regimes that were barbaric.

Pol Pot, who ruled Cambodia practiced the most virulent form of Marxism. He targeted for execution anyone in academia, medicine, the military, government bureaucracies, private business. He marked for execution anyone who wore eye glasses. His thinking was that if they wear eye glasses they can probably read and if they can read we must eliminate them to restart our nation without contamination from the West.

President George H.W. Bush kept one of the escapees from the Cambodian killing fields on his senior White House staff as a reminder of what he was facing down.

Reagan started the process that ended the Cold War but it finally ended on the watch of George H.W. Bush. Reagan called for the Berlin Wall to come down. But it finally happened under the patient, brilliant guidance of George H.W. Bush who not only knew when to act but also understood the value of restraint and who knew when to remain silent.

When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, Bush united the world against the action. When he led the Gulf War, the invasion against Iraq, his allies, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait paid for half of the cost.

Within three months, allied forces defeated Saddam Hussein and drove the Iraqi army out of Kuwait. President George H.W. Bush called an end to the hostilities, and allowed Hussein to remain in power in Baghdad. Bush was heavily criticized for his decision. Others advocated eliminating the Saddam Hussein government altogether, while we had the chance. But Bush, Sr. feared that it would destabilize the region and upset the delicate Sunni-Shiite balance of the Middle East.

It’s not very often in history that we get to see what would have happened if a leader made a different decision but in this case we can. Years later, Bush’s son, President George W. Bush would be confronted with the same choice and he would topple Saddam Hussein.

The region was plunged into chaos, hundreds of thousands lost their lives, millions were uprooted, Christian communities dating their history back to the apostle Thomas were exterminated, wars spread across the Middle East, and the United States, who borrowed the money from world banks to fight their war, was plunged into its  second worst economic crisis in history.

Someday, a hundred years from now, when historians catch up to all of these details, there will be marble statues of George H.W. Bush. And when they pass by parents will tell their children, it is not only what  you do that makes you great, sometimes, it is what you don’t do. It is when you stay calm, or stay silent, or as another president, Theodore Roosevelt, once said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”





Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

5 thoughts on “Why George H.W. Bush will be ranked as one of America’s greatest presidents.

  1. I’ve been glancing through your posts when they come out and usually laugh. This time I was nothing short of astounded. You Sir; are lost or have been replaced by a bot. Oy to the Fucking Vei!

  2. Could NOT disagree more. Wead praises him for starting wars and killing people. Unbelievable for a former Ron Pauler. The spirit of liberty fell on shallow ground here. Very disappointed Doug.

  3. I think I have heard of the Cambodian staffer. Besides GHWB, he also worked for GWB, and in 2016 was a delegate to the national convention who endorsed Jeb. http://www.tc.columbia.edu/newsroom/articles/2009/january/from-the-killing-fields-to-golden-bones/ An interesting person with an important background tale (he was one of the people who had eyeglasses and nearly died because of them — his entire immediate family did perish, he was the only one to escape the carnage).

    I personally am extremely glad that Jeb failed to gain any traction, and was not very bloody happy that GWB went on adventures inspired by his father’s history (plus pushed Compassionate Conservativism … *also* very much inspired by his father’s history). Unlike Doug methinks that Reagan will remain in the top five, and GHWB will mostly be remembered as the guy who fought like mad to thwart Reagan during the caucuses and primaries, then became the Schweikert of 1980… and was *still* the Schweikert when he finally became potus in 1988.

    That said, as Doug points out, the political universe was by almost any metric objectively worse in the pre-Reagan timespan. GHWB was no Rand Paul, and he was no Ted Cruz either… but in the pre-Reagan era, you literally had people like Nixon and Rockefeller running the party (and Ted Kennedy running the dems). GHWB is a transitory figure in history: he was the bridge between Reagan and the estab, which mostly hindered Reagan… but *did* help Reagan to accomplish his primary goal, which was defeat of the USSR. Not only could GHWB have screwed that up during the crucial 1988-1992 timeframe, it is arguable that almost anybody *except* GHWB would have screwed it up; can you imagine the Proud Liberal From Massachusetts, trying to finish what Reagan wanted? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Michael_Dukakis_in_tank.jpg

    GHWB is very much like Lindsey Graham; big spender, happy to reach across the aisle to the dems, elite estab to the core… but a patriot, and a vet, who knew allies from enemies. In the dark days before the other nuclear superpower peacefully dismantled itself, under intolerable economic pressures imposed by Reagan and unable to back down in their armaments-spending, there were few people willing to say that communism was *wrong* and needed to be fought. GHWB was one of the people who got it right, even though he got lots of other things wrong (not nearly as many as Rockefeller or even Nixon… let alone Reagan or Goldwater or Ron Paul). Sometimes being correct on one *big* thing is enough to make one’s historical reputation, so I cannot say that Doug is wrong in his prediction that GHWB will be a top-five potus someday.

    I think we’re paying the price for our mistakes of the 1900s now; Reagan and GHWB helped stopped the communist superpower of the USSR, fixing the screwup which FDR and dem intellectuals had helped create in the early part of the century (alliance with Stalin in order to beat Hitler abroad… *and* co-option of the socialist party platform at home, sheesh). Trump/Pence, possibly, or more likely methinks whichever liberty-candidate wins the 2028/2032 election, will have to face down communist-turned-corporatist superpower China. Not to mention the international fiat monetary system — there are two vacant spots on the Fed board now, and the chair’s term expires in February 2018 at which point one of the new appointees can take over — if we see liberty-friendly constitutionalist Austrian economists nominated to the Fed slots I’ll breathe a sigh of partial relief. Is Pence the modern equivalent of GHWB, enmeshed in the modern establishment but right on more issues, including correct on the biggies, that most of his peers? (And of course the much bigger question, is Trump the modern equivalent of Reagan… or did he just win because he was running against Hillary Clinton, the epitomy of the corrupt establishment insider?) History never really repeats itself, but it does sometimes rhyme.

    Doug, keep up the good work trying to put our current troubles into historical perspective; other commenters, whilst I share your distaste for the foreign entanglements that the Bush clan seems so keen on perpetuating ad infinitum, cut Doug a bit of slack please — he is trying to help everyone (including the modern estab-types!) keep their perspective. He doesn’t write these things solely for the liberty-audience, they are also intended to influence other factions. (Same content was on newsmax, not just on this blogsite.)

  4. How can you separate George HW Bush from his family history of foreign influence and his role peddling the New World Order for the British & multi-national corporations? From the suppressed banking connections to Nazi Germany to CIA drug trafficking in Central America and the Chinese connections that were exploited by the Bush’s “adopted son” Bill Clinton, the reports of corruption track the dark side of American decline into globalism and imperial designs. It should be noted for the record that Bush opened the way to sell-off of critical US assets – and control of key infrastructure — to foreign interests which did irreparable damage to national security. (Partial blame for failures of the Air Traffic Control on 9/11 goes to GHW Bush. ) In my view, as a conservative patriotic Republican, this is a crime of the highest order– meaning TREASON. Also, reading Roger Stone’s book, the Bush Crime Family, would be the best way to derive a fair and balanced view. Guess your role handling the public affairs side of things makes it easy (and necessary) to ignore the ugly business of serving foreign interests.

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