Have we ever had an election choice like this?

In 1884, the electorate had to chose between a corrupt politician, who took money in exchange for favors and a New York misogynist.

The misogynist was a lawyer. He and his partners shared the sexual favors of a young lady. When she became pregnant he stepped forward to assume paternity. When one of his partners died he became the guardian of his daughter. When she became a teenager she fell in love with him. When she turned 21 they were married. In the White House.

She was the youngest First Lady in American history. He was the only president to be married in the White House. Grover Cleveland and Frances Folsom.

The loser in the election of 1884? James Blaine.

One Response to Have we ever had an election choice like this?

  1. Barbara Gunneson says:

    I saw you on FOX this morning and replayed your segment three times. I thoroughly enjoy history and would love for your publicist to vigorously entertain making a deal with FOX for appearances with you often. It’s amazing how history keeps repeating itself!

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