What Trump does now?

Yep, he’s been hit pretty hard. But you knew it was coming. John Kennedy once said, “nothing just happens. People make it happen.” And we know who arranged for the release of tapes damaging to Trump. And more will happen. A lot of money is at stake. A lot of people have invested in the Clinton’s and they want to get their money’s worth.

So what does Trump do now?

According to Evangelical Christian leaders, only a few months ago, Donald Trump accepted Christ  as his personal Savior, so it’s about time for him to cash in and enjoy the benefits.

According to Gallup as many as 48% of the American population claim to be born again. And millions more understand the concept of redemption.

Here’s what it means. Your past is forgiven, including anything you might have done or said ten years ago.

When the recent issues of Trump’s  vulgar comments are raised in the debate tomorrow, Trump should step up and declare his faith.


“Look, I got into this race to make American great again. I have been sick about the corruption and the loss of jobs and the terrible deals we have made with China and Mexico and just about everybody else. I think the deal we just made with Iran is one of the most dangerous in history.

“But that said. I was wrong when many  months ago  I said that I didn’t need to ask for God’s forgiveness. I did, and I have, and I have accepted Christ as my personal Savior. And if I get nothing else out of this campaign I have that, and I have that for keeps.

“Now, if you want to judge me for things I’ve said and done in my past, enjoy yourself. I’ve asked for God’s forgiveness and I’ve asked for the forgiveness  of those I’ve hurt. God has forgiven me and I hold onto that.”


That said, this recent flap, so far is about words. It cannot compare to what FDR did to Missy LeHand, or Jack Kennedy did to 19 year old Mimi Alford, or Bill and Hillary Clinton did to Juanita Broderick and other women who were victimized twice, once by Bill and later by Hillary who worked to discredit them and destroy their lives.

It is a marathon but Donald Trump can still win this thing.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

6 thoughts on “What Trump does now?

  1. Hi Doug,

    You have a typo.

    “God have forgiven me and I hold onto that.”

    Shouldn’t that be “has”?

    Gary Hardee

    Cell w/text: 704-560-1776


  2. Wow, that rings really hollow with me. Pandering to the evangelicals isn’the going to save him, and are they actually that dumb that they would believe him to be sincere? I don’t believe a word out of his big mouth. He should pack up his bags, and lock himself in his tower. The RNC should put their support behind the two Republican governors running on the Libertarian ticket, and then maybe, just maybe, they might have a smowball’s chance in hell of beating Hillary.

  3. You are exactly right. I hope he takes your advice. I also hope he brings up Benghazi, emails, and more. I’m not happy about Trump, but I definitely don’t want Hillary. I would much rather have Ron Paul or Rand Paul.

    On another topic, as a teacher, I’d love to see any of them open up a conversation with real teachers. We need total education reform so we can compare to other countries!

  4. I am pleased that Trump professes faith in Christ. Hillary is also a christian. If I am to forgive the mistakes of Trump, I must also forgive the mistakes of Hillary. When one has spent over 30 years in public service, mistakes and regrets are a given. There is no one, especially a politician, that can claim they always get it right. What I do admire about Hillary is the fact that she is steadfast. She has remained determined to serve her country in spite of hard times and obstacles. She remained committed to her marriage and family in spite of the humiliation experienced due to the infidelity of her husband, contrary to Trump who walked away from his marriages and children. You named a few democratic presidents who “victimized” women and yet you failed to list the republican presidents who also had their “victims”. In fact, I have read that Lincoln, while in office, had an affair with a man. That said, I wonder if the women you refer to were really victims. They knew the men were married and I think they were flattered by the attention of a President and it led to a consensual situation.

    I would hope that voters can look beyond all the criticisms and party dialog; and vote for the individual they feel will bring the real solutions to our nations problems.

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