Elizabeth Warren will replace Hillary Clinton

“He who refuses to rule is destined to be ruled by someone worse than himself” – Plato

Okay, it ain’t gonna happen, I know, but shame on Senator Elizabeth  Warren and shame on the New York Times for doing this to America and bringing such ruin to our country. There is no question that if Senator Elizabeth Warren had run for office, she would have easily won the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

We know that now.

Some of us knew that 19 months ago. I said as much on national television, saying that the real battle for the White House was being played out at that very moment in secret luncheons across Manhattan where big corporate tycoons – who are raking in massive amounts of money under the current system – were quietly meeting with the Warren people extending the carrot and the stick to keep her out so Hillary Clinton could win. And they were doing the same, with more subtlety, to Vice President Joe Biden.

Now, I am not a socialist. I would not have enjoyed a Warren presidency. Or a Bernie Sanders presidency.  I am for Donald Trump. I believe his rascally, outrageous unpredictability will disrupt the oligarchy and irritate the people making money in this country. But as someone not involved in the  Democratic Party, I can see a miscarriage of justice when I see one, and as a human being it sickens me to see a bully at work.

In this case, I can also see the cowardice of an otherwise good person, like Warren, with different ideas than my own, who refused to stand up to corruption. (If anyone still doubts the reality of the quid pro quo for money donated to the Clinton Foundation, take a look at this story.)

Just imagine what Warren’s grandchildren will tell the new ones coming into the family. “Your grandmother could have very easily been the president of the United States, you know? She just got bluffed out of it. But don’t say anything about it to her, it just makes her cranky.”

Again, I’m not a Democrat. Nor a socialist. I shouldn’t care. But as a human being, it is sickening to watch.

What skeletons in the closet did the Clinton people dangle? They couldn’t have been any worse than Hillary’s own. What promises did they make? What boasts of money and power did they reveal?

Shame on Elizabeth Warren. You cannot hide. It is so obvious, that even conservative Republicans on the other side of the political spectrum can see what you have done.

Here is a simplistic review of where we are. After 9-11 America radically changed. Our war in Iraq made an elite very, very wealthy and since George W. Bush decided it was in his political interest not to raise the taxes to pay for it the bankers and financiers made a fortune too.  We have always had corruption in this country, but under GWB it became the new Gold Rush.

Then came Barack Obama. Remember those Stimulus Bills that no one read? Well, now we are reading them. Some corporations were exempted from environmental regulations that others had to keep. A massive number of companies that started making money under Bill Clinton, then George W. Bush, got even more direct government welfare. TIME reported that corporate welfare now outpaced welfare for the poor. Free Enterprise was dead. Now success in business depended on connections. New monopolies were created.

Under Barack Obama, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer at a staggering rate.

The Federal Reserve not only doled out money to banks, including foreign banks, it doled it out to some chosen companies, all in the name of creating jobs. Thus McDonald’s got $203 million “to create jobs.” That’s seven dollars an hour jobs. Meanwhile, your neighborhood hamburger joint, run by that family down the street, had to pay taxes to subsidize their competition.

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt presidential candidate in American history. James Blaine, who comes in a distant second, took in $115,000 for a Federal Land grant. He asked one of his correspondents to “burn this letter.”  It is a far cry from smashing cell phones with hammers and erasing 33,000 emails, and collecting $3 billion in donations to the Clinton Foundation but it’s the only example that even comes close.

So keep smiling Elizabeth Warren. Keep cheering your nominee. Act like everything is okay.  You’ve come this far, you might as well get your cabinet appointment. But we all know what you have done to America. And the New York Times and all the tycoons on Wall Street will not protect you when the gears of history grind the facts of this election cycle. Shame, shame, shame.







4 Responses to Elizabeth Warren will replace Hillary Clinton

  1. Oscar says:

    Doug, I’m saddened that you have succumbed to the anyone-but-Hillary cult. Johnson is a better choice than Trump, and I think deep down, you realize this.

  2. Was the Tammany Hall William Tweed never a presidential candidate? I thought there was a long pedigree of corruption in election campaigns along those lines. No mention of Nixon in your post either?

    But surely, Hitlery corruption has out-shamed anyone else before her.

    Including her ex-step-husband-in-law.

  3. David Garlock says:

    Maybe we never found the “weapons of mass destruction” because they were within our own borders all the time.

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