Truman couldn’t stop Kennedy, Bush can’t stop Trump.

He was a new kind of politician.

He totally turned the presidential nominating process on its head, collecting more votes than any other candidate before him.

He had his own money. Lots of it.

Party insiders were horrified.

A former president invited in members of the media to announce that he wasn’t even going to attend the National Convention.

Pundits said that the political party was hopelessly divided and that the nominee would not win the national election.

That was 1960.

The former president who boycotted the Convention was Harry S. Truman. He is considered by historians as one of America’s greatest presidents. That year he resigned from the Missouri delegation and held a press conference attacking the likely nominee.

The nominee was Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts.

He won the election anyway and became president of the United States.

So much for the power of former presidents.

Elections are about the future.

And politics is organic, always changing and adapting.

The national media is making a big deal out of the fact that the former Bush presidents aren’t attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. They are saying that this is unprecedented and proves that there are deep divisions within the Party.

The truth is that neither Bush president was present at the Romney Convention in 2012 in Tampa. And neither Bush president was present at the McCain Convention in 2008 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their absence is not new.

A successful Convention is about going forward, not going backward. Truman could not stop the advance of time. He could not stop John Kennedy. And two Bush presidents cannot stop the changes within the Republican Party. Nor can they stop Donald Trump.

Go to this video: Doug Wead on Mornings with Maria Bartiroma (July 20, 2016)

See below, former President, Harry Truman, boycotts Democratic National Convention in 1960.



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