Presidents’ children at Harvard

I am getting a lot of press inquiries about children of presidents who went to Harvard University.  ( Joshua Kendall has found all 22 presidents’ kids who went to Harvard.  Here is the link.)
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#1) John Quincy Adams
#2) George Washington Adams (son of John Quincy Adams)
#3) John Adams, II (son of John Qujincy Adams)
#4) Charles Francis Adams
#5) Robert Todd Lincoln
#6) Ulysses S. “Buck” Grant.
#7) Birchard Austin Hayes (son of Rutherford B. Hayes)
#8) Richard Folsom Cleveland (son of Grover Cleveland)
#9) Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. (son of Theodore Roosevelt)
#10) Kermit Roosevelt (son of Theodore Roosevelt)
#11) Archibald Roosevelt (son of Theodore Roosevelt)
#12) Quentin Roosevelt
#13) James Roosevelt (son of FDR)
#14) Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. (son of FDR)
#15) John Roosevelt (Son of FDR)
#16) Caroline Kennedy (Radcliffe at Harvard)
#17) George W. Bush
#18) Malia Obama
Also, several have taught at Harvard.  For example, Herbert Hoover, Jr. taught briefly at Harvard Business School.

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