Cruz wins Wisconsin, Trump wins nomination

Cruz wins Wisconsin but Trump wins the nomination. Here’s why.

The narrative on national television says that establishment Republicans will seize control of the Rules Committee at the RNC and they will open the convention to nominations from the floor.

It’s an unlikely scenario and even if it happens there’s a bigger problem. Any change in the Rules must be ratified on the floor of the Convention where Trump and Cruz delegates will shut it down.

Trump doesn’t want a new face in the competition, someone who hasn’t gone through the rigorous debates. That face would be a clean slate and voters could project what they want on it. And Cruz wants to be the only Trump alternative, which is his only chance to win.

Remember when Rule 40(b) was changed in 2012? When it went to the floor of the Convention, Chairman, John Boehner said, “In the opinion of the Chair the Ayes have it!”  Remember the uproar?  And that was over Ron Paul giving a speech.

Just imagine the bedlam if this convention’s chairman, Paul Ryan, tried to do that in Cleveland where the Trump and Cruz delegates dominate the floor? He would be betraying the two front runners of his own party. It wouldn’t work. The noise would be deafening.  His political career would be over forever.

So the Rules changes that everyone is salivating over on television this week are not likely to happen because even if they were changed in Committee they would not be ratified by the whole convention. There’s more. The Establishment must not only take control of the Rules Committee it must take control of the Credentials Committee or conceivably lose control of both. The Credentials Committee has the power to seat and unseat delegates that are being chosen at conventions. It will settle any challenges and decide what was fair at the respective State Conventions.

In 2012, this Committee arbitrarily removed duly elected Ron Paul delegates and replaced them with establishment Republicans. This is where Paul Manafort will earn his pay. If the establishment was seen to be pushing a third candidate at the RNC you could expect the Credentials Committee, dominated by Trump and Cruz, to start replacing delegates with their own. They could even bleed the establishment from the Rules Committee.

I know it sounds funny that Trump and Cruz would be working together but it is very likely in this scenario.  Trump would say we will take ten more out of the Minnesota delegation and give you ten more in Missouri.

Now, these new delegates will have to vote on the first ballot according to the state rules of their party just as the establishment delegates they replaced but in Committees and on the floor of the Convention they would vote as directed by their Trump-Cruz whips.

That’s why a multiple ballot convention would only belong to Trump and Cruz and not lead to Kasich or a “new face” as some are now claiming.

Finally, one last thing about the so called establishment. It is not monolithic. We are learning that many support Cruz and surprisingly many support Trump. The idea that John Sununu, Ben Ginsburg or Karl Rove can direct them is false.

So if the race is down to Trump and Cruz, which both men want, how does Trump win in the growing face of the “never Trump” movement?

Let’s start with money. Trump was outspent 10-1 in Wisconsin. At some point he can start to spend money to defend himself.

The next contest is in New York. With all the attention given to Trump’s insults you may have forgotten that Ted Cruz had one of his own, denigrating “New York values” in a national debate.

The decision will ultimately go to California.

Martha McCallum of Fox News said something very poignant this morning. It just seemed to pass by everybody unnoticed. She said, “There is momentum in the delegate gathering process too.” It was a very savvy observation.

Just as there is power in sequential Primary-Caucus wins, history shows that there are advantages to having the most delegates going into a convention. If Cruz needs 500 more delegates to win and Trump only needs 200, he will have a huge advantage.

Win or lose, the colorful billionaire, Donald Trump, has much to offer an uncommitted RNC delegate who has already had his picture taken with four presidents. A Christmas Party at Trump Towers in Manhattan may be even more memorable to a delegate than yet another Christmas Party at the White House.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

10 thoughts on “Cruz wins Wisconsin, Trump wins nomination

    1. I would never second guess him, he knows how it works better than most. But my feel is that Trump-Cruz will not allow another person enter the equation.

      1. Ya, I heard him again today with Hannity and he was saying it did apply, as it stands now, after the first ballot. He keeps changing what he says depending what show he is on.

  1. As much as I respect Doug Wead, I think he missed the mark here. As Trump has not been part of the process for a while, his delegates are not likely to be as loyal as Cruz’s. Example, here in WI, congressional district caucuses choose delegates, and they are not directly assigned by whom they support. In fact, usually the district caucuses take place BEFORE the primary election. (This year is an exception, as caucus is this weekend) And not having been part of the process, Trump delegates-in-name-only-and only committed for one or two ballots will not have the loyalty to fight for the process as described by Wead. AND as happened in Tampa, the convention chair can overrule the will of the majority of delegates. Will it be controversial if he does? Yes. Can it happen? Most likely.

    The RNC politburo will move hell and earth to keep Trump from the nomination. But let the cards play out. Man oh man what an exciting year! Expect the unexpected.

  2. after the first ballot, many of Trump’s delegates – RNC plants to begin with – will gradually bleed away to Cruz. Neo-con Cruz will be the nominee a few ballots later. Leading to yettanother GoldmanSachs(Cruz) vs. GoldmanSachs(Clinton) fake election. Yawnnnnnn….

    1. And then the mass of Trump voters will abandon the Republican party, at least for this election, and sit it out or vote third party. Most voters can see Cruz and Hillary are both puppets of the establishment elite so the old standby line – better vote for the lesser of two evils – just won’t wash anymore.

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