How the establishment will now try to steal the nomination from Donald Trump

Warning to the Trumpets. It ain’t over. It is just beginning.

Below are a list of tactics that Establishment Republicans may use to block the nomination of Donald Trump.  Yes, I know. If they succeed they will not win the White House but many in the establishment will make just as much money under a Democrat insider as they will with a Republican insider. So they may not care.

All they may want to do is send the message to any future “outsider” candidate, “This is our party and you need our approval to participate. If you try to do this without us we will destroy you.”

These tactics were used in 2012 to keep Libertarian insurgents from winning delegates to the Republican National Convention. The fear was that Ron Paul would be able to place his name in nomination and give a speech about capital cronyism and how big corporations use the system to corrupt free enterprise. Donald Trump can learn from our experience.

What was at stake in 2012? Money. What’s at stake now? Money.

But why will low level party stalwarts who don’t get that money play along and do the bidding of the big party leaders?

To keep their positions as State, County or Precinct Chairmen. Power. Ego. Prestige. They want that all expenses paid trip to the Republican National Convention. Booze. Free corporate gifts. A box of Godiva chocolates left on their pillow in their room each night. They know that candidates like Trump come and go but the party infrastructure, financed by companies and their lobbyists, remain forever.

Here’s what the new Trump supporters can expect. (Carefully follow the links to stories below to see the actual videos and read the details of how these things happened in 2012.)

#1) Cruz, Rubio, Kasich and Romney will cooperate with each other to help block Trump outsiders at key County and State conventions. There is nothing wrong with this. Just don’t be taken by surprise. You may have most of the delegates at the local event and still lose to this combination. Make your own deals with Chairmen and other party officials before its too late.

#2) The RNC Rules Committee will likely change the rules back to a five state requirement needed to put a name in nomination at the Convention. This will make it easier to nominate Rubio, Cruz, Kasich and even Romney. Trump operatives should block this change and keep it at eight, which was originally designed to protect Romney, the expected incumbent.

#3) Make sure that you have your own people chosen as delegates to the convention. The insiders will fight you to the death over this, saying that it doesn’t matter, that you won the primary or the caucus and so the actual delegates are bound by law to vote for you anyway. (Not true.)

They will say that the governor and the senator and the old former chairman, who has been to every RNC since Eisenhower, should be able to represent their state. Be courteous  and reasonable but you also need large numbers of your own reliable Trump supporters chosen as delegates.

Keep in mind, the only rules that bind the delegates are the rules of the party and those very delegates can change those rules.

What if there is a media hyped Trump scandal and the party votes to “unbind” the delegates on the first ballot?  Then they can vote for whomever they wish.

What if Trump does not win on the first ballot and there is a second ballot? They will then vote their real choice and you will have lost all of those states you thought you had won in primaries.

#4) The place of the caucus that selects the actual delegates who go to the district or state convention may suddenly change without your knowledge. Linked by a telephone chain the insiders will meet without you. Your folks will show up at one hotel and the meeting will take place at another.

#5) The time of the meeting may suddenly change. Your people can show up and find that the building is locked and authorities will say you are too late to be allowed in to participate. This happened many times in 2012, with hundreds of screaming voters left outside.

#6) The chairman may say “Ayes have it,” even if they don’t. This happens at the precinct, county, district, state and even national level. What are you going to do about it? Sue? Meanwhile, their winning precinct delegation will go onto the State Convention as delegates representing your opponent.

You may appeal to the RNC for justice and they may support the cheaters because you don’t have enough of your own people as delegates serving on the Rules Committee.

#7) Off duty police may arrest and detain your newly elected Donald Trump GOP officers. Yep, that happened to us. Your people may be kept for hours in jail cells and those who protest may be arrested as well.

#8) Precinct, County, State leaders may charge a last minute tax. This happened in 2012 in Alaska. Voters who had not been tipped off could not vote without paying $10. Credit cards not accepted. This worked so well at excluding voters in Alaska that Romney operatives used it in King County, Washington. They also turned away young people who did not appear on their outdated voter registration lists.

#9) If the Caucus Chairman is replaced or does not like the outcome of the vote they may suddenly declare the process invalid. For example, they may say that the new chairman is a Trump partisan and thus it is now a Trump event and the GOP insurance for the event is invalid and thus the meeting is ended. See the video above.

#10) State Conventions will prepare ballots misspelling Trump and then later discount them in the voting for those pledged delegates.

#11) Fake ballots will be distributed listing establishment names as the official Trump delegates, confusing the voters. They may also try to split the Trump slate by nominating competing Trump delegates with real names of public figures.

#12) Counting the ballots at the various conventions will be an exhausting business with delays, postponements until the next day, seals broken on the voting boxes, and all kinds of chicanery.

#13) They may cancel the voting due to weather in a key precinct that is heavily Trump, throwing the State. Even though the weather turns out to be fine in the given precinct.

#14) At convention you may find hotel rooms cancelled. And other rooms may be bugged. They may arrange for the bus bringing your delegates to the Rules Committee to get lost and changes to convention rules may happen in your absence.

#15) When you leave the RNC don’t think it’s over. A Ron Paul delegate was detained by TSA at the airport leaving Tampa when bullets were found in their packed luggage.

The idea is to make you so sick, so weary, so beaten down that you will never, ever, even dare challenge the establishment that runs the Republican Party again. Ever.

Here is the message. It doesn’t belong to you. As in the case of the Democratic Party, it belongs to the insiders, the rich and powerful who make money from a rigged economy that favors a few at the expense of the many. Donald Trump is too independent and too unpredictable for them.

You have been warned. Good luck.

(Tomorrow? Why some Libertarians now like Donald Trump. Why some like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio? Why some have moved all the way over to the left.)



Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

73 thoughts on “How the establishment will now try to steal the nomination from Donald Trump

  1. Here’s the problem with this: Donald Trump does NOT have the support of the majority of Republicans in this country. It’s not even close! If he did, he would have the VOTES to win enough delegates to win the nomination in the primary BEFORE the convention! If he loses Ohio and/or Florida, it will be because he didn’t get enough VOTES to win, NOT because some cigar chomping guys in the back room, who don’t want their gravy train to stop, stole it from him! Those elections have not happened yet. If he wins them both and there’s a serious movement in play to stop him after those elections, then maybe there’s something to talk about. Before then, my fear is that the same mentality that thinks what we need is a good CEO to come in and crack the whip and make the trains all run on time, also thinks that the country is run by corrupt insiders, who are all stealing from them because they have all been duped. These are oversimplifications. The country is not a business. Businesses are dictatorships and sometimes cults (the good ones are anyways ie. Apple). One thing businesses are not….they are not democracies. Could it be possible that Mitt Romney is really a patriot, who is really truly worried about Donald J. Fascist winning the nomination and getting trounced by Hillary in the general election because he will never get support and is likely to turn the GOP into some kind of white identity thing that is abhorrent to him personally? I don’t believe conspiracy theories. They presume and give too much credit to smart people who can keep things secret and I just don’t believe such things. I prefer to take what people say for the truth and to be proven wrong if I’m wrong. Of course I could be wrong right now…but I don’t think I am.

    1. One more concern I have with this is that is kind of presumes that anyone who is not Donald Trump, is an establishment insider and part of this problem. A lot of Donald Trump supporters believe this and consequently they throw Ted Cruz in there. Ted Cruz is not an establishment insider. He’s not! It’s not that I love Ted Cruz here. I just don’t like people being mislead.

      1. Ted Cruz is only anti-establishment because he is personally disliked by the establishment. Cruz is an unlikeable person. He still has big money backers (big oil, billionaires) and not sure why people want to overlook his wife works for Goldman Sachs. She supposedly got some kind of promotion right after he got into the senate (could be coincidental, but who knows?)

        Ted Cruz worked in the Bush administration. He’s been a bureaucrat or politician most of his life and has wanted to be president since he was a kid.

        You can make lots of very, very valid criticisms of Trump. But to claim that Cruz is anti-establishment is not a strong argument.
        He would be establishment if that helped him become president. He wasn’t well liked enough to go that route and therefore has branded himself as such as a strategy.

      2. You make some very good points. And there is the $750,000 loan from Goldman Sachs to launch his Senate campaign. Interesting.

      3. Cruz got personal unsecured loans from not only Goldman Sacks but Citi Bank also. He complains about Obama helping single moms in the ghetto with their health insurance, but says nothing about these banks getting billions in government bailouts and then giving their executives $400 million dollar bonuses.

      4. America is a business. It has money coming in and going out for services rendered. It couldnt be planner. And the reason it is in such debt right now is because people think it is NOT a business. A business ran like our govt would go under in a heart beat. The fed’s main purpose is to protect our borders and infrastructure. It is not your Uncle who takes care of you. That is your responsibility. Its time people woke up to this fact.

      5. I didn’t follow the 2012 race as I’m doing this cycle……so was not aware of the tactics; also voted for Rominey/Ryan…..which I now see was a misguided attempt at doing the right thing. Lesson learned …and I’m movin on! Your RIGHT Jim, totally agree ! IS THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AWARE OF THESE TACTICS USED IN 12 ?

    2. Jim wrote: “The country is not a business. Businesses are dictatorships….”
      America is a dictatorship, a bureaucratic-technocratic organized dictatorship run by the ‘smart people’, where the dumb people are to be told what is best for them. A very odd view Jim. A very elitist view that the GOP knows best what is good for voters in their primary nomination process. Mitt Romney’s health care plan for Mass. was not written by a patriot, it was written by and for the insurance-medical industry. Romney could never be confused with the men who founded this republic.

      1. I am no big fan of Mitt Romney, nor am I a fan of Ted Cruz, really. I have a lot of problems with Cruz. You a putting words in my mouth here. As Doug knows, I was a volunteer for the presidential campaign of Senator Rand Paul. I personally believe that no one, on the national stage today, is better suited to be our next Commander-in-Chief than SRP. Having said that, someone has to be our next President and it’s not going to be Senator Rand Paul. The problems I have with Ted Cruz are just nowhere near what they are with Mr. Trump. Conspiracies and oddly enough politics aside, I just happen to agree with almost all of the content of Mitt Romney’s speech last week. So sue me! Can’t wait to read Doug’s blog today, which I believe will be somewhat about this.

    3. “I don’t believe conspiracy theories. They presume and give too much credit to smart people who can keep things secret and I just don’t believe such things.”

      Oh really? Stop being a chump.

      The secrets are the initiation rites and compacts with Satan and child sacrifice, etc. but what’s not secret is their agenda which is politics. Both major parties are 100% controlled and heading rapidly toward a New World Order, which presupposed the complete destruction of America and esp any Constitutional protections, and the destruction of America is almost complete.

      If you would take a couple of hours and read any number of books like, Gary Allen’s classic from the early 70’s, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, you will find yourself AGREEING that our leaders since even before WWII have NOT been accidentally destroying our economy and sovereignty. They SAY it’s an accident, and they “mean well”, but it’s not accident. Chumps believe it’s accidental. Stop being a chump.

      This article by Doug is PROOF of conspiracy and shows HOW evil, secret combinations will cheat Trump or any “outsider,” just as Ron Paul was cheated.

      The net result will mean the destruction of Liberty because of chumps like Jim who think there’s no devil and all is well in Zion, so to speak. Meanwhile, it’s just another accident that the Bundy’s have been arrested and dozens of others too who protested against BLM tyranny. But storm trooper Jim, it’s just an accident, “nothing here, move along.”

      1. Interesting.

        I wonder if Julius Caesar believed in conspiracy theories? Or was he thinking, “this is bizarre, all of these distinguished Senators stabbing me with knives at the same time.”

        Most Jewish leaders would not believe the reports of escapees from Auschwitz who warned the they were being systematically gassed. And yet, indeed, members of their own government had already met at a conference on Lake Wannsee, outside of Berlin, in 1942, and had indeed laid out the plans what is now called “The Holocaust.”

        It is not hard to think that people who are making huge amounts of money would like for that process to continue.

      2. I should be said that, “I don’t believe in all conspiracy theories, especially the ones that presume a lot of smart people are able to carry them on for long periods of time, all the while keeping them secret.”
        Obviously there are and have been conspiracies but I think it’s very hard to keep things secret, especially now a days. I ran a public company. So, I have some experience with how hard it is to keep information from getting out.

      3. Ahh, your last qualifying remark makes sense and I surely agree. It is hard enough for two people to keep a secret, let alone a society over hundreds of years. Especially in an age of the internet.

        Having said that, it is amazing how we now read about secrets of FDR and Kennedy and others that would have been rejected and considered laughable during their own time. So secrets do sometimes remain secret for awhile and people who discover them are scorned. Paula Jones was ridiculed by the Clinton’s as “trailer park trash.”

        The question is this. What is happening now that is rejected as nonsense but will later be old news? And is the evidence there in front of us? That is how some of us see “crony capitalism.”

    4. You’re wrong, Jim. It’s so obvious the cigar chomping guys are already openly manipulating the results by slandering and spending against him instead of supporting him as you would expect a party to do when they have someone bringing new blood into the party, like they’ve been saying for so long that they must do. And then there’s the voting machines. Boy, are those easy to mess with. Watch carefully, because they can change your vote right before you pull the lever. It happened to me 3 times in a row. Btw, DT is not an angel or a ‘pure’ conservative, but he is NOT a fascist or a racist. He is a realist and better by far than Cruz, Rubio, or Romney. As for polls, I remember those were very misleading when Reagan ran. Interesting how well Trump did with Latinos in Nevada – enough to provoke Vincente Fox into a statement. As for conspiracy theories – the ones we used to be told were ridiculous, like one world government, are now openly admitted to. I guess they figure we can’t really do anything about it at this point, but that is why they don’t want the wall. We are being ‘integrated’

      1. Saying that, by not supporting Trump, results are being “manipulated” is a stretch. Ted Cruz is only 84 delegates away from Mr. Trump with a long way to go and it seems to me that you are saying, “if someone comes out against Mr. Trump at this point in time, that’s manipulating future results.” I’m sorry but I do not agree. I am neither a fan of Ted Cruz nor am I a fan of the establishment and I intend to do everything I can to speak out against Mr. Trump because I truly believe that he will do irreparable harm to the GOP if he becomes the nominee. So, now what? Are people going to tell me that my opinion doesn’t matter? What’s good for the goose…

    5. That’s the most idiotic statement I’ve read. The other candidates have MORE “un-votes” than Trump.

    6. Primaries are always a mess. McCain and Huckabee tag-teamed to push out Romney in ’08 and Gingrich, Santorum and Romney were neck-and-neck until the end of March. In 1980, Bush called Reagan’s economic policy “voodoo” and the then establishment considered him to be an amiable dunce whose erratic behavior might cause WW3. BTW, I wish self-righteous social conservatives would stop throwing around the term Fascist. It’s used incorrectly in any American political context. Also, Ted Cruz will go down in flames in the general election. Everybody knows this but won’t admit it because their deranged hatred for Trump clouds reason.

    7. Can you say, “NAFTA”, how about “TPP”? The giant sucking sound does not touch your Government payroll check

    8. “Here’s the problem with this: Donald Trump does NOT have the support of the majority of Republicans in this country.”

      This is the canard thrown up buy the anti-Trump crowd. The answer to it is: “NOBODY has the support of the majority of Republicans in this country, but Trump has the support of more than anyone else.”

      My guess is that unless Trump gets 1300 or more delegates, it will be a stolen nomination. Squeaking in with the 1237 will not be enough, he will have to have numbers high enough to make the fraud obvious to all but the most dim-witted. The backlash of a stolen election will not be only the loss of the Presidential election, but the mass abandonment of the Republican Party. Those disenfranchised Republicans will never go Democrat, but they may go en masse to a 3rd party.

    9. Jim,
      You certainly can read you are establishment!! Good ole boy, you are! We the American people understand completely. You & the establishment, RINOS, like your little comfortable niche. American people are with Trump, so all the wrath of hell raining down on him is raining on us too!
      Mittens the racketeer & his cronies are good at their corrupt game! Cruz, the ineligible, conspiring to steal the popular vote…”just a conspiracy theory”! Winning by a landslide with no votes. Overthrow the voters is the way to win? Says who? This country is a republic? Or fascist, communist, socialist, or ???!!!! Feels like no choice. Voters don’t count. Communist! Maybe you like being communist, works for you but not me or the American people! They are conspiring to shut down discussion & voter suppression! Corruption is systemic! It will take much effort by many patriots to get our country back which has been hijacked by the likes of Romney, Obama, Clinton, globalist. People like you are part of the problem, sadly!

    10. I think you are wrong! First of all ,DonaldTrump has a large majority of the nation that has voted for him .With all due respect, this nation is plagued with severe corruption that is worst than people think.The Rep. GOP are doing everything they can to block the pathway of Donald Trump! Our Politicians don’t want him, because they can’t control him. He represents the people of America, not his own interests.Thats the kind of president America wants, and needs!

    11. W t f would Romney even be doing there not going through any of the primary process? ……seems to me if they come up with someone out of left field they are going to have a real problem. …….

      1. 😉 Or maybe Switzerland, if they’ll be accepting. At least, I can take credit for planting the idea!

        US has seen very bad times in the past – Civil War, Depression followed by WWII, Kennedy assassination followed by entry into Vietnam etc. But the phase US is entering into right now probably looks worse than any of those in the short term.

        A corrupt crony like Warren Buffett might say, “I’ll not bet against the US”. What he really means to say is “I’ll not bet against the corrupt evil that has hijacked the US”. Whereas Ron Paul has been “betting against the corrupt evil that has hijacked the US” for the longest time.

      1. I know the guy who’s title is “Ohio State director for Donald J. Trump for president” is really an establishment hack. He worked for Santorum last cycle while heading a county’s tea party and blocking Ron Paul. Shifty people out there.

  2. I just knew, when you sent out that teaser, that this is what you were gonna write.

    Do you have any comparison though, of numbers at this point? When Rand went into Iowa i think he sincerely believed his campaign would “shock the world”. At the end of the day i think the one person in the world most shocked was Rand himself.

    In my county in Washington in 2012 we had the numbers, in a Not-Romney coalition with former Santorum supporters, to overcome the machinations of the establishment Romneybots. It all fell apart at the county level because our people didn’t show.

    I can tell you, i was shocked. And baffled. I tried to imagine a conspiracy where all our delegates were visited by goons and their families threatened, but then i had to wonder why that didn’t happen to me. I thought, well maybe they were all establishment plants all along but that would’ve numerically and tactically silly.

    Nope. What happened was, a critical number of Ron Paul’s supporters flaked out. This pattern repeated across the country and was at least as significant to the ultimate loss as the evil shenanigans you cite. The people weren’t committed enough, they weren’t angry enough. Thus far, it doesn’t seem Mr. Trump has that problem.

    1. Joe Plumber, your experience was or at least may be true — that Ron Paul people didn’t show or flaked out. The conspirators are counting on the insouciance of the people, knowing that corruption creates insouciance. But you know Ron Paul people DID show up in many states, in many counties. And they were met by the tricks and deceptions.

      I do think you’re right. The people have to be committed. I wonder what point will cause the people to start caring enough to be committed. Peaceful protesters (the Bundy’s) are now being rounded up and imprisoned unjustly and truly unlawfully. They have harmed no people. They have caused harm to nobody, and yet, they are in jail and being prosecuted. The “god of state” does not like it when you don’t worship it and it only.

    2. There were some that were removed as delegates because they weren’t “Republicans in good standing”. That is, did not vote Republican in the previous primary.

  3. This is extremely disheartening, but thank you for posting it, Doug. Is there any hope at all of unseating the establishment types, if they have so much control and so many dirty tricks to play? I would expect this from the Democrats, but I didn’t realize the Republicans were this nasty. I started to realize it when I saw how they attacked Trump so incessantly, no matter what he actually said or did.

  4. Here is the problem. Ted Cruz potentially has a natural born citizen issue, and so does Rubio. Now, maybe that is why Kasich is sticking around. But We are being given the false choice of voting for a crazy character or against the constitution. This feels like a trap. The corrupt establishment has ignored the natural born citizen issue for the last three election cycles. Obama, McCain, Romney, Cruz, Rubio- all have issues to some degree. McCain likely has the least, but it is not as simple as it sounds even for him.

    No one has addressed this appropriately, the courts, or at least Congress (certification). Even Ron Paul (and I would not have expected anyone else in Con-gress to have the fortitude to do it), who could have questioned Obama chose not to.

    It feels like a last ditch effort to subvert the constitution is underway, and they are manipulating the electorate with these candidates. 14th amendment citizenship is not the same as natural born citizenship. Ignoring this issue undermines what authority is left in the constitution.

  5. Hi Doug Interesting perspective….and I am sure you have experienced it and more …makes me wonder if that was part of what they did to Dr Carson all along ….seems more possible after reading your article …..I had wished he had YOU on his team . He is a good man …has a really great message ….reminds me so much of Ronald Reagan . He is apparently NOT going away .

    He seems poised to work similar to Star Parker only likely far better funded on a MUCH grander scale to reach out to the entire Christian Community and educate our nations pastors . Sam & I ARE WITH HIM …… . That and my PASSION to get Veterans their EARNED benefits …starting with my Sam who is being denied his benefits as a Korean War Vet They will regret waking me up to this HUGE VA scandal & mismanagement . AGAIN , like you point out ….its all about MONEY !!!!!!

    God Bless you for all you do ….keeping us in the loop

    Donna & Sam

  6. Trying to sign up for email notification, am receiving a notice that your link is broken. {hmm sounds painful, ha!}

      1. Thanks Doug. After I click the link, I am seeing a page that says I have an option if I’m un-subscibing, do…….

        And if I am signing up, notify …….

        Just so 1st, I’m signed up, and second you know.

  7. Also, fyi, I’m a long-termer from The Conservative Treehouse. A commenter linked this article from our election thread.

  8. Wow, all these corrupt dirty trick gangsters are begging me to vote against them, which equates to voting for Trump, merely out of spite for these scandalous manipulators. How dare them! Despite the rise in apathy, I thank God that America is still characterized by We, the — brilliant, common sense, don’t tread on me — People.

  9. Wrong on King Co, WA. The $10 “donation” to cover facility expenses was well publicized beforehand and was common at precinct level as well, but somebody ran an email campaign calling this a “poll tax”, and about 10 would-be attendees were denied. The convention as a whole voted to sustain this ruling, not just the party leaders. But yes, those 10 votes would have changed some close-fought leadership positions. They shot themselves in the foot.

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  11. Ted Cruz is an establishment schill. He is for open borders and endless war. He is married to a Goldman Sachs executive and he is foreign born and only recently gave up his foreign citizenship. Plus he’s a liar and frankly creepy as hell. That Dracula looking freakshow should go back to Toronto.

  12. And you thought we lived in America? …welcome to the USSA. It is beginning to look like Establishment Republicans are different sides of the same coin as the Democrats. Thank you Democrats; Thank you Republican Establishment; Thank you Obama. (NOT!). I am a life long Constitutionally Conservative Republican, and I have had it up to my ears with my feckless party of cowards.

    When it comes to stopping Obama, my party is paralyzed; but, when it comes to stopping Trump, oh my, how brave and action-oriented my establishment party can be, Well, establishment R’s are 7 years too late in getting themselves enough mojo to act on anything. I hope Cruz or Trump begin a revolution against the cowardly behavior epitomized by Boehner, Ryan, McConnell, McCain, et al. … I am sick of the lot of them.

  13. Doug could you tell me, is there a way to protest what the Gop is doing? Isn’t there some kind strike, tea party move?

  14. What a bunch of crooks! The politicians are so dirty and that is why there is a smear campaign going on against Donald Trump. America wake up and see what is going on and stop this Republican Establishment and the Democrats. We need to make America strong again. No wonder the other countries hate us, I completely understand, it is the has and has not’s and the good old boys are trying to keep their little club intact. I am so sick of this.

  15. Disgraceful. These cheater rules are created and amended at will by some pretty shameless and self serving politicians. There is no Democracy in this process. If these tactics are employed in our voting process, is there any wonder why Washington is so messed up and nothing gets done? They don’t care to serve the will of the people if it interferes with their personal agenda, and their intake of perks. They are in a self serving bubble. A system and culture which does not represent, and cannot relate to the real world. I hope that their gluttonous bubble pops sooner than later

    1. Peace candidate? Surely you jest. Unlimited funds to Isra-hell is not for peace, I can assure you of that.

  16. IT is so tragically sad to see someone like Doug Wead shilling for national socialist and sociopathic liar Trump.. Are you on the payroll Doug? Please turn in your liberty card. #NeverTrump and his global socialist Dem operatives.

    1. Gadsden Gurl, please wake up. You are so brainwashed. It’s obvious as you spew the talking points of the Establishment, that Trum is a socialist and sociopathic liar. You sound like a Cruz supporter. Don’t you know Cruz is endorsed by the likes of the Bushes, Goldman Sachs, and the globalists? You really can’t discern wolves in sheep’s clothing when the signs are so public that THEY (Cruz, and everyone else but Rand Paul and Trump) are wolves??

      You do realize that hundreds of millions of dollars were spent against Trump by the globalists, and that will dwarf what is spend against him the next 6 months? You do realize that the Bush crime syndicate will not endorse Trump, and hopefully he’s reject it anyway? The #NeverTrump movement is funded by Soros and the globalists who want to destroy Liberty and Trump.

      Wake up first, and then get on board, and pray that they don’t kill Trump, because if they will kill millions of Vietnames, Koreans, Russians, Germans, Iraqis, Chinese, and more, they will most certainly not blink an eye in putting a bullet in his head, or crashing his plane, or having him commit “suicide.”

      Please, wake up.

      1. Trump is now backed by every liberal criminal globalist in the book, including James Woolsey, UN’s George Papadopoulos and Steve Mnuchin, Soros’ $$ guy. Not only that, Trump took $100M from AIPAC’s Adelson, and pledges UNLIMITED SUPPORT for Ira-hell’s globalist wars. I suggest you do homework Joe.

        As for being a Cruzer loser, NEVER. I despise Cruz the ‘other lunatic’ and always have and called out both Trump and Cruz as problems from the beginning. I am now vindicated by the fact that Wikileaks showed DNC/Hillary strategy emails that had the media push an illegitimate GOP candidate in the primary (Trump) because they knew he was a wackjob and would make Hillary look good. At first they thought ti would be Cruz, but he was rejected by NH (12%) so then they saw Trump as their target. I’ve been doing this for 40 years so I think I’ve seen the strategy play out before. It’s the controlled opposition and the media helped by giving Trump 1000% more free air time than any other candidate.

        I don’t pray they kill anyone, but perhaps I wish people would realize there are other choices, in fact ONE candidate, the only one who hasn’t been to Epstein’s sex slave island.. (wait I lied, maybe get hit by a bus? LOL)

  17. If Doug is still pushing this moron and liberal plant Trump, he really needs to turn in his Ron Paul card…

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