Benjamin Netanyahu’s Dark Prophesy

There have been more than 100 speeches by heads of state before joint sessions of congress.  But none like the one today by Israeli President, Benjamin Netanyahu.  Doug Wead talks about the speech and compares it to other moments in history.  Wead says Netanyahu’s  warnings about “an Iran with all the nuclear weapons it want in ten years” is a sobering prophesy that deserves discussion.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

9 thoughts on “Benjamin Netanyahu’s Dark Prophesy

    1. Why did Hillary speak at the United Nations…on the domestic issue of her use of private emails while in the capacity as a top US Gov official, The Secretary of State?!

      Anyone care to answer this?

      Here is the full video:

      To surmise:
      Hillary says: “Women’s Rights, Women’s Rights, Women’s Rights, Iran, Obama good, Republicans bad, I did nothing wrong, Women’s Rights, Women’s Rights, Women’s Rights…”……

      She is hiding all the “naughty” ones, and most likely DESTROYED ALL emails she does NOT want YOU, The People, to see — and just releasing the safe ones ONLY…LOL!

      Absolute proof why she refuses to let her server be searched — since all the deleted ones will be recaptured!

      What’s most telling near the end of this video is that Hillary looks beaten when the sharp questions were finally levied. Her slumped demeanor, tragic facial expressions, hunched stance, looking away from questioners, pausing to look down at what she had written and mumbling in a delayed stutter — all point that she KNEW she was breaking the Law, but never expected to be caught. This shock of getting exposed (and the “mighty” politicians consider themselves above the Law, so never consider such an outcome) placed Hillary in the irrational instinctive mode of self-preservation — so lost for words, she went in total denial of facts.

      It would be sad to see someone of this stature fall so quickly — but, considering Hillary’s vileness throughout her entire existence…I’d call it Karma.

    2. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) — let me know by responding here that you are spreading the below.

      And now for some fun: Johnny Cash sings the Obama blues…funny stuff !!!

      Once you hear this excellent song — start the video again, and pause at each picture to read the comments: SPOT ON!!!!!

  1. It would probably be better for people from israel to leave that warzone and move to America. I’m sure the warvangelicals will joyfully share Georgia with all those beautiful, smart and god fearing jews. After all, they are not overcompensating for past sins, but genuinely love the jews and want to befriend them, and marry them. Let’s see how much love have XXIst century Christians towards the descendants of Abraham.

    And if they ever get tired of them, they can always safely wipe out all muslims, and tell the jews to go back to Holy Land, no enemy will be waiting for them there. It won’t be the first time Christians chase jewish people out of a country.

    The level of conscience needed to solve this problem has to be different than the level of conscience that created it.

  2. Israel is not a normal country, it is not held into account of it’s undeclared nukes, it is not held in to account for it’s uninhibited warfare tactics in Gaza. Israel poses a very real danger to the world, given it’s potential in carrying out false flag terror, there is the very real possability carrying out a false flag nuke attack to blame Iran, it has done so in the past on the King David hotel, on the failed USS Liberty.

  3. For 25 years people like Netanyahu have been claiming Iran is months away from a nuke. Why are they NEVER held accountable for their lies?

    1. The shame of our Congress to allow Netanyahu to speak, and thus force his Zionist pernicious propaganda down the throat of this US legislative body, and get applauded for it, and even get standing ovations! It is sickening how many standing ovations this Zionist gets each minute — tells us who owns America, lock-stock-and-deflated-election-dollar!

      A foreigner, from a foreign nation, dared to tell us what to do — American soldiers to die to protect his terrorist State of Israel! How sick is this?!?!

      Arrogant lying Zionist Netanyahu’s full speech, in all his anti-American and pro-Israel ugliness:

      Next, this Zionist creature will spread his pernicious propaganda at AIPAC (the most vile anti-American, and thus pro-Israel Lobby, that is allowed to EXIST in our nation — whose monetary power gets to vet which US politician gets an approval to be elected)!

      Until creatures like Netanyahu are tarred-and-feathered, for the human-haters that they are, and kicked out of America, and AIPAC is shut down for good, and its Zionist members are arrested and jailed for trying to destroy our Nation for the sake of propping up a foreign one instead, Israel — we’ll have a hard time reclaiming back our Free Republic from such evil scum!

      this says it all:

  4. In the news;

    *Hillary Clinton Stays Quiet About Private Emails, Republicans Seize Moment…*

    The sad part is that instead of being indicted for her crimes, she is joyfully running around trying for the US presidency!
    I predicted on thread “Has Hillary opened the door for primary challengers?”
    (Surfisher • 4 days ago —“I’ll predict this is the beginning of the end of Hitlery Clinton…”) — and now I’ll state it as a certainty!

    The only question that remains is: Is there still Justice for All — whereby Hillary will spend time in Jail for her multitude of crimes (from Whitewater to Benghazi to EmailGate) — or does the Law nowdays penalize the Little Guy only…while the High-and-Mighty get off scot-free?!

    Have our Politicians and the Justice System degenerated to the point that it proves George Orwell’s scathing syllogism of any totalitarian Government’s motto: “Some are more equal than others”….?!

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