America: The Headless Horseman

– If the polls are right, President Barack Obama’s second midterm election losses will be a record in modern history.

Recent two term presidents and net losses in the House of Representatives during midterm elections

Dwight Eisenhower   66

Ronald Reagan  31

Bill Clinton  49

George W. Bush  22

Barack Obama is expected to lose between 68-75


Recent two term presidents and net losses in the Senate during midterm elections

Dwight Eisenhower  13

Ronald Reagan   7

Bill Clinton  8

George W. Bush  5

Barack Obama is expected to lose between   11-16


– The first midterm election setback for Obama was predictable.  It happened to Eisenhower, Reagan, Bush, Clinton.

– The difference is that most presidents respond to the setback and do better while this second rebuke for Obama is likely to result in unprecedented midterm rejection for a president.

–  In recent history every President who got spanked at midterm was stunned and chastised by the loss and immediately responded to the desires of the people and steered the government back to center.  This was true of conservative leaders like Reagan and liberal leaders like Clinton.  In both cases they sacrificed their own personal and partisan agenda to unite and lead the nation. All the people.

– What makes this moment in history different is that President Obama is ignoring these election setbacks.  He is essentially ignoring the wishes of the American people and using his remaining time in office to cater even more to his shrinking base.

– Everyone is talking about this lack of leadership.  On Ebola, for example, on corruption in the IRS, on incompetence in Veterans Affairs.  America is like the headless horsemen.  But nowhere is this lack of leadership more demoralizing than in its failure to be president of all the people.  To unite the country. It is as if the president only cares about his own.  No one else.

– There may be a very good explanation for this.  This president may not have an emotional need to be loved by the whole country.  Maybe it’s reciprocal. He may see no reason to unite them.  And unlike other presidents, Barack Obama may see a role for himself in the world beyond America, a post presidential international role.  So he may be appealing to specific power groups and constituents beyond this country.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

8 thoughts on “America: The Headless Horseman

  1. People feared the Headless Horseman. Currently, people around the world, Russia, China, the Taliban and ISIS do not fear America. While it is better to be lived than feared – at least fear is a form of respect. Right now Anerica is not loved, feared or respected.

  2. The Real American People need to send a message to Washington that come 2016 we will no longer tolerate the Ever-Growing and All-Encompassing Octopus that the US Government, in all its machinations, has become!

    This bloating parasite that reaches with ever-extending tentacles trying to SUCK OUT and NEGATE our Liberties, our Constitutional Rights, our very freedoms and existence as free people, our prosperity, our morality, our independence from illegal governmental interferance, our sovereignty as Free Individuals — MUST STOP…or else!

    It is good that Dems will lose in a few days — 2014 midterm elections! But not enough, since the neo-Cons winning are hardly different!

    We need a Champion of Freedom to become US President in 2016 — Rand Paul (the son of the greatest US Patriot, Ron Paul, this century)!

    The message that we HAVE HAD ENOUGH must be CLEAR and SCARY to the Scumbags in Washington:

    *Rand or Revolution!*

    Nothing else will do!

  3. The Democ-rats started deserting the sinking ship Barackitanic, like rats do, long before the election. To no avail.

    America’s verdict was unequivocal — If we can get rid of King Rat, let’s at least get rid of his vermin!

    The vote had little to do with favoring the Repubs, it was mostly that we had had enough of the Criminals in Office, and their Lawless Democrooked Government!

    It was the death-nail of hyper-liberalism, a total rejection of the Dems socialist agenda, and a warning to Repubs that we DEMAND a Restoration of our Nation to its Original Principles — The Rule of Law; Affirmation that the US Constitution is UNTOUCHABLE; that Government may-or-may-not be the friend of Free Citizens, but BIG Government is DEFINITELY the ENEMY of All People!

  4. We need to thank Obama for opening our eyes!

    No other president has done more harm to our Nation, thus causing more distrust and hate of the Government. From thinking that Government was just a nuisance — to finding out that under Obama the Government has actually become the Enemy of The People.

    Thank you Obama — because of your Lawlessness, Americans have set unheard of before records in purchasing guns and ammo.

    Thank you Obama — because of your Lawlessness, Americans realized that without the 2nd Amendment you tried so hard to negate, there will be no valid check to stop you from destroying the rest of the US Constitution!

    Thank you Obama — for showing your true colors in these lamentable six years of your Dictatorship (with your helpful lapdog, Harry Reid) …RED!
    And a REAL Thank You to the American People for finally saying: “Bye, bye Obamanites”!

  5. If you think that Obama will cooperate with the GOP controlled Houses — you are sadly mistaken.

    Six years ago you were forewarned that Obama is a narcissistic, megalomaniacal psychopath (as a child he wrote on his school steps: “King Obama”) — and it took this long for the voters to find this out.

    Obama will delay all bills by any means: he’ll talk nonsense, complain, posture, pout, do whatever it takes for a cornered vicious animal to survive, but will NEVER agree in the end to do anything that is NOT HIS WILL!

    The biggest mistake Repubs will make — and that’s a guarantee — is to trust Obama on anything he says!

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