Will Hillary’ granddaughter be a game changer?

Will Hillary Clinton’s new granddaughter be a political plus or minus? Will she make us feel kinder toward Hillary, a sometimes choleric personality, or will she remind us that the Clinton’s have been around too long and are corrupted by the process?  Or does it really matter?

Here’s my historical rule of thumb.  Grandkids are usually bad for male leaders and good for female leaders.  The American electorate, anyway, clearly likes their men young and vigorous like John  F. Kennedy and Theodore Roosevelt.   And worldwide, older women have been more successful in politics than younger women.  Maggie Thatcher comes to mind.  So too does Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, who was revered for her wisdom.   She was actually called “the grandmother of the Jewish nation.”

John F. Kennedy was portrayed as youthful and “vigorous,” his failing health hidden from view.  FDR’s polio was carefully shielded by an adoring press who traded access to the boss for serving as his personal public relations team.

When Ronald Reagan’s grandchildren were photographed with the president building a snowman in the Rose Garden, Reagan’s media savvy staffer, Michael Deaver, had a fit.  The grandchildren were never to be seen.  Even the children were kept at bay, when possible.  The Reagan children, products of different marriages were a reminder that the president had been divorced and the grandchildren were reminders that he was old.  Even today, while most Americans can name the Reagan children, not very many can name the grandchildren who were kept from view.

In fact, many recent presidents were grandfathers with grandchildren roaming the halls of the White House.  George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Dwight Eisenhower and FDR all had grandchildren living, at various times, in the White House.

Eisenhower’s grandson, David, lived in the White House with his mother and father, John and Barbara Eisenhower.  The latter, the president’s daughter in law, served as Eisenhower’s hostess on road trips in place of the First Lady.  Mamie Eisenhower had a fear of flying.

Meanwhile, in the Eisenhower White House, grandson David played with the Vice President’s daughter, Julie Nixon.  Years later they were married on the eve of the Nixon presidency, thus at least one president’s grandchild helped elect an American president.

The very first president, George Washington, married the widow, Martha Custis and when her children died, they raised the grandchildren as their own.  George and Martha lived with them in the president’s mansion while George served as the nation’s head of state.

America’s love affair with young, vigorous presidents may be a reaction to our European, monarchial roots.   European cultures have sometimes revered their aging political leaders as if they were Kings or Queen s.  French President Charles de Gaulle served until age 79.  British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill was finally voted out of power at age 81. Otto von Bismarck served as German Chancellor until age 75.  German leader, Paul Hindenburg, served as president until age 86 and in more recent years, Conrad Adenauer served until age 87.

Young female leaders have a more challenging time.  When a younger, First Lady, Hillary Clinton tried to organize the White House push for healthcare, critics said she came off as pushy and presumptuous.  When Republican presidential candidate, Michelle Bachman, an Evangelical Christian, won the Ames, Iowa Cavalcade Straw Poll in 2011 and had a clear path to winning the Iowa Caucus, Southern Baptists leaders rejected the idea of a women candidate and pushed for Texas Governor Rick Perry, also an evangelical Christian, to get into the race.  It was a disaster.  Both candidates failed.

When GOP nominee, John McCain picked Alaska governor, Sarah Palin as his running mate, critics labeled her screechy and shallow.  Her biggest critics were other women.

The gold standard for modern women political leaders is the late, former, Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher.  The story is that she was given voice lessons to help her lower her voice from a shrill housewife to the calm, sagacious leader that is known to history.

Likewise, one can see the changes in Hillary Clinton’s demeanor.  She has morphed from what critics described as the mean-spirited, know-it-all supervisor of the driver’s license bureau into a more wise and caring leader.  It is very likely that a granddaughter will only speed up that transformation.  If Hillary Clinton is elected president and her political advisers trump the Clinton family penchant for personal privacy, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, born September 26, 2014, to Marc and Chelsea Mezvinsky, may just be the most visible presidential grandchild we have seen in a long time.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

4 thoughts on “Will Hillary’ granddaughter be a game changer?

    1. The Chiefe — try and save this post (and spread it) before Doug deletes it again!

      Why did Eric Holder resign?

      As Obama’s puppet, Eric Holder is getting the expected short end of the stick, so is making a run for it!

      Guilty as charged by overwhelming facts, here are just a few of Eric Holder’s crimes that should guarantee him a long prison sentence (if there is any Justice left in America):

      1) Eric Holder is the first sitting cabinet officer in our nation’s history to be found in civil and criminal contempt of Congress (Officials lied on the ‘Fast and Furious’ investigation, and Eric Holder’s DOJ refused to answer subpoenas!) — now that this investigation is about to be reopened, Eric Holder is trying to get away from it. What was ‘Fast and Furious’: under Obama’s directives having the Department Of Justice (DOJ) under Eric Holder, responsible for arming drug cartels in Mexico with the semi-automatic weapons Obama wants to ban, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of national Mexican civilians, and contributing to the deaths of at least two US federal agents — all done under the guise that it’s private citizens owning such weapons that are to be “blamed” (in order for Obama to have a such legal weapons banned in his pursuit to disarm ALL law-abiding American citizens, and demolishing the US Constitution by annulling the 2nd Amendment firstly, then the rest of it, by creating a false flag calamity ran by his Own Government patsies)!

      2) Look no further than the weaponized Internal Revenue Service used to intimidate and shut down the free political speech of those that oppose Obama’s rule — and lying about it in Congress (all OK’ed by US Attorney General — Eric Holder)!

      3) Then there is the the electronic and digital spying by NSA in an unlawful net, capturing and storing the private communications of Americans — and lying about it before Congress (all OK’ed by US Attorney General — Eric Holder)!

      4) Under Eric Holder’s dictates the BATF made Sting Operations (in order to confiscate guns per Obama’s desires) on the “developmentally” challenged American Citizens (what a broad term, that could encompass irrational Eric Holder and megalomaniac Obama, too, and anyone that sneezes in the wrong direction that is not allowed by this Criminal Government)!

      5) And worst of all — Eric Holder’s “Operation Choke Point” — if nothing else gets him in jail for life, along side his boss Obama, this should, using The Power of Office to EXTORT legal US businesses!!! US Banks are told Not to do Business with legitimate US Gun and Ammo manufacturers, and other such “undesirables” — or else (by the DOJ and FDIC)! Patently Criminal behavior that is punishable by incarceration (if you are a citizen you’d be in jail for such Extortion — will the same apply when the Government does it, will the actual culprits (Eric Holder & Co) be incarcerated, or is justice only for the lowly, not the “high-and-mighty”)?!

      quote: “DOJ and FDIC send enforcement teams to intimidate banks to end their relationship with such industries — their legitimate clients report that without warning their accounts were closed, and the banks will no longer have them.”

      This is truly an Extortion Racket that is criminal in its very concept — to be run under Obama’s regime under Eric Holder’s DOJ control, makes him the Sacrificial Goat. No wonder poor Eric resigned, he got’s to run, and run fast out of the USA — or the Law will eventually catch up with him (while Obama washes his hands). Let’s hope the FBI keeps an eye on Eric Holder, and doesn’t let him escape the USA and seek sanctuary in his Beloved Fuehrer’s homeland — Kenya!

      See the full text below:


      1. Doug isn’t deleting any messages, is he? At least, I never noticed him doing anything like that to my posts.

        Sure, shared your link.

        I have yet another thing to add to “why Eric Holder ran off with his tail between his legs now”.

        JPMorgan is involved in one of THE BIGGEST criminal commodity manipulation, naked shorting with fake paper of garagantun proportions for commodities that don’t exist physically. Something of the magnitude not seen during 2008 crisis or even 1929 depression. The derivatives exposure caused by these criminal activities totals quadrillions of dollars, mind numbing amounts about to bring the entire world to its knees. Chinese government is fully aware of this, and possibly had been “in” on the fraud themselves for sometime. China used it to their advantage to accumulate real PHYSICAL commodities (not fake paper assets). Now the things have reached unsustainable proportions, such that the Ponzi scheme cannot be kept hidden any longer. China is threatening to expose the fraud, as well as dump significant number of US treasuries. The latest problems started in Hong Kong are exactly related to this. Meaning, it’s not an organic protest movement. It’s a fake Kiev, Ukraine like puppet protest. Hong Kong protest leader is a dubious 17 year old kid, most likely paid off by CIA to keep pressure on China. This is happeing simply to borrow few weeks/months of time to keep US dollar alive, before massive financial system implosion.

        There is no way Eric Holder wanted to be around by the time all dirt comes out, and worldwide anger rises to implicate JPMorgan in the biggest criminal prosecution in history. Eric Holder has been granted immunity to disassociate all prior knowledge of criminal activites of JPMorgan. So, he has ran off with his tail between his legs.

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