It’s the end of America as we know it

Happy Fourth of July. It’s the end of America as we know it.  And by the way, its the end of baseball, motherhood and apple pie as well.  Baseball has morphed from a game of statistics into a reality show with players always in search of a better and less detectable steroid.  And don’t get me going on apple pie.  Which usually isn’t.  We are edging closer to Soylent Green every day.

The changes for motherhood and women and race are major advances in civilization but the rest is a mixed bag.

What is becoming of America  should give us pause.  We are in what I call a “post Constitutional drift” and it worries me that we so easily, without debate, are confidently moving away from our foundations.

There have been two provocations for this. The first was the attack on 9-11.  President George W. Bush seized unprecedented power for the executive branch of government.

The second has been our Great Recession.  The last time we had the Great Depression it sparked the rise of Hitler and Stalin and World War Two.  You cannot have that much wealth taken from that many people without sociopolitical repercussions.  But it also gave the world FDR and Churchill.  As a student of history I wondered what cataclysmic changes our Great Recession would birth.   And lo and behold, the biggest change was us.  President Barack Obama seized on economic events to assert government involvement on a breathtaking scale. Even former socialist countries in Europe were aghast.  Welfare was increased to the masses while corporate welfare was even more lavish.  The result?  The rich got richer and the poor got poorer at an astounding rate.

In Bush we had our moment of nationalism, in Obama, socialism.  Unless we can recapture the ideals of our American Constitution quickly we are destined to experience our own American version of National Socialism.

We wage preemptive wars, torture our captives and monitor our own citizens on a massive scale.  Our government agencies are accountable to no one and openly defy, even lie to Congress.  Consider this, only a few years ago a president could not get a wire tap without a judge.  Now he can kill you.

In 1946 we joined an international tribunal which indicted Nazi war criminals.  One of the four counts was defined as “war of aggression.”  Our prosecutor, Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, made an eloquent case against what is now American policy, the immorality of a so-called “preemptive war.”

Jackson’s opening statement at Nuremberg should be required reading for television pundits.  He pointed to the June 30, 1934 Blood Purge as the turning point in German justice.  Without formal charges or a trial Hitler ordered the execution of Nazi Brown shirts, (terrorists) who were suspected of planning a counter revolution.  “In this hour I was responsible for the fate of the German people,” Hitler later reported to the Reichstag and the nation, “And thereby I became the Supreme judge.”  The decision was applauded in Germany as a move back toward moderation but Jackson asserts that it was this abandonment of Germany’s own constitution that began its descent into lawlessness.

Barack Obama’s decision to kill American citizen, Anwar al-Awaki, is instructive.  Al-Awaki was a one man Islamic propaganda machine.  His online sermons of hatred inspired terrorism.  In Nuremberg, only one top Nazi propagandist was in the docket.  He was Hans Fritzsche, a popular Nazi radio voice.  But as repugnant as his words had been, the American, Soviet, British and French judges acquitted him.  How can you hang a  man for free speech no matter how repugnant?

Months after the al-Awaki death, his sixteen year old son, an American citizen born in Denver, Colorado, with no ties to radical Islam, went to Yemen in search of his father’s body.  He was likewise killed by an American drone.  We call it a mistake.

Throughout our history we have condemned torture.  The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits “cruel and unusual punishments.”  Our motion pictures and culture have shown the barbarism of our enemies.  The Japanese and the Germans tortured, so did the North Koreans and later the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese.  Who can forget Michael Cimino’s gut wrenching scenes from Deer Hunter?

Now, in the new post constitutional America, we too, torture.  For legal purposes we do “a little sidestep” in the tradition of Charles Durning in The Last Little Whore House in Texas.  We torture outside the United States and thus our Justice Department contends we are not violating the Constitution.

It isn’t too late. There are about fifty men and women in this country who run the television industry.  They are far more powerful than members of the Federal Reserve, or elected officials, such as members of congress.  They and their television companies have the power to open up a debate on all of this.  If not, we are in the process of losing the great American experiment without even a chance to say goodbye.  It’s the end of America as we know it.



Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

29 thoughts on “It’s the end of America as we know it

  1. Come on doug the media perform their duties as instructed by the elite…that’s not the answer. Open source everything is our only way forward. Otherwise it’ll be a stampede for Denver airport and it’s luxurious underworld to ride out the mindless civil war to come.

    1. In That Day they shall say, “ROCKS FALL ON US”. And, yes that is the point, they do the Elites bidding, therefore the Media is controlled by a more concentrated force. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. Guns, they cannot save us but only postpone. People should not be so inclined to give up anything, as there is a day appointed to it. The MEDIA will be Judged.

  2. Doug, I do agree 100 per cent with the situation as outlined. As a American who was tortured both inside the U.S, than sent to SouthEast Asia
    For further torture.
    When the torture did not give the expected result
    I was left there to die. However this first legal experiment in US history started under the Bush Admin. When Obama came to S.E.
    Asia I was hopeful. Although He was instrumental in the release of
    200 Burmese prisoners on that trip, he left the one American me! In a cage. To date the Press hasn’t even considered these atrocities
    News worthy. The Press can’t be depended on , but We The People, Can ! Keep publishing

  3. Sadly, many will not see it coming nor will they see the difference. The Walking Dead marathon is playing on the Sci – Fi channel. It somehow seems appropriate.

  4. I agree with sentence two. But the end occurred in 1933, not 2008. That’s when the American people embraced the notion that it was a “good thing” for government to TAKE from one to GIVE to another. That was the end of private property, and, coincidentally, the main goal of the communist manifesto.

    Few Americans can remember private property or lawful money (gold and silver coin), from 81 years ago. All that Americans have experienced since, were taxable qualified ownership and worthless paper notes.

    But the biggest loss was the eradication of the republican form of government from each succeeding generation. (No, it’s not a “constitutional republic!”) Not one in 100,000 Americans can accurately define it, nor know of its source. (No, it’s not the U.S. constitution.) In fact, few Americans are aware that there is only one nation on earth with a republican form of government. That is tragic.

    Soon, we shall awaken in the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of America and wonder how it all happened.

  5. Doug

    You forgot about the murder of Bin Laden.

    Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field (Lieber Code). 24 April 1863. LAWS OF WAR – Section IX – Assassination – Art. 148.

    The law of war does not allow proclaiming either an individual belonging to the hostile army, or a citizen, or a subject of the hostile government, an outlaw, who may be slain without trial by any captor, any more than the modern law of peace allows such intentional outlawry; on the contrary, it abhors such outrage. The sternest retaliation should follow the murder committed in consequence of such proclamation, made by whatever authority. Civilized nations look with horror upon offers of rewards for the assassination of enemies as relapses into barbarism.

    The number one thing I remember learning about our system of government in grade school was that it differed from every other government on this planet. It differed in that our government did not have the power to punish or kill anyone without due process.

    Now we snuff out life with the use of machines and the average Joe American doesn’t even bat an eyelid.

    Yes! The end of America is here, but all it will take to restore it is the organizing of the troops of truth. Forget about the government compensated lying trash media. Efforts there have and most likely will always be squandered. Their job is to sell soap, not to inform.

    The people on the side of the Constitution are extremely disorganized and this can only be explained by the indulgent 70s. Only a handful of today’s readers seem capable of escaping the government sanctioned brainwashing to understand what the words even signify.

    The very first line of the Constitution explains all we need to know. The 10 square miles of Washington is not to encroach into our space and yet from the time before our granddads were born the gifts of government plunder has incrementally transformed this country. Even most of the “TEA Partiers” believe that our Congress was set up as our legislative body even though Constitutionally their legislative powers were mostly limited to Congress legislating how they were to perform their dictated duties.

    The fault belongs to the people, not the government. We have allowed ourselves to believe that Congress creating laws and a group of supreme robs overseeing these creations is how this country was designed. We have long ago accepted the gifts of “democracy”.

    Any society claiming to be a republic and believes that laws are rightfully created democratically deserves the inevitable ensuing tyranny.

    Every election cycle the sheeple run to the polls. They run searching for the next rule makers to create the utopic world the previous ones failed to produce, all the while hoping this election cycle’s results will create the governing body which will adhere to their own version of freedom. No matter how many times their fantasy fails to materialize, they run again.

    All along they falsely believe that the Constitution is about giving us the power to representatively create rules for our neighbor to live by. All along it is exactly the opposite, it is about allowing our neighbor to govern their own actions.

    When and if we can all recognize that we cannot wield the Constitution to battle Obama care and then tuck it under our armpit when the loss of Social Security payments is at stake;

    When and if we all recognize that we too must be prepared to give up our own receipts of government philanthropy;

    When and if we all recognize that life is not safer when the government death squad is free to pick and chose who lives;

    When and if government theft is reigned in to a Constitutional level ;

    Then and only then we will see the rebirth of America, we will see the restoration of the republic and we can again be proud.

  6. America is dead. Since you study American history, surely you know this.

    America as a geographic region of 50 states governed by original American Constitution is dead. America as the idea, spurred on during revolutionary war & Constitutional Convention lives on. Watch (the other Doug) Doug Casey discuss this topic in more detail:

    1. Obama shoots pool, drinks beer and raises money for Dems — but has no time to go to Texas border!

      [[Note: Most of these videos are interrupted and stopped (MSM does not want you to see them in their entirety) so be patient and keep pausing to reload, then continue!]]

      1) Sarah Palin on why it’s time to impeach Obama: MUST SEE BY ALL REAL AMERICANS — SPOT ON!!!

      2) Texas Gov. Rick Perry politely exposes Obama on his refusal to actually see the Texas border calamity (superbly stated by Perry).

      In contrast pay attention at minute 9:44 — where Obama mocks asking for moats with alligators to secure the border…?! (Even in 2011 Obama displays psychotic behavior, and now is compounding on it since he feels Untouchable!)

      3) Rudy Giuliani slams Obama as unfit to be President:

      4) Dem Rep. Cuellar: “Bizarre” and “Detached” That Obama Will Play Pool, Drink Beer, But Won’t Go To The Border:

      LOL — even a kiss-ass Democrook slams Obama!


      In conclusion: Obama’s narcissistic, megalomaniac and psychopathic inferiority complex tendencies since Day One — that many of us warned of — are now in full bloom as the end of his wannabe dictatorship nears. This makes him more dangerous than ever — and MUST BE STOPPED by The Articles of Impeachment NOW!!!

      1. I’m going to sit and watch these videos. I’m probably going to agree with most of what they have to show.


        As long as some of “We the People” continue to stand back and point the finger of blame at the persons elected by the majority (questionable, yes) of the other “We the People”, this country will continue to slide.

        The number one job of the king right now is to continue the disruption of peace within our borders and the king is doing a fantastic job of it. Running to the polls and believing that who is the rule maker is going to make us freer is pure lunacy. The plain truth is that the rules aren’t supposed to be being created. There is extremely few legislative powers allowed in the Constitution.

        Your state abiding by the unlawful laws is the center of your freedoms lost.

        Voting in our preferred rule maker is never going to fix the world because our version of forced freedom is never going to fit into every other person’s fantasy.

        Educating your friends, family and neighbors on how this country was designed and how it has gone communist (most haven’t a clue what communism is), how this country has walked away from the Constitution and it’s government restraints since 1861 and how the worst is yet to come if they don’t wake out of their deep slumber is the only key.

        Every person you now, including yourself, is getting some sort of government philanthropy derived from theft upheld by the ignorant masses. Until we all recognize this and understand that freedom requires giving these things up, there is no chance of restoring sanity.

        The first line of the Constitution – all legislative powers herein granted – is where we need to focus. Most of the people who are claiming to now be awake can’t seem to grasp what that line means or understand what the powers herein granted are. Most of these “awakists” believe that Congress creates our freedom destructive laws and if the Supreme Robes say yes we must submit.

        It’s easy to believe that we are making a difference in fighting the fight for freedom the way we are fighting it now by constantly bashing the faults of others however there are far more voters who are waiting for their health care and other handouts than we give credit for. Let these people have their socialist king all they want. Stop stirring the muddy waters. Focus on what is important.

        We all have the power to create a difference in our community by keeping clear heads and making sense when we speak to other people. This is the path that will slowly change our communities, our towns and our states. Once we have our states realizing that we have the power to take back control and kick Washington back to Washington is when we begin to restore the republic.

        In my opinion, having a Constitutional Governor in my state and a Constitutional Sherriff in my county is of far greater importance than who is then a powerless king.

        And for the record: Not only is “water boarding is baptism” Palin not the answer but never forget that Reagan didn’t return us any closer to following article one section eight either.

        STAY FREE
        IF YOU CAN


    1. And then what?

      Go back to your baseball game, Xbox or American Idol?

      What is your brilliant plan that you are so sure will save the day if we only can get rid of the person the other part of America crowned as king?

  7. Constitutional government belong in the dustbin of the 20th Century Impeachment, elections, republics and democracies
    have failed and should be reformed. Instead dismantle them all.

    We must promote the idea of de-annexation/ secession or more specifically, we must promote the idea of a world composed of tens of thousands of distinct districts, regions, and cantons, and hundred of thousands of independent free cities such as the present day oddities of Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Greatly increased opportunities for economically motivated migration would thus result, and the world would be one of small [classically] liberal governments /panarchies economically integrated through free trade and an international crypto-currency money or local competitive currencies.

    1. Ralphie, I love ya man, but you are scaring the natives.

      The Constitution (the document that extremely few understand and the misunderstanding of it is the source of almost all of our woes) which you and so many so called freedom fighters refuse to stand behind copiously, supports the remainder of your utopist statement.

      Constitutionally, the republic for which it stands is all about the states being in competition with each other. Not only in competition commercially (the “commerce clause” is only to prevent states from harming each other), but also in competition to attract residents. Since a republic form of government within the borders of each state is dictated, this also means that cities would be competitive in nature.

      Each city would be their own little entity.

      Constitutionally the central government is there primarily to decide when to pull all of the states together as one mass to thwart off any who come across our borders with intentional harm.

      The Constitution is far from outdated. Only the design that the average person would have the intellectual wherewithal to recognize the need to support every sentence within has dissipated.

      IF YOU CAN


      1. I luv you too, Harry. I only wish for such an intellectual awakening. Commercializing freedom by withdrawing consent to any kind of governing means voting for governing by choice not by elections which enable a central government.

      2. If my utopia of Constitutional governance where to ever reappear then the voting would almost cease to exist. Very few would arise from their armchair to run to the polls if there were no prize awaiting them afterwards.

  8. ***US, Europe escalate economic sanctions on Russia***:

    My take — having no major Muslim terrorists left to star a war on…let’s now pick one with Russia (after all, the only way this insane government of ours can hang on to the ultimate power they desire (removing all our freedoms and thus subjugating US) is to keep on warring non-stop with anyone!

    The best way to subjugate free people is to make them so poor, that they’ll have to work so much more to make ends meet, that the People will have no time to pay attention to anything else — such as what crooked politicians are up to, so the Gov gets to do what it wants, while the citizens are too busy working JUST to put bread on the table!

    Sanctions work both ways — hurt the “enemy” but this also hurt us economically! The rich get richer, and the poor…..

    But wars are best! Billions upon of billions of Dollars can be wasted over just a few weeks — and the longer the war goes on, the more money it costs! What a monetary bonanza for the International Jews that own our National debt, and charge US interest for it!

    Has anyone EVER STATED to WHOM we owe these Trillions of US Debt?

    What private enterprise could possibly make LEGITIMATE PROFIT to finance a nation — the USA — let alone the world?! The HONEST WORK to produce such an immense fortune is mathematically calculated that from 50,000 years ago TILL NOW, all humans had to work 120 hrs a week for one company to make such an amount HONESTLY!

    Who are these people that we OWE Trillions of Dollars as a Nation (names and address)…?!?!

    None will EVER be mentioned in the media — but they are the profiteers from every war they started in memorable history!

    Read Henry Ford’s writings!

    1. The people to blame are the people you know who have consented to be governed by Washington.

      Until Americans wake up [even the awakists (the ones who claim to already be awake)];

      Until Americans realize that they need to stop consenting to be governed;

      Until Americans realize that the government is not to be run to every time there is a spider on the ceiling;

      Until all Americans fix their own state by stopping the selling out of our freedom to choose to act for ourselves and live without the gifts from big government;

      There are far better things for you to do than blow a gasket over what the government is doing.

      Restore the first line of the Constitution; enforce Article I Section 8 and throw out all executive orders and acts of Congress since 1861. Especially throw out the Pontius Pilot Act and the Chicken Little Act.

      Get Constitutional Governors in our states and Constitutional Sheriffs in our counties.

      Get the people around you to understand that this is what they must do and beg them to teach others the same. That is the only key to repairing America.

      Hoping for the next set of rule makers to make you free is never going to work.

      1. Harry — read this book, then get back to me.


        The most revealing book: ‘None dare call it Conspiracy’ — by Gary Allen (published 1971) gives the best info on these usurers that own most of the world finances, thus control our Gov.

        ALL must own a copy of this book — and while it was banned (“out of print”) for many years, now it is available here:

  9. I most likely will not find the time to read this, I am a terrible reader and have a huge list of want to reads already.

    There is only one book which describes the solution to all you fear within our government, that is the Constitution. There is total retribution to all of the government ailments we endure within its pages.

    When you can get this country to give up government gifts, all of them, and follow the true freedom contained in these pages, then your worries of who is controlling who will necessarily end.

    The core of the problem is few are willing to digest fully it’s meaning and even fewer are willing to give up their own receipts of government plunder and enforce every sentence.



    1. Harry — no question that the only salvation is 100% return to the US Constitution (and all laws passed contradicting it are to be invalidated)!

      But it is necessary to know the enemy that wants to destroy our Constitution, thus our Nation — if we are to fight back successfully!

      This book is about 100 pages — so you can read it in a day or two — if you don’t read it, you are doing a disservice to yourself and all patriots!

  10. I can’t quite wrap my mind around all of the upheaval people are making over freedom lately. Even amongst the awakists (those that claim to be awake), most don’t even truly want freedom. Most of them are content with their freedoms being limited.

    Sure they claim that they want to be free but most all of them conceive not that true freedom is a burden seldom carried willingly.

    Foolish humans believe that they want their freedoms and they want their rights while only a handful recognize what true freedom is. More importantly few recognize what true freedom entails. For far too long we have accepted the convenience of our freedoms being dictated while we consented to being governed.

    As foolish little humans, we have actually believed that if we get our captain at the helm, all will be as we envision.

    As foolish little humans we actually believed that our own personal version of freedom brought about greater liberties than anyone else’s version.

    As foolish little humans we actually believed that if we supported a law loud enough that someone else’s rights should be regulated by it.

    When I approach most awakists with the fact that almost all of the actions of Congress have been unlawful since 1861, most of these people shy away with fear that we might have to go back to 1861 to truly be free. At least I have heard more than once the question: “Do you think we should go all the way back to 1913?”

    When I am asked this I always observe signs of a feeling of fear. It is as if a backwards movement occurring within our government would also take us back to a different time in history.

    What are these fears based on?

    Is it that these people believe if we restore the Constitution and repair the damage since before 1861 it will also mean that we will need to return to slavery? Do they deem that we will no longer have airplanes and cars? Are they fantasizing that we are going to have to give up polio vaccines and whipped cream in a can if we restore the laws to an 1861, pre-ignore the Constitution, level?

    What part of the unlawful laws being dismantled do they fear?

    Then sanity sets in just enough so that I recognize the problem. These fools fear the loss of the government candy which they themselves consume.

    There is discussion regularly about the welfare and other government handouts which other people are in receipt of. When was the last time a conversation amongst the awakists included the entitlements which they themselves devour?

    People don’t concern themselves one bit with thought about the free stuff government is giving to their benefit. They don’t concern themselves with the fact that robbery at the point of a gun was this stuff’s origin. They only concern themselves that their own losses do not become a gain for someone else.

    We all have become so dependent on the gifts of government plunder that the only time we really notice the plunder part is when there is someone else possibly becoming a larger recipient.

    This manifestation of “freedom” is the most ridiculous thing I have ever witnessed. What is worse is that the people who complain the most about not allowing anymore government dependency seem to be the same people which are unable to recognize the need for doing things without the government.

    So let’s look at the border.

    The funniest thing we have seen on the subject is the cartoon where Obama is screaming “tear down this wall” while right behind him there are illegals scampering over a tattered fence.

    I paint a different picture.

    I paint a picture of Texas Rangers all decked out in cowboy boots and wide trimmed hats. These rangers are 100 feet from the same chain link fence where laughing border crossers are running right by them. These rangers are standing there, leaning against armored tanks and propping themselves up with hi powered rifles. The caption is;

    ”Well; Do you think the feds are going to get here and fix this fence this week?”.

    Yes! This border deal is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. The whole country pointing their finger at Obama while he does exactly what the entities that allowed him to be king for a day expect him to do. The rest of the whole country just sits and points the finger saying “Why doesn’t he do something about it?”

    And yes, I realize that many who have stood up and done the right thing have been kidnapped by government criminals and forced to stand in front of the gold trimmed flag.

    This whole country has been not only bought out by the federal government but it has also been brainwashed into believing that the federal government controls everything we do and creates the laws dictating just that. It is brainwashed into believing we are not allowed to do anything without first being directed to do so.

    Nothing is further from the truth. There are almost zero federal laws which contain law. We have been living amongst these bow down to the gold trimmed flag badge wearing bought outs for far too long. The people have the power to enforce the real laws and Constitutionally the immigration laws are real.

    In fact the Constitution doesn’t even mention that the federal government is to carry out the few enumerated “herein granted” laws it is allowed to create. As far as immigration is concerned, the Constitution merely says that the Federal Government is to create the laws pertaining to naturalization. It gives them the power to enforce amongst the states a uniform rule of naturalization.

    The Federal Government has only the power to write the laws about immigration and monitor that the states all enforce them uniformly. The Constitution says nothing about the states sitting on their asses and lamenting for the Federal Government to protect their borders from invasion.

    I listened to Rick Perry the other night and all he could say was “This Administration, This Administration, This Administration”. I listened to Sarah Palin with Sean Hannity (she is such an empty bra I am going to waste little time on commenting on her brainless comments about Washington being broken). She, as almost all of America, is waiting for Washington to swoop in and save the day.

    This is nothing more than the people of New Orleans not getting out of town when they were told to by everybody and then lying on their roofs afterwards screaming “help us, help us”. Why in the hell are these border states allowing the laws to be broken while they sit on their asses as if they are drowning helplessly in Katrina II?

    When are we going to realize that the king is naked; when are we going to realize that we don’t need to wait for him to get dressed; when are we going to accept the freedom of getting a job done which essentially we are responsible for?

    When are Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon going to get their acts together and protect our borders. When are we going to figure out how we can help them do just that?

    Oops! Forgot about California. Ah! What the heck. Let them have that one.

    When are we going to realize that freedom is staring us right in the face and it is up to ourselves to stop being afraid of it, grab it, repair it and protect it for the future?



    P.S. Glen Beck and Ted Nugent are right all the way. We need to feed, clothe, give basic first aid and house these people until we send them back where they came. Shame on anyone slowing this care to those who show up on our doorstep and request it.

  11. I am on a new quest.

    I want to take all of this stuff and all of the comments that all of the people say and pass around (the stuff that they truly feel, that if they just show someone that they saw or said it, everyone will recognize how smart they are) and stuff everything into a huge box and weigh it.

    I really want to know the total of what has been accomplished by the whole fucking box of wax.

    The Constitution is constantly being agreed on as the answer to our troubles yet so few are just plain and simply pushing with their entirety to teach it as it was written and put all of their efforts into just returning it to power.

    I guess I just have to accept that it is far easier a task to just point and blame someone else for our past mistakes then it is to take credit for future successes.

    Incessantly divulging what we have done is never going to fix what we will do!



    1. Reclaiming America — best article ever!

      A MUST READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      “For any American who is worried about this country, who feels our core values slipping away…. Everywhere you look, something has gone wrong… the things we care about most are under attack as never before. President Barack Obama, his axis in Congress and his media elite are gnawing at the country’s foundations intent on replacing our hallowed national character with their tyrannical political culture….”

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