Did the Mafia Kill Kennedy?


Probably not.  But we will have to wait another generation to know for certain because political forces even to this day prevent any objective discussion.

As we approach the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, controversy still surrounds the work of the Warren Commission, the official government investigation into the tragedy.   I have interviewed some of the members of the Commission, including former President Gerald Ford, whom my wife and I have hosted in our own home on two occasions.

While there is still debate about whether or not there was a conspiracy behind the assassination, there can now be little doubt that there was indeed a “conspiracy” behind the Warren Commission’s inadequate report.  Upon his assassination, Kennedy, as in the case of Abraham Lincoln before him, was instantly declared a saint and no politician, investigator, judge or media mogul would risk revealing anything that might appear otherwise. 

The result was that any loose ends that brought out into the open the Kennedy family’s ties to the Mafia or the President’s dalliances with other women or the government’s repeated attempts to assassinate Cuban Premier, Fidel Castro, could not be pursued.  It may be that Kennedy was indeed  killed by an emotionally disturbed, lone gunman, with a “lucky” shot but unfortunately, thanks to an impotent media and compromised investigators, we may never know.

In the next few columns I will offer my best arguments for the most popular theories about this tragic event, including the lone gunman theory.  I start with the so called Mafia Conspiracy.

During the presidential primary season, JFK’s father, Joe Kennedy, had called on old Mafia connections that had helped him in earlier, nefarious business dealings.  He asked for their influence in the West Virginia presidential primary.  Mafia violence, through the Miner’s unions, helped  his son beat Minnesota Senator, Hubert Humphrey, and go on to win the Democratic nomination.  

During the general election of 1960 the Mafia went to work again, this time in Illinois where ballot boxes from Republican precincts were “lost” and ballot boxes from Democratic precincts were stuffed.  It helped Kennedy narrowly beat Nixon in this key state and thus win the White House by a razor margin.

When the President’s brother and newly appointed Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, began to aggressively prosecute those same Mafia leaders there was outrage and  feelings of betrayal.  Led by Chicago boss Sam Giancana, leaders of the underworld began discussing how to kill the president and his brother.

At the time of the assassination the public was not told of the ties between the Kennedy family and leaders of the American mafia. Nor were they shown FBI transcripts of top mafia leaders threatening to kill the president and his brother. Today, all of this is accepted history and the narrative appears in Pulitzer Prize winning books. The FBI transcripts are public.

According to CBS News, “The House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1979 that it was likely Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy.”

 The gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, who had lived in Russia and had a Russian wife, also had an uncle with ties to the Mafia.  Oswald stayed with him in New Orleans shortly before the assassination.

Finally, there is much support for the once dismissed story of Judith Campbell Exner who claimed to have had an affair with the president, even as she was the girlfriend to Chicago mobster Sam Giancana.  Ms. Exner claimed that she relayed messages and even money from the government to the Mafia for purposes of funding an assassination attempt of communist, Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro.

Her story, at first dismissed by critics has been buttressed by extensive corroborating evidence, including FBI wiretap transcripts, diaries, travel logs, and released government documents  showing her regular visits to the White House.

Finally, only days after the Kennedy assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald was gunned down on live television by nightclub owner, Jack Ruby.  Taking out the hit man before he can talk is a classic Mafia tactic.

David Belin, counsel to the Warren Commission, scoffed at this notion.  “Of course, common sense would dictate otherwise; as a practical matter, so-called Mafia ‘hit men’ do not chose an area where they are surrounded by the police and immediately apprehended.”

Actually, the most famous Mafia hits do indeed happen in public.  Ask Carmine Galante, Albert Anastasia, Crazy Joe Gallo, “Big Paul” Castelllano, John Gotti and many others.  They were all killed in restaurants, barbershops or on the streets of Manhattan.

In 1971, Joe Colombo was shot at the podium of an Italian Unity Day rally.  He survived.  His assailant was wrestled to the ground whereupon another man stepped forward and shot him dead.  Police were all over the event but could not stop it.

Contrary to the “common sense” of the Warren Commission, the purpose of a Mafia public hit is to scare everyone else into silence.

Start reading about Joe Kennedy and his president son and the Mafia in The Raising of a President on Kindle now.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

11 thoughts on “Did the Mafia Kill Kennedy?

  1. I’ve seen a print of the original Zapruder film, uncensored, and you can clearly see the limo driver turn and cap JFK.

    1. Your tinfoil hat is on WAY TOO TIGHT Richey. Why did no one, including the other 3 people in that limo see this? This is by far the most retarded of all of the consipracy theories.

  2. I’ve seen the same piece of film, suspiciously cut in the close up — . Regardless, that tells us nothing but what is obvious to many who recognize a cover-up when they see one. First, we need to examine the motive, the opportunity and the weapon. The crime scene(s) was polluted, the autopsy totally blown/shielded, and the national media complicit. BUT why would we be diverted to the mafia explanation, Doug? Was the mafia able to arrange the logistics and frame Oswald themselves, or did they get help local and federal officials? Yes, the mafia had motive but not the opportunity and control. Look at the Warren commission for clues. It became obvious to me as I did graduate research on a related topic. Look at Exec Order 11110 by JFK and his issuance of US currency in defiance of the Fed Banksters. They popped him and recalled the currency under their boy LBJ. Which top bankster crony was on the Commission — John J McCloy. What supposed investigative expertise would he have ?!

    1. Yes, I will address that. We “Liberty” folks tend to suspect this as the real action. But the reason the media and public officials would not pursue any of the leads is because those leads would have embarrassed Jacqueline Kennedy, Robert and the rest of the family. Such a writer or public official would have been viciously attacked and ridiculed by the mob, anxious to come to the rescue of the grieving widow and her powerful family. Indeed, a decade later, when the tabloids first began to report these details they were met with ridicule and scorn. A decade later when witnesses emerged and John Davis, Jackie Kennedy’s own cousin and confidante outed some of these facts, he was ostracized by the family. The family always had a sympathetic author working on a book so that when and expose was published they could release their own approved book to confuse the public. Meanwhile, their friends among the television executives would hype the favored, censured, Kennedy book.

      Recently, their own, Kennedy selected historian, Robert Dalek, wrote an excellent,factual book which includes many the details long denied to the public. My own book, The Raising of a President gives a frank account of Joe Kennedy and JFK, father and son.

    2. I saw a print of the original Zapruder film in the late 1980’s, before that part that’s “suspiciously cut out at the bottom” got cut out, and in it you can clearly see the limo driver turning and shooting over his shoulder.

  3. The Mafia certainly had a lot to lose. Between JFK and RFK, they were putting a tremendous amount of heat and pressure on the Mafia. The Mafia kills people for a living and have contacts everywhere. Of all of the theories of who killed Kennedy, the Mafia is certainly amongst the most plausable of all theories.

  4. Maybe you are able to translate it. Or know someone, who is able. New Song of a German Musician about exactly this theme. from the perspective of a Mafia Boss.

    Greetings from Europe

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