Syria – What would Reagan do?

“The president does not have the authority, under the Constitution, to unilaterally authorize a military attack, unless there is a direct threat against this nation.”

– Senator Barack Obama, 2007


The word is that the regime of Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons against its own people.  Reportedly 1,500 have died, including 400 children.   It is a heinous crime.  Some are calling for America to invade Syria and put down this regime.  So I pose this question.  What would Ronald Reagan do?

The answer?

Absolutely nothing.  At least for now.  For eight years Ronald Reagan tolerated a tyrant far more malevolent than Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

If we prove that Assad did indeed use chemical weapons then the whole world should condemn this act and such condemnation will likely, eventually, lead to action.   Syria’s wealthy Arab neighbors, such as Saudi Arabia, who arm themselves with our latest jets and weapons may have a moral obligation to respond.  But don’t hold your breath.  Americans like to do these things.  And the rest of the world is smart enough to let us shed our blood to keep things in order.

The fact is that the atrocities of the Assad regime cannot compare to the reign of Cambodian leader, Pol Pot, who may have killed as many as 3 million of his own people during the Carter-Reagan years and he was never brought to justice, nor was it seen as America’s responsibility to do so.

The Pol Pot regime practiced true genocide against helpless civilians.  Marked for execution were Cambodian doctors, nurses, teachers, journalists, college graduates and people who could read, including children.  Even people who wore eye glasses were marked for execution.  It was rationalized that if they wore eye glasses they could probably read.  Pol Pot wanted his regime to start over again without any taint of the past.

I personally appealed to both presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan for help.   Carter, who had made human rights a major part of his foreign policy agenda, told me that Pol Pot had driven all of the fork lifts into the sea.  There was no means of unloading aid at the ports.  Hundreds of thousands of Cambodians were starving to death.  At a dinner with the Reagan’s in their home in Pacific Palisades I described images from a recent trip I had taken to the  Cambodia border and Ronald Reagan appeared heart broken.  Meanwhile, in Cambodia, the bleached bones of the dead piled up.   It was called “the killing fields.”

Pol Pot led the Kymer Rouge from 1963 to 1998.  They took over in Cambodia in 1979.   I met some of the survivors who fled the country and entertained the Cambodian Prince, son of Norodom Sihanouk, in my home during this ongoing massacre.  Pol Pot was eventually placed under house arrest by his own people.   He died in 1998.  At no time throughout the Carter-Reagan years was there any substantial political movement calling for military action against Pol Pot nor were any public figures calling for the capture and trial of the worse tyrant since Hitler.


Because our founding fathers never envisioned that we would rule the world.  Nor does the  U.S. Constitution make provision for that futile and arrogant exercise.

Because there were and still are many evil regimes doing evil things to its people and America could not rid itself of evil within its own borders, let alone throughout the whole world.  What kind of justice would now take out Syria but leave North Korea standing?

Because the U.S. president did not have the authority to go to war without the  nation’s duly elected representatives debating and then making such a declaration.  Even Franklin D. Roosevelt, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, needed the U. S. Congress to make a declaration of war.

Because corporations did not yet have the powerful lobbies in place to make sure their companies got the contracts and profited from such wars and in return gave part of the money back to the politicians who supported it.

Because the corporations who owned the national media were not yet subsidiaries of other corporations who profited from such wars and were financed by banks that gave them preferential interest rates on loans, nor were they yet fully compromised by corporate advertisers who were beneficiaries of the same system.  In other words, some measure of journalism, real journalism, still existed in the Carter-Reagan years.

So why is it likely that America will now take action against Syria?  Cruise missile attack perhaps?  Drones?  What has changed?  Why should America be installing governments all over the Middle East with unintended blowback such as governments that kill their own Christian citizens?

Since 9-11 some parts of the American form of constitutional government have been weakened or abandoned altogether.  This in the name of security.  Some departments and agencies of the Federal Government operate without laws, with only a self imposed sense of ethics limited by their interpretation of popular will which is in turn influenced by a compliant, uncritical media.

The presidency is now a virtual dictatorship limited only by fifty unelected men and women who run the television industry.   This is not the creation of Barack Obama, the process has been ongoing for years and took a great leap forward with George W. Bush and 9-11.  It is the price we paid for security.  It is a process dictated by events as well as the unquenchable thirst for power.

The president’s personal reputation is on the line since he warned Syria not to use chemical weapons.  He said that this represented a line they could not cross.  Now, given his personality, and the need to uphold his personal honor, he will likely use the newly won dictatorial powers of the American presidency to take action.

We have come a long way from the ideal of Thomas Jefferson who dealt with the Barbary Pirates, the Islamic terrorists of his day. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The more you use your power, the less you have.”  American may wake up soon to find itself very weak indeed.  Strong with weaponry but abandoned by a world who has grown tired of our arrogant rule.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

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  1. Under Assad Christians lived in peace. Now they are being murdered by the opposition. There is no real proof who caused the sarin deaths. It is completely illogical that Assad did it. France and US have their own agenda.

    1. Same thing is happening in Egypt. But this is not a one-sided situation, Assad has killed 100,000 of his own citizens so far, perhaps more. How many are of what religion is not known. There have been reports the sarin came from the Saudis, as they don’t like Assad at all. However, it isn’t completely illogical Assad did it, he is a desperate man. France and the U.S. SHOULD have their own agenda, who else will look after their interests?

      1. Reagan wouldn’t (and didn’t) bow down to other countries, make a speech, in Egypt of all places, remember the Arab Spring, pushing the reset button with Russia, etc? He wouldn’t (and didn’t) blame the U.S. for the ills of the world, or publicly draw a red line and then backing down. Need I continue? LOL

        I happened to serve as a Naval Officer under Reagan, and was very proud to do so, he kept them scared out of their wits. I shudder to think serving under Barry. LOL

        One was a real leader, the other a community organizer who got elected because he is (half) black and can make a speech that SOUNDS good to too many people.. LOL

      2. Lose the argument and change the subject. LOL

        It wasn’t clear who was responsible for the Beirut attack, so it was smart to leave. Reagan ended the Cold War, hardly a “cut and run” type. LOL

        You are a pig. You are no human being. LOL

      3. Attack was riposte for indiscriminate shelling of Shi’a suburb. was cowardly like your ‘lols’ show your nervousness/cowardness.Gorbachev ran rings around your coward. grow up little man. end of communication.

      4. Some of the shelling was inaccurate, not indiscriminate.

        Gorbachev’s country ceased to exist and was broken up into little pieces, along with ripping apart the Iron Curtain.

        Reagan ran rings around him, grow up little man. End of communication, aka cut and run. LOL

    1. Two different parts of the world. Two different political situations. Two different types of weapons being used. There are probably more differences, but that should keep you busy for a few days. LOL

  2. I’ve just faxed my Congressional Representative with this:

    “Do NOT under any circumstances, allow the Lunatic-in-chief to get America bogged down in yet another unwinnable, immoral, unconstitutional war or “police action” or whatever he wants to call it; We MUST stop wasting American lives and treasure intervening in other countries’ civil wars. It would serve ABSOLUTELY NO PURPOSE, and would FURTHER UNDERMINE America’s credibility around the world.”

    Copy and paste it to send to yours – somebody’s got to stop that Oreo Cookie Traitor before it’s too late!

      1. Reminds me of the line from “Beneath the Planet of the Apes”: “We don’t kill our enemies, we get our enemies to kill each other.” But I say do neither – just mind our own business, secure the damn borders, open up Free Trade with anybody who wants to buy our crap, and let Nature take its course. Or, as Sarah Palin said, “Let Allah sort it out.”

      2. The challenge of securing our borders is that is 18th century thinking in a 21st century world. Cyber warfare is very real, and 9/11 proved a mode of transportation can be turned into a missile.

  3. Proverbs 3:
    5 Trust in the Lord with all thy heart;
    and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    6 In all thy ways acknowledge him,
    and he shall direct thy paths.

    Are our government officials doing this?

      1. Rats. No “edit” button. Anyhoo, they sound indistinguishable from the Bible, which just confirms what I’ve heard at least one wise man say:” “There is only one God, but he shows many faces.”

      2. In Fact, Mohammed sounds to me like nothing more or less than the Muslim version of Jesus of Nazareth!

        And apparently there are purported Mohammedans who, like pseudochristians, pay lip service to his teachings, then go forth and practice the opposite.

      3. I’ve read the entire Quran. Those snippets are the exception, not the rule, and I’m not sure of the context those verses are from. The Quran is quite clear that Jews and Christians are the enemy and should be put to death. Despite Muslim claims, I don’t consider this the same God.

    1. The ones that really disgust me are the pseudochristians, the ones who spend an hour a week paying lip service to the Prince of Peace, then go out and spend the other 167 hours doing the opposite of what he was trying to teach.

      1. I didn’t schedule NFL football after church. There’s lots of other hours during the week, what’s the problem with a little television?

  4. Just remember that this is just a product of the latest bankster war created by the PNAC “white paper”in 1997 or so, confirmed by Wesley Clark: the Bankster minions are going for control of the whole world, and Syria is the only thing in the way of completion of their takeover of the Middle east, final goal is IRAN, then comes AFRICOM !



  5. Doug — this has to be one of the best posts you’ve logged on your blog this year!

    Superbly done!

    Impeaching Obama NOW will go a long way in returning our nation back to its original principles!

      1. While I was making the comment that you see under tex2’s question, the text box had a header that said, “Replying to Antone Grieco.”
        Stupid software. Must have been written by Alinskyite geeks.

      1. This software is insane! I wasn’t addressing my “got documents?” comment to you, Antone Grieco, but to the troll, tex2, who, in his typical uninformed and inflammatory way, said,

        “I’ve read the entire Quran. Those snippets are the exception, not the rule, and I’m not sure of the context those verses are from. The Quran is quite clear that Jews and Christians are the enemy and should be put to death. Despite Muslim claims, I don’t consider this the same God.”

        in a post where he was trying to attempt to refute a whole fragging page of lines purported lifted directly from the Koran and translated into English..

        You couldn’t have known that because of the crappy SW that responds to the “respond” button in my email goes and puts my reply at the bottom of the thread rather than under the article I’m responding to.

        But now I see that I’m guilty of trollfeeding, so I’ll hope that I’ve cleared up your, Antoine Greco’s, confusion as I continue to allow the troll tex2 to continue making an insufferable fool of himself.

      2. “and turn them out from where they have turned you out.”

        Sounds like plain ol’ self-defense to me. In case you have a problem with comprehension, that means “When someone sends occupation forces to throw you off your land, then kick their asses out.”

        How is that different from the Bible?

      3. If you bothered to read the link I provided, you would know the answer to your questions/comments, and it is nowhere near your “explanation.”

      1. That happens to me when I click the “reply” button in the automatic email. Clicking “Reply” directly beneath the message seems to work. In fact, just now I clicked “reply” in the email, and had to LOOK for your message when I got redirected here.

        I guess the lesson is, “Don’t trust the “reply” button that’s in the email.”

      2. Actually, I clicked the “reply” button in the email that showed me your “over my head” message.

        Oh, I’m so confused! And there’s this and the gun-grabbers, and the “women are chattel property” brigade – I guess a Freedom Fighter’s work is never done.

      3. “I thought I was replying to Rich Grise, but my reply went to the wrong destination.”

        That’s OK. Right now I think I’m replying to you. 😉

  6. tex2 says:
    September 5, 2013 at 10:42 am

    “It’s not trolling to tell the truth about what I read out of a Quran given to me from Muslims at a Mosque.”

    Then it should be no problem to show us whatever pages you claim exist in this post:

    “I’ve read the entire Quran. Those snippets are the exception, not the rule, and I’m not sure of the context those verses are from. The Quran is quite clear that Jews and Christians are the enemy and should be put to death. Despite Muslim claims, I don’t consider this the same God.”

    Please show us those lines where “The Quran is quite clear that Jews and Christians are the enemy and should be put to death.”

    Show us THOSE documents, if you can. Use your phone-cam, swindle somebody into letting you use their scanner, even tell us which chapter and verse of the Koran so WE can find them.

    If you can.

    1. If you bothered to read the link I provided above, you would know the answer to your questions/comments, and it is nowhere near your “explanation.” Read it and THEN ask your questions.

      If you can.

  7. by Ron Paul:

    “President Obama announced this weekend that he has decided to use military force against Syria and would seek authorization from Congress when it returned from its August break. Every Member ought to vote against this reckless and immoral use of the US military. But even if every single Member and Senator votes for another war, it will not make this terrible idea any better because some sort of nod is given to the Constitution along the way.

    Besides, the president made it clear that Congressional authorization is superfluous, asserting falsely that he has the authority to act on his own with or without Congress. That Congress allows itself to be treated as window dressing by the imperial president is just astonishing.

    The President on Saturday claimed that the alleged chemical attack in Syria on August 21 presented “a serious danger to our national security.” I disagree with the idea that every conflict, every dictator, and every insurgency everywhere in the world is somehow critical to our national security. That is the thinking of an empire, not a republic. It is the kind of thinking that this president shares with his predecessor and it is bankrupting us and destroying our liberties here at home.

    According to recent media reports, the military does not have enough money to attack Syria and would have to go to Congress for a supplemental appropriation to carry out the strikes. It seems our empire is at the end of its financial rope. The limited strikes that the president has called for in Syria would cost the US in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey wrote to Congress last month that just the training of Syrian rebels and “limited” missile and air strikes would cost “in the billions” of dollars. We should clearly understand what another war will do to the US economy, not to mention the effects of additional unknown costs such as a spike in fuel costs as oil skyrockets.

    I agree that any chemical attack, particularly one that kills civilians, is horrible and horrendous. All deaths in war and violence are terrible and should be condemned. But why are a few hundred killed by chemical attack any worse or more deserving of US bombs than the 100,000 already killed in the conflict? Why do these few hundred allegedly killed by Assad count any more than the estimated 1,000 Christians in Syria killed by US allies on the other side? Why is it any worse to be killed by poison gas than to have your head chopped off by the US allied radical Islamists, as has happened to a number of Christian priests and bishops in Syria?

    For that matter, why are the few hundred civilians killed in Syria by a chemical weapon any worse than the 2000-3000 who have been killed by Obama’s drone strikes in Pakistan? Does it really make a difference whether a civilian is killed by poison gas or by drone missile or dull knife?

    In “The Sociology of Imperialism,” Joseph Schumpeter wrote of the Roman Empire’s suicidal interventionism:

    “There was no corner of the known world where some interest was not alleged to be in danger or under actual attack. If the interests were not Roman, they were those of Rome’s allies; and if Rome had no allies, then allies would be invented. When it was utterly impossible to contrive an interest – why, then it was the national honour that had been insulted.”

    Sadly, this sounds like a summary of Obama’s speech over the weekend. We are rapidly headed for the same collapse as the Roman Empire if we continue down the president’s war path. What we desperately need is an overwhelming Congressional rejection of the president’s war authorization. Even a favorable vote, however, cannot change the fact that this is a self-destructive and immoral policy.”

  8. Ted Cruz’s Father mops the floor with the rag that’s Hussein Obama!

    Make this 9 minute video viral.

    One of the best points: “When people lose their freedoms from other countries they come to America. But if we lose our freedoms, where are we to go…?!”

    NOWHERE, so we MUST stand our ground and save this Nation from Obama and his dictatorial clique NOW!

    Impeaching Obama NOW will go a long way to save our country!

    1. Unfortunately, strictly speaking, he hasn’t “done” anything impeachable, he has only given orders. Exactly like Al Capone. He never committed any of the “crimes” (which shouldn’t have been crimes in the first place) that they wanted to “Get him” for.

      I think our hope might lie with the Oath Keepers. I’d just love to see the Lunatic-in-chief give the order to attack, and the generals to say, “No. We will not obey an illegal order.”

  9. Ron Paul nails it !!!

    Make this 8 minute video viral.

    Could there be any doubt left that our War Policy has nothing to do with OUR National Security, but ONLY with protecting a SINGLE Foreign Nation — Israel…!!!

    When will the American People wake up to the FACT that Israel’s influence on the US Government is BANKRUPTING US, and American lives are constantly lost, and will continue to be lost, in order to PROTECT Israel ONLY!

  10. Rand Paul BLASTS John McCain (whom — McCain — I hold to be an American Constitutional Traitor):

    Make this 2 minute video viral.

  11. Foreign Relations Committee hearings — Rand Paul makes Kerry look like the village idiot.

    And yet Kerry has the gall to try and make a case for Obama to attack Syria months later — like he wasn’t already exposed in April for the clownish puppet that he is…WOW!

    Make this video viral.

  12. The young people are our future — because they can see through the Establishment’s Lies!

    Here is a young American that all should heed!

    Make this 2 minute video viral !!!

  13. Ron Paul: *Plans, rumors, and war propaganda for attacking Syria and deposing Assad have been around for many months.*

    Date of speech: June 19, 2012 (HE WARNED US OVER A YEAR AGO — but those with their political blinders on, keep on being the Marching Morons to START ANOTHER WAR!)

    “This past week however, it was reported that the Pentagon indeed has finalized plans to do just that. In my opinion, all the evidence to justify this attack is bogus. It is no more credible than the pretext given for the 2003 invasion of Iraq or the 2011 attack on Libya.

    The total waste of those wars should cause us to pause before this all-out effort at occupation and regime change is initiated against Syria.

    There are no national security concerns that require such a foolish escalation of violence in the Middle East. There should be no doubt that our security interests are best served by completely staying out of the internal strife now raging in Syria.

    We are already too much involved in supporting the forces within Syria anxious to overthrow the current government. Without outside interference, the strife—now characterized as a civil war—would likely be non-existent.

    Whether or not we attack yet another country, occupying it and setting up a new regime that we hope we can control poses a serious Constitutional question: From where does a president get such authority?

    Since World War II the proper authority to go to war has been ignored. It has been replaced by international entities like the United Nations and NATO, or the President himself, while ignoring the Congress. And sadly, the people don’t object.

    Our recent presidents explicitly maintain that the authority to go to war is not the U.S. Congress. This has been the case since 1950 when we were taken into war in Korea under UN Resolution and without Congressional approval.

    And once again, we are about to engage in military action against Syria and at the same time irresponsibly reactivating the Cold War with Russia. We’re now engaged in a game of “chicken” with Russia which presents a much greater threat to our security than does Syria.

    How would we tolerate Russia in Mexico demanding a humanitarian solution to the violence on the U.S.-Mexican border? We would consider that a legitimate concern for us. But, for us to be engaged in Syria, where the Russian have a legal naval base, is equivalent to the Russians being in our backyard in Mexico.

    We are hypocritical when we condemn Russia for protecting their neighborhood interests for exactly what we have been doing ourselves, thousands of miles away from our shores. There’s no benefit for us to be picking sides, secretly providing assistance and encouraging civil strife in an effort to effect regime change in Syria.

    Falsely charging the Russians with supplying military helicopters to Assad is an unnecessary provocation. Falsely blaming the Assad government for a so-called massacre perpetrated by a violent warring rebel faction is nothing more than war propaganda.

    Most knowledgeable people now recognize that the planned war against Syria is merely the next step to take on the Iranian government, something the neo-cons openly admit.

    Controlling Iranian oil, just as we have done in Saudi Arabia and are attempting to do in Iraq, is the real goal of the neo-conservatives who have been in charge of our foreign policy for the past couple of decades.

    War is inevitable without a significant change in our foreign policy, and soon. Disagreements between our two political parties are minor. Both agree the sequestration of any war funds must be canceled. Neither side wants to abandon our aggressive and growing presence in the Middle East and South Asia.

    This crisis building can easily get out of control and become a much bigger war than just another routine occupation and regime change that the American people have grown to accept or ignore.

    It’s time the United States tried a policy of diplomacy, seeking peace, trade, and friendship. We must abandon our military effort to promote and secure an American empire.

    Besides, we’re broke, we can’t afford it, and worst of all, we’re fulfilling the strategy laid out by Osama bin Laden whose goal had always been to bog us down in the Middle East and bring on our bankruptcy here at home.

    It’s time to bring our troops home and establish a non-interventionist foreign policy, which is the only road to peace and prosperity.

    This week I am introducing legislation to prohibit the Administration, absent a declaration of war by Congress, from supporting — directly or indirectly — any military or paramilitary operations in Syria. I hope my colleagues will join me in this effort.”

  14. Congress is getting bullied by Obama to vote for War.

    Beware, if any of you do vote YES, than you’ll betray yourselves as anti-American Obama patsies…and come next election you’ll be sent home packing!

    So, Vote NO — and get a second chance to Stay in Congress longer…with all your fringe benefits (free limousines, free dinners, nice “gifts” from all lobbyists that feed your kitty). Don’t pass on these niceties, which is the only reason you are in Washington. Obama will soon get Impeached on his FAKE Birth Certificate alone…plus probably more criminal charges.

    So, don’t cow-tow to the soon-to-be-gone “president”…but look out for your own interests, Dear Leaches!

    The American People are finally WATCHING YOU …! So do what’s BEST FOR YOU.

  15. Ron Paul on Syria: “I Smell Iraq All Over Again”

    Israeli shill Wolf Blitzer fails to convince — and actually looks stupid — what a TKO!

    Make this video viral!

  16. Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto — good luck trying to view this video…without cutting out most of the time!

    It is too powerful to be allowed on YouTube (Sergey Brin — the Jewish Russian Owner of Google and YouTube…who was present at the Bilderberg Group’s secret meetings, and is NOW part of the Bilderberg Gang, won’t let you see it UNINTEREPTED)!

    Ron Paul: Why Does America Always Have to Solve the World’s Problems?

    Make it viral — if you can!

    1. Response? To what? When they’re having a squabble inside their own country, what kind of gall does that [insert favorite expletive here] have to arrogate unto himself to “retaliate” on behalf of people who are supposed to be learning to defend themselves from the oppressive regime, just like we’re doing here, and have NEVER EVEN ASKED FOR ANY HELP! At least, not that I’ve heard on any of the newsfeeds I get. But to call for “retaliation” for something that’s not even being done to US is the height of psychoses, but what can you expect from a psychopathic killer?

  17. You don’t have to be a logician, to see what’s going on:

    Obama drew a “red line” to attack Syria because he thought it was a given (since English Prime Minister Cameron was all gung-ho to war on Syria on “evidence” that has NEVER been verified that dictator Assad used the chemical weapons … and not the rebels themselves). So, the wannabe US Dictator, Hussein Obama, felt sure his English counterpart was in line. And based his comments on that assurance.

    But then, the imaginable to Obama happened — the British Parliament had the guts to say NO to Lil’ Cameron’s warmongering!

    Thus, Lil’ Hussein found himself in a quandary — he had stated that he believes that he needs NO Congressional authority to attack Syria, but now he was left dry by his schooled British counterpart. And on top of that, polls showed that 90% of Americans don’t want another war started by this administration.

    So what does this US “president” do — who speaks and acts without thinking — but toss his miscalculation to the US Congress and Senate (a desperate move since Lil’ Hussein is now left with no other options).

    Now, his hope is that he, and his pet Kerry, and the rest of the sycophants that surround him, will be able to bully the House into submission…and give him the War he wanted in the first place!

    His attempt to bully both Houses is usage of disturbing videos of horrific images *shown only to a select group of senators in closed-door briefings* — meaning, Lil’ Hussein is gathering the leadership to be on board…and hoping they’ll advise their underlings how to vote!

    How despicable is such abusive propaganda, by what is supposed to be the US President!

    And then, he sicks his pet, Kerry, again, and Senate “Intelligence” Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (another Obama sycophant) to use THE UNVERIFIED chemical attacks by Assad (according to NBC: “NBC News has not been able to independently verify the authenticity of these videos”) as “proof” to START ANOTHER WAR that will bankrupt the USA to the point of no economical recovery possible!

    Read this article by NBC News: “White House showed gruesome videos to senators in case for Syria strike”

    When will the American People finally wake up, and demand Obama’s Impeachment — how long must we suffer this Usurper of the White House that lords it over us!

  18. This 2012 video (10 minutes) shows some disturbing food for thought.

    View it and see what you think (the Russians are stubborn enough to do something stupid, if Obama is permitted to act even more stupidly!).

    With one thing I totally agree — Impeach Lil’ maniacal Hussein NOW!

    1. Unfortunately, he hasn’t personally committed any impeachable crimes or misdemeanors yet; just like Al Capone, all he does is give the orders.
      Fortunately, nobody has to obey unconstitutional orders. We could simply practice de facto nullification.

      1. Rich Grise — you are correct, so far.

        However, never allowing to show his real birth certificate, but posting a fake one on line is sufficient grounds to start an investigation that will lead to impeachment proceedings soon (and further, Lil’ Hussein keeps on piling up more Constitutional transgressions on a weekly basis…and eventually at least one will catch up with him)!

      2. Israel have shown they are Big Boys — see their bombs dropping on Syria.

        Why must the USA treat Israel as innocent little girls, that can’t protect themselves — but need Uncle Obama to destroy Syria on their behalf… and later on Iran?

        And why care what Russia may do (after all their nukes are nearly rusted)…as long as we spent US lives to protect Israel…and NOT the USA!

        Nah, this will never happen — it’s all a conspiracy theory…right…?

        Let’s keep Obama in office, after all, he has the most intelligent brain on the planet, and, therefore, knows what’s best for US and The Whole Universe.

        Let us all chant in unison — “Long Live Obama, our new shining Deity” and bring offerings to his Temple in DC.

  19. John Kerry in Europe — is he the “new” Joseph Goebbels (the propaganda war chief of Barrack Hussein…and who would than Obama be…)?:

    Watch the patented Goebbels’ hand gestures and mock anger that Kerry uses! 1940’s déjà vu…all over again… LOL!

    Pay attention to the Israeli video — where the former Israeli ambassador to the United States terms Russia, Iran and Assad’s Syria as THE AXIS…wow, 1940’s déjà vu…all over again…and stumbles on AIPAC (the most powerful lobby in DC that is concerned only with Israel’s interests, and not those of the USA!)….

    Here is this Frenchman’s original post in its entirety:

    by Bela —September 8, 2013

    “While Kerry was in Paris, France, a lady asked (him or them): “People at home are telling their congress members, we want to worry about our schools, our kids, how can the administration take action in the face of that, without the mandate of the U.N., without the mandate of Europeans for military action?”
    Kerry answered this: “Because this concerns every Americans security. This is not remote. This is not some far-off place where something happened that’s just one Arab sect killing another Arab sect on some internal fight. So we are supposed to turn away because the U.N. itself has become a tool of ideology of individual nations and not say that the principle we put in place and have fought for all of these years is going to be thrown away? I don’t think so.”


    Q1.: How this concerns every Americans security? He knows some secret? Or it concerns as Saddam did with his non-existing WMDs? It is worth to ask Kerry about this.

    Q2.: If it is harms every Americans’ security, then why he is in Europe? He did not say any word about the Europeans’ security there.

    Kerry tries to rally support in Europe.
    Here too, as tries to explain, but nothing concrete:
    “Kerry: This concerns every American’s security”

    Another interesting video:
    “Israel’s role in the Syrian conflict”

    (…) The former Israeli ambassador to the United States is now a distinguished fellow at the Brookings Institution. (…)
    R. – Is it in Israel’s interest for Assad to stay in power?
    A. – No. It is not. If Assad stays in power under the present circumstances, this would be a victory for the axis of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Assad. Assad will be even more of an Iranian puppet than he is now, and definitely it is not in our interest.
    R. – Why, then, has Israel not been more of a vocal ally of the White House in this particular instance with regards to striking Syria?
    A. – Because we don’t want to be part of this conflict. This conflict is not about Israel. It’s a Syrian conflict, it’s a regional conflict. It has now become very much a defining international issue. What the regime tries to is to turn into yet another Israeli issue and we do not want to fall into that trap. So we try to say as much as we can, both in practice and in word.

    Q3.: Which country is the foe neighbor of Syria, and which country is more than 5000 miles away from Syria?

    Israelis do not complain, but the U.S. is in severe danger. Yup.

    I am convinced of one thing: Kerry is as good in war propaganda as Goebbels was.

    John Kerry: “In America You Have A Right To Be Stupid”

  20. It is obvious to all, that have a functioning brain, that NO Islamic nation is a direct military threat to our homeland (being five thousand miles way from US). However, they are a definite and DIRECT threat to Israel, so such Islamic countries need to be dis-stabilized in order to protect Israel (and only Israel) — none are a military threat to even European nations (which are much closer).

    Are terrorists a threat — sure, but why would a few dozen muslim extremists that may come over here and cause negligible harm (compared to an all out war) on our homeland, BECOME the guiding force of our ENTIRE Foreign Policy? That is simply CRIMINAL Behavior by the Ones that have been elected in Office — to change our American Way of Life because of a few nuts.

    The logical conclusion is that when Israel whistles, the US starts bombing.

    I’m afraid that Israel’s call to arms has not been heeded by the US presidency right away — but soon they’ll whistle louder, and more American lives will be lost to protect that foreign nation!

    1. Ever hear of an ally? Also, there are other Muslim countries that don’t like Syria/Iran. Iran is a military threat to all nations: Try using a few facts sprinkled in with your vomit the next time you start typing. LOL

      I think you’re stupid if you think Israel asks, and/or the U.S. listens like a dog to a whistle, about bombing Muslim countries. Can you say anything else this patently stupid? LOL

  21. Off topic — but, this is just too ludicrous to pass….

    How nutty has DHS (Department of Homeland Security) gone, to try and “secure” our own Citizens…?!

    Watch this viral video — nearly 1.7 million views since 2-2013 — and share it!

    Déjà vu — Nazi Germany all over again….

    p.s. Save America — Impeach Obama NOW!

  22. Putin checkmated Obama (and his barking-only dog Kerry)! WOW!!! That was such a simple finesse that any decent Chess Player would have foreseen — but, obviously not the mental defects that are Obama and Kerry.

    How did these two clowns (Obama and Kerry) embarrass our nation, making us the laughing stock of the world? Here is the chronological order of their stupidities:

    Obama draws a “red line” if Chem weapons are used — and states USA will bomb Syria to stop this.

    Chem weapons are used — Obama declares (without positive proof that it was Assad, and not the terrorists themselves), along with British Prime Minister Cameron’s acceding, that the World’s Opinion must be respected and the USA will start bombing Syria along with the “International Community”….

    Cameron is ready to bomb along with Obama, but then British Parliament says NO!

    Now Obama is IN SHOCK, and on his own — he still pushes for bombing Syria — but is afraid to do it on his own volition (for the obvious political backlash)! So, NOW Obama (who had previously declared that he does not need Congressional approval to start a ‘limited’ War) NOW BACKPEDALS AND asks Congress to approve his war desires, and sends Kerry to Europe to muster some support for his Bombing Syria right away!

    Kerry arrives and makes a fool of himself in France — when asked: “What would stop the US from bombing Syria” he answers: “Assad must turn over all his Chem Weapons”.

    The Russians pounce on it immediately and state they will assure this!

    Then, poor idiot Kerry says it was a “rhetorical answer” and not one he, and Obama, were willing to accept.

    Too late — Obama’s rep, Kerry-the-idiot, opened his mouth and played right into Putin’s hands.

    Now, Putin (the swine) won and Kerry and Obama look like the village idiots that they are!

    Obama, and his toothless barking dog Kerry, have achieved what no other Administration since Jimmy Carter has done — make US look weak and STUPID!

    p.s. forgot to add —

    Impeach Obama, and put Kerry next to Lil’ Hussein’s prison cell…so the two can play the simple game of Chinese Checkers… with each other…..

  23. Impeach Obama NOW — or become his slaves!

    A wife knows about her husband — and Michelle Obama STATES in public that Barack Hussein was born in Kenya!

    What further proof do the American people need that Barrack Hussein Obama is NOT a NATURALLY BORN US CITIZEN — therefore, not eligible by Law to be the US President?!

    Why are we so silent, instead of asking for his IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT?!

    Have we nowdays become the Meek and the Weak — instead of the Free and the Brave…???

    Watch this viral (3.7 million hits) video, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT — contact your Reps and ask them to start an investigation!

    1. Abraham Lincoln stated that you can fool all of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

      Thinking people know that the long form is counterfeit, having been photo-shopped, because the powers that beare fixing everything the way they want it, for their ulterior motives..

    2. That video has been out for YEARS. If I stated my “home country” of Sweden, would you say I was born in Sweden? LOL

      It’s not that I like Barry, I just think you went kookoo a LONG time ago. LOL

    1. Antone Grieco — here is the definitive proof Obama’s birth certificate posted by the White House on line is a FAKE:

      Make THIS VIRAL — Why won’t Obama show US his real documents…if he has nothing to hide?!

    2. Another proof Obama is not US born — he doesn’t even know his actual birth date (let alone admit where he was born)!

      Already viral at 1.2 million views — send this video to all you know! Time to Impeach this un-American Usurper of our Nation!

  24. MUST SEE — superb 17 minute video by Ron Paul.

    Concisely describes our current state as a nation, and what will inescapably follow.

    Make it viral — America needs to wake up, to comprehend the EVIL that is the Obama Administration. And Obama’s probable endgame to declare Martial Law, and thus suspend elections and finally achieve his goal since childhood to become King (look up video 3 at minute 5:45 — he writes on his school steps “King Obama” as a child)!

    The below is a MUST SEE — “Who exactly is Barrack Hussein Obama?”

    part one:

    part two:

    part three:

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