Edward Snowden, American hero

Is Edward Snowden a Benedict Arnold or a Paul Revere?

According to the US government Snowden is a spy.

That is the official word from Attorney General Eric Holder who is accusing him of espionage.  He is not a hero, we are now being told.  He is not a whistleblower?  He has not done a service to the American people?

How did this happen?  How and why did the national news media change its coverage on a dime, in a single day last week, leaving its television audiences laughing aloud at the audacious about face.  All week Snowden was a hero, exposing the unconstitutional NSA surveillance and in one moment he suddenly morphs into a traitor.

Isn’t this  the same Eric Holder who told a federal judge that James Rosen of Fox  News was “an aider, abettor and / or co-conspirator” in espionage?

Oh that? Old news. Holder was exaggerating to get a warrant.  it was a white lie.  All is forgiven.  The Fox is back in the pen.  But don’t try that at home.

Meanwhile, now that Edward Snowden has sacrificed his life for freedom of speech and our right to privacy, the First and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution,  the  national media is falling all over themselves to prove their loyalty to the all powerful government, lining  up against their latest target.

Snowden is a fake.  He is not our friend.  “He did this for attention,” says  Michelle Cottle of the Daily Beast, during a CNN appearance.  Thanks Michelle, brilliant.  The NSA can now stop transcribing your phone conversations.   Well done.  You’re safe.  The First Amendment can go to hell.

The media seems to believe that Snowden should wait patiently to be picked up by the US government, that he is wrong to run.  That he should trust the people who he knows have been lying to the American public about surveillance and who allow torture as long as the people doing the torturing are Americans and don’t wear black or have scary music in the background.  That would be too close to the Nazis.

It is clear that Snowden did not expect to be on the run.  Did  he really think he could escape from a government who has everyone’s emails and phone conversations stored away?  Did he think that any corporation or ambassador or head of state or government in the world would stand before such a power?  This is the new atomic bomb and America has it.  No one else.  We rule the world.  Or perhaps, I should say that Barack Obama and his successor rules the world.

Poor Edward Snowden.  Running to Hong Kong and then Moscow will only help the government paint him as a bad guy, a traitor to America.  He imagined that people in American really believed in the Constitution or in a government of laws.  He thought we would care about the fact that our government leaders lie to congress and the media.  He imagined that we still have a free press, who can write and say what they believe, without direction from corporate owners who, like druggies in the inner city, now depend totally on government subsidies and easy FED loans to sustain their empires.

So two questions remain.  Isn’t the government taking a risk that by running Snowden to ground they will only make him a hero?

There ia a simple answer to that one.  It doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter what any of us say.  They have the new WMD.  They don’t need to control everybody.  There are plenty who will fall all over themselves to get in their good graces and say and do whatever they think the government wants, just to avoid the inconvenience of an IRS audit or a criminal investigation based on their emails and phone calls.  So the government will risk Edward Snowden’s martyrdom.

Why? Because the government has even more secrets to hide.  It fears another Snowden among its 4.2 million top secret cleared employees.  They have to make his life so miserable that no one else will dare speak up.

And finally, one last thing remains to be known.  If Edward Snowden is a spy, not a whistleblower, then for whom has he been spying?  Russia?  China? North Korea?  Islamic Fundamentalists?

No.  He has been spying for us, the American people.  He is our spy.  He is the first American spy to be prosecuted by an American government.  They will get him.  And he will be locked away and after the furor dies down, he may even tortured by our American government.  He is like a Buddhist monk in Vietnam in the 1960’s setting himself ablaze, signaling to the world that something is wrong here.  He is a Paul Revere with an alarming message, “The government is coming, the government is coming.”

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Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

8 thoughts on “Edward Snowden, American hero

  1. We all better watch what we write here. This seems like a “Goad Post”, if I ever saw one. The “Tracking Mechanism” could be in full gear. Plus, Doug Wead is sending this blog post via his “Ipad”, which I’m sure is bugged.

    The funny thing is that there is absolutely NO NEWS here. We all know that the Government is corrupt beyond the average American’s comprehension. Yet, media personalities will blame the “low information voter” for allowing all this to happen – and to pajnt Snowden as the big-bad traitor. The trouble is that THEY KNOW that the “low information voters” are REALLY the people who believe that the 2 Parties (Democrats and Republicans) are somehow different with all this crap – when actually they are BOTH completely complicit and agree with espionage on We-the-People. They will always GOVERN AGAINST the “Will” of the People and the United States Constitution in the “name” of National Security. And the people will unwittingly let them!

    And the media? Phfft! They’ll will do exactly what they are told to do!

    1. Talk about a conspiracy nut. I’m not talking about his iPad being bugged, either. I’m talking about the fact that you think this is a ‘Goad Post’. In case you didn’t know, any where on the internet that you leave comments, they could and would be used against you should the government have a problem with you. So my two recommendations to you are:

      1) Never post in a public forum in an unsecure manner to where you can be tracked and then
      2) We won’t have to treat public discussion/forum discussions warning of government disapproval or corruption. To do so is oppressive anyways.

      Conversation needs started, and conversation needs to continue so that it is on the people’s mind and doesn’t evaporate.

      We have a long road ahead of us.

      1. dave

        Thanks for taking the bait and reiterating my “Goad Post” sentiment. If the Government wants to find out “who” the “dissenters” are, just post a “Goad Post” like to one above and then read the discussion. Conspiracy Nut? Is that me or you or the both of us? Re-read the post. It sure looks like a phishing expedition to me, lol.

  2. The forces behind this ongoing fundamental change in political attitude to the constitution has to be exposed.

    I don´t know who is behind it. But that half-wit of a president…. it´s not his plan, I tell you that.

  3. Good post on Snowden, Doug, with the exception of one point:
    Barack Obama does not run the world. He’s simply a lapdog to the true rulers of the world, from Tel Aviv. The tail (israel) is wagging the dog, and Obama IS the dog (or one of them– along with the rest of the pack, in the US govt.)

    Check out what fmr Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney had to say about pledging allegiance to Israel and what not doing so means to one’s political career (totally destroys it.)

    The only thing Obama runs is– to catch up to Bibi (the Nutty-Yahoo) and kiss his ring.
    The Ape-Pac (AIPAC) and ADL (Abe {the} Fat-mann) run the USA and those who run the US run the entire world. It’s not any American, though, and hasn’t been for nearly fifty years.

    Btw; there’s a good documentary in Hulu.com, all about the hundreds of military bases the USA has built all over the world. I believe it’s called, “Standing Army”. This should show people what one of America’s biggest problems is; WE cannot police the world. We cannot afford to police the world. And our forefathers left England, in part,, because THEY wanted to police all of the (known) world.
    How times have changed.

    1. annabeck58 — LOL, you nailed it! Great post!

      Viva Tel Aviv — The NEW US Capitol that rules us all!

  4. Watch the usurper of our White House lie through his teeth!

    Time to Impeach !!!

    Attn: NSA ( Nazi Spy Agency) — The Criminals directing PRISM,
    and the anti-Americans working for them, that have no shame
    spying on all American Citizens and spitting on the US Constitution — save my posts, go ahead you despicable freedom hating scum! I’m getting old, and want to die free, so have no care if your gun-totting thugs come and kill me in the dark of the night! Go ahead punks — make my day!

  5. Impeach! Time to go to jail BO!

    More proof of spying on ALL Americans!

    Attn: NSA ( Nazi Spy Agency) — The Criminals under Barack Hussein Obama directing PRISM, and the anti-Americans working for them, that have no shame spying on all American Citizens and spitting on the US Constitution — save my posts, go ahead you despicable freedom hating scum! I’m getting old, and want to die free, so have no care if your gun-totting thugs come and kill me in the dark of the night! Go ahead punks — make my day!

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