Behind the IRS Scandal and the attacks on Obama

In what must totally confuse the public, the left leaning, liberal media is now daily hawking a news story that the IRS has been purposely targeting applications for conservative charities and educational non profits.  What?  This is news?  The liberal media has been targeting conservative organizations and personalities for years, so why should they blame the government for doing the same?  Ah, but you see, there is a very good reason.

The media is run by big corporations that count on interest free money from the Federal Reserve and burdening regulations to keep out small business competitors and complete freedom to run their fiefdoms without interference.   In return they pay the politicians, Republican and Democrat, big money to help them get re-elected and they provide priceless air support, by promoting their candidacies of choice on national television and marginalizing anyone who dares to challenge the corrupt arrangement.

Take for example, the Associated Press, a “non-profit” owned by a cooperative of newspapers and television companies, which are owned by big corporations.  The A.P. virtually led the national media in their censorship and misreporting of the Ron Paul campaign in 2012.  (See here The Great Hudsonville Cover-up.)

Now, there is a great irony here for Ron Paul was the one candidate who was ringing the warning bells about our abandonment of the US Constitution.   (By the way, in addition to conservative groups, the IRS was also targeting any non profit that had the word “constitution” in its name.  The IRS can never be too careful in fulfilling its constitutional duty.)

What happened at the A.P. is only an example of what Dr. Paul feared and warned would happen.  The government asked that the A.P. hold back a news story about a terrorist bomb plot planned on the anniversary of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  The Associated Press complied.  But when White House officials then lied to the American people, saying that there had been no threats on the anniversary, well, that was too much.  It was a replay of the Benghazi attack on the anniversary of 9-11, which the government had contended was a spontaneous reaction to an American anti-Islamic movie and had nothing to do with terrorists or 9-11.

The Associated Press ran their story and the government began their spying campaign against them.

Now it may be tempting for Liberty Lovers to let the A.P. stew in its juices but with Rand Paul, now making a serious effort to save the U.S. Constitution and end the culture of corruption in Washington, DC we should stand up for our old antagonist, the Associated Press.  Maybe, just maybe, they will learn that having masses of people supporting the U.S. Constitution is not such a bad thing.  Maybe, just maybe they will make room for Rand and when there are 2,000 at his events they will not say there are 40.

It is amusing to see the A.P. wringing its hands over the issue.  Since 9-11, the millions of intercepts of ordinary citizens have not even warranted a peep from many in the national media.  The drone killing of a US citizen with no connection to terrorism was passed over in a single day.  But listening on the AP?  Well, that apparently violates the “honor among thieves” arrangement of the New World Order.

There are some in the Liberty Movement who will say that this is not our fight.  They will say that the oligarchy is now obviously piqued at Obama and are bloodying his nose a bit to show him whose boss.  And that may be the case.  But the fact that they are using a bias against conservatives in the IRS as the weapon of choice is pure comic theater at its best and should be enjoyed to the hilt.

Just to look into the faces of those serious news anchors as they solemnly tell us that the IRS is biased against conservatives, implying that all good folks, themselves included, are scandalized by this outrageous an unfair behavior, is better than watching Cersei outmaneuver the court in the Game of Thrones.  Enjoy it while you can.  The House of Rand Paul is coming.

The attack on Vandersloot.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

19 thoughts on “Behind the IRS Scandal and the attacks on Obama

  1. It’s incredible to see, hear and understand how uninformed the general population is here in the US!! No wonder the internet has become an instrument of evil for Governments in terms of mass communication. .

  2. Rand Paul is simultaneously undermining the warfare lobby on the far right and the welfare lobby on the far left.

    Fortunately, Rand is representing me and my family very well and I look forward to voting for Rand Paul 2016.

    Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq war. (3 trillion dollar mistake)
    Hillary Clinton voted for the Patriot Act. Twice (undermining the 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment)
    Hillary Clinton voted for every possible debt ceiling increase she could. (16.7 trillion in debt as is.)
    Hillary Used her blood clots in her head as an excuse to delay testifying about her lousy job performance in Libya.

    With all this in mind….
    “I’d say she has more baggage than just what’s on her hips.”

    Hillary will run for POTUS. Her ego demands it.
    Hillary’s ego is bigger than Rachel Maddow’s Adam’s apple.

    I’m tired of Bushes and Clintons.
    Didn’t our country form in order to get away from Royal Families?

    Rand Paul or none at all in 2016.

  3. Sarah Palin is a much better choice if she will run. In fact there are a lot of good choices. Ted Cruse always stands at our side, Gary Johnson with Judge Gray are the closest issue-wise to Ron Paul, Mike Lee, Bachman, Thomas Massie, Steve Stockman.

    Returning hemp as a major manufacturing raw source is the biggest threat to the petroleum establishment. That has to be a top issue. Of course if Ron Paul will run, on any ticket, he will be the first choice.

    We all have seen that Doug and Rand can’t be completely trusted.

    1. Palin is done. She has no credibility left.

      If tex2 got lost, you had better break out the crayons and draw a picture for him/her.

  4. I like Rand Paul’s position on many issues and until recently thought I would be supporting him if he ran for President in 2016, but at this point I prefer Ron Paul. One issue where Rand differs from Ron is on immigration of engineers. Ron consistently voted against increasing H1-B visas recognizing the many abuses with these visas. However, as of his March 19 speech Rand is supporting greatly increasing the number of high tech visas and automatically giving green cards to foreign students upon graduation with a masters or PhD in engineering.

    I am unemployed as an engineer, with many years of experience and a masters degree, and I know from first hand knowledge that there is a GLUT of engineers with graduate degrees, not a shortage as has been widely reported. I was very active getting the word out to my friends and acquaintances about Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, but I won’t support Rand in 2016 UNLESS he changes his position of supporting bringing many more engineers to the U.S. on work visas and green cards. I won’t be supporting Sen. Mike Lee or Sen. Ted Cruz either – they both wrote amendments to the immigration reform bill to further increase the number of H1-B visas (to 300,000/year and 325,000/year respectively) – UNLESS they change their views on this issue. I’ve contacted all 3 and have given them much data that clearly shows there is no shortage of engineers, including a recently published in-depth study that found that only 64% of engineers who graduated in 2009 had found a STEM job 1 year after graduation, and only 54% had found a job in their field of study

    1. I’m very aware of many issues, but this happens to be the one that affects me the most, and has for some time… and it plays right into the hands of the big money interests who want an ever increasing supply of cheap labor while many qualified Americans like myself can’t find a job. There are many highly qualified engineers that are unable to find an engineering job while many S&P 500 corporations continually whine that they can’t find engineers to fill their open positions. There hasn’t been a shortage of engineers since at least the early 1980s, but this propaganda continues in spite of the facts.

    2. Look up “Is the President Right About Engineers?” at the Center for immigration Studies. This article documents unemployment and underemployment data on most engineering degrees. Note that many Republicans and Democrats in Congress support bringing more engineers here on work visas just as President Obama, Mitt Romney and John McCain did when they were campaigning in 2012cand in 2008, respectively. I’m not impressed that Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz are with the establishment on this issue and hope that he will reconsider in light of the facts that show there is a glut, not a shortage, of engineers.

    3. should read “in 2012 and in 2008, respectively” and “and hope that they will reconsider in light of the facts’

      Sorry for the typos – I edited but then didn’t proofread before posting.

    4. I didn’t know that about Mike Lee or Sen. Ted Cruz. Thanks for pointing it out. I am definitely against open borders. And Tex2, I remember him from last year when I posted his real email address after he posted so much garbage back then.

      1. You’re welcome, Don. If you (and hopefully many others) would contact Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz, they just might reconsider their position on high tech visas and the overall immigration bill. I also contacted Campaign for Liberty ~ the high tech visas after calling the 3 senators’ offices.

    5. I agree, it is ALL about money. The problem lies with our elected Senators (and Representatives and President) who allow an excessive amount of cheaper foreign engineers to come here to work on work visas and green cards when there are many highly qualified engineers in the U.S. that are unable to find work as an engineering.

      I also recognize that there are many foreign graduate students studying engineering at U.S. universities that would like to stay in the U.S. to work. But it is apparent why that is so if you look at this article – which I found online after talking to a faculty member at a major university who has gone overseas 3 -4 times a year for the sole purpose of recruiting foreign students.

      Universities actively recruit foreign students instead of Americans to be graduate students because they make more money from federally funded research contracts if they have a foreign student instead of an American doing the research. As the article discusses, the University of California makes an additional $50 million/year by recruiting foreign graduate students to do research. During the budget crisis in California last year, there actually was a proposal to suspend new admissions of Americans into graduate programs in the University of California system, and ONLY allow foreign graduate students to enroll precisely because they are incentivized to do so by the way they are reimbursed for tuition costs in the research contracts funded by various federal agencies.

  5. Oh, Tex, you would complain about 72 degree weather outside and blue skies.

    Talk to a proctologist. They might be able to give you an attitude adjustment and clear your mind with a good prescription strength laxative.

    Then you might be able to recognize that all you comments are negative and you rarely bring anything constructive to this thread.

  6. Doug Wead has to be hands down one of the biggest soar losers in American politics today. The AP is to blame for Ron Paul’s loss? Really Doug? How about the fact you refused to run a competitive campaign and attack Mitt Romney because he threatened to in your words to a Democracy Now reporter, “destroy forever the name Ron Paul “? Libertarians always preach about personal responsibility. Too bad they refuse to practice it.

      1. Read Doug’s article again. Sour grapes nearly 1 year after the fact.
        Glad to see the spell check police are here. Thanks!

    1. It was no error on Doug’s part not to attack slime-ball Romany? He want’s to get behind the Constitution? Left and right are gone? This is a talker, it wasn’t his fault that they didn’t attack Romney, others made the decision not him. What others Doug? Laugh it up clown.

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