Behind the Chechen Islamic Terrorist Bombing in Boston

Now we know that American, homegrown, Chechen nationals, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were behind the Boston Marathon bombing.

Dzhokhar and Tamerian Tsarnaev.

Remember, the Chechen Islamic terrorists and their war with Russia?  They were behind the school massacre in Beslan, North Ossetia in September, 2004.   380 persons died, including 186 children.

A few years ago I visited Krasnodar where the issues of North Ossetia are still fresh in people’s minds.  After the three day siege in Beslan one of the school teachers who escaped told her harrowing story on French television.  She had been inside the school when the Islamic terrorists wrapped their explosives around the small children.

“How can you justify the killing of children?” she asked one of the terrorists.

“The little girls will grow up to be prostitutes,” he answered, “And the little boys will grow up to be pimps, anyway, so what difference does it make?”

People in the West find it difficult to understand the Islamic mentality of many living in the former Soviet Republics.  While the communists had crushed Christianity, Islam remained much more resilient.  During my visits to Kazan, Almaty, Astana and other such places I met Muslims who had practiced their faith all through the Soviet era.  Others returned to Islam in mass, as soon as the Iron Curtain lifted, just as many in Ukraine and other Republics became instant Christians.  It was as if a light switch were turned on.  As if their faith were in the DNA and they returned to where they had been before Lenin.

A close Muslim friend of mine told of a young Kazakhstan female student attending Northwestern University.  It was learned that during her time in American she had visited a Christian church with some classmates.  Upon her return to her Islamic home she was kidnapped by radicals, raped and tortured for several days and then murdered. My friend said he had attended the funeral.

I am president of Canyonville Christian Academy, a boarding school in Oregon.  We have had Islamic parents urge us to keep their children out of the chapel, even for secular events, for fear of retaliation when they return home.

Our ignorance of Islamic culture and thinking persists years after 9-11 because the American media simply does not want to know.  The American media continues to try to force the world and its news into its own mold of what it wishes it to be.  Objective reporting of facts is dead.  The trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell is ignored.  His mass murders are excused by the media, washed clean by his work as an abortionist.  Wars in Africa are reported, with numbers of those killed, while any explanation for what motivates the killers, including any ties to Islam or the victim’s ties to Christianity is censored.  It is as if the news is embarrassed by the whole idea of Islamic radicalism and refuses to recognize that it exists.

This collapse of journalism in America sometimes leaves giant holes in our understanding of events.  This became clear this morning as newsmakers struggled to understand the motives of the Boston Marathon Bombers.  First they learned that they were Chechen, which absolutely dumbfounded the news anchors.  “I thought the Chechens were mad at the Russians,” one news reporter asked aloud.  Several hours into the coverage someone ventured that Chechens were Islamic.  “Could that have something to do with it?  How could young men be living here in America and been turned to terrorism?  Who could have turned them?”

“Poor George,” Ann Smiley, “told her husband, the cuckholded spy for the British Secret Service, “Life is such a puzzle for you, isn’t it?”

One could just as easily say, “Poor America, life is such a puzzle for you.”

The puzzle exists because of the massive denial and outright ignorance of the national media.  A refusal of news companies to let their reporters report.  Rather a desire to shape the news and force it into preconceived opinions of what it should be.  This ignorance, passed onto the public, leaves us vulnerable to the possibility of terror all around us.  And bewildered, puzzled, by our enemies.

Tamerian Tsarnaev. still on the loose.
Tamerian Tsarnaev. still on the loose.

Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

44 thoughts on “Behind the Chechen Islamic Terrorist Bombing in Boston

  1. Excellent Reporting for those who are “Slightly Puzzled” and would appreciate getting to the truth.

    1. Alexander the Great beat back Gog and Magog at Caucasian Dervent and their descendents massacred Custer’s Last Stand but Gibbon glorified them

  2. Chechen patsies. c’mon doug, this is classic gov’t terror. what about the fact that there were announcements to the runners that “bombs were going to be going off and to remain calm, it is just a drill”? what? the pack of bomb sniffing dogs didn’t pick up the scent? howabout the fact that everyones backpacks were checked, but supposedly these guys slip in AND are able to plant and detonate the bomb? you are starting to lose credibility, stick with news about ron paul, otherwise, you might make me begin to question his intensions as well. fact is, we have a criminal gov’t and 9job11 is the smoking gun, get with it or quietly retire.

      1. What?!?!

        1993 World Trade center bombing was an FBI engineered botch job. All well documented, undisputed fact; no other way about it.

        Gulf of Tonkin torpedo incident was an out-and-out government lie.

        USS Maine explosion off the coast of Cuba was an insider (or overblown, whatever you want to call it) job, with the help of warmongering neo-con press (Pullitzer, Hearst).

        How about Operation Northwoods CIA lies which JFK got reluctantly pulled into by military industrial complex?

        How about FBI engineered murder of Black Panther Fred Hampton in Chicago, about which they outright lied?

        Aren’t you the guy who used to do Ron Paul TV? Ron Paul himself spoke so many times about nefarious elements of military industrial complex acting as shadow government, that benefit from engineered false flags. He still continues to talk about this.

        The fact that you’re attacking that guy for questioning mainstream narrative says: It’s YOU who are government brainwashed & need to lay off koolaid.

    1. I will say, we can’t jump to any conclusions, one way or another. To me, even if they come up with someone as the perpetrator, it’s going to have to be proven legitimately, beyond a reasonable doubt, as they say. I am highly skeptical to say the least. I agree with much of what Doug says, but that doesn’t mean this specific incident automatically relates to the whole of Islamic terrorism.

      And Jah’s point about government terror should not be so easily dismissed as a result of koolaid drinking…there are very legitimate questions about 9/11 that remain to this day, and you cannot rule out the fact that, at some level, members of the US government played a role.

  3. If these are the only two suspects that should be investigated. And had two backpacks. And more than two bombs were found, how many crockpots does two back packs hold???


  4. Doug – I lived in the UK with the IRA blowing up children and ordinary citizens, as well as law enforcement officers, and assasinating politicians – and they were Catholics. It can’t be Islam alone, it’s about mindless fundamentalism of all kinds combined with a sense (rightly or wrongly) of injustice, and a brutalised, highly politicised and ghettoised society. All of this supports your point about the need, indeed responsibility, for proper, mature reporting that aims to inform and educate, not simply reinforce people’s existing prejudices.

  5. If we all put our “Critical Thinking” caps on while realizing that the Government and the Media “rarely” tells the Truth, the question which should on everyone’s mind should be “WHY?”

  6. Why are people referring to “Chechen nationals”. STOP IT. Russia invaded, conquered and annexed Chechnya. They’re now Russian nationals!

  7. “Terrorism” always works in the favor of the “state”. It makes presidents look presidential, and it gives the government a miriad of excuses to “crack down” on civil liberties all across the country.

  8. How do we know that, Doug? What happened to INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY???? They have the right to a fair trial. It’s not up to the media, or any of us, to be judge, jury, and executioner. Shame on you, Doug.

    1. They already proved themselves to be guilty you ignorant, naïve, BLIND fool. You are an embarrassment, and let me venture a guess of you: American, Female, and vote Liberal.

      1. The so called confession came out after a report they said they were set up and that the confession occurred before they were given Miranda rights.

      2. I knew it, a female.
        Who cares about Miranda rights… and as for a confession, were the 2 radicals supposed to give the confession before they shot the MIT officer or after they killed him?
        Were they supposed to give it before or after their firefight with the cops in which they threw grenades their way?
        Were they supposed to confess after they dropped off the backbacks or before they did that?
        We saw them do it, we saw them walk away after leaving them there…. what is your pathetic defense there, that they were being controlled by puppet strings by Obama, or Bush??? Fool.

      3. Tigerwoodsballs (Wow! what a name! – I’m replying to Tiger Wood’s balls – something just ain’t right about this)

        Whoa! Who cares about Miranda Rights? Who the hell are you anyway? Are you related to an enforcer of the Russian Gulag or someone like that? Tone it down and be thankful you have Miranda Rights! And what does being a female have to do with anything? I’m a male and I don’t believe a word that the media or government says.

        Let’s all wait till all the evidence is presented. There is so much misinformation out there that it’s hard to determine what is true and what is false. (especially with our government – they seem to enjoy LYING to us)

        Not that I don’t believe you, but I’d like to see the link showing them walking away after leaving the backpacks there. I haven’t seen that.

        Just so you know that there are ALWAYS questions concerning the government and it’s relation to terrorism, Glenn Beck has been really stirring-the-pot by what he’s been saying.

  9. Investigative reporters don’t do much investigating anymore, and nobody seems to question anything.
    If most Muslims are against terrorism, why don’t we hear about it? Where’s their outcry? They should be pleading with terrorists to stop. Is it just not reported? If they don’t start policing their own kind, maybe the terrorized governments should fight the war the same way they do, but 10 fold. It’s the only way to make the terrorists unpopular with their own kind. We don’t need to know the terrorists names or which country they’re from. We don’t need to spend billions defending against attacks. All we need to do is treat it like the holy war it really is. If Muslims kill 3 of us in Boston, we kill 30 Muslims anywhere. Otherwise, they’ll continue to kill our sweet, young people. I don’t like the idea, but at this point I have to say, better theirs than ours. What we’re doing now isn’t working.

    1. That’s a good point. Here’s a simple way to look at it.

      Let’s say you’re a leader of a large family, we’ll call that family (of about 1000 in your state…. and a few hundred around the world) the Kjillsons. You have your own family “flag” because you are proud of your family, and you all worship the God of Neptune. That’s your strong bond.

      Now over the most recent 2 decades, you all, mostly, have lived a quiet, peaceful life.
      However, a handful, a few dozen, of your 1000 or so family members have blown up schools, planes, embassies, buses, sky-scrapers, hotels, etc. because those innocent people are not Neptune-worshippers like they are.
      They’re radically behind this Neptune God and they get their evil message from their so-called holy book, which preaches death to everyone not like them.

      Now you and most of your family at first deny that these fellow family-members did these things, but because sometimes they recorded themselves beforehand talking about their plan, and other times because the evidence is obvious, you eventually can’t deny what they’ve done.
      But you insist that they don’t represent your family.
      Now you don’t do anything though, to try and notice, stop, catch the others though… until they blow something else up. Then you say “they don’t represent us”… don’t have anything to do with us.

      Then another one blows up a building and kills 200 people.
      Then another one hijacks a school and blows up 300 people.

      So what are you going to do to stop it?
      Because if you don’t do anything to stop it, I’m going to quarantine ALL OF THE KJILLSONS because that’s the only way we can prevent another bombing, terroristic act.

      So here’s the message to any so-called peaceful Muslims: YOU better start being more pro-active and get your HEADS OUT OF THE SAND. Because YOU are going to be the ones who pay the price from the JIHAD that YOUR FOLLOWERS have waged on the rest of the world. On Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddists, everyone.

      YOU are asking to be profiled because you keep letting YOUR religion be hijacked…. well, that is unless you quietly SUPPORT what they are doing.
      If you don’t stop it, YOU become the problem as well…. you understand that KJILLSON analogy? That’s Islam.

  10. Islamic terrorism has literally paralysed the world. The western world knows very little about it. Islamic fundamentalism roots from the hatred for ‘kaphirs’ (infidels). America is not safe as you think.The very many Muslims immigrated from Asian countries – especially Pakistan and Afghanistan are highly fanatical. They will strike when they get an opportunity.Beware!!

  11. The countdown begins for Ronnie to tweet that the bombings were blow-back and if HE were POTUS everything would be gumdrops and lollipops.

    1. No Egdar

      Instead we’ve got the Neocons “In-Charge” who have managed to set up a whole “Culture of Terrorism” around the globe through FEAR so they can usurp the United States Constitution to advance their “Warmongering” and World Domination Agenda for the almighty PROFIT!

      Not to mention all the innocent people around the world who have been (and who continue to be) slaughtered by the “video game style” Drone Attacks coming out of Langley Virginia.

      Mass Murder and Terrorist Style Bombings are “a-ok” when we do it. And surely that won’t piss anyone off – will it?

    2. DT the only one’s making a profit off fear mongering are the Ron Paul’s, the Alex Jones, the Glen Beck’ a search for Jone’s net worth: $5 MILLION last time I checked. RP made over $40 million pretending to run for a nomination his own campaign staff knew he couldn’t win and continues to rake in the FRN’s through scams like his ‘home school curriculum.’
      So sorry to see you’ve bought into Ronnie’s game of divide and rule, seeing people as ‘neocons’ instead of simply ‘fellow Americans’. Now open your wallet and send him another donation so he can continue to ‘spread the message.’

      1. Dear Edgar,

        I haven’t “bought” into anything. But while we’re at it, since you are assigning all these “acts” of exchange to my Constitutional Libertarianism, I would contend that it is you who have been “sold” a bill of goods. It’s the “simple” who ignore the facts regarding “special interest” money, war and elections. Only the “ignorant” ignore the unsustainable debt, taxes and inflation. And it’s only the “duped” who actually believe there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats on the important issues which have, and continue to, bring this great nation into a death-spiral decline.

        I don’t know (nor do I care) where you fall on the political spectrum. It doesn’t matter where you’re a BIG Government Conservative or a BIG Government Liberal – to me, they’re both the same. They both govern against the Will of the People the same way – they both borrow and spend our future generation’s money same way – they both want to “bomb the crap” out of middle eastern countries and commit mass murder the same way to inevitably preserve the Petro Dollar – not to “spread” Democracy.

        In a nutshell, I would say I’m being robbed. My taxes go to preserve a corrupt system of “Pay-to-Play”. The same bunch of corrupt “politicians” get elected over and over again. Special Interest $$$ has “bought” these guys – and it doesn’t take a Ron Paul, an Alex Jones or a Glenn Beck to tell me that. All you have to do is “Google” the Special Interests who are the “War Profiteers” and who they support.

        As to the Neocon comment – I do apologize for that. Your eyes haven’t been opened yet, so you remain blind. And if you’re indignant about my reference to Neocons – may I suggest you look at the Neocon “way”. It’s very similar to the fascist National Socialist German Workers’ Party or Nazism. They’ve even “hijacked” Western Christianity. Hell! Even Obama is a Neocon, so don’t get your panties in a bunch!

      2. The Neocon “Way” (You won’t see this on the news) Warning: Graphic Images of War

        If you are a Christian – or a human being for that matter – this should turn-your-stomach that your tax dollars go to fuel the Neocon “Way”

      1. Yes, Edgar. Youtube Videos. You can scoff at them all you like, but Graphic Pictures and videos are appropriate, as long as the pictures are TRUE. And if the pictures or videos are True, they should be admitted as EVIDENCE.

        You see, Edgar, to scoff at graphic videos and pictures is just intellectually lazy. It’s also the sign of being a Dyed-in-the Wool Liberal or Neocon. Both Extremists in their own right. They don’t want any of this stuff in the public eye, because it brings down their whole agenda. That’s why you’ll never see such Graphic Images on our News Channels – EXCEPT when it’s designed to spur a people toward nationalism or to start another War. The other side is always censored.

        So in the defense of youtube videos and to seek for the “Socratic Quest” for Truth, NONE of the EVIDENCE should be “filtered”, because we may find it personally repugnant. As a Civilized People, if something is so horrible that we can’t stand to look at it, perhaps we shouldn’t be tolerating it. Neocons hate that!

  12. In light of the recent bombing in Boston is it time to resurrect the debate on radicalisation of youth. We are failing at a fundamental level in preventing American and British youth being recruited by terrorist groups. They target easily impressionable boys who are seduced by the glamour of crime and terrorism. Tamerlane Ysarnaev one of the Boston bombers was into clubbing, drinking,and boxing – he was obviously seduced by the glamour of terrorism and then indoctrinated into religion

    read more on my blog

    leave a comment or follow

  13. Yep, DT. Keep pointing your grubby little fingers at your fellow Americans. Ron Paul made a career out of it and never passed a bill of any consequence yo the American people but sure built a multimillion dollar cottage industry for himself up to and including his own home school curriculum designed to indoctrinate kids k-12 to hate their fellow countrymen.

    1. Excuse me, Edgar, but don’t you hate Nazism? I mean we have a Constitution which has been “suspended” (or usurped) just like Germany had just before Hitler came to power. He suspended it for the sake of “Homeland Security”. Hitler disarmed the people. Does today’s Neocon led Gun Control ring a bell? Hitler also passed the “Enabling Act”, which is comparable to the NDAA which the Neocons pushed HARD to get through the House and the Senate. BHO signed it on News Years Eve when most of Congress was out-of-session for the Holiday. Sneaky bastards, are these Neocons…

      I’m surprised at you, Edgar. HATE is such a strong word. Do you really believe that Ron Paul advocates K-12 Graders in a Home School Program to HATE their fellow countrymen? I mean c’mon! The more I read your posts, the more I would caution you to stop putting words into Ron Paul’s mouth. It’s really quite unsanitary.

    2. yada yada yada …since you are fond of youtube videos and mention nazism, here’s one you might like:

      “[Ron Paul’s] stand, his heartfelt position on the issues coincide with ours”- NeoNazi Don Black owner of Stormfront.

  14. most muslims are terrorists,they are taught to hate non muslims and western values and the western way of life!
    i am not worried about the radical muslims in the middle east,but on edge about all the muslims in america that are just waiting to strike!

  15. How sick this guy is….He is only right in that I don’t watch MSM news unless it is referred to me through the Daily Paul, Drudge or Reality Check…

  16. Gerald Celente offers his 2 cents on the Boston Marathon Bombings and how Martial Law was instituted in “A State of Siege”.

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