How Mitt Romney cheated his way to the GOP nomination

New evidence is coming out about just how tough and dirty the Mitt Romney campaign fought to block the Ron Paul takeover of the Republican Party at the State Conventions last summer.

It may offer a little sneak preview of what a Romney presidency will be like.  And barring war with Syria or some other dramatic October surprise, Romney may well win this election.  The economy should decide that.

It  turns out that Mitt Romney and other Republican operatives were apparently very much aware of what was going on at the precinct, county, district and state conventions.  This was not greedy state and county chairmen wanting to hang onto power so they could go to the RNC as delegates and get drunk.  The hardball tactics were apparently approved and refined from state to state from Iowa, where the state chairman got money for the GOP and promises and conveniently kept a Santorum popularity vote win and a Ron Paul delegate win, out of the news for months, all the way to Tampa, where pudgy, Romney Brownshirt  goons raced along the streets in golf cart-like vehicles, looking for demonstrators to divert into chain fence cages beyond view of the media.  Welcome to Romney’s America.

Remember Arizona?  Where there were accusations of voter fraud and physical violence against Ron Paul delegates?  Where delegates were sweated out, kept in 100 degree temperatures without air conditioning and without breaks for water or toilet, in hopes of getting them to give up?

Remember Nathan Sproul?

Remember my blog last summer, claiming fraud and miscounts and ballots taken away for the night to be recounted with numbers changed the next day?  Well,  Mr. Sproul called Ron Paul headquarters and threatened a lawsuit so I had to take down one of those blogs.  Now, what I wrote last summer, as a voice in the wilderness , is being published openly by the New York Times.  The mainstream media didn’t mind seeing Ron Paul get mauled but their precious Obama is another matter.  Now there are public reports of voter fraud at the hands of Mr. Sproul and a new revelation that he has recently been on the Republican Party payroll to the tune of millions of dollars and assigned to do his deeds in five states.

There is more.  It turns out that Nathan Sproul is now linked to Karl Rove who may have hired him as well.  Rove has a curiously malevolent streak of his own.   In Tampa, at the Romney coronation, Rove suggested – in jest we all presume – the murder of fellow Republican Senate Candidate Todd Akin, who had won the Missouri primary fair and square but now refused to resign and let Rove’s favorite candidate, who had lost, take his place.

Akin misspoke on abortion.  Rove, who misspoke on murder, is to be excused.

See: Karl Rove tied to shady GOP operative Nathan Sproul

Meanwhile, a major television network is now finally tracking the story of the Louisiana  State GOP.  Remember how Romney-Santorum people hired off duty policemen, telling them to arrest troublemakers when they pointed them out?  And then after they were voted out and new Ron Paul people were voted in to run the convention they had the hired off duty policeman arrest the new duly elected chairmen who was manhandled?  One was knocked to the ground another had his fingers broken while in police custody?  Well, that is going to court.  Yes, the Ron Paul victims will win, but the Romney people could care less, they got what they wanted and no apology has been offered.  Welcome to Romney’s America.

Remember our Ron Paul hero in Missouri, Brent Stafford, who was elected county chairman in St. Charles?  Who was arrested and hauled off to jail by off duty police hired by Romney people?  He was finally acquitted and the Romney person who ordered the arrest actually applauded the court’s decision.  Stafford, may file a lawsuit as well, but the Romney people won’t care.  They got what they wanted.

Perhaps the most damaging news of all for the Romney campaign is the emerging story of Charlie “The Cheater” Nejedly.  Charlie was caught in Maine, wearing a Ron Paul sticker, passing out fake Ron Paul slates at the Maine State Convention which the Romney people had clearly lost.  He was outed on the floor in Maine and soon afterward overheard talking to Romney’s likely nominee for Attorney General, campaign legal counsel, Ben Ginsburg.  According to the source, Ginsburg told Nejedly, “We need to get you to Boston.”

It now appears that Charlie “the Cheater” worked the Massachusetts convention too and that he was a paid staffer on the Romney payroll.  What’s worse, he is a Notre Dame graduate, which leads to all kinds of conflicts for this author.  I grew up in South Bend and I love Notre Dame.  And this week they play Brigham Young University.  And Manti Teo’s parents are in the audience.  Oh my?  What can I do?

I will still root for Notre Dame, of course, but Mitt Romney “the cheater” may have to wait for me to cool down a bit.  What was he thinking?  I know what he was thinking?  He was thinking that we would all come around and vote for him instead of Obama because of the economy.  So he could cheat and fake to his heart’s content.  But the more clearly in focus it becomes the less impressed I am of Romney’s America.  Where are we headed?



Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

269 thoughts on “How Mitt Romney cheated his way to the GOP nomination

  1. Well, I’ve just signed and stamped by Mexifornia mail-in ballot, where I’ve written in Ron Paul for president.

    I seriously doubt if The Good Doctor will win, but I will be able to sleep peacefully knowing that I have Done The Right Thing.

    1. Amen Rich!

      It’s good to know that there are others out there not fooled by the 2 Puppet System – and that they are standing up against it. You’re a True “Non-Hannitized” Patriot!

      1. Mark (and Rich), have you guys seen the documentary re: Fox Snewwzz? I just watched it last night (well, fell asleep watching it, which I do not recommend as I had a terrible nightmare).


        and, “The Hole & The Change”:!watch/409925

        They are on I spent the day watching documentaries, including the one about “Hope and Change”, put out about a year ago. It spotlights 40 people, dems and indies, who voted Obama, and never would again.

      2. God rest ye merrie, gentlemen, let nothing you dismay;
        This toilet seat’s been Hannitized with ultraviolet rays;
        To save us all from Satan’s call if we should go aspray;
        Oh tidings of comfort and joy….

    2. Rich Grise — Well done, voting your conscience!!!

      I would have done the same, had I not been informed from “those in-the-know” that all write-in ballots would be screened and any with Ron Paul’s name would then be destroyed (as “unable to read written name” thus Invalid)!

      We’ll be voting for Gary Johnson — a vote that may be counted.

      1. In Mexifornia, it doesn’t matter much anyway, since it’s got 55 electoral votes, on an all-or-nothing plan – if Obamney gets 49% of the vote, and Rombama gets 50%, then Mexxifornia reports that ALL FIFTY-FIVE electoral votes go to Rombama.

        The All-or-Nothing electoral college system makes me want to throw up.

      2. Ohio will NOT count Ron Paul as a write-in as he is NOT registered as such in Ohio. He is registered as a write-in ONLY in Maine.

        I’m going with Gary Johnson.

    3. Anybody writing in Ron Paul is a moron — your vote isn’t counted and he can’t win. People pushing this meme are supporting the illegal “federal” regime. VOTE GARY JOHNSON WHO HAS A CHANCE TO WIN AND YOUR VOTE HAS A CHANCE TO BE COUNTED!!!

      1. I wish Gary Johnson did have a chance to win. But Romney owns the voting machines in Ohio (which is mandatory to win), Virginia and Texas under son’s Tag Romney name. Sadly, Ron Paul with all his votes should be allowed to form a large part of the Republican agenda. That is how it was always done before.

    4. Write in votes for Ron Paul can only legally be counted in 9 states and it’s impossible for him to get the majority of electors even if he wins all nine of those states. Good job wasting your vote.

      1. So, what you’re saying is, “Figure out who the winning candidate is (the one our Overseers allow us to pick), and vote for them.” Yeah, I can see what a great strategy for freedom that would be. (Sarcasm noted, in case it’s not detected).
        The Right choice will ALWAYS be right.
        No One But Paul 2012!

      2. I wouldn’t be too tough on Kyle, as we’ve all been brainwashed since our tender years, to go with the “winner”. In the USA, “We’re Number ONE”, is not just a slogan. We believe it and we want it to be true so badly that we will go with whomever the pundits say is the winner.
        Of course, right now, the back and forth of these guys makes it appear as if either could win. So, do I (knowing what happens inside of the fraudulent machines) go and vote via the hack-a-vote-2000? Or, do I mail-in the ballot? I have the paper-ballot. I’d say I use paper because, if it is not counted, it cannot be counted for either Mitt or Bambi. I don’t want my vote changed to whomever they think is best.

        Oh, and I heard something yesterday from a very reliable source. Guess who owns part of the voting-machines in Ohio (and who knows where else the Hart or Heart machines are used?)! Oh, it’s a Romney, but it’s not Mittens (as far as we know –yet.) It is Tagg. aka L’il slugger, the guy who wanted to punch Obama, is part owner of Hack-A-Vote-2000.
        Can it get more surreal than this?

      3. Oh, but Kyle– it’s SO FAR. So far the write-ins in most states will all be counted as, “other”. But people are still working on effecting a real change regarding these votes.
        And, who really wants to vote for Same-A or Same-B? Both are despicable and I won’t ever vote for either.

      4. Well, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve voted against both of the Obamas, and for some reason I just nevr trusted Johnson. Don’t forget, the “lesser” of two evils is still evil.

      5. annebeck58

        Absolutely. The evil and maniacal 2 Puppet System has only one goal in common – and it ISN’T about winning! It’s about preserving the Staus-Quo.

      6. It’s more of a wasted vote supporting someone like Romney or Obama who is going to destroy our country & the value of our dollar. At least voting for Ron Paul, even if it goes uncounted, keeps my conscience clear that I didn’t vote for the police state we are now living in thanks to the 2 party system and their crooked ways!

    5. Woo hoo! If every one of us votes his or her conscious Ron Paul will win. I plan to write in Ron Paul too. I don’t care, I refuse to vote for lying cheats, and know that what they are.

    1. Jay Tea

      It doesn’t matter. These Puppets are both the same – only one is on the left hand and the other is on the right. They will produce the same results for their Puppet Masters – The Money Junkies.

      These criminals will enjoy the complete immunization from arrest and prosecution for their crimes of Fraud and Corruption – and they will continue their quest for power and enrichment, so long as they are allowed to give their money to bribe their next Puppet in the 2 Puppet System.

      1. Yeah I know they are both the same … But if Romney wins then he punks us all….. He can’t be rewarded for the cheating….. I loathe Obama but Obama did not cheat us out of the nomination …. . I want to see Romney lose big , I want to see Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity whine , lament and agonize their losss… I want to enjoy seeing the wheeping and the tears of the GOP

      2. Heck no, Obama totally cheated. On election day, he said, “If I am your president, there will be no unwarranted wiretapping,” then he defended it in court soon after, using the same excuses as Bush! He used Gitmo as a campaign pusher, yet it’s still open. He used Middle East intervention and bringing the troops home as a campaing point, and look where we’re at now? He used civil rights as part of his campaign, Bush giving himself the right to indefinitely imprison non-U.S. citizens, and not only did Obama extend that, he demanded it be extended to U.S. citizens. He campaigned against the Bush Patriot Act then ended up extending it. As much as I despise the Republican party, at least I can respect they stick to their principles. Democrats went silent when Obama turned out to be Bush III. Talk about hypocrites.

      3. I am not saying this to demean you:
        “Heck no, Obama cheated…”(?)
        You mean he cheated when he lied?
        It’s politics. It’s America.
        THEY ALL LIE/

        Cheating is just as bad or worse but they all lie. Certainly, those who get anywhere near the top lie, ALL THE TIME. Obama is a proficient liar. SO Is Mitt. It is what they do.

      1. No…The term we should be using is “controlled opposition”….All the evidence to support this assertion is there. He was a liberal his whole life, and now he’s randomly decided to pander to the conservative base although it’s painfully obvious h is NOT good at debating conservative issues. He has lied and flip flopped every where, and he almost seems to not realize he’s even doing it….I think he knows good and well what he’s doing. It seems to me Someone was payed to keep Obama in office or at LEAST be a very good back up in the event that Obama cannot keep his support from four years ago… Romney seems to be controlled opposition for Obama…..

    2. Pretty disgusting….yet we all knew that this summer 😦

      All I know is GJ gets my vote….& hopefully RPers all over the country are thinking along the same lines. if so…there is a nice shot at disrupting the electoral college…as well as sending a msg: “none of the above”!

      1. Sorry, but my Mexifornia vote-by-mail ballot is in the snail mail as of this morning, and I’ve written in Ron Paul for President. I doubt if he will win, but at least I can sleep peacefully knowing that I Have Done The Right Thing.

        For some reason, I just don’t trust Gary. Sorry.

      2. A vote for Gary Johnson will count … It is truly a “wasted vote” to write in the good Doctor Paul … unless of course your objective is to make yourself feel smug. At this point, voting for Dr. Paul is like peeing on yourself when you’re wearing black pants … it makes you feel warm, but no one knows you did it …

      3. Rich — I don’t trust Gary Johnson either and I just can’t bring myself to vote for him. So it’s Ron Paul or I’ll just stay home. I results are the same. I tell you the truth I can’t wait to leave this earth. I’m sick of the dirty politicians and crap. I feel like I’m living in a slave state.

    3. Sorry Jay Tea,Romney was seen at Bilderberg this year,
      he will be your new President,because the elite have already chosen him.Same thing happened 4 years ago,when they had Obama and Hillary attend the meeting.
      This election is an illusion to appease the masses.

      1. agree. and those writing in Ron Paul are wasting their chance to cast a vote for an actually Liberty candidate, Gary Johnson.

  2. Romney will have to spend a few minutes before his maker to account for his behavior, just as we all will. And so will all the others who enabled cheating to happen. I wouldn’t trust Rove as far as I could throw him. If he’s involved you can be certain it will end up nasty…

  3. The money manipulators, who really control the power in this nation, want Romney as their Puppet President. These “Psychopathic Money Junkies” want to “force” a wave of austerity to spread across this nation to sweep what’s left of the the Middle Class and the Poor into the gutter of despair – meanwhile, making sure that the Bankers on Wall Street are immune to any arrest and prosecution for their crimes of Fraud against the American people. We’ve already seen what Puppet Obama accomplished against the Wall Street corruption. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And Romney will be even MORE of a Puppet than Obama.

    During the Romney Presidency, the Money Manipulators will be sitting “comfortably” on the sidelines acting like “casual” spectators taking in the “slaughter” at the Roman Colosseum of We-the-People. Mitt Romney and his ilk will be give We-the-People the “thumbs-down” at the Money Junkies behest – because these SICK Psychopaths gave MILLIONS to their Puppet, Romney – and they WANT IT ALL!

    These Blood-Thirsty Criminals will stop at nothing to conceal their bribery, cheating and lies. They have NO SHAME. And it’s in your face! And YOU Republicans are gonna vote for Romney, because THEY say so! What a Bunch! No better than the Democrats!

    And of course, their MILLIONAIRE “mouthpieces” on TV and Radio like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck will be narrating the “slaughter” on their shows by blaming the Left, Islam and the Chinese – as they abscond themselves from any culpability concerning the LIES they spewed over the airwaves concerning Ron Paul and promoting the Neo-con World Domination Agenda.

    I really believe that the uninformed “Romneyites” are hoping to get a good seat at the Colosseum. But the joke will be on them after Romney is elected. They will soon realize that their seat is on the Colosseum Floor! And when they look at the spectators, they will see Obama sitting next to Romney, amongst ALL the Money Manipulators – cheering your demise.

    1. First, let me say im for Ron Paul, his ideas are true, becuse they are constitutional. One point I NEED to make with you young VETS, im an old VET. It seems, writing in Ron, will ensure obammy wins.I also understand they both have thew same master, but, the difference is Mitt represents more work, yep, we are slaves.and we have to eat. Yall know the only way this can be changed, its wht we cant say, but yall know what im sayin. Change, must be effected by masses, thats one thing for sure.
      I have traveled much, and i see this entire nation is upset. Too many people, too much police, too much gov control. I know all the problems, my brother vets, ill be gone soon, all of us nam vets are gettin old bros, its up to you. Just dont let obammy win, mitt will at least start the work bros, it goes like that in cylclyes, yes, yall are right, your facts are right, but things aint fair bros, sadly, things are not fair nor what they seem to be.

      1. Well seeing as how Obama hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon to attack Iran yet, I think he will be a better choice. And no, I don’t like either candidate, trust me on that. They work for us, yet at the same time, they don’t. Damn paradoxes haha. I just feel for the innocent people who will be put in harms way if Romney get his grubby mitts on our military forces. He has made it clear Iran will be stopped. Any wrong moves in an unstable region will be bad for everyone except those who profit from wars. Sick as that is, they are out there and have been for a long while.

        On second thought, I almost want to get people to vote for who will do enough damage to push people over the edge where they demand change instead of waiting for it. If hunters back in the day waited for their food, we probably wouldn’t be where we are today. Initiative isn’t a bad thing.

      2. You sir are an ass! I am sorry to say but I am diappointed in you. I refuse to be a slave, and I am a free man just like my father and his father. I dont need federal reserve notes to eat and I know how to live off the land, Also I have the will to be free! I will vote straight Libertarian and tell the 2 fucking parties go fuck themselves!. I WILL LIVE FREE OR I WILL DIE! SEMPER FI

    2. DT — how’s this about the New Colosseum:

      “Throw another American to the lions….”

      And their Senators and Congressmen Cheer….

    3. Wow. You people are unbelievable. Do you really think Romney is that much of a cheat? Character begets deeds- can you find ANY stories that reflect badly on Romney’s character or deeds? And I don’t mean the usual “shipped jobs off to China, or, likes to fire people.” Look at all the stories out about Obama- and he has the media in his pocket! Romney, who the media abhors, would be trumpeting every bad story from the rooftops. Cutting hair in high school, and giving your dog a ride on the car roof- these are the best the media can come up with? Why doesn’t the media run with these stories on this site? I’ll tell you why- they don’t hold water. There is so much conjecture and projecting in these stories- even the liberal media won’t run them. And that says a lot.

      1. The media won’t cover this not because “They don’t hold water.” They won’t cover this because they know you believe in the system of the left and the right, and they know if they play it right and keep it to simple things you’ll be snowballed. The fact that the liberal media doesn’t cover this stuff should tell that it IS true. If they really ran this their controlled America would soon get out of control because all the people who foolishly believe them would get a little up set right? So they play softball making you think there is actually a competition between “Liberals” and “Conservatives.” Between Obama and Romney, and that must suit you just fine, because you seem to believe it, when in fact they are on the same team, working for the same masters who are hopelessly enslaving you because you falsely believe you are free to choose, when in fact your choices are picked for you. So you’re right, the fact that the liberal or the “conservative” media wont cover this, should say a lot. (That they are bought and paid for, just like Romney and Obama). One day you will wake up, and oh Ma’am, it will be a very rude awakening you will have. Good Luck! You’ll need it…

      2. Lisa

        Romney is a cheat. I watched the Republican Convention with my own eyes. The “Establishment” is scared to death of Ron Paul. In fact, he would win “hands-down” if he were debating Obama. It wouldn’t even be close. It makes little sense, doesn’t it? If it were all about the Republicans WINNING, they would have nominated Ron Paul. But it isn’t about them winning. It’s about the “status-quo” winning.

        Tell me. Are you that “in-the-tank” for Romney that you can’t see that the Republican Party is just as corrupt as the Democrat Party? BOTH Puppets work for the SAME Puppet Master. All you have to do is look no further than their Campaign Donors. That’s WHO the Puppets will be beholden to after the Election.

        All this corruption is by “design” to keep us pointing fingers and fighting amongst ourselves. But the ultimate goal for THEM is to keep us distracted so they can continue the Neocon – World Domination Agenda. Separate yourself from the Right/Left Paradigm. Only then will you see things clearly. And you might even be shocked at what you discover. For instance, ask yourself a question. If you were a German citizen back in WW2, would you have believed Adolf Hitler’s propaganda for World Domination? Or, if you were a Japanese citizen back in WW2, would you have believed Emperor Hirohito’s propaganda for World conquest? The point being is that history is repeating itself. And good and evil is being portrayed on the Stage of propaganda. What side are we on?

        The 2 Puppet System “works together” – and it ISN’T for you or I. Haven’t you noticed that NOTHING EVER CHANGES from Administration to Administration, except on how “Government” invades itself into every aspect of OUR everyday lives? For THEM, it’s all about Power and Control. They BOTH “increase” the National Debt to unsustainable levels KNOWING we can never pay it back. They BOTH support the FED “printing and pumping” $45 BILLION a MONTH into our economy into infinity KNOWING it will devalue our currency, thus causing prices to rise through inflation. They BOTH “usurp” the Constitution when it pleases them. They BOTH Expand Government and Spend us, our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren and beyond into oblivion. The BOTH support the TSA, the Patriot Act, the Anti-Trespass Act, SOPA, PIPA, CISPA and the NDAA which “takes away” our Freedoms and Liberties so we can’t fight back. The BOTH believe in Entitlements only differing slightly on how much to waste on them. They BOTH believe in waging War around the planet. They BOTH believe in controlling our schools, college loans and the educational system. They BOTH sign off of Legislation written by Lobbyists. They BOTH “want and need” Campaign Donations to elected and re-elected, so they coddle to the “Special Interests”, instead of Representing you and I. And each of them even has their own “Media Machines” on the TV and Radio to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

        Heck, even Obama is a Neocon!

      3. Yeah, right, that’s it. Like they reported all about the Romney/Alinsky lovefest in the 60s? Keep drinking that red koolaid… and my family will be voting Gary Johnson.

      4. Listen up, people I’m no rube who just fell off the turnip truck, so get off your high horses. I’m fully aware of all the behind the scene manipulations going on with the NWO. But tell me, what do you all achieve here, besides moaning and groaning about how you’re all in the know, and everyone else is just a sheeple? Short of armed revolution, how do you propose to change things? I’ll tell you- you have to work within the system. Unless you’ve got thousands of rounds of ammo, and a nationwide network of like minded patriots, you’re pretty much forced to deal with our only two choices. And I’ll take Mitt Romney any day over Obama. I like Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson, but the media has marginalized those two from ever being taken seriously. I like Rand Paul- and who is he stumping for? It’s a small step, but it’s the first step we have to take to get more conservatives and tea party congressman in. We don’t have much other choice, other than revolution. Do you people even realize what that would mean? I do, and I live where I can easily defend my property- do you? Oh, I’m awake- but I’m not stupid, and I don’t just talk.

      5. Why are you talking to yourself? –couldn’t find anyone to agree with you on Mitt? The guy is scum and many of us have related our personal stories about Mitt and his minion.
        Now go to some Mitt-blog. I am sure nobody here wants to hear about your ridiculous choice.

      6. Lisa,Google 173% Romney Panama and you might want to watch (Romney exposed) by John Hankey in youtube,might answer some of your questions..Lots of facts and documents.

    1. I heard some months ago that the LFRP (Lawyers for Ron Paul) were working on this very thing, but I haven’t heard anything one way or the other about any outcome.

      It would be totally kewl, however! “President-elect Romney Indicted on Fraud and Racketeering!”

      Of course, if Our Glorious Beloved Infallible Commisar gets re-elected, then we’re looking at four more years of the same old shit, if the Republic survives that long.

      1. Yes, I heard this, too.
        But there’s been a rift and a break-up in L4RP, so I cannot say if this is going forth.
        I only know that Richard Gilbert is still trying to get write-ins facilitated in each and every state. Or, I believe he is, as I am a signer or complainant in that case, too.

      2. I don’t think that one specifically would fly in court because a political party is classified as a private club, but even with that classification, they still can’t have people’s attacked and bones broken. Maybe that is one of the things they are charging them with though.

        Well, he won’t be able to do as much damage if Republicans control Congress and there’s split government. If Romney is president with a Republican Congress, then he can run roughshod over us all, completely unchecked.

      3. “Of course, if Our Glorious Beloved Infallible Commisar gets re-elected, then we’re looking at four more years of the same old shit, if the Republic survives that long.”

        I would suggest most strongly the Republic died at Appomattox. That is the day the states, the fourth branch of government, by force of arms, ceased to have control over the union.

  4. Hiya, Doug Wead! I am SO glad you posted this.
    Remember during the summer (July?) I said they were after me for exposing their vote-fraud? Well, they made it, “more official”, via certified letter (to ME?) on the 4th of this month.
    They are trying to get an indictment against me for “Divulging Votes”, a class-3 felony. Does it matter that I saw no votes? Does it count that I asked absolutely nobody (in the precinct) whom they’d voted for? No.
    Somehow, I must have been inside of people’s heads (without recalling their names, either) and, so i do know how they voted. They are using my blog-post (in which I stated my opinion) and may be using my opinions stated on your posts, too, to seek indictment against me.
    Sure, it is the only felony charge in this portion of the Texas Elections Code that they are attempting to use against me. But, were the women who actually did break the law indicted for even misdemeanor crimes? I think… not?

    I don’t have proof that they were not slapped for the misdemeanors. But I have proof that they are after ME. It came in the form of (July) phone-call and letter, and then (Oct 6th) certified letter.
    I am pretty ticked-off over this stuff.
    I still believe Ron Paul won and Mitt lost, at least in Austin, and I believe the votes were flipped. Yet I cannot tell you anyone’s vote, but my own. And I never did mention anyone’s vote, but my own.
    Still, I get the felony charge?

    Perhaps “Cheating Charlie” is their witness?

      1. Nice article Doug and thank you for supporting Anne! I read your email Anne and I am so sorry you are being put through the ringer. We are all behind you! Love and respect!

      2. I finally do have some on my side, but it looks as if I will have to go through this. Looking for an attorney, for sure, as I’ve been “alerted” that I needed to seek legal counsel. So far, I don’t have it, but would love to have counsel to go into the grande-jury with me (or in my stead.)
        I still think their choice of laws they chose to go after me with is inane. It’s “Divulging Votes”, and NO election-judges see votes, in Austin. It just seems stupid to me. But I don’t think they will let it go. And most grande-jury members are not that smart. It’s sad.

    1. Ann, you need to go on the offensive with this so-called “legal” action. I don’t have space or expertise to lay it out here, but PLEASE go to and make contact with the gentleman who owns that site. The “system of justice” by which these people attempt to make you obligated or “guilty” can be turned entirely in your favor. Seriously, do NOT consent to become a party to the suit until you have learned some things about how to operate. And I don’t mean from an “attorney.”

      1. Thank you.
        I will see if anyone there can help.
        I did speak with an attorney from Rutherford Institute, yesterday, and was told I may have to go through this in order to go after them for violating my free-speech rights.
        It’s so frustrating, though. And yes; it’s very worrisome.

    1. My files are in a lot better shape now than they were in 2008, thanks for the video, it’s been years since I saw it.

  5. And– can we just put MITT on trial for all of this? Never-mind this upcoming (s)election! Hang ’em HIGH!
    In fact, this exposing of all of Mitt’s cheating would be a great excuse for Obama to call off the (s)election via “Executive Order”, no?
    Quick, like a bunny, someone tweet the O, okay?

  6. Say, Doug; somehow, I have my account stuck on twitter, so that other person (annebeck58) is still me. Just a different picture of me (the one I use in twitter).
    I know I am awaiting moderation, but I did re-blog this and have asked others (via twitter) to do the same. This can be great evidence in MY favor when my case goes to the grande-jury.
    So thank you, very much, again!

  7. Mr Weed, I do so respect you. I have to ask what is it that keeps you going because for me, a regular middle classer, I just can’t stomach it any longer. I watched the last debate and found myself digressing to when I was little and my grandfather was watching Walter Cronkite on the nightly news and I wondered that the things that were being discussed sounded the same. Nothing has really changed. I have, since I was in my early 20’s known of all of the things that you share but find now in my early 40’s that my time in this life is just too precious to spend fighting this kind of fight. God bless all the people that have the energy for this fight because it does need to go on but for me at the moment seems somewhat futile, unfortunately. I have found in my age that time is the only thing that I have and the second, minute, and hour that passes….. returns not. The youth do need to battle on so pls find those people to pass the torch to. In the end for me…. I have to believe that good will prevail. Thank you to you for your steadfastness truly.

    1. Your post saddens me to the bone. I am almost 66. I “awoke” in 2007 after battling cancer…alternatively. What I can tell you is that I look at my kids and grand kids and I want to cry because I did not engage in the care of my liberty…their liberty. I made assumptions based on news that is so distorted and dishonest it defies logic. Was it the sickened food? Was it the chemical trails WE allow ourselves to be sprayed over and over? Is it the poisoned neurotoxic chemical laced water we drink and bathe in? Who’s to say. What I can say is that YOU KNOW. You are AWAKE. What is so precious about a life that turns away from truth and liberty and does not engage in the most important thing there is, freedom. For thousands of years it is what people have fought for. Don’t turn away. Educate, engage, share, teach, participate in the fight for humanity’s right to liberty. Now there is a life!

  8. Once again Doug skews the facts (there must be another money bomb coming up). Doug writes: “Remember our Ron Paul hero in Missouri, Brent Stafford, who was elected county chairman in St. Charles? Who was arrested and hauled off to jail by off duty police hired by Romney people? ”
    Yet it is well known that Dokes and others were SANTORUM people at the time of the arrest. In Stafford’s own words:

    “Mitt Romney people agreed to support me for Chairman. ”

    1. Jim, good factual point… but… ummmm, as usual, pretty outrageously worded. Can you not see that immediately attacking Doug as a horrible evil money-grubber snitzferguntrebmoust damages how people view *you* around here? Even if you truly and deeply believe he’s a Really Bad Guy, can you not control your vitriol, just for the sake of polite conversation with the rest of us? Consider instead giving a link, and saying something like “hey doug I noticed a mistake in your post, weren’t the missouri cops hired by santorum folks?”

      Well… weren’t they? That part is unclear. It’s well-known that Santorum won the popvote in Missouri overall, and in StCharles county in particular, that much is true. It’s also reasonably well-known, or at least, widely assumed, that the rigged county caucus proceedings in Jefferson and St Charles counties were ‘for’ the Santorum supporters. However, there is not much in the way of actual evidence for such assumptions.

      Dokes claims that he was *not* a Santorum supporter, despite some circumstantial evidence (e.g. a picture of him on stage with santorum when the latter visited the county where Dokes was chair). Dokes also says, less convincingly, that he supported the re-convening of a 2nd caucus, rather than just letting the central committee appoint the slate of their choice — with that cmte owned by Dokes and Spencer and the other folks that set up the rigged original caucus. Dokes is allegedly the person that circulated a letter, allegedly written by the santorum campaign, to member of the county central cmte. (The letter was addressed to the state GOP which was responsible for figuring out how to deal with the county-level mess… and recommended giving all the delegates from that county to Santorum.) Dokes also says that Ron Paul folks keep circulating that letter as a conspiracy theory… but one of the cmte members blew the whistle, and has the emails straight from Dokes, she claims. Speaking of conspiracy theories, Dokes offers one of his own, in this 10 min radio interview, where Dokes claims he was ordered to cheat:

      He didn’t name any names, just vague ‘sub-committee members’ which are basically the same folks that helped him rig the 1st caucus, and which he was planning to use the letter with, as a means of denying the 2nd caucus from every happening.

      What about the Romney folks? Well, as Jim rightly points out, the *local* team-Mitt grassroots folks were in a political alliance with the Ron Paul folks. However, that in itself doesn’t mean that some of the *national* Romney campaign folks weren’t pulling strings behind the scenes. In such a scenario, the delegate-slate proposed by the central cmte of Dokes/Spencer/etc would actually contain names of delegates that were loyal to Romney, even though they were allegedly ‘for’ Santorum. The dates here are important, because Santorum was still actively campaigning in March, when the county caucus meetings were held. By the time the St Charles meeting was rescheduled (with no input by the corrupt county central cmte thankfully), Santorum had dropped out, so the combined Paul-and-Romney slate won easily. District conventions were two weeks later, and the MO state-con was in June, when only Romney and Paul were still seeking delegates.

      What evidence do we have, that most of the state-level delegates that were supposed to be ‘for’ Santorum were just as much Romney folk, aka establishment-repubs? Here’s the math for the district conventions, according to wikipedia (not the best source admittedly but the only one I have readily at hand). Notice how, most of the time, the delegates ‘for’ Santorum end up sending Romney-delegates to Tampa.

      distr ronp mitt sant newt dels
      CD1 35 65 — — 1*ron + 2*estab
      CD2 18* 77 5 — 3*estab
      CD3 43* 21 36 — 3*estab
      CD4 24 12 64 — 3*estab
      CD5 73* 19 8 — 3*ron
      CD6 16* 33 39 13 3*estab
      CD7 42 4 53 — 3*estab
      CD8 2 11 80 7 3*estab

      These are percentages of the district-delegates, calculated without any weighting (not sure if that is exactly correct?). Asterisks indicate that some of the county-delegates listed for Ron Paul were actually part of a Paul-n-Romney compromise slate. Ron Paul won four delegates to Tampa, all of whom held true, and voted for liberty in Tampa. Newt got one nominal del pledged to him (from CD6), but that guy actually voted for Romney. Santorum got seven delegates, but more than half of them voted for Romney, as well — zero of the Santorum dels switched over to Ron Paul. Mitt got the vast bulk of the district-delegates in Tampa, and they all voted for him. As for the 3 superdels from MO, and the 25 state-con dels, every one of *them* was a Romney supporter, as well.

      We cannot draw any rock-solid conclusions from these numbers, but to me they pretty strongly imply that Romney supporters were getting the delegate-slots, even in places where the county-level delegates were allegedly ‘for’ Santorum. Look at CD8, which had 25 counties ‘for’ santorum, 2 for newt, 1 for ron paul, and just 2 for romney… not especially big ones either… so that 80% of the dels at the CD8 district-caucus were ‘for’ Santorum. All three of their delegates to Tampa were bound to Romney!,_2012#Results

      I haven’t done the detailed district-level math for LA, but we know that Santorum was the popvote winner there, just like in MO, and we know that Romney eventually ‘won’ the bulk of the delegates (but this time he had to get his way via the nat-credentials-cmte).

      Doug calls the Louisiana cheaters the Romney-Santorum folks, which is new as far as I knew. Doug says, at the top of the article: “New evidence is coming out … It turns out that Mitt Romney and other Republican operatives were apparently very much aware of what was going on at the precinct, county, district and state conventions. This was not greedy state and country chairmen …”

      There wasn’t any new evidence that was given *out* in this post. Just the claim by Doug that there *is* new evidence, and some references to stuff we already knew about (but which presumably the new evidence involves).

      I for one would like to see (or maybe would be terrified to see — but after what Tampa was like — not all that surprised to see) the links between Missouri county-caucusing, and some operative at the national level. Ditto for Louisiana, with broken bones. Nothing is mentioned in the article here, but I’d like to know if any more was ever found out on the “Mike Cook” of alaska, which was a gmail account used to slander pauliticians there.

      Doug, can you give us some more details & evidence yet?

      1. He means betting — the link to Intrade William gave is a betting-on-who-wins-the-elections site. They’ve been predicting 2-to-1 or better chances for obama since forever, mostly driven by the DOW trendline. (Not sure how well they predicted McCain vs Obama.)

        I would also be interested in what your line of thinking is, though. Statewide polls are showing Romney tied in FL, and behind in OH by a couple percentage-points, with Gary Johnson an unknown factor there (most polls exclude him … but when he is included he gets 5 to 10% of the voters there). Virgil Goode is on the ballot in VA now, among other places — no fourway polling data there that I know about. Do you have private polling-numbers, or listen to different pollsters, or do you not base your assessment on polls? Crystal ball…. [grin]

      2. Haha.
        I base Mitt being a fall-guy on him being the, “worst Republican ever”, as professed by Lil Ricky Santorum. It’s probably the only thought Ricky and I agree on.
        Oh, and when Romney’s name no longer showed as a “spelling error”, in spell-check, which was pretty early on in this (s)election season, it was obvious he was the “choice”, yet I do not believe he will ever occupy the White-house (based on what I already said.) And his wifey, Ann, has said he will not run for POTUS again (good, and I am glad that she spells her name differently than how my name is spelled.)
        On top of that, Mitt’s minion (RNC and higher-up GOP) mistreated most voters in the party to the point of no return, so that we aren’t voting for him either and ever. Yes, there are plenty Anyone-BUT-Oh-Bambi folk, but there’s nowhere near as many of them as there are Dems. And the Dems might have voted for a different Rep, but not Mitt’s kind of different. That “man” is just disgusting. His high and mighty attitude and his criminal actions have us willing to vote for, “lawn chair”, rather than Mittens.

      3. I don’t know how anyone can vote for someone they have absoutey nothing in common with. Unless you’re uber rich, why would you? Romney is about money. In fact, you can’t spell his name without it.

      4. Yes. I agree. But, people like to vote for those they can, “look up to”. How anyone looks up to Obamney or Rombama is beyond my understanding.

      5. I wonder if there’s some kind of “political correctness” law that makes it illegal to notice the number of people who vote skin color?

      6. Not sure.
        We do have a Black man as POTUS. And there’s been a lot of chatter about “all Blacks voting for him based on skin-tone”, yet many I know were firmly planted in the Ron Paul camp. And many are still there, with plans of writing-in Ron Paul. In fact, I’d say most of my friends who happen to be black, are more angry over Obama than anyone else.
        Is it wrong for me to take notice of this? Perhaps it would be if they had not noted it, themselves– many times, in many places!

      1. Judas? Hey, back in those days, 30 pieces of silver was a significant chunk of change! And Jesus was doomed anyway, for being a dissident, and trying to teach peace. The pseudochristians who pay lip service to Jesus on Sunday morning and then go out in their day-to-day lives and do the opposite of what he (Jesus) was trying to teach really make me want to throw up.

  9. Coming back to your blog after long time Doug, simply because back on topic after long time.

    Our country has been hijacked and in a very bad way for the longest time, and is close to being finished. As I listened to some other liberty person speak earlier in the week (exact name escapes me right now):

    United States of America is and always has been really about the IDEA that spurned its revolution. The Constitution. Not about the specific geographical area where the idea evolved.

    United States of America as the geographical area where it started still stands. United States of America as the idea & its Constitution is close to being extinguished.

    What do you really care about: USA as the specific geographical area where it has always been? Or USA as the revolutionary idea as it was intended? If it’s the “idea”, who cares about this geographical area currently populated mostly by brainwashed zombies? While it is still possible, keep the revolutionary idea alive, gather your resources and get the hell out of this place being controlled by fascists.

    1. Amazing that the people have been bamboozled into thinking that either Barack or Mitt are a solution — when both are AGAINST these principles upon which our Nation was built!

      PRINCIPLES we must stand by!!!

      “A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have….” Thomas Jefferson

      “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

      “When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered.” DOROTHY THOMPSON

      “Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will.” FREDERICK DOUGLAS

      “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.” —Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution (Philadelphia 1787).

      “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” EDMUND BURKE

      “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ABRAHAM LINCOLN

      Voting for either would be legitimizing the further corruption that seems to have no end!

      VOTE for Garry Johnson — or face the dire consequences of failing to do so — TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

  10. I would have wrote-in Ron Paul, had I not been informed from “those in-the-know” that all write-in ballots would be screened and any with Ron Paul’s name would then be destroyed (as “unable to read write-in name” thus Invalid)!

    We’ll be voting for Gary Johnson — a vote that may actually get counted.

    1. Voting for Barack Romney or Mitt Obama — is like choosing by which train you want our Nation to be destroyed…a bullet train or a freight train…?!

      1. Which poison do would prefer? Would you like to ingest a cyanide pill or would you prefer to be bitten by a cobra? You must decide between these 2 options.

        How would you prefer to be shot? There will be 2 choices. In the head or in the chest?

        Let’s have an election to vote on the choices. Before we do that, let’s have debates on banker owned TV channels which will discuss the pros and cons of various options.

        There is 1 gang of crowd which vehemently believes that being shot in the head is less painful than in the chest. They claim that the chest-shooting advocates are evil scum and put them down by name calling. The second gang of crowd vehemently believes that being shot in the chest is less painful than in the head. They claim that the head-shooting advocates are evil scum and put them down by name calling. Come election day, they will religiously line up at booths to cast their votes for such wonderful choices, go home and rejoice at how they have a say in deciding on their future.

        Come to think of it, this all reminds of totalitarian middle-age of Europe. Specifically dark places like England. When being condemned to execution, the king/judge/whoever used to decide on various choices: Burning at the stake, hang/draw/quartered, beheading on chopping block, being thrown into boiling oil vat etc. Some whose original sentence was to be burnt at the stake would feel very grateful and relieved if got “commuted” to a lesser sentence of being beheaded instead. Oh how thoughtful, generous and wonderful the king must have become if he would commute execution sentence to only being beheaded!! How kind of him!!!

      2. Have the American People been reduced again to vote for the “lesser of two evils” — are there no other options?

        My conscience cannot allow me to vote for the “lesser of two evils”, because, that means that an Evil will still get elected!

        1) The Barack is the evil we know — a Socialist minded professional politician that will have most of its venomous teeth pulled out when republicans win more seats this election. Thus, it will lack the ability to do much more damage than it’s done already. If the Barack is “elected” it will end its last term in a whimper.

        2) The Mitt — the evil we don’t know…yet. But all indicators are that it is supported by the Central Banks. And that it supports Israel unquestionably to the detriment of our own national security (will start more unconstitutional wars to protect Israel, not the USA).

        Should the Mitt win, we may be in bigger trouble — since it assured itself of no competition for the next republican nomination (see the false vote it made the GOP do on its behalf):


        So, unless we vote for Gary Johnson — who wants to restore Liberty and Prosperity, what would you get instead:

        Final four years of ‘toothless’ BO — or 8 more years of the Mitt (with the possibility it has groomed its spawn — 5 Mormon Sons — to keep the dynasty going) for many decades to come…?!

    2. Have the American People been reduced again to vote for the “lesser of two evils” — are there no other options?

      My conscience cannot allow me to vote for the “lesser of two evils”, because, that means that an Evil will still get elected!

      1) The Barack is the evil we know — a Socialist minded professional politician that will have most of its venomous teeth pulled out when republicans win more seats this election. Thus, it will lack the ability to do much more damage than it’s done already. If the Barack is “elected” it will end its last term in a whimper.

      2) The Mitt — the evil we don’t know…yet. But all indicators are that it is supported by the Central Banks. And that it supports Israel unquestionably to the detriment of our own national security (will start more unconstitutional wars to protect Israel, not the USA).

      Should the Mitt win, we may be in bigger trouble — since it assured itself of no competition for the next republican nomination (see the false vote it made the GOP do on his behalf):


      So, unless we vote for Gary Johnson — who wants to restore Liberty and Prosperity, what would you get instead:

      Final four years of ‘toothless’ BO — or 8 more years of the Mitt (with the possibility it has groomed its spawn — 5 Mormon Sons — to keep the dynasty going) for many decades to come…?!

    3. Doesn’t Johnson have a blog of his own? Why are all you Johnsonites hijacking Doug’s Ron Paul column?

      Will Johnson:

      1. End all the wars of aggression and occupation, and bring all of our kids home forthwith?
      2. Cut ACTUAL spending by one TRILLION dollars?
      3. Save Social Security for those of us who have no other income?
      4. Abolish the domestic surveillance crap?
      5. Stop the bombing of Americans with pilotless drones?
      6. Etc,. etc., etc?

      1. Hey Rich,

        I just watched a Johnson speech. Yes to all of those questions. On #2, he would actually cut even more than Ron Paul, because he is calling for balancing the budget in the FIRST YEAR, whereas RP’s plan was to do it in three years. I wish RP would endorse Johnson and cause Romney to lose.

      2. The wars. The bases all over the world.
        Johnson has not figured out this is very important to us.
        Wars of aggression are not okay by us. Spending, both via MIC and direct-dollars to foreign lands (particularly IZ) are important to us.
        How Johnson ever got the Libertarian nod is beyond me. And he won’t get the votes of those who understood what Ron Paul is all about.

      3. I’ve already snail-mailed my write-in ballot for Dr. Paul, but it won’t make any difference because Mexifornia is an all-or-none electoral vote state. In other words, if A gets 49% of the vote, and B gets 50%, then ALL 55 Votes go to B. THEY ACTUALLY CHANGE YOUR VOTE!!!!!

        That crap just pisses me off. How do we fix the all-or-none electoral “college” system?

  11. Doug Wead — it is crucial that you get in contact with Ron Paul and ask him to make a national statement ASAP, so we, his followers will have a CLEAR and CONCISE message from him WHAT HE , Ron Paul, RECOMMENDS us to do this coming election!

    We’ve spent way too much effort on his behalf — to be left in the dark now!

    His Liberty Movement is what has kept us going against all odds, since we want to restore our Nation to it’s previous glory of Freedom, Justice and Prosperity for All US Citizens!

    Doug — do not fail us (you are in the inner circle)!

    1. Surfisher,
      I have heard Ron Paul many times say he is not going to tell us what to do. We have to each make our own decision. He has already been clear and concise on this question.

      1. Peacer — not asking him to TELL us what to do, but to state what he thinks is best at this stage.

        Then, we can consider the merit of his statement.

    2. YEAH.
      Dr Paul has said he really does not wish to get peoples’ hopes up again. I get that.
      He also said the GOP is not his party and, thanks to the TCRP and TRP, it’s not my party, either.

      Not committing to any third-party (surely not with so-called Libertarian Johnson on their ballot), but not REP and not DEM, either.
      I cannot stand the Bipartisan Mafia. I’m done with the whole so-called 2-party thing. It’s one party. They think they hate one another (at least the voters do). But there is nothing to back that up with. The RNC and DNC are in bed together.

      Wow, I think I am sounding more like Lew Rockwell every day. oh well..

  12. Mr. Weed,
    the CHEATER ROMNEY is not a new issue at all, what the so called MAIN STREAM MEDIA is unravelling now is only a very small part of that. Not the people of the USA elect a President, but the ONES IN CONTROL OF THE VOTING MACHINES. The only way to expose the CHEATING is the WRITE-IN CAMPAGNE BACKED BY AN AFFIDAVIT. They”ll have to lie about it and you”ll have a proof for all the time! This is not the time to remain inactive ( that is what THEY want ). Dont pay attention to what THEY say, but complete the TAKE OVER OF THE REP. PARTY and FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!

    Sincerly yours
    aurel barber

    1. It’s not “Mr Weed,” It’s Mr. Wead. Geez, can’t you even copy/paste? How can you misspell a name that’s sitting right there in front of your face?

      Or is that one of those intentional misspellings that’s intended to cast aspersions?

      1. He [assuming it’s he and not she] is a German posting from Germany. Give him a break with spelling. Are you familiar with phonetic and it’s relation to spelling in German? Old habits are hard to correct.

        Besides, compared to 90% of zombies in this country – and 95% of zombies in Germany – he is way ahead. Don’t make enemies in liberty circles over silly issues.

      2. THERE IS NO APOSTROPHE IN THE POSSESSIVE ITS!!!!! (or any other possessive pronoun, for that matter.)

        How hard is it to remember “doubya, ee, ay, dee” in your eyes’ trip from the top of the page to your post? It’s not about phonetics, it’s HOW HIS NAME IS SPELLED!


      3. Grow the hell up. We have a Constitutional Republic on the verge of collapse, and here you’re driving stupid wedges. Like cabin rats fighting among themselves, while Titanic was sinking.

        What are you, an agent sent by Federal Reserve for divide-and-conquer strategy to further their goal of distraction?

      4. They misspell my name, too, consistantly.
        Either they call me, Ann, or Anna. It’s neither.
        Obviously, it’s ANNE.. But even friends do this (and I find it annoying, too.)

      5. Yeah – usually they butcher “Grise” by pronouncing it “Greasy.” It’s long I, silent E. (see “phonics.”) Rhmes with “nice,” and that’s not the city in France. 🙂

        When I was a kid, they called me “Dick,” but I made them stop when I found out what that means!

      6. Sure, there are apostrophes in possessives, and at the end of plural possessives, but only actual NOUNS! There is NO apostrophe in ANY possessive pronoun. His, hers, its, theirs, yours, ours, not an apostrophe to be found! (by literate people, anyway.)

        No offense, but I am the Self-Appointed Chief of the Internet Apostrophe Police, which is about as effective as being a Ron Paul supporter. Sigh. It’s like trying to hold back a tsunami with a feather.

  13. I’m not sure Obama and Romney are the same. It’s not just Romney that scares me it is the whole Republican package he would bring with him. Romney and the Israeli Prime Minister are old buddies and Mitt will give Israel anything it wants including war with Iran. Better the devil you know that the devil you don’t know so I hope Obama wins. I voted my conscience and sent in my absentee ballot with Gary Johnson checked. He is much better than the puppets leading their corrupt parties.

  14. Jerry, how can you not be sure O&R are not the same? Why didn’t you look at the comparison between O&R? They are exactly the same on all major issues, here a comparison video.

    Anyway, I’m glad you voted for Gary.

    1. Well they seem to agree on most policies but can you believe anything Romney says. He changes his position on a day to day basis. Also Romney wants to expand the military but Obama says he wants cuts. Romney wants a 20% or was it 30% across the board tax cut. Who will benefit most from that? Let me guess. Rich people will save much more than the rest of us. Obama is against tax cuts for rich folks. Romney is for ending the so called death tax. Obama is not and that is a good thing if you want to have money in the treasury instead of money in bank accounts of non-productive heirs to wealthy relatives. There are many differences between the two candidates.

      1. Nope, we cannot believe anything Romney says. Just like Obama!

        Obama *says* he wants to cut the military, raise taxes on the rich, keep the death tax, and a ton of other stuff. Obama lies through his teeth, just like when he promised to close Gitmo, and to get all the troops out of Iraq by May 2010. He didn’t do *those* things, even when he had both houses of congress in his pocket… all his fancy promises in 2012 are lies, just like in 2008. Even if Obama *is* telling the truth right now, about ‘wanting’ cuts to defense… and by the way sequestration is merely delayed growth and NOT actual a spending cut… congress will be a slim repub majority in the senate and a strong repub supermajority in the haus when 2013 rolls around. Obama lies, and knows he lies. Just eggs-axe-shually like Mitt. They both ought to be wearing flip-flops instead of dress-shoes to the debates. Links =

        Besides prevarications, both of them are equally corrupt, too.

        p.s. Most of your comments in support of Obama seem to indicate that you have not heard of Austrian economics? Romney is a liar, and a bad guy, and tolerates (at the minimum!) corruption including election-fraud by his minions… but at least some of his economics are slightly more-correct, albeit often tainted by Keynesian thought. (Ron Paul and his allies, like the author of Black Swan, are all solid Austrian-econ fans.)

    2. A “presumptive” Obamney/Rombama debate:

      Obama vs. Romney debate:

      R- Your campaign is funded by a pack of leeches that are bleeding this country dry!
      O- Yours is funded by the same people!
      (Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup, JP Morgan, ect)

      R- You support taxpayer funded bailouts (TARP)
      O- So do you!

      R- You support the ‘patriot’ act!
      O- So do you!

      R- You support never-ending war!
      O- So do you!

      R- You support the indefinite detention of American citizens without due process!
      O- So do you!

      R- You support assassinating American citizens without due process!
      O- So do you!

      R- You support government takeover of healthcare!
      O- So do you! In fact, we modeled our plan after yours!

      R- I never said my plan would be good for the nation!
      O- Ummm… that’s not what you said on Meet The Press (and several other places)

      R- You support increased gun control laws!
      O- Didn’t you sign a ban on semi-automatic weapons? Hello pot, my name is kettle!

      R- You are completely out of touch with ordinary Americans!
      O- Says the guy who has an elevator for his cars.

  15. Appearance of Ron Paul, October 18, 2012 in Utah:

    Wait a minute, Ron Who???? The guy who doesn’t really exist as a candidate? The guy who was some kind of irrelevant also-ran wannabe former candidate not campaigning for anything anymore? The guy who banker controlled media told us never deserved any air time? What is he doing, getting crowds like these in Utah 2 weeks before the election – supposed to be Romney’s home territory? And Romney – Ryan fraud team can’t draw flies, they’re forced to bus in puppet zombies and illegally buy Subway sandwiches for them?

  16. Non-candidate Ron Paul who should not possibly be campaigning for anything anymore with less than 3 weeks before election – should not be going to places like Utah, criminal Romney’s home turf. And no media should be ever covering anything like this, because nobody should be attending this non-candidate’s non-appearances.


  17. Doug Wead – What makes you so certain that Romney will win by a landslide? My take is that the race is in a dead heat in the 12 battleground swing states where the election will be won or lost. Prior to the first presidential debate, Obama led Romney in the polls by an average of 5%. Moreover, if you compare the number of votes Ron Paul received in these states at their respective primary and caucus they weigh in at about 2.5% of the total number of votes cast in these same states in the 2008 presidential election. My point is that Ron Paul supporters will be a critical swing factor is these battleground states, and we all know who they will not vote for.

    1. Sorry, just a feeling from the 1980 race which looked close but was a Reagan landslide because of the economy. Obama’s economy is worse than Carter’s but then Romney is no Reagan. So who knows?


  18. First, Bush, an evil idiot.
    Now Romney, who is a very smart and clever man, but very evil also. At least, politically evil.

    I want Obama to win. He is quite bad, but your Americans don’t know how dangerous it would be to have a cunning, smart, evil man like Mitt Romney in the most powerful office of the World. Obama is quite bad for America and everybody else, but he is not (yet) as dangerous as Romney, because he is not as smart and as good liar as him.

    The “White horse” prophecy might be actually a prophecy of how the American Constitution will receive its final blow.

    1. You want prophesies? How/s this:

      “The events predicted for 2012 by the ancient Maya are not substantially different than those predicted by sages throughout the millennia. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and other seers have predicted similar events marking ‘the end of time.’ And the Maya are only one of many indigenous cultures that have spoken of their deeply held vision for the events near and immediately after the end of time.

      “All of these prophecies point to a relatively sudden awakening into much greater awareness for some or all of Humanity. What has been well hidden within the folds of your present four-dimensional world will be clearly revealed by the additional Light available in the unfolding of the new, five-dimensional world.”

      Good Luck!

  19. Look at the good points. Since they kept him out by performing all them felonies they don’t have to murder him. Now he is free to go on leading us. I will be writing Ron Paul in on the ballet or vote for Gary Johnson who’s agenda is very much similar, but under no condition will I vote for the two party system.

  20. Well Doug, You and the campaign didn’t attack Mitt Romney when you had the chance and you could have told the grassrots what was going on when Jesse Benton said that Ron Pauls Campaign was over. But you didn’t. And Ron Paul himself gave up as well to promote his Son to Win in 2016. That’s why you and Rand are going after Mitt Romney now. But it won’t work, you will not have the same opportunity 2016, te world will not be the same in 4 years. The only chance you have now is if Ron Paul joined the Libertarian Party, but he won’t, becuse he is a sell out and a coward with a bad plan for his son.

    1. You are very wrong. What happened was that the people at the grassroots got rough (for instance, in Arizona when they booed Romney Jr.), and Ron Paul didn’t like that. He doesn’t play politics, nor play the mobster. He wanted to win without any violence, so when he first saw violence in his people, he stopped the campaign. Ron Paul is too good for America.
      It is not cowardice, it is called integrity. Have you heard about the non-aggression principle? Ron Paul embodies that concept.

      The only traitor here are the people in the liberty movement who don’t want to heed the clear-like-water instructions of Ron Paul: give a positive message, don’t use violence, stick to the rules, don’t let anybody to push you around but defend yourselves with strict adherence to the law.

      God willing, we’ll see interesting things in 2016. We will see, for instance, how Mitt Romney, having lose in 2012, does not endorse Rand Paul, but rather throw Rand’s “treason” to his father (june’s Romney endorsement) in his face. Romney is both a sore winner and a sore loser, we have countless proofs of that. He will make many things against the liberty movement, because Romney is a agent of the Status Quo and the liberty movement is the worst-enemy-ever, much worse than the Communists and the Nazis.

    2. I think you should re-read the post.
      Many of us recall that post of Doug Wead’s, and that he had to remove it. We didn’t know exactly why, but we remember that it happened.
      It seemed to us something had happened. And Doug had to keep mum to not be sued.
      Of course, now, we all know about the cheating and there have finally been some arrests of bad people. Sproul seriously needs some new bracelets, too.

      I figured out how to comment without having twitter on my back, too! yay..

  21. Don’t forget Oklahoma. There was massive corruption at the county and state levels. In fact, the state convention was a foreshadowing of the RNC. Many similar tactics were used such as ignoring calls from the floor; “point of order” and fake slates and other things.

      1. OK had the rump-convention when they were kicked out of the building with business not done.
        It was the first convention the wonderful Fish sisters livestreamed for all of us. I believe you can find the entire convention (about 12 hours of it) in their archives. Look up SuriyahFish.

    1. Or Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. And I am sure the list will grow. I sure hope action is taken and this is not just a bunch of talk. Like someone said above, “Another money bomb?”

  22. I think both Romney and Obama are horrible for the US and for World Peace in general. No way am I voting for either of them. I don’t think Gary Johnson will win, but I plan on voting for him anyway. I wish Ron Paul was still running, but he’s not. Maybe 2016.

  23. AKSmith:

    Doug – Sorry to burst your bubble, but Todd Akin did NOT misspeak. He said what he truly believed. He is a religious zealot, spouting nonsense that was discredited at the turn of the last century. That is not a “misspeak” in my book. Defending, if even only tangentially, people like Todd Akin, who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge scientific reality, is counterproductive.

    And yes, you are correct, Karl Rove is a jerk, as is Mitt Romney. Carry on, my friend.

  24. October 23, live debate will be moderated by Larry King between Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Virgil Goode (and someone else??) Those are Libertatian, Green and Constitution party candidates.

    I believe it will be shown live on RT, Al Jazeera TV and bunch of other online links. Will post online link info in followup post, since posts containing more than 1 link get blocked on this blog as spam.

  25. Not saying you shouldn’t write the good Dr in, but i know in my state of Ohio write in candidates have to file as such to be eligible for write in status. Ron Paul didn’t register as a write in so my vote for him would literally not count. I will instead vote for Gary Johnson, who Paul all but gave his endorsment too. With liberty and justice for all. Later everyone.

  26. Well I just filled out my ballot. Wrote in Ron Paul but I have this funny feeling that if the Diebold Voting Maching does the counting my vote will be given to O’Romney. Isn’t that what happen in Florida?

  27. I was the one who witnessed the conversation between Nejedly and Ginsberg. (I’m a he not a she as the video reported). It was Sunday night in the counting room. I was sitting at a table with Nejedly arm’s length to my left and Ginsberg standing opposite the table to me. The content was a little different than indicated in that Ginsberg commented on Nejedly getting back to Boston but not so much as a directive as indicated above. Nonetheless it is damning as there was clear familiarity between the two of them.

    The counting the night before went until 1AM Sunday. There was myself and one Romney left for counting teams. RP campaign staff were there, a rep from the RNC, the election clerks and a host of Romney folk including Ginsberg, Nejedly, a handful of other paid staffers and who I believe was Meg Rooney a former speech writer for the Secretary of State Dept. at the time I didn’t know who Nejedly was and had struck up a conversation with him about a saint bracelet he was wearing (I am a Catholic).

    1. I think he meant Ginger (in video; ‘morepuppies’ from Maine/ youtube name). She was with a few young guys who helped her to call out, “Cheating Charlie”.

      Shenanigans began in IOWA and never ended, to be sure.

    2. Conor, thanks for fighting for liberty. I saw the video from Ginger back in August (or the first week of September), but it wasn’t clear who the witness was of Ginsberg and Charlie talking together. You can see in the video that Charlie was careful to dress in a non-descript fashion, with no buttons or stickers or anything. You also see that he changed his wardrobe, presumably to try and avoid detection — the relevant points are at 6:35 and 9:15 in the video linked at the bottom of this blog entry.

      My question is, did you see anything incriminating that Charlie was wearing, or perhaps something he was holding or doing… not sure if Charlie had a role in the counting-room… was he standing around with the Romney folk, or with the pauliticians like yourself? Obviously, we know from the video that Charlie was getting paid by the Romney folks, and we know from your testimony that Ginsberg knew who he was, and knew he was a Romney person. But what has not yet been established (beyond a reasonable doubt) is whether Ginsberg knew that Charlie was cheating. Was he wearing a Ron Paul shirt when he and Ginsberg had their little chat, p’raps? Or sitting at the Ron Paul table in the counting room? Or otherwise indicating he was Ron Paul material, rather than a Romney fan? Because anything like *that* would be clear evidence that Ginsberg not only knew Charlie the Anonymous Staffer, but also knew about Charlie The Saboteur.

      We could also get such information from email records, or from a whistle-blower in the Romney camp (perhaps another intern?) that is willing to testify that Ginsberg, or some other authority figure, was the person who ordered the fake slates be printed, or handed out, or in other ways facilitated the attempted cheating. Does the state of Maine have an election-code that covers malfeasance slash fraud at the level of a “private club” caucus such as the state repub party convention? Maybe we can get a subpoena. Of course, when Mitt left the governorship, he paid something like $100k to purchase all the hard drives used by all his staffers, to prevent later forensic data-retrieval.

      p.s. Here is NV, where a guy with a ronpaul2012 shirt and an (allegedly forged?) convention pass is caught by pauliticians. Notice that he admits to the cops that he is not carrying any identification — how could he possible get credentialed without that, right? Also accused of passing out fake slates, just like Charlie. Not sure if this particular slate was from that particular guy, or another saboteur. Does anybody know any more details about this minion in Nevada, like whether he also was caught with Ginsberg, or with some of the TeamRomney establishment-types that are trying to build a shadow-organization in Nevada as we speak?

      1. J= Yes, Cheating-Charlie (as he’s known in vote-counting circles) has donned Ron Paul tees and buttons, and has gone to the (usual) Ron Paul delegates with faked ballots. I have copies of some of these Delegate-ballots. I know Charlie was in Arizona, Nevada, and in Maine (at least) and we do know that Mitt Romney’s campaign paid Charlie for what he did, right down to paying for the Kinko’s copies of said faked ballots.
        Mitt could not win fairly so he cheated. And who does not know it by now?

  28. Reblogged this on servehiminthewaiting and commented:
    Ok, I had this as a link on my last “news” report, but I decided to reblog it because this is what I have been saying. Romney, Obama, same guy! Corruption, lies, there will be no “turn-around”. Please watch the video! It’s about 20 minutes.

  29. Doug,
    Thank you for reminding us what a scumbag Mitt Romney is. It hurts soooooooo bad to see people who applaud this slimeball during the debates with the other criminal Obaaaamaaaaaa.
    I will be damned, I will burn in hell if I ever suggested that anyone vote for this dirty piece of garbage! What a disgusting human being!!!
    I suggest everyone planning to vote Romney read this article. It is all true, well-documented, videos on Youtube, everything.
    No, we are not sore losers. We played by the rules and the scum won by breaking the rules and with bullying and violence! THAT IS THE PROBLEM!!!! This is not how it is supposed to work!!! When America finally goes down in the ashes of its former self, you know who to blame, and we know who DID IT!!!! Not just Goldman Sachs, or Obama/Romney and Congress, it was all the criminal stooges around them. I can’t describe how infinitely I hate you, scum, for selling out to the devil!! You destroyed this country!!!! YOU DID IT! SCUM!
    One thing I think you shouldn’t be convinced about is that Romney will win. I think he’ll lose. God, after reading this article and getting all those painful memories back I’d rather see the Obama crime gang win again.
    Romney’s goons must get justice, these unamerican pieces of filth!!!

  30. Whatever the outcome of this election one thing is certain. Although there are really tough times ahead for us all, Ron Paul ignited a movement to restore the Constitution and that battle is being fought and will continue in the months and years ahead by each of us as we encourage others to join the movement, to read the books and to pass the torch of liberty.

    We are of all ages, all races, all genders and walks of life, but the most important category is the younger generation.

    You all know of Students For Liberty which is growing all over the world and on campuses across the country. It has allied with The Atlas Society to help enlighten those who join.

    You all know the Young Americans For LIberty which is doing the same and continues to grow and ally with the Students For Liberty.

    You all know the Campaign For Liberty which also is growing.

    Did you know about the which is those youth who care about their futures and restoring the Constitution but are too young to vote but have a voice.

    These groups will continue to grow in number and outreach everyday and in the years to come will represent the majority in their age groups across the land and will be profoundly influential.

    They will support the kind of candidates who will be able to regain the positions of power in government at every level and will be uncorruptable.

    Their existence enables me to sleep at night.

  31. I hope this post stays up, Doug, as it may prove helpful to me. Of course, MSNBC blog has also reported some of this today, though they said Sproul didn’t know about the cheating??
    yet, Sproul’s company has been fired?

    Odd story there, in case you’re interested.

  32. I wish, Mr. Weed, that you had wrapped this information in a format that would have been helpful outside the Paul-ite community. I believe there has been real fraud and dirty tricks in this election, but your suppositions and brown-shirt sort of language make this a piece that’s worthless topside of the rabbit hole. Certainly the thrust of the piece is well known to anyone who follows you and to the Paul community in general. I, for one, hope that in the future you will apply your skills, experience, and acumen to pieces that help spread the word rather than pile more words in the same place.

      1. Say, Doug; here’s a post regarding the voting-count irregularities via Francois Choquette and James Johnson:
        I had to go to the cached site and click on, “text only”, in order to read it as much of what has been put out there (after seven months of research!) has been scrubbed from the net.
        It’s so disturbing.

  33. We are being told things that we have already known for months. Unfortunately, Ron Paul decided to let Jesse Benton ruin his campaign. I wonder if Jesse earned some extra money on the side.

    You claim all of this evidence, but offer no fix. Cant we sue for fraud?

  34. “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”
    I was very excited in 2007-2008 when Ron Paul attacked the establishment and status quo. He got hammered by Guliani, and did not back down. The campaign did so much with so little.

    Unfortunately in 2011-2012, things were different. Ron Paul did not fire his grandson-in-law, and many good people like Tom Woods were alienated. To make things worse, ROn Paul did not stand his gorund like he did in 2007-2008, and refused to attack Miit Romney. Santaorum was attacked, Gingrich was attacked, but for Romney there was only a lukewarm ad. Months of meshandling the campaign should have gotten Benton fired, but no, he stayed until the end. There was election fraud state after state and Benton did not attacked Romney for that, instead collaborating with the Romney campaign and RNC.

    To make matters worse, his own son endorsed Romeny!! If that were not enough, it took a whole week for Ron Paul, who had been absent for weeks, to respond, but he did not criticize Rand for endorsing Romeny, knowing full well that it would destroy his campaign.

    His positions seemed to be less radical, it was no longer End the Fed, it was now Audit the Fed. It is very disheartening to see a man who fought for decades against the status quo, see his career end in shame. It truly is a disgrace to not have fired Benton or attacked the presumptive nominee, while still asking supporters to have blind faith. This election was stolen, and nothing and the campaign double agents sabotaged it from within.

    Let us wait until April 15th 2012, which Max Keiser predicts will be the collapse of the dollar and the economy, and see what ht Paul’s have to say, when they could have won the nomination if only they had fought back and fired the traitors.

    Thanks for your blog Mr. Wead!!

    1. Conspire,

      I agree with you on everything but I would like to add that Rand’s endorsement of Romney was not really that bad, or maybe I should better say that it would not have been that bad if he waited until the convention was over with. Since he did it WHEN he did it and HOW he did it and WHERE he announced it, the entire thing was designed so it could break up the movement. Just read virtually everyone’s comments throughout not just this article thread, but all threads here for the last few months. There is so much discourse now it is as thick as a having to eat it with a spoon, the spoon that was used to shove it down all of our throats. Therefore your observation of how even Dr. Paul was during the latter part of the campaigning seems to have been enjoined by all involved directly with him. That leaves only the question as to WHY and WHO was directing it as well as who was fully willing to participate without any feeling of remorse. At least we know by many decades of history that at least Dr. Paul himself is remorseful in what has happened and still is happening. It would allude to one thinking that maybe one of Dr. Paul’s granddaughters was terrorized thereby forcing his hand since obviously nothing ever swayed him prior to this time.

      In addition, there are those here who are saying they do not want to continue with pushing the movement by refusing to vote for Gary Johnson. Some have given reasons, but one fact they are refusing to either notice or admit is the one fact you mentioned here also. There was no fight from either the campaign other than fighting against the movement nor even Ron Paul himself. Leaving out the why of it, at least Gary Johnson, who is part of the movement, is fighting back with legal pretenses as well as outwardly verbally. That alone should get him all of the Ron Paul supporters; and those who want to write Dr. .Paul in even though they know writing in a person who is not a candidate, which Dr. Paul is not, is for sure a wasted vote. Their loyalty towards the man is gallant, but at this time, it does nothing for the movement which is in need of every backer it can get. Therefore I also agree with someone else here who said about us rethinking our own priorities and get together so we can move on as a unit once again for the cause.

      October 21, 2012/Sunday

  35. Yeah…he was going to take over with 10% of the vote.

    Poor Doug Wead..knows he bet his entire future on a perennial loser and now the only thing left is suicide. And knowing that no one will cry when he does.

  36. LOL ! The national Ron Paul campaign would NEVER allow you to be a national delegate, LOL, because you, like I, seem to be a little “eccentric” … at least that’s why the national campaign blocked my every move to be involved in the process.

    It’s a shame we point our dirty, broken fingers the wrong way sometimes. What good will shouting cheater, cheater at Romney do? Absolutely none. We know all the RP supporters detest him, so let us MOVE ONWARD and look at ourselves.

    LOOK … at … OURSELVES and solve some of the SERIOUS issues we had to deal with in the national campaign this year among our OWN … of course, that takes a great deal of courage and conviction, but it’s a good way to shake loose hand out that may be a problem next time.

      1. Lest anyone think that the end of the Ron Paul campaign would spell the end to the cheating, lying, cirminal behavior or other low-handed tactics by the Romney or Obama camps aimed at the good doctor, you might want to pay CLOSE atention the developing story regarding the ‘supposed’ attempt this week to bomb the NY Fed Res building.

        No matter which of their 2 choices is destined to win the dog and pony show we call an election, the FED RES will NEED the president elect…(apointee?) to have an unimpeded and politically ‘safe’ route to giving carte-blanche to the Banksters, so that they may complete our monetary destruction.
        A popular uprising against the FED would not only threaten the FED’s plans, but it would be a black eye, especially for Romney should he get the nod, because he’s somewhat calling for re-form of the FED, (whatever that means) and once he does his flip-flop, he’ll lose the large and growing segment of the voters who think reigning-in or abolishing the FED is important.
        To say this in a few words……opposition to the FED MUST be crushed.
        What better way to do it than to finger some middle eastern muslim student? Go to ANY froum where the bomb plot is being discussed, and you’ll instantly see what I’m talking about.
        Every knuckle-dragger in the country is already calling (once again) for the U.S. to turn the Middle East into a sheet of glass. Forget about a trial!
        What would happen IF one of the ‘suspects’ just happened to have some Ron Paul campaign material on hand, or had touted Ron Paul as their ‘inspiration’ on some internet forum???? (real or made up)
        Make no mistake about it. Uncle Ben and his Banker buddies DESPISE Ron Paul, (and by extension Sen. Rand Paul who is presumably leading the anti-FED forces in that House) and they will do whatever thay think necessary to defeat them. If the story they’re cooking up garners sympathy for them from the public, all the better.
        They CAN’T take the chance of creating a martyr,….so a bullet to the head is out of the question, but one way or another, Dr. Paul must be stopped.
        Death by character assassination is still ‘dead’ in my book!

  37. I certainly don’t see Romney winning by a landslide, and in fact, I’d be surprised (but not shocked) if he did win

  38. No-brain-er:  Obomney | Johnson…Communism | Constitution…Pain | Pleasure.  Bottom line this vote is about Pain | Pleasure.  Ask any crowd of people, via a show of hands, “Which would you prefer…Pain or Pleasure?”  Johnson’s chances are better than 50 | 50…Semper Fi

    1. “Pain or pleasure?” These days, it’s more like, “Would you rather be boiled in oil or flayed alive?”

      Everybody’d rather have pleasure, of course, but only the power-trippers get any, at our expense.

  39. Please clarify this statement, ” Well, Mr. Sproul called Ron Paul headquarters and threatened a lawsuit so I had to take down one of those blogs. ”

    As long as what you said was true, a lawsuit is nothing to fear. Seriously, you’re one pathetic pussy bitch for bending to their will.

    If you had any brains at all you wouldn’t have taken down said blog, and if you had significant brains you would have started a corporation under which the blog was run, and as the corporation you would blog; so anyone trying to sue you can only sue the corporations and not you.

    soooooooooo lame when people like you bend to empty threats

    1. Well, actually, I was working for Ron Paul and his campaign and as a loyal soldier to the campaign I did what I was asked to do. If I was a blogger, on my own, I might have left it up.


      1. Hey, Doug Wead;
        I chatted with Suriyah Fish in twitter. She sent me the OK “rump” parking-lot convention archives. (that may have changed to a twitter link?)
        You can find many different streams from LiveStream, under: SuriyaFish, if interested in re-playing the entire fiasco.

        What I find the most sad is that the usual (lower-level) GOP tools who carried out these operations seem to have zero clue as to what they did and why. In my opinion, the RNC’s Priebus was behind all of this, and his main vehicle was, “Anyone but Obama”.

  40. Holy cow, I’m glad I read this. I’m going straight to the polls as fast as my car can get me there and I’m voting for Mitt Romney. I’m not risking another 4 years of Obama Bin Lyin on a man who does not have a snowballs chance in Hawaii of being elected! Think about it people! I WILL NOT SPLIT THE VOTE!

    1. Well, if you’re a Rombomney dupe, then please don’t pollute the blog that’s devoted to supporting The Only Honest Man Washington DC has seen in over 100 years.

      I know – don’t feed the trolls, but this was just too egregious to let go.

  41. The only truly wasted vote is if you put your ‘X’ next to either Obama or Romney if you feel you have no choice but to vote for the lesser of two evils. I voted for Rocky Anderson. A vote for democracy is never a wasted vote.

  42. A vote for Paul is NOT a vote for Obama! The Tea Party wouldn’t have supported Washington, had he created jobs in China after the Revolution. I swear Republicans would vote for Benedict Arnold if their Party told them to…

  43. Nice article. I’ll post a link to it on Who wins the election in November might be less important in the long term than how and if we hold people accountable right now.

  44. I would much rather have 4 years of a neutered Obama than 8 years of Romney and his goon squads. Then, maybe we can get Rand Paul in 2016.

    1. The BO wants to destroy our Freedoms and our Nation!

      But, If Mitt gets into the White House — expect An American Tragedy!

      Mormon Mitt won’t allow Catholic Ryan to be anything but his doormat (to be disposed of when the time comes).

      His 5 Mormon Sons are getting groomed to take over…and create a Dynasty of little Mormon Mitts for decades to come!

      Now, that is truly scary!

  45. Get in the way of the Money Manipulators and see what happens. This video is an account of leaders who have tried and met their demise.

  46. Well if A President can not and has not yet been able to complete a promise or a goal, does not make them a liar. They have no controlled when things happen prior to being Sworn in or other matters that was a more a priority or a congressional vote will knock it out. Now. President Obama told people upon his election and in his Sworn in speech , that it may take two terms to complete all of his promises or goals based on funding, and votes in congress. There are some things he was trying to complete, but he had states that bomb him with saying no. So there are factual reasons why every thing could not been done right away. But every one should know that Presidents should not make promises but lay out goals. It took Clinton about to complete every thing in 8 years.Bush did not complete his promises either in 8 years. So- if you know a Congressional is giving you problems things will be pushed away or put to the side. No one President caused Unemployment. Wall Street, Congress and Corporations/profit causes Unemployment.

  47. I ejected from the shot up and burning 2-party biplane a long time ago. For those of you that think politicians are your saving grace, I hope they work out for you 🙂

  48. Editorial note: “Romney people could care less” should read “could not care less” if you mean “they care so little, they can’t care less.” “Could care less” means they do care, and could care less.

  49. It’s hard to believe the polls in the upcoming election. How can they be so close? Yes Obama’s record is not very good but he has not said he will close down planned parenthood or expand the military or cut taxes for rich people. Romney would be a horrible President. The American voter is beyond help. Why do they cling to the two party system? Why do they only listen to the debates and Fox “News” to decide who they want to lead the country? Why is Bill O’Reilly so popular? This country has some serious problems.

    1. It’s all in the game.

      But, yeah; I completely agree on O’Reilly and the American population. It seems more than crazy to me.
      Of course, I just finished watching, “OutFoxed”, the documentary based on how Fox News and Rupert-Murder-dock have destroyed elections and news in this country. It’s available on and is free!

      1. Thanks for the “OutFoxed” tip. I watched part 1,2 and 3 on youtube and it is very enlightening. It did not surprise me how biased Fox “News” is. You can watch that network for 2 minutes and see right wing psychobabble on a grand scale. Why does anyone watch that crap is what I would like to know? The thing I found most interesting was next to the YouTube outfoxed video was a video called I dare you Ron Paul haters to hate this one so I watched it. Incredible. Two Iraqi orphans that were adopted by a woman from Australia and…well watch it if you can. Anyone that watches it will be touched. I guess the video was put out by the Ron Paul campaign and it is amazing to me when you contrast that video with the shit being put out by the Romney campaign. This is what I find incredible. One minute the Romney campaign is floundering and basically written off by almost every news organization and then he does well in a “debate” and suddenly he is resurrected from the dead and the polls are neck and neck. This country deserves what it gets if Romney somehow pulls off a victory.

      2. Hey, Jerry.
        I saw OutFoxed on, but will see what I get when I look it up on ytoob. People tell me that not everyone is given the same suggestions as to other videos – it was actually one of the usual spammers (the sort who go on with comments about odd-sexual positions and that with children..) he said I was getting offers of porn and pedophilia based on what I watch (I don’t watch either.) Then I noticed that after I would make a comment, the videos to the side changed back to normal videos that did have to do with what I was watching. When the idiot came back to comment, it would go back to porn and pedos.
        So I don’t know if I’ll find the videos you talked about, but I guess I can do a yt search? If you have a link or two, let me know.
        (and if I offended anyone by what I said to Shelley, well; sorry, but not really.)

      3. Good video, DT.
        I wish Repuglicans had watched this. But, the worker-bees in that party really don’t pay much attention. The higher-ups count on them not watching videos such as this.

  50. For those who would want to see what else is out there, here’s something for you to pay attention to:

    I know what I am doing and have known for more than a year. That hasn’t changed. But, have your say. Follow what is in your heart and head.

  51. I have always liked /respected you, Mr . Wead, but I think you are wrong …we need to get Barack Obama OUT! You need to put your feelings aside and support Mitt Romney!

    1. I don’t care how bad Obama is Romney does not deserve to be President after all the shit he has pulled and he seems like such a intellectual light weight. He is nothing but a GOP puppet and if you want the GOP back that would be a big mistake. At least the democratic party has somewhat of an interest in ordinary citizens. Romney and the GOP could care less about working men and women. The GOP can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

    2. Shelley, I’ve got one novel idea. I completely agree with you that we need to get Barack Obama OUT! We need to replace him with Joseph Stalin!!! I’ve got him locked up in my closet for last 59-60 years & I’m planning to let him loose on the night of November 6. We all need to get behind Stalin and support him, surely you’re with me on that.

    3. Romney is nothing but Obama in whiteface. I voted by mail, and have written-in Ron Paul. He very probably won’t win, but I can sleep peacefully knowing that I have voted against both of the Obamas.

      1. I’m still awaiting my actual ballot. So far, I’ve only seen the mailed request for ballot (how crazy is that?)
        I applied for my ballot, online, and they sent me a paper-request to fill out and mail-back to request my ballot, again.
        So I am waiting.
        If I don’t see it by Friday, I will go and do the early-vote thing. I don’t know if it won’t be flipped for someone else, as we’ve already had a couple of voters (at least) complain that their votes were flipped.
        First person had her RR vote switches to OB.
        Second had her Rep-Party ballot switched for Green Party (at least it does some good, that flipping… KIDDING)
        They have not reported (they being the Rep Party of Texas) any other specifics.
        But I did want to write-IN via PAPER, just to make sure it was not cast for any of the others. Then again, who knows whether or not our votes case on paper are not transposed wen transcribed into the flipper/ computer?

    4. Shelley, I think you found your way to the wrong site. If you think anyone here would ever go for Mitt Romney, after the way we were treated by him and his minion, you have more than one screw-loose.
      Why don’t you read the post? Are you afraid you will come away from it with a well-reasoned opinion of Mitt? Why do you prefer to remain asleep? Are you thick-headed? Seriously, I don’t care to just name-call, but your comment(s), again and again, is really inane.

      To post such a thing, over and over on a Ron Paul page, is the height (or depth) or insanity. You Mittiots should make me laugh, but instead, you make me sad- for our country.

    5. Shelley, you are doing what the Republican Party expects. The RNC believes they can run anyone they want and you will vote for that person to get the other person out. This has to be stopped! In 1996 Bob Dole was the choice of the RNC even
      though they knew Dole would not beat Clinton but what the heck, the Republican Party felt it was Dole turn to run. They did the same thing in 2008 and now again in 2012.
      The RNC has to learn to support the candidate that the people want, not who they want. I truly believe the RNC wants Obama to win just like they wanted Clinton to win in 1996.
      I am with you on getting rid of Obama but a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. There is no difference between the two. It is common knowledge that if the Republican Party supported Ron Paul this election would be all over except for the voting. Ron Paul would be elected. But the RNC does not care.
      I will no longer support or vote for the lesser of the two evils and if everyone would do the same then maybe the Republican Party would wake up and listen to us, the people.
      Doug Weed is right on and please Doug don’t change.

      Ps; I did vote. I wrote in Ron Paul.

  52. VOTE for Gary Johnson (do not write-in Ron Paul)!

    Here is why:

    The Establishment fears Ron Paul so much that they will do anything to stop him and his (our) movement for Liberty on the election level (since so far they have not been able to control the internet, and thus shut us down completely)!

    The Major Networks will show after the election NOTHING for Ron Paul (not even that he got ANY of the Vote, for that would be admitting that some actually dared to write-in his name).

    The Apparatchiks have been told to shred all write-in ballots where Ron Paul’s name appears (for proof just watch after the election and see if Ron Paul is even mentioned, let alone how many votes he got)!

    Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 States — so a vote for him is a vote COUNTED against the wannabe despots of America! (Plus, if he breaks the 5+% level, the Libertarian Party (Ron Paul’s original party) will be eligible for federal funds to the tune of about 90 million dollars for the next election — and no longer will be a financial shoe-string operation!!!)

    VOTE GARY JOHNSON (or write-in Ron Paul if you must) — as long as you vote for what you realize is BEST for our Nation, and NOT get bamboozled into voting again for the “lesser” of two evils (this path only leads to more and bigger evil, for the next election cycle…should there be one)!!!

    1. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) —

      Glad you believe these write-ins will be actually counted.

      Anyway, you voted your conscience, and that’s all that matters!

      1. It’s not just “I believe”. It is in fact true. I’ve made copies of my write-in vote, got affidavit getting it notarized & sent notarized copy to the county elections office as proof. They cannot throw away my vote or flip it.

      2. Hiya, Chiefe;
        You and all should be glad to know that there is NOW a “Republican Party Ballot INTEGRITY Task Force”. and that they’ve already found, “at least two ballots” (almost) cast not for the intended. As I worked on this (verifying votes post-primary), I am happy to see the Rep Party has taken this seriously.
        Of course, they are still all mad at me.
        I think they should not be, but this is the way it goes.

        I have not heard, again, from the County Clerk or ADA, but guess will have to wait and see. Anyone who wants to know more about vote-anomolies (flipping, plucking, etc..), there are two well-written articles (look up Francois Choquette) and published this week. There’s also a ytube video (at least one). saying the same thing.
        Here’s the article from, The Progressive:

        I hope this will make my charges go away, but don’t yet have any faith they will.. I was too much of a thorn in the side of certain people.

      3. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) — No, not yours.

        But what about the rest that didn’t do as you did…?

  53. The only chance America has of surviving is if Willard can be stopped. Fear that too many have been indoctrinated by the evil far-right propaganda machine which is destroying America.

    1. Unless you VOTE for Gary Johnson — we won’t have an Election, but puppet Selection!

      You want a prediction — here is an APODICTIC one:

      The American People LOOSE, regardless which one of these two puppets (Barack Hussein or Mormon Mitt) gets “elected”!


    1. With about 36 hours to go, people in the Midwest (particularly farmers) need to know that the GMO crops they’ve been forced to grow and that no longer belong to them, is mainly because of Mitt Romney:

      Bain and Co have made it so no farmers own their crop, or seeds, even if they never purchased Monsanto seed. If the crop was (however) cross-pollinated (via wind, birds, bees) with GMO plants, Monsanto OWNS THEM. After generations working these farms, Monsanto owns them and we ALL eat GMO foods.
      And it’s, in part, the fault of Mitt Romney/// BAIN. This man has destroyed all sorts of small businesses, including the family farm.

      I would suggest, to anyone just hearing how bad Mitt is, do not go in and use the (mitt-owned) e-voting machines. Go and get a paper (absentee) ballot, tomorrow, and make sure you return it (with your write-in vote on it) to the elections-office by anytime Tuesday (is is postmarked by Tuesday.)

      I would not vote any other way.

    1. He lost in spite of the historic trends and the failed economy because he ran an insular campaign that was not inclusive of evangelicals (i.e. shut out Sarah Palin from the RNC, attacked his own fellow GOP senate candidate in Mo., an evangelical), Hispanics (had his people turn off the microphones on Hispanic ron paul supporters at the Clark County convention in Nevada and rebuffed duly elected ron paul delegates, including unseating their delegation from Maine, even over the protests of his own supportive Maine governor and after he had already won the nomination.

      1. Doug, you’re correct.
        Mitt did not only shut-out the Ron Paul folk. he also shut out the Santorum folk (Tea-Party, at least in Texas) and the Gingrich folk (other Catholics), as well as those (WOMEN) who really liked Palin.

        And I thank Mitt for being such an idiot so early on. His bid was lost, very well and completely, by him. This is what happens when certain folk get so high-up monetarily, they cannot really connect with us normal people. One cannot do this and try to run for any major office and Mitt’s proven it too many times.
        Why the GOP forced him on us, I really don’t know, unless it was to get some of Mitt’s fortunes bestowed upon them.

  54. As much as I hate seeing Obama winning I must say I love seeing Romney getting his ass kicked. Now is time for the RNC to wake up and let the people take control and put in the White House whom we want, not who they want. This is the second time in four years the RNC has lost when they had a winner standing on the side lines. Although I believe that the RNC wanted Obama to win just like they wanted Clinton to win in 1996. I also believe that if Ron Paul was on the ticket he would now be our President Elect.

    1. Principles we must stand by!

      “A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have….” Thomas Jefferson

      “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

      “Freedom is not merely the opportunity to do as one pleases; neither is it merely the opportunity to choose between set alternatives. Freedom is, first of all, the chance to formulate the available choices, to argue over them — and then, the opportunity to choose.” C. WRIGHT MILLS

      “When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered.” DOROTHY THOMPSON

      “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.”—Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution (Philadelphia 1787).

      “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” EDMUND BURKE

      “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ABRAHAM LINCOLN

      “We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an American and assimilates himself to us he shall be treated on an exact equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birth-place or origin.
      But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. . . We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people.” — Written in a letter by then former President Theodore Roosevelt on January 3, 1919 to the president of the American Defense Society.

    1. Ron Paul schools Barack Hussein:
      “If you don’t know the Constitution (the one you swore to protect) you shouldn’t be in Office.”

      10 minute video — spread it like wildfire!

      (also, note how without a teleprompter Lil’ Hussein can’t put two words together without mumbling, bumbling and stumbling)

  55. Ron Paul: You’re Not FREE if you Can’t Secede from an Oppressive Government

    “In a free country, governments derive their power from the consent of the governed. When the people have very clearly withdrawn their consent for a law, the discussion should be over. If the Feds refuse to accept that and continue to run roughshod over the people, at what point do we acknowledge that that is not freedom anymore? At what point should the people dissolve the political bands which have connected them with an increasingly tyrannical and oppressive federal government? And if people or states are not free to leave the United States as a last resort, can they really think of themselves as free?”

    Spread this 4 minute message like wildfire!


    My Take:

    The District of Columbia (Washington, DC) — where the White House and all Federal Governmental Agencies reside — have passed the point by their anti-American-anti-Constitution ACTIVITIES that they have FORFEITED THE RIGHT to be called the USA. De facto, THEY have already SECEDED from the Union by constitutional default, and any State that wants to secede from THEM is a State that wants to RETURN BACK to the Original CONSTITUTIONAL USA!

  56. The one thing that i remember the most clearly over the past 40 years of my school days at Brandeis University in 1970’s are my student adviser’s words that when he was growing up that his grand parents and parents used the term “‘goyishe kup,’” meaning that the “Non-Jews are Stupid”
    Later in life I learned that the exact translation of “GOYISHE KUP” means that the “Cattle are STUPID”..
    I remember him recalling what his father told him when he was growing up in Eastern Europe. One of them being that when his father was in high school he and a group of friends would skip school early on Fridays and go over to his friend’s father’s butcher shop. That they would buy at cost any cows , that had not been butchered by the end of the day on Friday before the start of Shabat . They would take the cow home and wash it and then the boys would procede to “beat the udders of the cows so that they would swell up and turn pink” so as to sell them to the “GOYISHE KUP” as milk producing cows.
    The part that I remember him asking me if the East Europeans are so “naive, so gullible and so stupid” to buy an old “non milk producing cows” from a bunch of young Jewish Boys.
    So re-thinking of it now I agree with the Jewish saying that the “GOYISHE KUP” are indeed” Stupid” as they believe that a Bunch of Arab Moslem Kids who were not able to Fly a Cessna Airplane took it upon themselves to FLY a Jumbo 747 and outwitted the US Militaryand Civilian authorities. The “Jewish Lightning Insurance Scam” of the 1960’s is still alive and well has been put to good use by Larry Silverstein in putting 15 million down and comming out with 7 billion dollars for buidings that no one wanted to buy because it would have cost a billion dollars to remove the asbestos from. Then on top of that the people in America actually believe that they actually decide who is elected President or for that that actual VOTE is really counted and makes a difference in deciding who represents them in the White House and congress.,,,

    Oy Veh, I agree that the American Non-Jews are indeed “GOYISHE KUP” or “STUPID CATTLE”!

  57. The Romneys wrap themselves in the American FLAG but NEVER wrap themselves in an American UNIFORM.
    “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”
    (1) Great Grandpa Romney ran to Mexico to dodge American laws
    (2) Grandpa Romney FLIP-FLOPPED back to America when Mexico got dangerous.
    (3) Daddy Romney NEVER SERVED through WWII and Korea.
    (4) MITTENS Romney used “missionary” deferments to DODGE the Viet Nam draft.
    (5) FIVE sons, and NOT ONE ever wore an AMERICAN UNIFORM.
    FIVE GENERATIONS, NINE “males”, and NOT ONE actually LOVED America enough to SERVE this Nation. The only thing “conservative” about the Romney Family is conserving THEIR OWN BEHINDS.
    No Romney ever comes back missing a limb, in a box, or with PTSD …….. because no Romney ever SERVES.
    The Romneys LOVE WAR …… because they get RICH off of the belleding of OTHERS.
    The RomNEOCONS have been happily stuffing their pockets with DEFENSE stocks, chanting for more war, and stay injury-free safe at HOME to enjoy their wealth ………… while Americans bleed.

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