Romney’s Revenge

“It ain’t easy being green”

– Kermit the Frog

It ain’t easy being LDS, especially when you are running for president and 48% of the country claim to be born again Christians and many of them have been hostile to your Mormon religion, labeling it a cult. Getting the nomination takes a bit of genius, or an act of God, since the path starts with a march through the cornfields of Iowa, where “born againers” lay in wait and reaches its crescendo in the South on Super Tuesday, where evangelical Southern States dominate.

I experienced this bias against Mormons during my work in the White House.  I was trying to get the Medal of Freedom for Ezra Taft Benson when fellow staffers who were LDS pulled me aside and said, “Don’t even try.”  (It finally happened for Gordon Hinckley.)

And so, while John McCain was launching his general election campaign at the Republican Convention in 2008, the Mitt Romney forces were busy re-writing the rules for 2012.  They were trying to dethrone Iowa where they had been easily taken out in the last minute by evangelical Governor Mike Huckabee, seeing a year of work and millions of dollars go down the drain.

Under their new rules, LDS states like Arizona, Nevada and Colorado were eventually moved up.  They broke up the evangelical South.  Now it would vote  in different parts on different weeks and the states themselves made proportional, so that if Romney did not win one, he would still get something added to his aggregate total.

If Mitt Romney lost a primary in 2012, as he would numerous times, he could still bag the bulk of the delegates through a selection process.  This would require an organization.  And that would require money, which he had.  Delegates would have to attend caucus meetings where they would be elected to go to county conventions where they would have to win election to state conventions.  So in the Rules Committee at the RNC in 2008, with all eyes focused on McCain, Romney quietly began his campaign to win the 2012 nomination.

In some cases it worked well.  For example, in the 2012 North Dakota primary, Romney came in third place behind Santorum and Ron Paul but nevertheless captured 60% of the delegates at the state convention.  But time and again, the pesky Ron Paul folks showed up, unexpectedly, and they had real people.  In the end, Romney had to cheat to even hang onto his own Massachusetts, home state delegation.

At the RNC this week, the Romney folks sought a better plan, a way to ensure that a president Romney could be re-nominated in 2016 without embarrassment.  Or even if he lost to Obama.  He would own the 2016 nomination anyway and get to try again against Hillary Clinton.

The first version of Romney Rules, called for the nominee, himself, to pick all of the delegates in any state where he won the primary.  This was what Romney wanted.  This would have turned the RNC into one big fundraiser.  Pay enough money and the nominee will let you be his delegate from Missouri.  it would have gutted the Republican Party, ending all sense of ownership or participation from the grass roots.  Conventions would not matter since they would have no business to conduct.  And no one would have an incentive to go door to door campaigning, unless you can talk millionaires into doing that.

They also tried to take out Iowa as the first in the nation caucus.  Iowa was a pesky “born again” state that seemed to go for anybody but Romney, even when they owned the state chairman, who this time subverted the vote count in key counties, guaranteeing that Romney could at least have the win for those first few weeks when sequential wins have power and significance for the now hapless, clueless, corporate run media.  But the effort to gut Iowa failed.

What Romney got instead, at this year’s RNC, with his own personal envoys, Ben Ginsburg and John Sununu directing, was a plan that allowed states to pick their delegates but bound them to the beauty contest vote.  In some respects it was the way it had been before the Romney folks had changed the rules to suit themselves.  And it only passed because Morton Blackwell and other astute Republican leaders where kept away from the convention by hijacked buses that circled for hours, with delegates screaming, “Let us off this bus.”

And they got something more.  Something bigger.  They got the right for the RNC to change the rules right up to the next convention.  Which gives them time to purge existing members and reshape the RNC to its purposes.  It also allows them to change the results, if someone other than Romney wins a given state.

In fact, they didn’t wait.  They began using this power in Tampa to purge the floor of Ron Paul delegates.  But there was a big problem.  Almost all of the Hispanics, African Americans and homosexuals on the floor were Ron Paul supporters.  (African Americans?  Yep, you will have to Google “Ron Paul and cocaine laws stacked against minorities,” to understand Ron Paul’s following among African Americans.)

Do they kick out Ashley Ryan, the youngest member of the RNC, the National Committee Woman from Maine?  They tried.  Sununu was furious that she had stood up to him in the Rules Committee.  It was not an easy choice to make but they had to thin the heard, the floor noise was embarrassing, so among those kicked out were seven Afghanistan War Veterans, including one who had been home from the war only months.  That’s okay, the Vets are tough. And the media has no spine.  it will be ignored.

To give you an idea of how narrow the door into the RNC has now become, the hated evangelical Christians are clearly in disfavor.  (Remember, according to Gallup, 48% of the nation claims to be born again.)

Sarah Palin?  No way.  Not anymore.  She has been blackballed.  Too born again.  And a woman.  Not even Michelle Bachman, who earned her spot at the podium and had to be crying behind her radiant smile.

Jews are okay.  Mormons have a special affinity for them and consider themselves cousins anyway.  Romney has done well in his appeal to these voters and may have the biggest Jewish vote since Reagan.  It is a heartening sign for the GOP.  And his Catholic outreach is superb.  Mormons get along with them as well.  There were nine Catholics and one born again Christian among the first speakers in Tampa.   The exception was Ted Cruz, a Southern Baptist, who only snuck through the censors because everyone assumed that he had to be Catholic, after all he was Hispanic, wasn’t he?   As the Romney folk will learn, Catholic Hispanics are often Democrat.  It is the vast communities of Pentecostal Hispanics who are Republican.   They will need the hated evangelicals if they expect any Hispanics at all.  And then, a couple days later there was Tim Pawlenty, who was, yes, born again but a very early and fervent supporter of Romney and a man.

Evangelical Mike Huckabee was allowed to speak but not before a fight.  Romney wants Republican Senate candidate, Todd Akin of Missouri, a PCA evangelical Christian, who recently misspoke on the abortion issue, replaced as the GOP Senate Candidate.   (So much for Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment.)  According to a close friend, Huckabee was told to stop campaigning for fellow Republican, Akin, or you can’t speak at the RNC.  Huckabee refused and the Romney campaign, who has no other evangelical in its stable, backed down.

It’s not easy being green, especially when you are taking much needed, “legitimate” revenge against all those who have hurt you.  As psychologists say, “Hurt people, hurt people.”

Mitt Romney’s mean spirited National Convention, run by a team who has refined exclusion and pettiness to an art, will now rely more than ever on the socialism and failed economy of Barack Obama to get their man elected.  The door of their campaign is shut for anyone else to come in.  At the RNC there was no generosity in victory, no forgiveness, no open arms, no calls for unity.  Only scowls.  It is payback time.  To an unlikely combination of evangelicals, homosexuals and other targeted groups, the pain of the Romney’s will soon be unleashed upon them.

Now, more than ever, the choice between Obama and Romney will be which one do you want to ruin your country?


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

133 thoughts on “Romney’s Revenge

  1. We just need to go about this like Iceland did. A million person march on D.C. Maybe more. A million people unified cannot be ignored. Like I said months ago, they control the system and we can never win inside it.

    1. Doug — succinctly stated (now the RNC=DNC=CCCP).

      And have now shown that We, The People, are the “enemy” (and no one else).

      So, to whom do we turn to ask for Justice and Liberty for All…?

      What is your answer, dear Doug?

      I’d say, start a FREEDOM Party that takes guidance from Ron Paul (it would be a boon if he runs as independent — if just to make monkeys out of the Chosen Two in the debates)!

      1. @C4LCNCPLS

        You’d think having a party with LIBERTY in the name would have been enough, but apparently not. *Sigh*

      2. We have one. It’s called the Libertarian Party. We have a candidate – his name is Gov. Gary Johnson. You can vote for the statist quo, or you can vote for Liberty. YOU DECIDE.

      3. The third largest Party in the U.S. is the Constitution Party. Please consider joining them before considering any other party. Their values seem to be closer to those of Dr. Ron Paul who in 2008 endorsed the Constitution Party Candidate, Chuck Baldwin. I am hoping Dr. Paul will this time endorse the Constitution Candidate, Virgil Goode.

    2. *History Will Remember 2012 Forever*
      (as the year the Republican Party lost their integrity and caused the downfall of America)!

      For many decades the Democratic Party was held in contempt — as the one that utilizes Lies, Fraud and CHEATING to reach their goals.

      In 2012, the Republican Party — in one swoop — showed to be no different, perhaps, even more blatantly corrupt!

      The RNC surpassed in the shortest time all the perfidy the DNC had done over decades (the list of the GOP infamy is long, here are just some examples):

      Negating duly elected delegates, BARRING them from participation, Ignoring GOP’s own Rules… changing rules After the Fact, plus many more worse offenses (including breaking bones in Louisiana to prevent the duly elected delegates from this State’s slate, turning off the AC at Arizona’s Convention (trying to get rid of Ron Paul supporters by DEHYDRATION, while stuffing unchecked ballots at the same time…), declaring suspect ‘Aye’ votes when the ‘Nay’ were just as loud (if not even louder) as the Aye’s “have it”…instead of following the Rules and getting a REAL Head Count)!

      What will the backlash of such despicable actions be?

      IT WILL BE DEVASTATING to our Nation:

      1) No Real American would trust the Republican Establishment! (The American People — that never trusted the Democrats, now cannot trust the Republicans, either)!

      2) Since, no Real American will vote for the RNC’s (CCCP) chosen — the Mitt — expect a low republican vote.

      3) Since, no Real American will vote for the Obaminator — expect the Human Trash that pollutes our Nation to reelect this usurper for another 4 years.

      Great job RNC — assuring a BO victory that will end US!

      1. Who do you consider “human trash”? Who is not a “real American”? Anyone who doesn’t agree with you and who doesn’t agree that President Obama has “ruined” a country that was already “ruined” by Bush 1 and 2?

        Bush #2. who DECIMATED a surplus budget after LYING to put the US in an illegal war that congress did not vote on as the LAW requires – for a revenge war against the man who told his daddy to Go F himself?

        Bush#2 Who allowed his buddies at Enron to write energy policy and bankrupt states by overcharging them? We see how Enron turned out – don’t we?

        Is it even necessary to talk about the mortgage fiasco that was allowed to happen with mortgage fraud and the fraudulent mortgage securities ponzi that caused the real estate collapse that happend during – whoops – Bush 2’s reign (this guy has the worst luck and timing in history)

        We can go on and on.

        Now you and all the back-assed undercover racists blame President Obama who had to go along with bailing out the Republican Wall St owners who had Hank Pauson (another goldman sachs alum) THREATEN to crash the economy if the US govt didn’t authorize trillions to bail out his Wall St cronies and their European cohorts?

        It is amazing you and the rest of the so-called republicans and anti-Obama “patriots” and “birthirs” can even breathe with your heads stuck so far up your asses.

      2. Does this person that also left a reply really want to STILL play the race card ? “undercover racists” he says. Why isn’t the president allowed to be critiqued? I don’t you are stupid based on the color of your skin. I think you’re stupid based on your ignorant reply.

      3. do us all a favor and take the big “racist” chip off your shoulder.
        this has nothing to do with race.
        99.9999 44/100 % of Ron Paul supporters would vote for
        “TMOT of Georgia” (of you-tube fame)
        and he is BLACKER than obama.
        grow up.
        charles ranalli

      4. Real Americans — the producers (those who create goods of intrinsic value and provide services of merit).

        Human Trash — the non-producers (the parasites that create nothing, but feed off of the labor of the producers).

      1. Doesitmatter…I guess Clinton pulling money from SS to the General Fund is ok, to make a surplus, but anything else is wrong?

        You are one of those letter slaves, correct? A Democrat can do no wrong. They are super human beings with ethics above and beyond us mere civilians.

        Or the “If it has an ‘R’ next to it, it has my vote” type?

        Am I close?

        If you can NOT tell the difference between a Democrat or Republican, you might be a True American Patriot.

    3. What do you really hope to gainor win at this point? It IS TIME to unite to elect who is the most “possible” winner. At this late date, it can’t be Paul.
      I would have voted for Ron Paul, although some of his ideas are extreme.
      Now, We are up against the wall. It is what it is. So vote for the better of the two. Again, it is what it is.

      1. Could you please tell me which of his views are “extreme?”

        Has the USA really become so sick that attempting to enforce the Constitution is considered “extreme?” Is Peace “extreme?”

        Please, enlighten me.

      2. “some of his ideas are extreme” what exactly does that mean?? if individual liberty and the constitution are “extreme”, then we need a lot more “extreme”. thank god for extreme ron paul !!

      3. Sharon Eaton Stevens — I understand your sentiment.

        But the correct phrase should be: “Vote for the lesser of two evils”….

      4. Yes, but the un-electable still means ‘Defeat.” If some Paul supporters can’t wrap their heads around widespread mistrust over his foreign policy pronouncements, the legalization of heretofore illegal drugs, and his refutation of Judeo-Christian (yes, they are linked) ties, among other things, well, despite all the positive aspects of his other stands, he has LOST.

        Please get over it.

    4. Where have you been Kyle? We already had 3 marchs on DC. the first one was the 911 march which had OVER 1.5 million people. I know. I was there!

  2. Ron Paul to WIN as Independent, or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options)!

    Ron Paul appeals to all True Americans — the only candidate that bridges the gaps — Liberals, Libertarians, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans and INDEPENDENTS!

    Here is the Math:

    1) Pulls (even with rigged GOP voting machines) 12%+ Republicans
    2) Will garner 10%+ of the Dems vote (the true liberals and the undecided)
    3) 3%+ of the Libertarian Vote
    4) 15%+ of the Independent Vote

    (these are conservative figures)

    The total is — 40% or more for Ron Paul! (Bye, bye Mitt and BO)!

    In a three-way-race — all Ron Paul needs to become the Next President of the USA is 35% (since the BO and the Mitt will be virtually tied (the BO at 33% and the Mitt at 32%))!

    Done deal — now make sure you sign the below petition so Ron Paul RUNS as Independent for the Presidency — or lose our Nation in 2012!

      1. Kyle Lederman — hey, that’s how propaganda works!

        (example — I posted this on several sites many times over the last week…and it finally took ONLY one person to see it!)

      2. Kyle, ask him where the “40% or more ” was for Paul at the RNC on Tuesday where Nevada delegates “voted their conscience ” and Paul still came up about 90% short. I see you’re pulling for Johnston. Good for you. @~16:10 of this video Doug Wead says that the Paul campaign’s own numbers showed Romney already had the win secured before Michigan, yet the campaign would go on working the rubes out of their hard earned “worthless” FRN’s via money bombs to line their pockets for six more months. Imagine if they would have thrown in the towel and endorsed Gary back then? Johnston’s war chest would at least be $15-20 million stronger.

    1. Cannot speak for other states but likely they have similar laws, i.e. we have a “sore loser” law. It is too late, he cannot get on the ballot for 2012 as an independent.

      1. MAC, facts and reality do not factor into the OP’s world. They will continue to spam the above message until well past November. I can almost guarantee you the above won’t be the last time it copy and pastes the message into this thread.

      2. ‘Jim’ — the troll — (previously banned from posting here as “tex2” shill) pollutes this forum again with its vitriol.

        Ignore this PERNICIOUS creature — do not reply to it.

        In case you forgot, this subhuman, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead:

        (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. … Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”).

  3. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE run as Libertarian!! We NEED you Ron Paul!!! Please give us one last fighting chance to WIN! The ONLY reason why I became involved with politics is because of Ron Paul. Because before I knew who he was I assumed all the good people and the government were essentally all bad and it was a combination of apathy. But when you came into the picture Dr. Paul you changed my whole out look and became awake to ALL the corruption that is involved with the federal government. And I became critical of what was going on behind the walls and what our government has been doing since 1913. And I became extremely critical of the Federal Reserve and the Central Banking system. So Mr. Paul and Doug Weed I apreciate all the efforts of the Revolutition and Ron Paul. So me and many, many others are BEGGING you to RUN as libertarian. Please and Thank you for your time. Either way it was an HONOR supporting you!!

    1. The Libertarians have a candidate. His name is Governor Gary Johnson. He will be on the ballot in 50 states (though team Mitt is trying to get him knocked off in a couple). Ron Paul cannot run as a Libertarian in 2012 – the nominating convention was in May. It is also WAY too late for him to be on the ballot in most or all states as an independent. It’s about the message, not the man. If you love Liberty, vote Libertarian. And Gary Johnson is the best presidential candidate the LP has ever had.

      1. The Word must get out to the American people that there is an alternate to RON PAUL and share his policies. Most people have never heard of him. Any crook will steal away any hope of a third party. We have the internet on our side

  4. I understand Paul’s goal of making the liberty movement the swing factor in elections so that we do not have to be a majority to influence elections. And in a fair system that would work. Each side would have to pander to us to win and actually deliver to have our continued support in the upcoming elections, but*** this is not a fair system. Electronic voting machines are easily manipulated and the results can be made to look however the bankers want. Even if we had 25% of the country as libertarian leaning swing voters, the results can be easily manipulated to look otherwise. The system is controlled and our efforts can easily be made out to be in vain if electronic vote flipping is instituted. And after seeing this election season, do you really put that beneath them? I sure don’t.

    1. Algorithmic electronic vote flipping also explains why Mitt is seemingly trying to destroy any chance he has. At the end of the day they can make is look close or make it look like whatever they want.

    2. Kyle Lederman — correct!

      Unless one gets a receipt for whom they voted (like in the supermarket for items you invested with a code for each transaction) — NO Votes can be accepted as Valid!

    3. Ben Swann — GOP Establishment Declares War on Grassroots Activists!

      Further Infamy by the RNC (the now extinct ‘Soviet Union’ would have been proud of what you’ve done, dear Republicons…)!

      Question: After this insane RULE CHANGE, should the now “New-and-Improved” Republican Party redesign their flag to be a Red One with Hammer & Cycle…?

      Share this 5 minute video!

    4. “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” ~ Samuel Adams

  5. Now that the Republican Establishment has declared themselves to be a vile Dictatorship — no true American can trust them (just like no true American could ever trust the fraudulent Democrooks)!


    Who’ll come up with a great name for the Ron Paul movement — what should we name our NEW Party?

    1) The Liberty Party (sounds too close to the Libertarian party…)
    2) Freedom Party
    3) Post your own choices!


  6. It just amazes me that people will be like, oh they stuffed ballots, locked us out, physical beat and intimidated us, but fixing electronic voting machines? Na they would never do that.

  7. Seen Mitt Romney Has taken over the RNC. Isn’t it time for the disillusioned republicans to break away and start a new Party. Say (THE NEW REPUBLICANS PARTY)

  8. Doug, please ask Dr Paul to run third party. Based on how the RNC went down he has souch energy behind him. Rumor has it that Gary would step aside on the libertarian ticket for Paul.

  9. I was born in the time of Reagan, and his speeches ingrained a political philosophy into me. At 18 I went against my family and voted Republican. It has been that way ever since. Being a young, poor, Republican in the South is a lot more rare than you might imagine. Most people here claim to be democrats and in primaries are registered as such for local elections.

    This election year was different, and I was more involved than ever. I decided to put my name on the ballot as a delegate for Ron Paul. He lost the state to Santorum, but I was happy to come in 4th, well above any other Ron Paul delegate in my district. .Since Santorum won the primary having no delegates, it was decided by the GOP who would step in as delegates. Guess who did not get chosen ^^

    I watched with tears in my eyes, as the Ron Paul rally swept into my house. I was disappointed at not being in Tampa, but excited to watch it live on Youtube. I cried, laughed, and felt strength in knowing so many others have taken his words to heart, but I was angered by how many delegates we had lost.

    As the RNC rolled into town, I was absolutely horrified by the extreme tactics to shut down this man’s momentum. I was in denial thinking they would be appreciative all the energy one candidate could inspire. They would accept us and feel fortunate that energy, like the Obama 08 campaign, could exist in the GOP. But alas, they managed to alienate and infuriate an already uncommitted crowd. With these tactics, I can not bring myself to vote for the Republican nominee in the next election. The tactics used to secure a vote and all but falsify the feelings of the convention was extreme. I dare wonder what a Romney presidency would bring with it. How far would he be willing to go to follow an agenda that he has yet to talk about. All I know is that we would very easily go to war with Iran.

    1. Hi Doug ~Thanks for the strong interview you posted.As you once said,”We are a bunch of Right Nobodies going up against a crowd of Wrong Somebodies.” In the end,we still win.The Message is right.It will not come back deleted out.Impossible for it to come in second place.Our age may not allow us to see the return to our Constitution,God,Family the way we dream…But the train is moving.More cars are being added moment by moment,And as Paul said,”Death where is your sting ? Grave where is your victory ? In the end,the Message wins …Because its Right,True, and full of people who Believe and want it !!

  10. Obama is not the pick of the NWO of London this year. Romney is.
    We are screwed. I can’t vote for any of them. I’ll ignore the elections this year.

  11. Good article, Mr. Wead. I thought you did a super job at the Rally and during subsequent interviews. You are such a warm, happy, and surprisingly truthful orator. It is nice to watch.

    I now trust you will stay with the Liberty Movement – whatever that may end up being. Welcome Aboard!

  12. Hillary Clinton will be pushing 70 in 2016 she knows that the first female president will not break Reagan’s age record and she will not run. I expect Andrew Cuomo to be the nominee, probably facing off against people like Debbie WS, Martin O’Malley and Joe Manchin (who would be the Dems best shot at the White House in 16). Unless Obama is reelected and finds a competent successor.

  13. Please get Ron Paul to run 3rd party. We are not ready to give up. Please.. Gary Johnson will just have to step down. He can run next time. Now its Ron Paul’s turn. We his supporter will work even harder. We will fight even harder. We will raise more money. We will do all we can to expose Romney. Please tell him to run 3rd party.. We are ready to give up yet. We want Ron Paul!!

  14. i think the term born again is largely misunderstood. The way of it is complicated to explain especially if you belong to a church that does not teach who the kenites are. to be born again mostly means that at the end of the first earth age, when satan rebelled against God, God had to destroy the first earth age and here we are. To be born again is simply to be born from above, when at the moment of conception , Your sould is placed in the embryo. That is being born again is.

    But i certainly understand why some people are against Mormonism, that is because in The Book Of Mormon is Not inspired by God and His prophets. The book of mormon is a definate change of Gods Word and He does not appriecate that at all.

    1. Most people I know consider “born again” to be referring to John 3 where Jesus tells Nicodemus he must be “born again”, to undergo a spiritual rebirth. Dying to self and living to please God. The term is common among Baptists.

    2. “O fools, they shall have a Bible; and it shall proceed forth from the Jews, my ancient covenant people. And what thank they the Jews for the Bible which they receive from them? Yea, what do the Gentiles mean? Do they remember the travails, and the labors, and the pains of the Jews, and their diligence unto me, in bringing salvation unto the Gentiles?”

      I would say more but need to ask a simple rhetorical: Do any here present pass the Israel Test? If in your hearts you have ever felt to sing the song of God’s redeeming love can you feel so now?

  15. um.. We are warned about trusting in any man is a curse. You should place all your trust In GOD. The sooner the better because we are in the end times. Which began in 1948 when the good figs and the bad figs went back to Jerusalem. It wont be long now when Michael kicks out the wicked angels…. and on the 7th trumpet is when Jesus Returns to Rule. There is no one that can stop that from happening so its best for those that turned their backs on God to seek repentance and be forgiven. Dont be Deceived.

  16. What a great post!

    “Obtuse” and “nasty” are the words I come up with when I think of what the Romney campaign and the RNC have been doing in the last three months and in the last three weeks.

    There is only one possibility for Romney to win, and that is that Obama would do a very bad Presidential Campaign. Basically, Obama will only lose if he were caught red-handed smoking a (legit) cigarette and while reading the Coran in Arabic.

    About the anti-Mormon bias, I think is reasonable and one of the very few prejudices that can be useful. I also have the same bias with Catholics, Jewish, Islamists, Evangelicals, Atheists and Communists. If I have to choose some people for a Public Office, I wnat to know from their mouth what’s in their heads and their hearts. It’s easy to tell apart fanatics from liars: look for the gleam in the eyes and the eyebrow shape.

    Any sensible person knows as much as to not say “you must vote for me because I practice X religion” (where X is any kind of spiritual bondage ever invented by the devious mind of a human being). It doesn’t matter if you are a true believer or an impostor, or if you are a good person, a bad person or a normal person. Presidents, Congressmen, Senators, etc. must adhere to the Principles of the Constitution, over their own personal beliefs. If someone can’t do that, please, get lost.

  17. Thanks for your thoughts Doug. Respect your opinion. I was moving in the way of Romney prior to the convention. But the way the Ron Paul delegates were treated was appalling. The GOP is no longer a big tent. The events of the convention have moved me closer and closer to voting for my first ever Libertarian candidate. Romney has no desire to give a seat at the table to the Liberty movement.

  18. When I vote in November, I will see these three names on my ballot. Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Gary Johnson.

    While Johnson is no Ron Paul (who is?) he’s head and shoulders above Mitt or Barack. He’s not Goldman Sachs.
    It’s Robama vs Johnson now.

    1. I’ll second that. When we look at those three for their records while serving in public office – it’s a no brainer. Only one of the three has proven he can lower taxes, help create jobs, reduce gov’t growth & spending by 50%, lower welfare 30%, lower gas taxes, turn a 300M deficit into a billion dollar surplus. It was not Barak Obama as President. it was not Mitt Romney as Gov’r of Massachusetts. The only one who HAS done all of tose things was Gary Johnson as Gov’r of New Mexico, who by the way was a Republican then and was a Republican at the start of this Presidential campaign, until the Romneyites drove him off the GOP ticket to the Libertarian party.

      The RNC can bend the rules, lie, manipulate, and everything else corrupt they can but unless they steal my vote from the ballot box and alter that – my vote is for Gary Johnson.

  19. Doug… I think you have another book to write. It will be a best seller.”The Day America Fell” PLEASE tell Ron to run Third Party. Get Gary Johnson to back down ad put Ron in his place, We can let Gary be VP. One can pray right????

  20. I’ve been looking around trying to figure this out, but no one has directly commented on this…will the RNC’s new rules make it impossible or hard for libertarians to take over more of the Republican machine? I mean, will we still be able to take over state parties and elect new people to the RNC?

    1. It will be harder. For example, if the state decides it is winner take all then ALL the delegates to the convention will be named by the persons who comes first in the primary vote. The State Convention will not be able to name those delegates or vote on them.

      1. Hmm…so whoever controls the delagates controls who can get party posts from precinct captain to national committeemen? That’s a scary thought. It makes me very glad to see Rand Paul in such a good position for 2016. I hope that in the following election cycles the tea parties will unite with the libertarians to undue these rules changes and decentralize the power structure again and put better people in office.
        Thanks for the quick reply!

  21. I love your blog, Doug, I think you are such a good man. Thank you for the caveat at the beginning about trying to get the medal for Ezra T Benson- He was a great man, as was Gordon B. Hinckley. I hope that people will judge the LDS Church by members like that, and not men like Romney.

    1. Although, it is one of your best efforts so far and I did enjoy reading it. Your insights into the process as you review this for us answer a lot about the campaigns strategy.

  22. Mormonism is a Giant Pile of KOLOBIAN . Bull Shit …. Romney and the LSD Cult are Parasites and Opportunists … They always have been and Mormonism always will be … You see the entire STORY is a LIE. Good Luck With It

  23. Well Doug ur just not always right ..I’am a Catholic and Romney doesn’t believe Jesus is the son of God..So he picks a Catholic running mate but even Paul Ryan has a problem with him wanting abortion’s for Rape, Incest ,If a women’s life is in danger and the kicker, her health.Any Women can say this pregnancy will hurt my mental health case closed and Ryan is worried about that and the fact he doesn’t believe Jesus is the Messiah and the second person of the Trinity..As for Hispanics being Democrat i’m seeing a big change in them as well..They seem to have caught on that the democrats are not really for the working people nor do they care about them..Now that States like Missouri won’t give illegal’s a free education and health care and Alabama sent them back..It is really time for all states to stop funding thier educations and healthcare, While legal American Citizens stand in line behind them in emergency rooms and have insurance.All this Born again stuff is making me nauseated..25 to 30 years AGO THERE WAS NO SUCH TERM AND JESUS IN THE BIBLE SAY’S QUITE CLEARLY DON’T MARVEL THAT I SAY YOU NEED TO BE BORN AGAIN..SO WHY DO EVANGELICALS MARVEL AT WHAT HE SAID NOT TO MARVEL ABOUT?When u ask them what do they mean by being born again they all say the same thing..Is Jesus your personal Lord and Savior? ..Well Duh ,he suffered and died for each one of us! so i guess that makes everyone who know’s Jesus is the Christ is Born again..We know he died to save each one of us personally as he knew our names before the dawn of creation . It’s starting to look to me like you Doug are one of them, They tried really hard to get Blacks and whites fighting in the Streets it didn’t work .then they tried to get us fighting Mexicans in the Streets, Now u seem to be trying to get Catholics Jewish and Protestants fighting in the Streets..They want this really bad so they can call Martial law and Obama stays in..It’s starting to sound like you want this fight as well.
    Not really much to say, people are going to either vote Obama or Romney ..Or Johnson or write Ron Paul in on the Ballot..I personally feel Ron Paul should go independent as we all have worked so hard since 2007 and busted our behinds and used every bit of time we had endorsing him everywhere everyday..He can definitely get the Signatures on the Independent ticket the Libertarian ticket is a waste of time they are only on the Ballot in 40 states so another loss that would be..I think Ron Paul owes us that much, We need him at the helm and after his son endorsed Romney not many of daddies People are going to follow him!..Rand Paul tried to gain power from thugs and thieves and not realizing he already HAD THAT IN TENS OF MILLIONS OF HIS FATHERS SUPPORTERS ..HE KISSED THIER ARSES AND LOST ALL HE COULD HAVE HAD..If he had only said no to the status Quo but his pride got in his way..He got desperate and tried to feed at the pigs trough and now he has nothing!!!

    1. Ron Paul CANNOT go 2rd Party now. It would be best for Gary Johnson to ask him to take control of Treasury if he were to be elected at this point. That would help Gary Johnson.

      1. That is true. Ron Paul cannot run third party now. Nor will Ron Paul flip from Republican.
        Ron Paul is hailed as the Thomas Jefferson of 2012. Thomas Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican.
        My elector count puts Romney at 263 elector votes at max.
        If Gary Johnson can take just one state from Obama, there would not be enough elector votes for Blue or red to win. In that case the Senate would vote and theoretically we could end up with an Obama/Romney in 2013.

    2. Well, I am glad Romney is doing well with Catholic voters and reaching out to them. My wife and many family members are Catholic and I just enjoyed the Notre Dame home opener in Dublin. 🙂 He is also doing well with Jewish voters and may do better than any GOP candidate since Reagan. But he and his team are clueless about how to reach out to evangelicals. Throwing money at Ralph Reed and Karl Rove is going to get you another 2000 where Gore beat Bush. It was a poorly run campaign that took the Supreme Court to win. I wouldn’t count on the Supreme Court this time.

      1. I wish Romney would offer you a position with his team. If you were financially rewarded by Repubs or Romney team, maybe there would be a better chance of Obama not getting re-elected.
        Again, it’s too late in the game to gain enough support for Paul or Johnson. A vote for either one is a vote for Obama.
        So sad, but true.

  24. This is no time to turn the other cheek. I do hope Dr. Ron Paul will run or endorse a Third Party action. He may be split between carrying on and giving his full support to his Son and his future career with the Republicans – a hard choice to make. I hope he will make the curageous choice. It is NOW or NEVER, take action NOW or drown in a sea of “what ifs” later.

    1. I tried to ask this on The Daily Paul, and I haven’t found any answers yet. Today, I’m a writer-inner. Is there any way it could make sense for us writer-inners to flip-flop over to Gary?

      1. It would be wiser to vote Gary Johnson IMO…I too was a huge Ron Paul supporter, but many states will not total and report write-in votes for Ron Paul which will make our numbers look much lower than they actually are. Since Johnson will be appearing on the ballot in all 50 states, every vote he receives will be counted (provided there is no cheating going on……..) which will show our actual strength in number.

  25. Thanks for putting it into words. Sometimes, the fear leaves me so speechless I cannot say in few words what is indicated, the ruin, our leftover responsibility for damage control, now, when the entire world is in the grip of villains of a spineless order directly a prediction of William Blake’s, “And a thousand years of pain and woe…, and a thousand years of pain and woe.” Sustainability? That would take ecological understanding the equivalent of Lindisfarne Association scientists, the connection, particularly the connection, between Gregory Bateson and Francisco J. Varela. Part of the damage of this premature demise has to do with something akin to the misinterpretation of AIDS, not leaving out the falsification of statistics in South Africa. House of Numbers is a good video. Only, this week we have to deal with the outright murder of the platinum miners there, in South Africa, working for Lomnim. Such a perfect distraction, a pussy riot, and I am for individual rights.

  26. Fantastic article. I find it amazing that 4 years ago the republicans were bragging about how many war vets they had as delegates when this year they are kicking the war vets out. This whole election process has felt more like a movie than real life.

  27. Time to put a gun to Ron’s head,Johnson to step down to VP and roll.(Joking about the gun.Only if he wants to do it).

  28. So basically what happened at the convention can be summarized this way: The RNC said to the GOP, “You did not build this.”

  29. The bus driver kidnapped the LA delegation, a Federal Crime.
    He also committed the intentional tort of False Imprisonment,and the Federal Civil Rights tort of interfering with federal electioneering, for which he can be sued, fined and imprisoned, with his co-conspirators on the RNC.
    The RNC has created the basis for a lawsuit to overturn their rules changes, and perhaps to have themselves jailed for 10 or more years.

  30. Rules Controversy Could Cost Romney Critical Support in General Election

    “Defeating President Obama requires enthusiastic support of grassroot activists” saysMinnesota Delegation Chair Marianne Stebbins

    (Tampa) – Following a multi-state press conference at the Republican National Convention protesting RNC rule changes that would bind state delegates to future national conventions and give the RNC unprecidented power to change convention rules without a vote by national delegates, Minnesota Delegation Chair Marianne Stebbins issued the following statement.

    “The controversy over the rules is not simply an interparty squabble,” said Stebbins. “It could cost Gov. Romney the election. There is no campaign without a healthy grassroots. And the grassroots are furious. I’ve received hundreds of emails and phone calls from all over Minnesota, and they are still coming in. Some say say they won’t work for Romney; others say they won’t vote him. Losing grassroots support — the volunteers that make a campaign go — could cost critical votes in critcial states and ultimately the election.”

    “The rules controversy is a power grab that is at the at heart of the debate within the Republican Party. Gov. Romney is campaigning on decentralizing federal power and returning decison-making to the states, while within the Republican Party, the RNC is centralizing power and taking authority from the states. That’s a clear contradiction of the Republican Party’s fundamental principles. The idea that we live better when we live free applies inside the party as much as it does outside the party,” said Stebbins.

    “At this point, we feel it is imperative that Gov. Romney use his power as the Republican Party candidate for President to instruct the RNC to use the power granted to it in revised rules and eliminate the controversial binding rule and immediately use the same power to strip itself of the authority to change party rules without approval of national delegates,” said Stebbins.

    —– End —–

    1. My take:

      “The GOP is smarter than we”!

      While, We The People, have hopes of saving our Nation — THEY, the GOP Elite, has none.

      We are idealistic — believers that Truth, Liberty and Justice will eventually prevail, thus saving US from imminent economic collapse and the loss of all freedoms!

      The GOP Establishment has no such illusions — THEY want to assure that ONLY THEY and THEIR OWN have first dibs on the choices pieces of meat, when the carving of the American People starts. THEY do not want rejuvenation of the Republican Party, nor is stagnation enough — PURGING is needed, so THEY are first in line to pick our bones clean when the economic collapse starts. (Same goes for the Dems in power).

      We, the Real American People (the producers), are the HOST — and THEY, the Non-Producers, are the Parasites!

      While the Host was strong and healthy in the past — the parasites fed well with little notice on OUR loss.

      But, NOW the Parasites have become GREATER than the HOST — meaning in order to survive, THEY have to suck MORE blood out of US than we can produce for ourselves, let alone THEM.

      Realizing this, THEY are preparing the road ONLY for THEMSELVES and THEIR OWN to strip our carcass clean (after they’ve sucked US dry).

      Now, back to working two jobs Real Americans, so you can produce some more to feed THEM longer…until THEY are finally ready to send you to the glue factory… (“Animal Farm” by George Orwell).

  31. Mr. Weed, the main problem is the “VOTIND MACHINES”, they are in the hands of Romney & Co. and everybody knows that; The COURTS TOO ( SEE THE LAWSUIT L4RP ) where Tons of evidence was dissmised! The mommentum NOW, i think is in favor of RON PAUL MOVEMENT; Tampa was “THE BIGGEST CHEATING FARSE” of all the American History. Dr.Paul ( MILLIONS ARE WAITING TO FIGHT FOR LIBERTY ABROUD: PEACEFULLY !!) YOU SHOULD RUN THIRD PARTY NOW!!!. The TAKEOVER OF THE REP MUSST CONTINUE.
    Sincerly yours
    aurel barber

    1. The BO, the Destructor of the USA, is now a shoo-in — thanks to the RNC’s perfidy!

      p.s. — Should the other political monkey (Rmonkey) win by a long shot — Our total economic collapse and COMPLETE loss of all freedom will be delayed…by 2 and 1/2 days more….

      Mutton Mitt, you are looking better and better now….

    2. Actually, the machines are in the hands of the BipartisanMafia (I prefer “Bipartisan Crime Inc.”, so as not to offend anyone, but it is what it is.
      It is not one party over the other or even against the other. It’s, “Let’s go A this time; we;ll go B next time, then back to A”. We’ve been saying: “No, let’s go C; Let’s go RON PAUL”, and the BipartisanMafia refuses.
      Machines are set-up to select one side over the other, and they seem to usually alternate that, “choice”, which is really only one choice. That sameness has never been quite so evident as it is this (s)election season.., with the decisions made between two of the same platform.

  32. Man I feel like there’s no escape for all these meathead politicals with to much power.
    When do they implode? Doesn’t seem possible to be so rotten and not digrade. So weird.
    It can’t continue forever. The vibes are on the wheel, and they are bad. A plague on all greedy rotten scoundrels in office.

  33. Here;s the problem with Mitt.
    His revenge was spent going after FELLOW REPUBLICANS– the pro-liberty Ron-Paul (real) Republicans.
    Mitt would cut off his nose to spite his face.
    Mitt has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the heart and soul of the Republican party.
    And this will lead to the downfall of Mitt Romney (again).

    It’s all so silly, one would think it was planned, from the get-go.

    Sorry, Mitt; you are the fall-guy I said you were. Your money and foreign donors were a great boost to the RNC but it will not be enough to salvage what’s left of the GOP. We are done with this so-called partisanship.
    All that’s left to do is hold that wake for the dead/ suicided Republican party…

  34. Anyone who thinks votes *OUR VOTES* matter any longer, please just check-out my post, “MY experience as an Election-Judge, in Austin, Texas”. I really did think votes counted, until I saw, first-hand, voter-disenfranchisement and vote-plucking.
    I never really believed that votes were decided before the actual vote, and did not actually think the stories of fraud were true, especially regarding machine-rigging. I do, wholeheartedly, believe it now.
    It was a sad day for me.

    You can also find links to the videos on my page, re: Vote-Rigging, etc.. Just click on my avatar. No, I really don’t care about getting more views; I just don’t want to have to type it out here, again.. ok?

    1. You still don’t get it do you? The RNC exercised THEIR LIBERTY to exercise THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to exclude Paul supporters but the way you folks keep droning on about being abused it becomes more and more apparent the only Liberty and Constitution Ron Paul supporters stand for is when it’s self serving.

      1. The only constitutional right anybody has is the right to a speedy trial. The rest are protections of our natural rights.

      2. The First Amendment limits government encroachment on political parties rights to exclude. First Amendment reads: “freedom to gather in association for the purpose of advancing shared beliefs is protected by the Fourteenth Amendment from infringement by any State.”

        The roll call vote at the RNC demonstrated 2061 delegates did not share the belief of 190 delegates that Ron Paul was the best choice. Get over it!
        see Supreme Court Rulings Cousins v. Wigoda – 419 U.S. 477 (1975) and Democratic Party v. Wisconsin ex rel. La Follette – 450 US 107 (1981)

        Ron Paul and his supporters only stand for the Constitution when it’s self serving and have no problem trashing it when it doesn’t serve their purposes.

      3. Sadly, Jim, it is you who does not get it.
        I am not talking about delegates. I am talking about the average voter, whose choices were taken from them. Perhaps you want to do as I suggested and read what I wrote. If you try, you may be able to figure it out; or, you may not.
        No party has the, “right”, to fraudulently count or NOT count votes. And we have seen enough of election-fraud, at the polls, this year to know they DID THIS.
        It’s a lot different from them discounting delegate votes. I am talking ballots, which were either changed or not counted. Perhaps you do not participate in the election-process, so it means nothing to you, but it means something to ME. Regardless of a person’s reasons for making their own voting choice(s), nobody has the right to erase or change those votes. Comprende? Yet?
        Enough, though, okay?

    2. ‘Jim’ — the troll — (previously banned from posting here as “tex2” shill) pollutes this forum again with its vitriol…!

      Ignore this PERNICIOUS creature — do not reply to it.

      In case you forgot, this subhuman, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead:

      (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. … Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

      1. Actually, I have come to the conclusion that Jim-fka-tex2 is *not* really a troll. Sometimes he looks it, but mostly he posts evidence.

        Here, he posted the supreme court decisions, which anybody can look up, so I did. Guess what? Jim is correct on the constitution, at least, as far as the Brennan Court of the 1970s interpretation is concerned.

        In 1972, the folks in IL elected some dels to the DNC in Florida, one of them named Wigoda. The national party bosses didn’t want those dels, so they made up their own slate of dels, one of them named Cousins, and claimed that the IL dels weren’t selected according to DNC-approved rules. The cred cmt at the DNC in 1972 kept the Cousins slate, and booted the duly elected IL dels (per IL law but against DNC national rules). Wigoda sued, Cousins countersued, the national-party-approved dels got seated by default because the lawsuits dragged on too long, the convention was over, sigh. Finally, in 1975, the supreme court got their second crack at the problem, and ruled that Cousins and the DNC were *right*.

        At the state court level, the ruling was that the “interest of IL in protecting the effective right to participate in primaries is superior to whatever other interests the DNC itself might wish to protect”. But the supreme court overturned them, saying this: “In the selection of candidates for national office, a National Party Convention serves the pervasive national interest, which is paramount to any interest of a State in protecting the integrity of its electoral process, and the [ruling of the lower court] abridged the associational rights of petitioners and their Party, and the Party’s right to determine the composition of its National Convention, in accordance with Party standards.”

        Fast forward to 2012 in Tampa. The new rules, rammed through the RNC, say that the elite national party bosses can decide which dels are allowed to attend convention, and which are not. Which means, states that duly-elect a slate of delegates which support liberty-candidates, or indeed anybody but the party-boss-selected-presumptive-nominee, will simply be replaced. Remember the Maine 2012… it is a great slogan, but we are in trouble. There is a supreme court precedent which sides with the elite party bosses. Guess I should not be surprised.

        Anyway, thanks Jim, for the enlightenment. Please tone down your posts, because sometimes they are a bit abrasive, but you have some extremely useful things to say. I’d never heard of Cousins v Wigoda.

        Whether I *agree* with Justice Brennan, that the decisions of the elite party bosses ought to trump the decisions of the state party convention, through a twisted reading of the right-to-free-assembly which includes-the-right-to-keep-people-out-of-your-assembly, even when the assembly in question ELECTS THE PRESIDENT, is another question entirely. Basically, the trouble boils down to a terminology question — is Reince Preibus acting as a governmental official, when he organizes the RNCon and the RNCmt? Or is he a private citizen? Furthermore, can he exclude people from his private group, on the basis of their political beliefs… when his group picks the president? Supreme Court Justice Brennan says, 100% private, and exclusion ok.

      2. Yeah, well; the only time(s) I do respond as such is when said person posts the same stuff (garbage, repeatedly, cut-n-pasted) under the guise of responding to ME.
        I do find it irritating and you know, some days, I say something. Mostly I don’t. No matter what is said. I have my own reasons for this, and have discussed these reasons with others (outside of wordpress).

  35. Amendment IX

    The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

    1. Don’t tell me tell the supreme court justices who ruled on Cousins v. Wigoda – 419 U.S. 477 (1975) and Democratic Party v. Wisconsin ex rel. La Follette – 450 US 107 (1981)

      1. In the cases you cited, the Suprime Court ruled party rules trump state election laws. What happened at the RNC is a different matter. Delegate selection was according to the GOP rules. It is the GOP and RNC that violated their OWN rules to unseat delegates.

        Ron Paul was nominated fairly according to the rules at the time. RNC changed the rules literally at the last moment to prevent a Ron Paul nomination after he had the required five state plurality.

        The last issue on the rule changes are not just an Ron Paul issue. See The Official Home of Tim Chermak below.

      2. @Jjan, your first sentence I agree with: the supreme court ruled that national-party-rules can trump not merely state-party-rules, but even state-legislature-statutory-election-codes. I am horrified to say, this means I have to disagree with everything else you say. What happened at Tampa is *not* a different matter. The RNC rules trump state rules, and state law. The RNC right-to-exclude-from-their-private-association (per interpretation by Brennan in 1975) means that they *can* make up new national rules, on the spot, specifically to exclude anybody they wish.

        National-party-rules are not like state laws, and not like the federal Constitution. They can be changed at a whim, by the body itself. The body in Tampa “agreed” to change the rules, in the teleprompter-scripted-the-day-before opinion of the chair. You can say they broke the old rules. They did. We have proof, on video. But you cannot say that they broke state-of-Maine rules, or even state-of-Foo election laws, because the supreme court ruling says that national-party-rules *trump* both of those. You can say they changed their own rules at the last second, to exclude Ron Paul from getting his fifteen minutes of prime-time. They did, absolutely. But again, methinks the Brennan court decision says they *can*. I do not think that is the way things ought to be, but I think that is the precedent. No doubt Ginsberg and Sununu were quite aware of what you and I are just finding out now.

    1. Clint Eastwood’s speech — mocking the BO and Biden (the delaware bidet). Also some good points on Politicians are OUR employees, and should be fired when failing us, among other good points and a silly one that the Mitt is a job-creating businessman (when his whole history at Bain is that of US job eliminations).


      This actor (professionally trained in speech and elocution) stumbled, bumbled and stuttered most of the time — yet still got a standing ovation (for the mixed bag of goods he delivered). So, an American Movie Icon is exempt from the MSM ridicule.

      However, when Ron Paul stutters on occasion when delivering an absolute and undeniable Truth — the mainstream media JUMPS all over and tries to belittle him.

      Gee, one would think that a True American Patriot — Ron Paul — deserves at least the same respect, if not more, than an actor!

      Clint’s 11 minute video:

    2. Absolutely. Each and ever person that wants to participate in what was our voting process, prior to this, will not get what he’s been granted.
      We all have no say, and it surely does not include ONLY, “Ron Paul supporters”. It’s every American, especially when you look at the fact that the Dems have done it this was for many years.
      The rise of a true third-party seems a necessity, now, but I don’t know how that can happen when Libertarians fight with Constitutionlists, and they fight with Green-Party, and so on. I believe the only way this can actually happen is for each member of these different so-called, “third party” groups to figure out where they have common ground and put aside the differences. Otherwise, the RDNC will destroy this nation. I do feel they are pretty close to accomplishing this fete, now.

      1. *Logical Repercussions After the 2012 Presidential Selection*

        (listed by the most likely outcome — note: ‘Selection’ since no longer can our votes be termed ‘Election’)!

        1) The BO wins — and further tries to plunge our Nation under its Socialist Programs aimed to completely destroy our Economy and Liberties. However, most of its teeth have been pulled by the Republicon wins in 2010, and some more of the same in 2012 — so, it is nearly toothless, if it wins the Selection.

        [[Remotely possible worst case scenario — it, the BO, declares Marshall Law in the near future (under some pre-planned “catastrophe” already home-cooked by it, and its sycophantic staff), thus trying to emerge as the “Benevolent” Dictator of USA to “save US all”.]]

        2) The Rmoney wins — this creature has stated it will support whatever its Money Donors tell it to do! Expect the International Jewish owned Central Banks and Federal Reserve to instruct IT to attack Iran IMMEDIATELY (in order to protect Israel…from a possible, in maybe 10 years, manufacturing a single crude “atomic” bomb).

        [[Viable worst case scenario — a Rmoney win, along with the expected Republicon wins in Congress and Senate, will give the Mitt a sure boost to attack not only Iran, but Syria, and any other nation IT, the Mitt, wants, to please its Masters that Selected this creature!]]

        So, for ALL of you that think voting for the Lesser of Two Evils is OK — make sure you figure out which one is “LESS EVIL”!

        JUST VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE — and do not reward these creatures by acknowledging their existence!

      2. hate to say this, but I’ve been writing about our (s)elections for a long time, now. This is not the first year and far from the last; elections are rigged. They are more-rigged since 2000 and W’s Hack-a-Vote-2000 machines were installed (and federal law was made to disallow use of PAPER-ballots, anytime and anyplace where you see, also, an e-vote machine.)
        No, I did not know it was as bad as it has been, til I worked that stupid primary in Austin, but now that I saw what I know I saw (and heard), I know nobody really knows who he or she voted for (or against). It’s completely sickening.
        Makes me not wish to stay in the USA, for sure.

        Hey Doug Wead; how about you??

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