RNC: Ron Paul delegates not welcome in Tampa

Remember all of those hard fought victories? Thousands of people who gave up their time and money to attend precinct caucuses?  And then faced coordinated attacks at District and County Conventions, where threatened establishment Party hacks had hired thugs ready to arrest them?  Sometimes the very new Country Chairman, duly elected to replace them?

Remember all of that?

And we won some of those battles and people were saying, don’t be a defeatist Doug, we can still win enough states to get him nominated in Tampa and thus galvanize the nation behind his message.   And they were right if it had been fair and it had happened naturally but there was always this, that the cheating that was experienced on a local level, often happens at the national level too and so we have come to that moment, the one that I have been warning you about.

Here is the message coming out of Headquarters tonight:

The Committee on Contests recently issued a ruling on the establishment’s challenge to Ron Paul’s delegates and alternates who were duly elected in Maine, and on our challenges to the outright cheating that occurred in Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Oregon (alternates only).

Despite Ron Paul’s supporters being so clearly in the right in these four states, the establishment is so far refusing to rule fairly and seat our duly elected delegates and/or alternates.

Here’s a brief summary of the bogus challenge made by the GOP establishment against us in Maine, as well as our challenges to the cheating that occurred elsewhere:

In Maine, where Ron Paul supporters held a clear majority at the State Convention, the establishment is attempting to unseat the state’s duly elected delegates and alternates – acting like sore losers in the process. The challenge to our delegates in Maine is so bogus that Republican Governor Paul LePage – who is one of the few delegates not being challenged by the establishment – has declared he will not attend the Republican National Convention unless Ron Paul’s delegates and alternates who were duly elected are seated;

In Louisiana, establishment “big wigs” used threats, intimidation, and force – literally smashing the bones of one gentleman – to shut out Ron Paul supporters who had a clear majority at the State Convention;

In Oregon, the State Chairman blatantly ignored the votes of the Convention, taking it upon himself to replace the duly elected alternate delegates with an “appointed” slate chocked-full of establishment cronies;

In Mitt Romney’s home state of Massachusetts, corrupt Party officials changed the rules after the game was over – kicking out Ron Paul’s duly elected delegates and alternates and replacing them with their hand-picked cronies.

As you can see, the Old Guard establishment doesn’t care about cheating, lying, abuse of process, and high-handedness in our Party.

All they seem to care about is maintaining their iron grip over the Republican Party.

But Ron Paul’s number-one goal for the RNC is making sure his delegates and alternates who deserve to be seated in Tampa are credentialed.

So if the establishment wants a fight in Tampa, rest assured we’re going to give them one.

Currently, our campaign lawyers and staff are furiously working to analyze and craft the appropriate response to the Committee’s rulings, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed as we move forward in the process.

And believe me, we will not sit idly by and watch the establishment run roughshod over Ron Paul’s supporters who were illegally railroaded by the GOP.

We will stand up and fight for all of Ron Paul’s delegates and/or alternates in these four states – and we will not back down.

Of course, one would think the Romney campaign would want these conflicts resolved so they didn’t become major issues at the Convention.

But so far they’ve sat idly by on the sidelines.

Hopefully they’ll change their do-nothing approach once they realize we’re serious about going all-out to win these credentials battles.

And remember, nearly 90 major media outlets have already reserved a spot at our “We are the Future Rally.”

So if the GOP goes through with these bogus challenges, they won’t be able to hide behind their iron curtain.  They will be exposed by the press.

The good news is, the Committee on Contests’ ruling is not the final word in this fight.

The battle will be decided by the Credentials Committee in Tampa – where we are very organized and prepared to take action.

As the battle rages on over the next two weeks, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress and any new developments that occur along the way.


Published by Doug Wead

Doug Wead is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book, Game of Thorns, is about the Trump-Clinton 2016 election. He served as an adviser to two American presidents and was a special assistant to the president in the George H.W. Bush White House.

342 thoughts on “RNC: Ron Paul delegates not welcome in Tampa

  1. Is Government your God? This is a Wake-Up Call for People of Faith. But can you handle the Truth?

    A Message to Voters of 2012 (Pass it on)

  2. hmmm..Doug left off the end of the letter (which he didn’t write) which reads:

    “I hope to see you in Tampa.

    For Liberty,

    John Tate
    Campaign Manager

    P.S. Please keep in mind that we are helping our delegates who are suffering from financial hardship during these tough economic times attend the convention.

    If you’d like to help your fellow Ron Paul delegates get to Tampa for the Republican National Convention, please click HERE to chip in with a generous contribution.

    Any amount you contribute will be put directly toward helping Ron Paul’s delegates.”

    The letter in full can be found at the Daily Paul where supporters are looking frantically for an actual delegate who, with only 2 weeks to go , have actually received any of the so-called ‘delegate assistance” the campaign continues to beg for despite FEC disclosures showing $2.8 million in the coffers.
    Here is the link:

    1. Folks help the Delegates and Alternates. Just the motel room along cost $1800. The Delegates and Alternates are giving all they have so what is ten bucks. Small amount for what they have done.

      1. I thought price gouging was illegal, so why is everybody in Tampa trying to screw people and being allowed to do so?

  3. Ron Paul supporters advocate bringing weapons like guns, mace, even oven cleaner and insecticide to the RNC which millitants like Kokesh pledge will erupt in violence like “Chicago 1968.” According to one on no less an official supporter website than the Daily Paul:

    “And didn’t I hear that they couldn’t ban guns in the city of Tampa, so remember folks, if you got em, carry them for your protection. You’ve seen how these unlawful police act against unarmed citizens. ” says one.

    “I am not a loser. I don’t let people take advantage of me especially old *** ****, so be prepared for war.”


    1. Man you cannot even take a bottle of water or a orange into that convention. I know I am a delegate. You go down there packing then you will go to jail in short order.

    2. Daily Paul is not an official website of any kind. Its owner, Michael Nystrom makes no such claims, to be clear.

      1. Thanks, Ann.
        As I also stated, anyone with five bucks to spare, can post in Daily Paul. Sometimes, these posts are reasonable and are worth looking at, as they provide ideas of how we can benefit Dr Paul’s run. Other times (especially lately), these posts are filled with garbage.
        I’ve been considering leaving the Daily Paul, which looks like it’s becoming the, Daily Johnson (no matter how that sounds), but may allow DP to renew my subscription through November
        I’ll make that decision when I weigh the pro’s and con’s, during the next few months, too.
        But thanks; citing the Daily Paul (when the post has no valid links, especially), is like citing my bunny-rabbits (who do not speak, at all.)

  4. @ Doug Wead
    Jesse Benton allegedly said today “Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor,” and several articles imply that Ron Paul has promised to keep the peace in order to get a prime time spot for Rand Paul.

    Please clarify this for us and have the campaign issue a statement please. This is driving us crazy and the update frequency on the website is terrible.

    1. Doug — team JIM has admitted they are not Americans, but paid Foreign Shills to post garbage against the only man they fear — American Patriot Ron Paul!

      And have also, posted their death wish for Ron Paul ((JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “…The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. Probably why he stopped actively campaigning w. $3 million left in the kitty… Vegas odds say he doesn’t live to see Tampa.”)

      When are you going to put a stop to these creatures, that INVADE and VANDALIZE your Private Property: your own blog?!

      1. Here’s a classic post from Surfisher demanding Puerto Ricans be banned from the convention:
        May 23, 2012 at 3:41 pm
        Puerto Ricans.. MUST NOT be allowed to INFLUENCE which republican goes to the General Election. It would be the FINAL TRAVESTY

      2. Doug — valid point:

        “Surfisher says:
        May 23, 2012 at 7:23 pm

        Something we’ve all overlooked — Puerto Rico’s 20 delegates for Rmoney must be removed from the count (and banned from attending Tampa)! Legal actions should be filed NOW!

        Since Puerto Ricans CANNOT vote in the General Election for President — they MUST NOT be allowed to INFLUENCE which republican goes to the General Election. It would be the FINAL TRAVESTY if the 20 delegates of a NON-State are the deciding factor in favor of the Mitt!

        Any suggestions how to stop this?”

        (as usual, the #2tex — now as ‘Jim’ — pollutes the forum with misquotes, lies, perfidy and vileness to all truth)

      3. Well, you should recall how I felt about that reply re: Puerto Rico. They are OUR Territory, and as such, they have every right to vote along with us. It’s the least we can allow for them.

        You showed me who you were when you posted that topic and I am actually happy to be reminded of it.
        Liberty-minded individuals do not limit said liberty to only their “kind”. It’s meant to be for ALL. One thing PR has been guaranteed is their right to vote, right along side US.

      4. annabeck58 — sorry, but Puerto Ricans are still NOT allowed to vote in the General election for Presidency by US Law!

        Thus, allowing them to have a SAY as to who gets to be elected in Tampa for the Republican Nominee for President is a TRAVESTY —- logic!

        p.s. I’m trying to put an end to the troll, but can’t do it if you are still feeding it…..

      5. Frist of all; If our territories are not allowed to vote, why are we always (according to actual newscaasters, from years back, on through to the meatheads of today), on election day; “Waiting for the results from our territories..”, which include Guam, USVI, Puerto Rico, etc..? Why would we hold primaries in these territories (do you know what the word, primary, means?) if we don’t follow these primaries with final *s*elections? From my recollection, all US Territories do vote in presidential elections as well as (as you are aware) primaries or caucuses. And why would we celebrate WINS by Dr Paul in these same territories, yet go at Puerto Rico for somehow giving the “win” to Mitt? It seems to me you have decided you don’t want them in because they did go with Mitt. Would you also take away Hawaii, if this is the case?
        Regarding Jim; I have not exactly, “fed the troll”. as have you with your incessant antagonizing and name-calling. Instead, I have gone with a different tactic and spoken REASONABLY with him. He is aware that, in order to elicit a response from me, I will not put up with name-calling and ugliness. And, I have gotten reasoned answers in return. I see nothing wrong with this, as his responses to me were not ugly, in the least. In fact, I would say he should not be considered a troll, as he has (surely recently) added to the conversation (much more-so than your back and forth has added anything positive, to be sure.) I have not asked Doug to ban you or him, though I suppose if you insist he is banned, you should (by the same thought-process) also be banned.
        Personally, your repeated inane and obvious irritation, and bothersome posting of the SAME words, again and again, yesterday, today, and anon, is irritating. It is irritating not only to me, but to others who have written to me, outside of this blog-post. Some have wondered why you are allowed to go on and on and on like this. And my response has been, “Well, I suppose if Doug is allowing people to get their thoughts out, regardless of what they think, we cannot ask him (or demand of him, as have you) to BAN anyone”.
        In other words, “what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.” I will not participate in your constant calling (and insistence, which I find presumptuous, to say the least) for ANYONE to be barred from posting. For if Jim were to be banned, you should suffer the same fate.
        AS they say, “Et tu, Brute?”.
        Do not use my name again, but if you cannot help yourself (as seems to be the case), at least get the spelling correct…, okay?
        My conversations, of late, with Jim have proven to be more fruitful than any words I’ve had with you. Yes, you’ve attempted to boost my “ego”, in the past re: some of my words and deeds, but you know what? I don’t need that boost. I know who I am. I have matured, even more-so during this contentious race, and I make my OWN decisions regarding whom I talk with and why I do.
        As far as your ridiculous posts (especially those filled with vitriol), enough truly has been far too much. Now go and complain to someone else for your dressing-down, as, especially since I have much more to do, I could not care less.

  5. Doug — “Speak softly and carry a big stick”.

    We’ve spoken softly enough — now it is time to lay about with the Big Stick!

    That’s what All of us, Real Americans, have been waiting to hear!

    Thank you Doug!

    1. Doug — re: The Creature ‘JIM’.

      Have you seen anyone as ‘JIM’ do more damage to the perception of Jews, as it has done in its vile pollution on this forum?

      Makes me think it is a Nazi shill — that hates all Jews — so posts its constant hatred to All That’s Good and Honorable “claiming” to be Jewish!

      Dear, Doug — please, ban this subhuman Nazi creature ‘Jim’ that blackens the name of all American Jews here!

      1. Surfisher is obviously losing the argument given that he has resorted to calling the only openly Jewish poster (me) on this blog a Nazi (Godwin’s law). As noted above Doug has purposely omitted the last part of John Tate’s latest communique in an effort to throw Surfisher a bone since it is painfully obvious he must be banned from Daily Paul, for if he would follow the link I posted he would not only see that the email is actually another clever ploy to ask for more donations ( Supreme Court has ruled political parties have the Constitutional right under the First Amendment to exclude anyone they wish so the campaigns claim they are fighting will not yield any results but sounds good when you’re asking for money). He’s also see other supporters are sick and tired of the BS and demanding to know what happened to the $2.8 million reported by the campaign to the FEC.

    2. I did love the comparison of Paul Ryan to Eddie Munster…
      And, the more I look at Mitt (which I don’t do often or happily),I see Lurch. Makes total sense.

      yes, I reposted, tweeted, shared via email, for the whole country needs to know what we’re getting (as if) in Ryan. The guy is a complete and utter NeoCon (big emphasis on CON), yet I believe it was FAUX (or NBC?) SnewZ that tried to pass him off as a libertarian? Hilarious how stupid they think WE are.

  6. 10 million Strong Americans need to descent on Tampa and assure the nomination of Ron Paul!

    If there was a “Million Men March” on DC (to ask for what they thought was right) we can have a 10 Million Men, Women and Children March on Tampa — to demand what we KNOW is RIGHT!

    No more playing nice with these criminals in power!

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
    (There are no other options — so, speak loudly NOW, and carry a Big Stick in Tampa!)

  7. Why is the GOP Establishment willingly and publicly committing such atrocities, that are recorded and eventually will be used as proof against them in a Court of Law?

    They are NO LONGER RATIONAL — but, as a wounded and cornered Beast, they are lashing out; clawing, biting, spitting and fighting to survive.

    In this mode of self-preservation, no thought of consequences is used, only the instinct for survival has kicked in!

    Should Ron Paul win, their rug will be pulled! So what difference if they also get sued eventually. (Lose-lose)

    Should they succeed in their desperate fight for survival, than all their atrocious actions will be taken care of by their own. (Win-win)

    Therefore, all witnessed their ever increasing atrocities during the State Conventions — the more desperate this Animal becomes, the more vicious its attacks are!

    What has set them off in this frenzy of rabid behavior is their FEAR that Ron Paul will get confirmed plurality in 5 states — thus guaranteeing his being seated at the Tampa Convention (and thereby sealing their end)!

    We need to fight them off on all fronts — stand our ground and call them out when caught in attempting to cheat!

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options)

    1. I am quit sure RP will have plurality in five states if not more. Obama has no more right to be in the White House than my dog does. But once he was in it was over. Same deal with Romney. If he gets the nomination then it is all over and no amount of law suits will change that. So we have one shot and that is the RNC. We best not back down. That will be do or for us period.

      1. Ben Swann has said he did speak with RNC insiders and, yes indeed; Ron Paul has a plurality in at least six states.
        I absolutely trust Ben Swann to research and speak the truth on these matters. I’ve given him info and I know he’s always verified it, so I feel good about this.
        Regardless, Ron Paul will not be nominating himself from the floor. Could be nobody will need to, as he does maintain this plurality (which is not a win, but partial-win.) I really don’t see how the RNC can discount any Maine delegates, especially as Paul actually did win Maine. He also won Iowa, but the MSM will never report that

        If Paul were to take the nomination, do you think the black-out of him would remain in force? I wonder how the MSM would even deal with that, were it to happen?

    1. Wonder what Reince Priebus will have to say about THAT.

      Not surprised if it’s glossed-over, just as have been all of the Romney and GOP/RNC crimes of the past year.
      These people do not care about laws. They believe they are above law(s), particularly, Mitt.

  8. 2 weeks to go to Freedom — or Doomsday!

    Government is an ever growing Parasite — Unchecked it will eventually engulf the Host it feeds on (We The People), until it sucks US dry. At which point it will HAVE to Collapse, since the feeding is over once the people have been bled to death.

    Unfortunately Parasites have no brains — so cannot foresee their own Demise once they end us.

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012
    (there are no other options!)

    1. 2 weeks and Doug can have his blog, which Surfisher has claimed to have taken over as a “Ron Paul Forum” (since it appears he has been banned from most of them for his over the top racist rhetoric and demands), back to himself and more serious commenter who are genuinely interested in discussing Presidential history without being bombarded by wacky conspiracy theories and antisemitism.

      1. Okay- that was funny.
        I don’t know if *s*he meant to be “anti-Semitic” but I cannot speak for Surfisher. I only speak for myself (and my rabbits, because they say nothing.)

    2. Yes there are many other options. And we will probably have to pursue them until more Americans awaken. And they will the more America collapses and they cannot no longer ignore the obvious. I will continue to support (and campaigned) for Ron Paul wholeheartedly. But make no mistake, no one man can save us! It will takes ALL of us working for decades to restore this Republic and we will do it no matter who is in the White House. That is the TRUE POWER of Ron Paul’s message – unwavering persistance in the pursuit of truth and our goals. Now THAT is an amazing legacy.

      1. The thing we need to concentrate on right now, Belle, are the GOP of our own state(s). These people will need to be awakened, if possible, before the coronation (or, convention, as it should be.)
        I so wish we could go back to the time when convention WERE conventions. It’s not a prom and Mitt is not king. Yet the RNC has acted as if this were the case for many months, now. If the people actually can be awakened (and I mainly mean the super-voters or delegates), they would stand up for themselves by standing up for Paul. If not, the usual playbook will be the rule of the day.

        I think we still have a chance of reaching these people. Yes, many of them are brainwashed, but many simply don’t pay much attention to what they are about to do. We need to hit them (in a kind way) with all of the truth of Mitt’s crimes, as well as the RNC’s crimes. Add to that the fact that Mitt is already losing to Obama, and perhaps some will do an about-face?
        Regardless, now is not the time to give-up. Now is the time to act.

  9. Doug, do you have censorship in effect here against posting links from Veterans Today magazine?

    All the while there is some other establishment criminal posting threats of fascism here – Posting pictures of military tanks in Tampa, making threats of killing innocent American citizen Gulag style in the streets of Tampa?

    I’ve made 4 attempts to post main article from “Veterans Today” magazine detailing criminal activities of Romney establishment network. And not a single one of them has shown up. Posting this without the link & will attempt replying to it with the link again.

    1. If you tried to add more than one link, WordPress automatically holds the comments for the blogger to approve (or not).
      The Vet’s Today piece is great, though~

      1. Oh, and speaking of links, here’s a post from TYT. It’s all about Bain and Mitt and what they did to US/USA/ Business in this country:

      1. The Chiefe — btw,

        The “Jim” Nazi creature (previously known as “tex2”) has been BANNED on all forums it polluted.

        Doug is the only one that hasn’t so far. Time to contact him via facebook and have this corrected.

    1. Please don’t use the term, “nazi”, as it only riles up people. in fact, I find it quite distasteful, as much as I don’t want to see more posting by this same person.
      Please just learn to ignore it, rather than (especially) antagonizing, okay?

  10. Never give up. Perseverance is the key. The difference between a winner and a quitter is courage. Never back done from a fight.
    Truth will always win. We are doing God’s work. They hide in the darkness. On to Tampa. I can’t wait! God bless Ron Paul, his family and all his supporters. God Save The Republic!

    1. Luci D’Mari — great words!

      We wanted fairness — they gave us fraud and brutality.

      Now, we’ll make Tampa the new Bastille if they force us!

      Beware GOP thugs, the Real American people ARE COMING TO TOWN!

    2. Luci D’Mari Surfisher is all talk and no action.They won’t be in Tampoa. They will be hiding behind their keyboard. I bet they don’t even own a firearm, let alone know how to use one safely.

  11. Why is Ron Paul the Greatest American of the 21st Century — because he never compromises principles for expediency!

    Live FREE — or die as Slaves (it’s our choice, America)!


    To Compromise is the Negotiation of a True Principle to be REPLACED by a Lesser One! Thereby, by continuous Compromises (the non-stop replacement of “newer weaker” principles) ALL principles eventually will disappear— and NONE WILL BE LEFT — Logic!

    1. Says the guy who would deny Puerto Ricans a seat at the table even though they are a US territory. If Paul had won in Puetro Rico we’d hear a different story. Instead Surfisher demands their voice be silent, yet hasn’t made any complaints about the right wing group in Poland trying to ‘influence’ which Republican goes into office last week (we can easily assume due to Surfisher’s record of antisemtic, anti-Catholic and anti-Mormon posts throughout this blog because first they were white and second because they were pro-Paul).

  12. Ron Paul a officer and a gentleman .Start acting like a officer ,and call a tyrant a tyrant, even if the whole RNC is a tyrant.


    1. PS. Just do what I do. Scroll on by any comment coming from JIM. He’s just wasting everybody’s time who bothers with his vile meandering. A just punishment would be to have him undergo a good stiff Guantanamo interrogation as to who his cloaked masters are. LOL.

      1. Truly.. on all counts. I’ve found i have to (also, in general) ignore the comments of those who would seek to draw this person out. Regardless of what the blog is about, we have the same poster playing antagonist, and it is so very irritating. It merely causes me to ignore that person’s comments, too (or yell at the screen, as asking said person to knock-off the lunacy seems to never work.)

        One does not win the war by stooping down or stopping at every moment to fight (or argue) with their enemy’s enemies. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.
        Surely, online, going there is doing nobody any good. It leaves both merely polluting the blog, and having to tread through those murkier waters is not beneficial for anyone who’d like to read the blog AND the actual responses to same.

        What a PITA (imo).

    1. Matthew- it is why, regardless of what they do, I will write-in Paul.
      Of course, if we can get our local and state’s GOP to wake up before the convention, figure out what a criminal Mitt is, turn them to vote, Ron Paul, I won’t have to write-in Dr Paul’s name.
      We have two weeks; DO THIS NOW.
      Go to your local, county, and/or state’s GOP website and get the names of ALL of our delegates. Do not bombard them with information; choose the most important criminal actions by Mitt and Co (including– especilly–Bain), and email these folk. Do not hit them over the head with it. Be reasonable and be kind. Don’t call names (I am sure you know this but for anyone else?).. Just be a fellow-Republican, who’s concerned about our country and the RNC “choice”. This is, after all, who we are. Perhaps we’ll turn a few toward liberty?.
      I believe most of these folk (the deluded ones) have no idea what Mitt is about. They do not know why or even that they are selecting a true criminal and crime-family, by going with Mitt, so I do believe we have a chance to now change this.
      Besides, what’s the worst thing that can happen? They will select Mitt. If they are going there with the intention of (s)electing Mitt, and they don’t hear us, at least we tried to alert these super-voters.

      As they say; nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  14. This is a BIG mistake on Romney’s part, big enough to lose the election for. Romney has to do everything right to win the election, and this ain’t a part of that. Totally unnecessary too.

  15. Re-posting again — since the ‘tex2-Jim’ creature has broken the threads (by design). Doug…secure your own blog from vile shills.

    Ron Paul puts Feds & Co behind the 8-ball once more (preparing for their final end…)!

    What a strategic move (Harry Reid & Ben Shalom Bernanke are wetting their beds again)!

    Share (only 4 minutes)!

    1. Precious metal prices do not fluctuate (since they have stable intrinsic worth — being nearly ALL extracted from our planet (thus of a FINITE QUANTITY)).

      It is paper notes (touted as real money —that can be man-made in many duplicates— from nearly inexhaustible tree fiber) that fluctuate according to their perceived value compared to the ABSOLUTE Stability of Silver and Gold.

      Unless such “paper money” is backed by a specific Weight Unit of Silver or Gold REPLACEMENT Upon Demand by the Bearer — its value HAS NO MERIT, but is only an indication of the trustworthiness of the ones printing such paper notes.

      It is up to the people to decide if they should believe what their government says how much their paper notes are worth — or, if the people want their paper money to have a Guarantee that translates into exact exchange of paper to fixed weights of precious metals.

      The crux is — governments, therefore, cannot print MORE money than have in Silver and Gold reserves on hand (or it would be Counterfeit)!


      Remember REAL US Dollars — not the FAKE Federal Reserve NOTES (promising nothing of intrinsic value) being falsely copied now-days …as “real” dollars?

      It was a binding contract between the US Treasury and the American Citizen — that upon DEMAND, paper money would be exchanged for REAL SILVER (or Gold) by ANY US Bank!

      Our original Us Constitution pegged a US Dollar at about 0.75 oz of Silver— and about 0.90 oz of Gold for 20 US Dollars, later on.

      Let’s get back to Silver Certificates and Gold Certificates that GUARANTEE our US Dollars Immutable WORTH (that was proscribed in our Original Constitution — and not have phoney paper notes telling us: “Sure, these are dollars…”)!

    1. Now, you know this is silly.
      The violence came from TWO of Mitt’s supporters, and not from Paul’s supporters. This means your comment regarding same is not only not valid, it’s misleading.

      Yes, Mitt’s folk have been quite violent, this season. I don’t know who told them it was okay for them to behave in this manner, but something tells me it was Mitt…, or the guy we like to call, “Cheating Charlie” (who is one of Mitt’s guys, that we have on Camera).
      In Nevada, Mitt hired himself a, “Cheating Carlos”, perhaps to blend-in better? All it takes is a few bucks and a Ron Paul tee and you can have your own Cheating Charlie, too. They were pervasive, this year.

  16. The RNC has made it very clear that libertarian leaning people have no place in the party. We should respond by not giving our votes to their candidates. If they don’t want us, they need to live with their decision at the ballot box.

    1. I believe this is what Reince Priebus and RNC are counting on. I do think they are delivering a “win” to the Dems. Don’t know what Priebus is getting in return, but it seems to be enough for him to go ahead with this insanity.

  17. Which US bills would you prefer to be paid with and have?

    A) This one (http://www.silvercertificatedollarbill.net/files/2011/06/1308325093-64.jpg) that states the following from top to bottom:






    B) Or this one — look at ANY in your wallet now:

    Federal Reserve NOTE

    United States Federal Reserve System (in a Circle Emblem on the left) and: The United States Of America (on the left)


    Do the Feds think us this dumb — that we cannot tell the difference by just reading the bills — that the original US Dollars gave us valid EQUITY, while their new “dollar” notes give US empty NOTHINGNESS!

  18. Heh, the subhuman creature’s further antics are actually helping our cause (by turning all against it).

    I said eventually will have it trained as Pavlov’s Dog…now it’s done!

  19. For sake of debate another opposing viewpoint which Surfisher wishes he could silence:
    Surfisher says:
    August 11, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    “Doug — team JIM has admitted they are not Americans, but paid Foreign Shills (Israeli agents?) ”

    Surfisher says:
    August 11, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    “Shill spotted…nice try part of JIM anti-American team.
    Hugging and kissing the 30 pieces of Silver, again…LOL!

    JIM — Jewish International Mastery….?”

  20. Next, fetch Fido, fetch (Jim, ‘tex2’, whatever new pseudo it comes up with) — I stand behind all my posts in their entirety 100% (not the out of context inventions it creates).

    Will Fido do the same?

    1. No you don’t. First you claimed i was an Israeli agent, then you claimed I was a Nazi. You flip-flop more than Mitt Romney! LOL

  21. another opposing viewpoint. Isn’t America and Democracy great! What Surfisher proposes isn’t democratic or very American is it?

    Surfisher says:
    August 11, 2012 at 9:32 pm

    “annebeck58 — IT is part of the JIM team (just trying to be clever…by using a fake moniker)!

    It needs to be squashed, like all these anti-American worms-shills need to be!”

  22. Heh, since Fido (Jim, ‘tex2’) does not stand behind its posts 100%— only conclusion is Fido is subhuman.

    1. Again with the name calling and antisemitism (Doug I’m Jewish. Ever since I disclosed this Surfisher has persisted in calling me “subhuman”).

  23. Doug — hope you like what It does to your forum….

    Tomorrow I’ll repost all the meritorious posts It negated by its hatred to all that’s good.

  24. Mr. Doug Wead is a TRUE American who WELCOMES opposing opinions and robust , civil debate. As opposed to Surfisher who only wants a steady diet of views agreeable to their own liking (in other words dictatorship). Seems like you can learn a lot about being an American from Mr. Wead, Surfisher.

  25. Wow. Some dude shet all over your blog doug wead. He is ‘fraid of Dr Paul. Your blog is down the crapper cause of this scared misinformation peddler from God knows where. They are your only poster now and you are providing them a free audience. LOL

    Why bother?

  26. I understand that their will be a film crew in Tampa for the soul purpose of filming the Cop`s,and Agents in order to place the videos,and hard copy into the neighborhoods of said Cop`s,and Agents to show just how someone`s father,or,mother really feels about the very future,and freedom of their own children,and families,and the way their parents are willing to Beat,and even Kill American if ordered to,not by God`s rules but by their bosses Rules.I think it will be wonderful for the children to see just that their low life scum fathers,and mothers are lying to them when they say “I Love You My Child”,and I am going to do all I can to make your future bright,and Free.
    We will be able to see first hand who the Good Cop`s are,and who the Bad Cop`s are but of course we rarely hear about the “Good Cop`s” because their are so few that do anything for their country,and,or,the people that is good…they just do as they are told to do,regardless.

  27. This is gonna be Nazi style propaganda in Tampa on the American side and total Facism revealed to the world on the other. The cops in full riot gear, machine gunners boats filled with NATO rat bastards..The whole NATO show in the bay of Tampa was just for something like this. Door to door confiscation of guns by Russian and NATO troops.Its well documented russian troops in Colorado. We will have the Ron Paul False Flag decoys set in play to cause trouble so watch out for them. Just as they have jimbo here they will do the same at Tampa with firebombs and whatever. If our govt can bring the twin towers down and have multiple false flag attacks with guns across the country thet will do it at the festival and blame it on Ron Paul supporters and lable us as the Nazis when in fact the FEMA concentration camps are already set up by Haliburton and Obama, I hope Lawyers for Ron Paul are coming close to conclusion so we can lock up the criminal empire of Mitt the Shit Romney

    1. I understand why he ran as Rep; Ron Paul is a true Republican, as opposed to this bunch of neo-cons that are indistinguishable from the Dem neo-cons.
      I can see why a man, such as Dr Paul would want to run on his own party’s ticket- I am a Republican because I am conservative. I’d love to see the Neo-cons either ousted or changed back to what the party was (and should be again.)

      Mitt should run 3-rd party or wait til 2016 and run as a Dem as he is much more closely aligned with Obama (in deeds) than is any true Republican.

      1. Right on Anne. I am trying to get my money back that I donated to Jack Hunter at Ron Paul 2012 for failure to deliver a service. So far it seems to be working. A 3K paycheck will be nice. Put some pressure on Yackity Jackass Hunter!! I have found some distinct article of evidence but if you have any I would appreciate it. Help my case with VISA.

      2. I don’t blame you, Mat.
        I half-way want my cash back, too. The only thing that bothers me about my donations to RonPaul2012 is that it went to Hunter and you and i both know Hunter was in this for Hunter.

        (Yakity-Jack- I like that, but I don’t like him.)
        Hunter and Benton should be repaying every dime, to us and to Dr Paul, for their actions. Couple of horrible people.

      3. Oh, and I forgot to say; Hunter began posting pro-Johnson (and pro-Hunter) videos the day of or the day after the announcement by Rand. It was just before the Texas and Cali conventions, and did a LOT of damage.
        I think the date was the 10th of June? I could be wrong, but I do remember being on RBN and a caller complained about “Ron Paul wanting us to go Johnson”, because Hunter had that video up, front-page news.
        I don’t think Jack removed it from the site, entirely, but he did remove it from front-page the next day. Most of Jack’s videos are also in youtube (SouthernAvenger) == or as I call him, SouthernPretender. so, that may help. I would love to know if Hunter was in on that email from Benton, saying he’d be happy to help the Mitt-camp.. Would love to see that one, with all names included. You should ask Richard GIlbert, though. He may have what you need.

  28. Soviet Commie Agent Provocateurs will be deployed in Tampa courtesy of the Federal Reserve bankrolled Obama fraud – to stir up trouble. Like the woman in below video who showed up at Rand Paul’s senate race debate 2 years ago. And raised up a ruckus forcibly “becoming” a victim, burying the real story that she was the aggressor to begin with.

    Now, now…I’m by no means a fan of Rand Judas Paul planning to behave like Stalin Romney’s laptog in Tampa. But that’s not the point.

    The point is: Tampa will be full of Cointelpro agents. There will be re-enactments of Sturmabteilung Brownshirts from Nazi fascist school – with full display of military hardware bought with tax money, to be used for crushing own citizen. There will be prayers offered to fascist dictators and statist philosophers throughout time – be they Hitler, Chariman Mao, Mussolini, Stalin or Trotsky.

    1. “Forcibly becoming a victim”? All she did was wave a sign! What about all those other people waving signs and exercising their RIGHTS under the Constitution? oh right. They’re all waving PRO-Paul signs.Gothca 😉 Under a Ron Paul government the only ‘free’ speech that will be protected is speech praising Dear Leader.

    2. And, the JTF is considered a terrorist organization. Funny some would use this against Dr Paul.
      I expect Tampa to be as bad as each state’s conventions, combined. This means the Romney delegates will be angry and violent, as usual. They got away (thus-far) with these crimes. Mitt gets away with HIS crimes, too often to count, so what else would we expect?
      With this, if Paul is not, at least put up for nomination, the RNC will go the way of the Whigs and Tories. What fools they are. Of course, Reince Priebus will probably come away with a new lakeside home. I can only hope it won’t be out on Lake Austin, as we have enough stink out there.

      Hopefully, those who would commit these crimes (not misdemeanors, either) will end up jailed and, perhaps, doing a bit of community service (depending on which crime each decides to perpetrate.)

      Good to see you here, Mat; great videos, today!

      1. A lot of the far right extremist groups that support Ron Paul are considered terrorist groups yet you expect others to look the other way when they voice their support for Ron Paul as this guy does here:

        As for your use of the word ‘neocon” do you even know that it is code for “Jew/Pro Israel”? Let’s read:

        “First, ‘neo-conservative’ is a codeword for Jewish. As antisemites did with big business moguls in the nineteenth century and Communist leaders in the twentieth, the trick here is to take all those involved in some aspect of public life and single out those who are Jewish. The implication made is that
        this is a Jewish-led movement conducted not in the interests of all the, in this case, American people, but to the benefit of Jews, and in this case Israel.”


        Here is Ron’s rewrite of Mein Kampf , speaking in his own words and pointing his accusatory finger at a scapegoat, using accusations straight out of the antisemitic forgery Protocols of the elders of Zion:

        “One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship.”
        George Orwell

  29. Don’t forget about your step-children in Oklahoma. We might have been born in the parking lot, but we’re still family, and we’re showing up for the reunion 🙂

    Seriously though, we’re fighting our own battle over here, and it is just as legitimate and has as much merit as the ones you’ve listed in your article here.

    1. Yes, we “Parking Lot Patriots” have fought harder than any delegation, it seems. The Convention started inside at 9am and we didn’t finish until after 10pm, standing in the parking lot. We have thousands of dollars in legal fees and are working to get our rightfully elected delegates to Tampa with no help from the campaign. In fact, the Paul campaign doesn’t even recognize us nor the battles we are fighting. My question is why???

      1. You Oklahomans really blew my mind with your commitment to HONESTY and rule-following. And, of course, the awful Establishment “reps” angered not only me, but a good portion of these United States. You did us proud!
        I am only sad that so much of that pride did not extend to other states’ conventions. So many worked so hard to have the rug pulled out from under themselves (when they did not show-up to their conventions.) I know it’s difficult and can be a financial hardship, to attend each meeting and convention, but anybody who thought he might not make it throughout all of the season should have given-up his seat to another patriot.

        I am not complaining, just became a bit dismayed over certain other states, who seemed to think they had it in the bag. Of course, we did not know the GOP and RNC would stoop to the level they did. Their actions are not only criminal but are despicable.
        Again; y’all did great and made all of us quite proud. Stay strong through Tampa!

    1. veritas18 — Bravo!

      Make sure you tell the rest — No Delegates are bound, but ALL must vote their conscience!

    1. Awesome picture: AMERICANS from both side of the aisle sharing a laugh. Too bad it’s Photoshopped. The fact a Ron Paul supporter would see some problem with Democrats and Republicans coming together only points out who the real dividers and warmongers are.After all this country is called the UNITED States, and not the ‘confederate republic.’

  30. “One day after chairing a hearing on proposals to abolish or overhaul the central bank, the Texan congressman sat down for the first meal of the day Wednesday with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the lawmaker confirmed in a brief interview at the Capitol. The decision to meet for breakfast at the Fed was “mutual,” said Mr. Paul, who last year introduced a bill to eliminate the central bank.”

    Beautiful! Americans working TOGETHER!

  31. Thank you for fighting, Doug. I remember you saying all of that. You knew then what you know now. That doesn’t mean that we should give up. We have one big, fat chance in Tampa to flip the script, and get our guy in there. It can happen. Believe it.

    1. gary — spot on!

      Bye, bye Mitt — Ron Paul to win in Tampa!

      All Delegates are Free to vote their conscience (cannot be bound)!

  32. Gosh, Doug; this is a difficult post to “like”, but I do appreciate that you’ve put it out there. We all saw this coming or should have seen it coming. When one considers the lengths certain (or all) state’s GOP has resorted to, in order to destroy any momentum or support of Ron Paul, none of this should surprise us.

    We have been privy to many cases for voter-fraud, voter (and super-voter or delegate)-disenfranchisement, criminal acts (broken bones and attempts to break our spirits), that you’d think the RNC would have gone mad.
    However, as many of us have said, the RNC is suicidal this go-round and they seem to be happiest to put Obama-lite (or Obama-Confused) up against the original Obama, since it makes zero sense.
    I do not know one thing positive that can be said about Mitt Romney. Mitt has proven, time and again, he’s a political loser. Regarding his busieness(es), this guy was a job-destroyer, has sent businesses and/or their equipment overseas, and has prevented any new or established, small or large business from having the chance to use said equipment from these now-defunct and buried in debt businesses. It is horrendous what he’s had a part in doing to this country, via outsourcing and business-destruction, all so Mitt Romney can make more cash, and keep it in tax-havens and shelters in order to not do his part.
    Yet this is what the establishment-GOP is going along with? Just makes no sense, at all!

    On top of this, Mitt has broken more campaign or election-laws. He’s taken campaign funds from overseas sources (Israel and GB, for sure, and who knows who he met with in Poland?), just last week. Yet the RNC does not care about the stench of this impropriety? Do you think the Obama admin/camp will care? I would think so!

    It seems to me that the RNC has fooled every state’s GOP, into breaking these rules and laws by saying, “Only Mitt Romney can beat Obama”, and more than elect a decent man as POTUS, the Republidrones want Obama ousted. They do not even look at Mitt as anything but the, “Obama ouster”. And, if they spend just a few minutes on some of these pro-Rep sites, they would see that this week has been very bad for Mitt. Since taking-on Ryan, Mitt has lost a lot of support. Mitt’s numbers have flipped so that Obama is beating him, quite handily. And, surely, the GOP and RNC have lost support, too. People who want Paul cannot vote for Mitt Romney. As I’ve said and others have said, too; that message of liberty or bell cannot be un-rung.

    When I told my state Rep party, yesterday, that i could not get behind Mitt and Ryan they suggested I leave the party.
    This is the “inclusive party”? This is the party that wanted our numbers, our hard work, and our cash, yet when we try and alert them as to what Mitt is and how he is already losing, they say, “Like it or leave it”?

    I wish I had some faith in the RNC ever turning around to do the right thing by Paul, as well as by us, but it truly seems to me that Reince Priebus has been paid (in some way) for propping up Mitt as this season’s fall-guy. For anyone that does not think they would do this; think again, and look to many other past races where one person is hired by another to run and LOSE. It happens, often. It’s one of the dirtiest things either party does. And, yes; the RNC is doing this (perpetrating this crime) right NOW. Why else would they want Paul, who actually can beat Obama, out of “their party”?
    Just wait til the first Wednesday in November, and remember what I said. Mitt Romney is a fall-guy and the RNC is the hand that will topple him.

    Get ready for another four years, at least, of our, “dear leader”, Obama.

  33. Doug Wead. When are you and the rest of the folks in the Paul campaign going to start doing what you all should of been doing 3 months ago…at least….and start attacking the GOP for what it’s done. Start attacking Romney for what he’s done? When are you guys going to start letting the RP Nation know that you actually WANT to get this nomination? When are you going to start reaching out to ALL of the delegates and start instructing them to do what’s right and deny he RNC/GOP their illegal as hell Romney Coronation? When are you guys going to start getting controversial and start demanding some airtime? When are you going to start releasing a press release that DOESN’T come off sounding like you got kicked in the balls by the GOP for a change? The folks of the RP Nation who donated more than $124 Million Dollars to the Ron Paul Campaign deserve these new actions from all of you. All the people who endured the delegate selection process at monetary and physical cost to themselves deserve these new actions from all of you. And not just this year’s RP Nation but the people who have been part of the nation from 2008 as well as 1988. It’s time you people at the Ron Paul campaign headquarters started acting like you want the damn office of the President of the United States. WE deserve that from ALL OF YOU! Get back in the damn game…NOW!

    1. Believe me we are “in the game” Ty. I am a Ron Paul delegate and let me tell you it’s not been easy. But we’re there. Ya hear me? WE ARE THERE. We are not oblivious to anything that is going on that is precisely WHY we are there. BTW catch this:

      Hope to see you tomorrow at the Sun Dome in Tampa! For those of you that couldn’t make it, we will be live streaming the “We are the Future” Rally on YouTube. Here is the link. It will go live at 12 Noon Eastern tomorrow. Spread the word!


      Stay cool man

  34. Rand Paul promotes his new book “Government Bullies” with a demonstration of “government bullies” in action:

      1. and (if that even happened..I’ve seen tow other videos and she merely waved her cardboard sign in his window) that justifies attempted homicide how?

      2. Tim Proffit not only served 1 year punishment and was ordered by the courts to pay for the victims medical costs but he was also dismissed from the campaign. Looks like a judge disagreed with your claim of paper sign in the face =attempted homicide.

  35. You know, I was willing to be a little relaxed and take a long-term perspective on things if the republicans would act in good faith. I figured our odds of winning were low, but what we win we would have, and then if we were properly respected for our victories and our legitimate gains permitted, I was ok with suffering another four years of an establishment candidate.

    This sort of activity, however, is completely outside of the realm of good faith. It has garunteed that I will drop my vote as a punishment against the party–either towards Johnson (if possible) or towards (eewww…) Obama if that is what is necessary for the establishment candidate to lose.

    Bad on you, Romney camp. Bad on you.

    1. Plus Gary Johnson doesn’t have a dark past littered with racist newsletters, ties to neonazi Willis Carto, Don Black Jamie Kelso, neo confederates Lew Rockwell, Thomas DiLorenzo, Chuck Baldwin etc..

  36. Why do people keep bringing up Rand Paul?? Rand is not Ron. Rand has never been a true Conservative, though he may lean that way more-so than a lot of our Congressmen. Anyone who hung his hat on Rand-2016 just knows nothing of Rand. Anyone who was surprised at Rand’s endorsement of Mitt did not pay attention.
    I knew what Rand was, before this race, and was only surprised that he appeared to be working for his dad. Rand is closer to Ryan than he is to Ron Paul.

    Rand my have fooled some of the people, this time, but he never did fool me. When asked if I would support Rand as prez-hopeful or as veep pick for Romney, I said, no. I would not vote for another neo-con, ever, and this means I would never vote for Rand.

    Sure, Rand went after the TSA, but only after it affected Rand personally. Had that not happened, Rand would have been happy to continue finding the same organization. So, wake up, people.
    Rand has nothing to do with getting Ron elected. This much is and has been true.

  37. Don’t forget, y’all;

    Mitt Romney IS a criminal (and not just misdemeanor crimes, either.) Will Mitt take off for France, like he did when evading the Vietnam Draft? If so, good for us; he’d be out of our hair anyhow.

    1. Annebeck58 – Take Politics out of it for a moment…

      I would contend that both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are criminals. And not only them, but the entire congress. With the exception of Ron Paul, these Criminals are deliberately destroying the United States of America through Debt. The Intention is so clear. They intend to destroy America.

      If you take Politics out of the equation and just look at what these Politicians are doing to this Nation “mathematically” through the ever increasing – and now unsustainable DEBT of $16 TRILLION, it should show every American that both these Democrat and Republican Criminals are DELIBERATELY DESTROYING our Country. All we need to do is look at the National Debt Clock to see what kind of Debt these Criminals have saddled upon every man, woman and child in America.


      Therefore, to vote for either one these Treasonous Criminals from either of these Criminal Parties would be a Criminal Act in itself. We would be voting to install a Criminal into the Presidency, thus committing Treason ourselves.

      1. Yes, D.T.
        They are both criminals. And, yes; there are many criminals in politics.
        I would not vote for Romney OR for Obama. I did not go with Obama, the last time, and he’s only worse today. Because I will not vote for or praise Mitt, the Tex Rep Party says I should consider leaving.
        (They do not like being questioned for their own crimes, either.)

    2. annebeck58 — Superb post!

      Spreading it now!

      (p.s. sorry you no longer like me — I respect you for all you have done, are doing and will do, to keep the cause of Liberty alive!)

  38. Guess you didn’t see the billboard he put up in Hollywood promoting HIS name before Paul:

    pitch-in $ at work!

  39. You use the word “illegal” to describe what the GOP rules committee is doing with respect to the delegates, their seating and the decisions rendered by the RNC on their seating … and you clearly insinuate that Ron Paul’s lawyers are fighting a legal battle.

    What the RNC is doing is NOT illegal, with respect to the delegate challenges the RNC is providing the Ron Paul campaign with decisions upon.

    Certainly, the illegal acts you CITE, in Louisiana, an assault and in other circumstances might be and probably are VOTE FRAUD. If you Doug, and the Ron Paul Lawyers truly think that ILLEGAL acts have been committed, then the Ron Paul Lawyers have an ethical and a legal obligation to REPORT those illegal activities to the authorities, not to stuff them into the hands of the very criminals that committed these crimes.

    The Federal LAWSUIT, Richard Gilbert’s lawsuit, is a legal battle,.

    Don’t attempt to elevate what Ron Paul’s lawyers are doing in these inner-party disputes to the level of what the Federal Lawsuit is doing that’s not genuine and smacks of yellow-journalism, it’s very misleading, but you know this, because you are a smart guy.

    Ron Paul, and/or his campaign operatives have advised delegates NOT, I say NOT to fight a LEGAL battle by becoming plaintiffs in the Lawsuit Attorney Richard Gilbert has filed, a lawsuit of which I was a member of an Executive Committee, listed on the press release as a press contact, an Executive Committee which supported the lawsuit and provided for project management and coordination.

    The Ron Paul lawyers are doing NOTHING to fight anything that was ILLEGAL, indeed, they are allowing the very people that are in commission of those crimes, to “adjudicate” on them. Richard Gilbert is before a JUDGE, and is in a court of LAW.

    The Ron Paul lawyers are having TEA and freaking CRUMPETS with the bully boys, and that is all.

    DO NOT, attempt to CONFUSE people by wrapping the Ron Paul campaign and their lawyers in the cloaks and the boots and helmets of the REAL legal campaign and dispute in Federal Court. Again, what Ron Paul’s lawyers are doing is bowing on bended knee to the very corrupt organization that BROKE the LAW and committed the acts of violence, and vote fraud you cite, but a “legal” attack or strategy is NOT being employed by Ron Paul’s lawyers. Ron Paul’s lawyers have bound themselves within the party system, a PRIVATE party system, and in fact do DAMAGE to the REAL legal lawsuit one very fine lawyer, Richard Gilbert is carrying on.

    I challenge ANY of the lawyers that are waltzing and dancing with the CRIMINALS that Richard Gilbert is legally attacking in his lawsuit, I challenge any of the “Republican Party Game Players” to come do some REAL legal battle, with Richard Gilbert in a REAL court of LAW, not in a private, smoke filled back room of the Republican National Convention, (littered with the smashed fingers of our delegate, metaphorically).

    What Ron Paul’s lawyers are doing is bowing to a corrupt system, they are whining, and begging and pleading with the CRIMINALS … which is insane and equally corrupt, because, they are smart men.

    Richard Gilbert is fighting a legal battle, please Doug, don’t attempt to confuse the two.

    To describe what the GOP in the States has done as ILLEGAL, and then to say Ron Paul’s lawyers are fighting that, within the very system that yes, has committed the crimes, and then to credit Ron Paul’s lawyers for fighting a battle to correct ILLEGAL acts … is weak Doug, very, very weak, but nice try, as we know, you are a smart guy Tex.

  40. Lew Rockwell says, Department of Homeland Security is in possession of 4 BULLETS for every single American citizen.

    In other words, the US government has enough bullets to kill entire US population 4 times over.

    Only explanation for this is: They’re anticipating a HUGE INSURRECTION (multiple magnitudes bigger than Greece) after the financial collapse.

    [Had posted another related HuffPost article regarding this which has vanished into ether. Will try again. What’s up with the moderation policy of this blog? Some comments randomly don’t show up?!?! All the while trolls repeatedly spam same site, chest-thump posting pictures of military tanks on streets of Tampa & make fascist threats of killing innocent American citizen in Tampa?!?!]

    1. Wow. A majority of Paul supporters will claim Paul has nothing to do with his former colleague self-described ” plain old Confederate ” revisionist history writer/democracy opponent Llewellyn H. Rockwell, whose Mises Institute is listed as a racist /antisemitic organization with both SPLC and the ADL.

      1. Funny. I find it ABSOLUTELY TRUE that “Real” Racists always accuse others of being Racist. They expose to the world their own deep-down Racism by playing the “Blame Transfer Game”; just like a Drug Addict in Denial. They say “See! See! – that person over there is a Racist because of this or that…blah blah blah” But it is really THEY who are the “Real and True” Racists of our society.

    2. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) — correct.

      This blog lacks a moderator — seems Doug is unable (or unwilling) to do it — or these polluting creatures would have been long gone (as they’ve been banned on all other sites)!

  41. Ladies and Gentelmen,
    like i”ve already said, we ( Liberty-minded people ) from outside America, were only watchers, till now. I represent a vast minority of them. Unite behind Dr. Paul, Mr.Doug Weed and L4RP represented by Attorney Richard Gilbert. Scorch the earth under the feet of GOPS!
    Mr.Weed had now ALL shown his true color to the “Fouls” and the traitors. I”ll come back soon.

    Sincerly yours
    aurel barber

    1. Here’s the problem with that, Aurel; the people who were for Paul are drifting away and ignoring the whole show. It’s killing me that people who supposedly care about this are dropping like flies. I know a lot of it has to do with Jesse Benton and his idiotic mouth. Whenever we do grab a little bit of support and momentum, Benton opens his mouth and destroys it.
      How I wish, from the onset, that this was a completely grassroots campaign. We Paul supporters talk with one-another, often– from all over the country, and even the world. We could have done a much better job, per state or even per county, without the campaign sabotaging US and Dr Paul.
      I am sure Doug Wead knows what I mean.

      I just wish someone would either kick-out Benton (unlikely) or put a muzzle on him (again). We need the RNC to dump Mitt, or we’ve got to prepare for another 4 years of Obama. But, trying to convince the lame and idiotic GOP establishment of this is next to impossible.

      (NOT that I am giving up, I simply get frustrated with these people!)
      Thanks, again, for your support. We know the whole world is watching. But, it seems the “other Reps” (Neocons) have zero clue.

      1. Gotta love the picture showing the Hussein Obama pose as the Comrade Lenin creature (minute 1:55).
        Here is the original CCCP poster showing Lenin in this pose:

        Ha, ha, hah…!

      2. “One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship.”
        George Orwell

      3. Ignore the PERNICIOUS ‘Jim’ shill, employed by NWO Puppetry to post disinformation here and wreak havoc on this forum!

        Do not reply to It (let me neuter it until Doug finally BANS It).

        This paid in 30 pieces of Silver ‘Jim’ SHILL is polluting this forum again. In case you forgot, this subhuman creature, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead!

        (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. Probably why he stopped actively campaigning w. $3 million left in the kitty… Vegas odds say he doesn’t live to see Tampa.”)

        Doug — how long will you put up with this creature (that wants to see Ron Paul dead)…?!

        If you can’t save your own blog from such Vandalism— how can you assure us you are doing your best for Ron Paul?!?

  42. Why would I unite behind them…they hired Neocon jackasses to run the campaign to push us to put up “UNITY” slates in Louisiana and all across the country….which myself and others fought tooth and nail until they managed to FEAR our delegation into compromising…and what did that get us? SCREWED…Myself and the secretary for District 1 in La opted to NOT attend the La State convention after they scared our delegation into agreeing to put actual ROMNEY and SANTORUM big wigs into slots that WE controlled…When we had our breakaway convention..I was hopeful that I had been wrong…but then the names came forward they voted to send to Tampa..and I was proven right…they screwed us…that being the La Ron Paul campaign..The delegation they put forward would NOT actually provide a plurality for Ron Paul…What do you expect when you hire the former Deputy Chair of the La GOP to run your campaign? The establishment infiltrated us..and put establishment people in place…
    This “FIGHT” is about them having MORE opportunity to send us their BS letters and beg us for more money to piss away..Well Most of the La Delegation has already switched to the Libertarian party… Ron Paul’s message still has the same meaning…but his campaign staff is full of assholes…The one thing Ron Paul was wrong about..was taking over the Republican party…it ignored the trend..People have been leaving the major parties for YEARS. I was registered Republican since 1995…and that was after coming back after leaving for a brief stint..But Yesterday..I registered Libertarian..and I’ve brought at least 8 people with me…who have brought an equal # between them as well. We have more to come. We refuse to reward bad behavior. Dr Paul says support Liberty candidates…WELL..last I checked..Gary Johnson is slated to be on ballots in all 50 states…and that is my current focus..along with supporting the full slate of candidates running for the House in all 6 districts here in La for the Libertarian party..
    To those that don’t get it..EVEN if the Ron Paul delegation from Louisiana was put up..it was so severely compromised with Neocon insiders that were slipped in by the head of the Ron Paul campaign.. at BEST..Ron Paul could get MAYBE 20 votes out of this delegation..needing 24 for a plurality…NOT the 27 that they try and claim…I’ve got the list..I’ve been through it…and it’s a JOKE. Just like the leadership of the Ron Paul campaign here…the Grassroots was great…but those idiots hobbled us. They SQUANDERED what we had…I suggest it was intentional.. That all said…Ron Paul’s message of Liberty still resonates….just not the part about taking over the Republican party…

    Daniel E Hayes
    Elected Vice Chairman District 1-La Republican State Convention.

  43. i hope the republican party destrys itself because they’re basically saying they don’t want new blood in their club. Reince Priebus is also destroying the party by making bad choices. i pray paul comes out of this.

  44. Doug — how long will you put up with this JIM creature (that wants to see Ron Paul dead)…bent on destroying your forum?!

    If you can’t save your own blog from such Vandalism— how can you assure us you are doing your best for Ron Paul?!?

    This paid in 30 pieces of Silver ‘Jim’ SHILL is polluting this forum again. In case you forgot, this subhuman creature, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead!

    (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. Probably why he stopped actively campaigning w. $3 million left in the kitty… Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

    BAN it NOW — people are getting sick of IT here (and your compliance in allowing IT to disrupt all threads with its Vileness and Bile)!

    1. Many times, I’ve had a number of my comments held up for moderation for hours. While at the same time, I’ve noticed the blog accumulating same spamming comments by anti-American trolls touting fascism, hatred of American Constitution etc.

      I’m ALL for the 1st Amendment freedom of speech. But looking at the nature of troll spam, their intent is quite clear: To ensure downfall of American Republic & destruction of US Constitution. Simply put allowing such trolling spam to continue here, this blog – and by extension Doug himself – is starting to lose all credibility.

      1. The Chiefe — agree!

        Plus it is not a matter of Free Speech (that is guaranteed in public), but at stake is ONE’S Private Property: the owner — in this case Doug — decides who is welcomed and who gets kicked out!

        This blog being Doug Wead’s private property — He is the only one who can determine which guests are welcomed on his private domain, and which vile trespassers are to be removed!

        Doug — Qvo Vadis?

      2. Regarding comments being held for moderation, it’s usually as simple as said comments containing more than one link (I learned this when comments to my blog were held for me to moderate). It’s why I generally add no links or, if I have more than one,, I post separately.

        As a conservative libertarian, though; I cannot insist anyone’s words be removed, no matter how offensive I find said words. I would certainly never go at someone by subjecting everyone interested in the blog to the same (offensive and S***-stirring words), repeatedly, numerous times per DAY, and I wanted that to stop.. My words were not directed toward anyone buy Doug and were I in agreement with any other responder, I would have directed those words to said person.

        I guess this is why I found this agitator’s words to me, and use of my name (again, unfounded and unapproved), to promote his or her ideas, so offensive. It’s not what I said and is not what I meant.
        And, after using my name, this same person then went on to post these SAME, irritating words, three more times.
        How many times must the same so-called response be posted before it’s enough or TOO MUCH? Once should be enough. Twice is too much. A dozen times a day (or close to it) on the same post is irritating and borders on insanity.

      3. I don’t see a single post of mine with more than one link.

        Like I said before, I’ve experienced a number of my comments being held up for moderation – all the while I see offensive spam comments from trolls keep accumulating.

    2. annebeck58 — Thank You!

      It’s common sense.

      When fighting a battle, you do not allow the enemy to infiltrate your base!

      Doug — I second it: “Stop the JIM creature from ever posting its vileness here again”!

      Who votes to Ban IT — post Aye below.

      1. Thanks, Mat.
        First off all, any wordpress blog is, by virtue of the set-up by wordpress, public domain. It’s owned by wordpress and we’re simply partners in their venture.
        And I don’t like to have a go at anyone, so when I said what I did (to Doug), I think he knew what I meant. Then, this same poster went on to re-post the same antagonistic words, three more times.
        I say, since wordpress IS public domain (kind of like youtube) and anyone can produce his or her own blog, anyone who does not like the way Doug moderates his comment section could and should start his or her own blog.
        Surely, these people have the time to do so; this has been proven too many times to count!
        But, thanks. I did not want to come off as mean or ugly, just had already had my fill, about a month ago. And I don’t want to be associated with this sort of commentary. I don’t like being dragged into it by virtue of someone using my name and my word, especially when the intent is opposite of where in the blogosphere I reside/

        that is all!

    1. DT — Do I have your vote to have Vile ‘Jim’ banned from polluting this forum?

      If so, please, reply now!


      Surfisher (a fellow patriot)

  45. Petition to BAN the vile creature ‘Jim’ — the list so far:

    1) Surfisher
    2) annabeck58
    3) The Chiefe

    Common, Real American Patriots — VOTE to have this subhuman shill ‘JIM’ that DESIRES the death of Ron Paul BANNED from this Forum! Add your names below!

    (Doug…are you paying attention)?!

    1. I agree , Jim is as Hubourous as captain Blye on Mutiny On the Bounty!!! Count me in in rejecteing this puffed up smidgeon of blowfish poo poo

    1. The Smedley Butler Brigade —

      Do I have your vote to have Vile ‘Jim’ banned from polluting this forum?

      If so, please, reply now!


      Surfisher (a fellow patriot)

      1. The Smedley Butler Brigade — until you say Aye (your name won’t be added).

        So, do I have your vote to have Vile ‘Jim’ banned from polluting this forum?

        If so, please, reply now!


        Surfisher (a fellow patriot)

  46. Petition to BAN the vile creature ‘Jim’ — the list so far:

    1) Surfisher
    2) annabeck58
    3) The Chiefe
    4) mat

    Common, Real American Patriots — VOTE to have this subhuman shill ‘JIM’ that DESIRES the death of Ron Paul BANNED from this Forum! Add your names below!

    (Doug…are you paying attention)?!

    1. In case you forgot — here is what this JIM creature wants: direct quote from it’s perniciously diseased mouth — the death of Ron Paul!

      (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. Probably why he stopped actively campaigning w. $3 million left in the kitty… Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

      Don’t you want to put an End to this subhuman scum posting here…?!

      If you do — vote to have it BANNED from this forum (it’s already been banned from nearly all other forums for its Vileness)!

      Add your monicker below — so I can update the Petition list.

      Thanks for being a true Patriot!

      1. If you missed it — the ‘Jim’ creature is nothing but the ‘tex2’ (that was banned several month ago)!

        In case you forgot — here is what this JIM creature wants: direct quote from it’s perniciously diseased mouth — the death of Ron Paul!

        (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. Probably why he stopped actively campaigning w. $3 million left in the kitty… Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

        Don’t you want to put an End to this subhuman scum posting here…?!

        If you do — vote to have it BANNED from this forum (it’s already been banned from ALL other forums for its Vileness)!

        Add your monicker below — so I can update the Petition list.

        Thanks for being a true Patriot!

    2. That was presumptuous. I was referring to the (at least) half-dozen times you posted the same thing here, today. Why do you do that?
      I meant, please Doug, make this repetitive posting or responding stop. Once should be more than enough.

      I remove my name, once again, from your list. I may not like what this guy has to say, but I will not be a part of a ban- -on ANYONE else’s blogsite.
      I also will not be a part of this incessant antagnozing of anyone.

      1. You may find Doug Wead is a TRUE American, open to hearing opposing views and robust debate. Plus, how can he be expected to do his job if he simply ignores what the opposition is saying? Surfisher can learn a lot from a man like Doug.

    3. I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but please remove my name from your list.
      I do not agree with the things you say. I do not use and do not agree with your use of certain words. I find it completely distasteful and irritating. You do not know me and I would suggest you learn a bit more about maintaining a semblance of decorum when posting in public (yes, it’s a PUBLIC forum.)
      That you re-post these same words, from blog to blog, seems to be your plan to ensure everyone sees them, and I am not interested.

      (Even though you misspelled my name, again; I do not wish for there to be ANY confusion as to whether or not I support what You do or you say.. For, I do not.)

  47. Doug — not much time left to save our Nation!

    By allowing a snake (creature Jim) in your bosom, you let poison loose on your blog.

    Shame on you!

  48. Doug’s Title — “RNC: Ron Paul delegates not welcome in Tampa”

    But — Ron Paul bashers welcomed on Doug’s Blog..?!?

    Doug — Qvo Vadis?

  49. I am still writing in Ron Paul on the Ballot come election time. I am voting for who is right, not who won the RNC or Democrat tickets as they are just the same liars as always.

    1. I am with you on that.
      Never again will I vote for evil-er or evil-est.., and I will not spend my time trying to figure out which is which. Evil is evil and I won’t do it.
      In some states, from what I’ve been told by others, they actually have to pay for write-ins. If I had to pay, I would.
      The only problem is, again; who is counting (or are they counting) these votes?

      Regardless, when I write-in Ron Paul, I will know that I did not give my vote to evil. Of course, this is only if the Republidrones do not wake up and open their eyes to see what the RNC is putting before them. Evil-er or Evil-est. Still evil.
      One can hope.

  50. Surfisher please provide exact quote and link to Ron Paul advocating banishment for those with whom opinions he disagrees with.Thank you in advance.

    1. This is even more indication that the RNC is doing what I’ve said they’ve been doing since January. They are propping up Romney as a fall-guy. I do not see Ryan as a pick for or by Mitt (I wonder if even he would come up with a running-mate with such a bad reputation), but I can surely see the RNC choosing Ryan for him.
      and, as Mitt is already trying to distance himself from Ryan, I say, Mitt’s a fall-guy. The RNC is working toward the goal of losing.

      According to TRP (Texas Rep Party), the bank-accounts were quite low before big influx of cash from (whatever) sources. Each state’s GOP’s been bought off to fight for Mitt. I do think the states have played follow-the-leader, to their own detriment and possibly, to their own demise.
      You can see my post on this at: annebeck58.wordpress.com/

      Mitt Romney is a fall-guy.

    2. The Chiefe — great post (I just spread it)!

      Funniest sophism (P. Ryan): “This Bill offends my principles, but I’m gonna vote for this Bill in order to preserve my principles…”! (minute 3:10 to 3:21)

      LOL — that’s not even sophistry, but plain idiocy (perfect match with Rmoney…who has NO principles)….

      No wonder the Mitt made himself even more UNELECTABLE (by choosing this Ryan clown for his sidekick).

    1. Yep.
      And I like the red-and-white arrow, strategically placed over Ryan’s nose, making him out to be the clown he is.

      Since adopting Ryan, Mitt’s ratings have dipped sharply. Yet the RNC and, especially, states; GOP, are willing to fight-off Ron Paul delegates to (s)elect these guys?
      Are they crazy? Sure, they are; crazy like foxes.

      The utterly confused and completely brainwashed Republidrones from each state are going forth as if Mitt can oust Obama; even when the truth is the exact opposite, and plain as the noses on their faces/ Inane.

      1. When U.S. District Judge David Carter rejected the claims of delegates to the Republican National Convention and other Paul supporters brought forward by Richard Gilbert as vague and often unintelligible Carter ruled political parties have a First Amendment right to “exclude people from membership and leadership roles.”
        I find it downright laugh out loud hilarious when Paul supporters, who gone on about “the Constitution this, the
        Constitution that ” refuse to accept that the GOP, whether right or wrong, has the Constitutional right to choose it’s nominee.
        It’s exactly this sort of blatant hypocrisy that helped them LOSE the argument for nominating Ron Paul. His SUPPORTERS are his worst enemy.

  51. Hello, Doug.
    Just thought you may enjoy my blog, from today:

    This whole fiasco, per RNC (Republican Neocon Cuckoos) has me quite frustrated. Seems to me the RNC does not want to our Obama, as much as they do “protest”/
    Seems, by putting-up Mitt, they are daring all Indies, Blue-Reps, and true libertarian-conservative Republicns to go with Obama, or simply abstain from going with “their party”. What else could be their (honest, deep-down) rationale? I don’t see it any other way.

    Btw. Pleasel if you can find the time,do remove the worst of the worse comments, here. It’s frustrating (if you need a moderator, let me know, and I shallbe happy to volunteer a bit of time, per day– gratis and for the sake of real, honest, party-unity!).

    1. (hate it when I see that typo as I am clicking, reply or post!)
      meant; OUST; the RNC does not seem to want to OUST Obama (why does WordPress make different words from those I typed?)

      1. Yes, I read the BLOG- not article, but just another blog..
        I agree with some of what Doug removed (and were there a video-link not working on my blog, I would remove it, too.)
        However, you are missing the point. Those videos were not removed, from youtube, based on hate-speech. Some were removed because, when it is brought to the attention of the YT folk that there are images of dead or dying children (thanks to US and IZ), they do remove them for distasteful images. I know as I had those images on my background in yt- and YT removed them, yet I received no strike- They said they removed the background because the images were copyrighted,, One video, which I was well aware of before it was posted here, did contain hate-speech. However it was the hate-speech of Rabbi Yusef/ Joseph.., not the video-uploader.

        So do not assume why a video is taken down from that site. It’s for varied rationale, and yt also removes videos of certain people, when those same people ar e under attack by what I call Zuppets (Zionist puppets– who can be of any religion and do not even know the half of what they support.)

        I do believe some of Smedley’s video links were removed from here only because the links were dead.

      2. I somehow doubt Doug would hire you even for free since you’re one of the biggest cheerleaders /defenders of anti-Israeli propaganda here. Never seen you object to it at least. Guess you need to re -read Doug’s article “Ron Paul: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”

    2. Ignore the PERNICIOUS ‘Jim’ shill, employed by NWO Puppetry to wreak havoc on this forum!

      Do not reply to It (until it gets banned for its vileness)!

      This paid in 30 pieces of Silver ‘Jim’ SHILL is polluting this forum again. In case you forgot, this subhuman creature, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead!

      (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. Probably why he stopped actively campaigning w. $3 million left in the kitty… Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

      Doug — how long will you put up with this creature (that wants to see Ron Paul dead)…?!

      If you can’t save your own blog from such Vandalism— how can you assure us you are doing your best for Ron Paul?!?

  52. ** IMPORTANT NEWS! ************

    Well Folks…it looks like the Judge has ruled in favor of the Delegate Lawsuit concerning the validity of the ” Historic Law ” that was used.

    Basically…the Judge now has to rule that the Delegates are indeed unbound according to historic law! ( i.e. there is precedence that the Delegates are considered unbound )

    Start reaching out to your delegates…to the media…to anywhere you can! The Delegates are free to vote their conscious and there is NOTHING the GOP can do about it!

    Richard Gilbert
    Federal Case Update – We have tentatively won the case on the historic law. The RNC is now engaged in delay tactics. To counter, I am filing an Appellate action tomorrow to seek an Appellate Order requiring the Judge to rule prior to the convention. Yes, I said we have tentatively won the case on the historic law

    1. Funny. That post was initially from yesterday and was removed from Daily Paul for being misleading :


      It was reposted again today and most likely will also be yanked.
      The court has already ruled the GOP has the First Amendment right to “exclude people from membership and leadership roles.”
      That so-called “historic law” you referred to was not a court order but a decision made by the party as was it’s right to do under the First Amendment. If the RNC wishes to require delegates to vote a certain way or not it can under once again, the First Amendment. The real question is who is going to pay for all of those billboards Richard Gilbert has been putting up around Los Angles featuring his image and insinuating HE is in charge of Ron Paul’s campaign ? http://i.imgur.com/xy2Me.jpg
      Most of the delegates I have spoke to involved in this suit have nothing in writing signed by Richard Gilbert saying he will work for free.

      1. From Richard Gilbert’s Facebook page:

        “Caution on Update- It is only a temporary opinion called a Tentative. I did not say we won the case. The Judge may change his mind in the final ruling. I said the same thing last week but people just wanted to think we lost then. It is good news and we are in good position, but, we should not be celebrating.”

      2. Federal Election Law states that NO-ONE, let alone a private entity (such as the RNC) can force anyone to vote against their conscience!

        The End…of Perfidy Mitt…say: “Bye, bye Rmoney”.

      3. Just curious…

        Why would the National Weather Service (a federal agency) want to purchase 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition?

        A lot of us don’t like their weather forecasts…but not to the extent that warrants them to wanna shoot us….

        This is on top of the 1.4 Billion rounds of ammo PURCHASED by Home Land Security…. Gee, them pesky couple of hundred Muslim Terrorist in the USA need to be taken out by SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF TONS of LEAD per SINGLE Muslim Terrorist…right?

        Or, one can say that this QUANTITY amounts to about 4 bullets for each US Citizen (man, woman and child)….

        Interesting Math….

        Just watch the first 2 minutes of this video — the rest is even more disturbing!

      4. Come to Tampa on the 26th American Patriots — a Million+ True Americans are expected to show — be One of Us!

        Last chance to voice our support for the only Real American that deserves to be US President: Ron Paul !!!

        Don’t delay — start your trip to Tampa today!

      5. Virginia — gotta love this State!

        Let’s hope the rest follow suit!

        “Today, the Virginia legislature once again approved House Bill 1160 (HB1160), what many refer to as the NDAA Nullification Act. The support was overwhelming, again. In the House today the vote was 89-7 and the Senate concurred a few hours later, 36-1.

        The bill “Prevents any agency, political subdivision, employee, or member of the military of Virginia from assisting an agency of the armed forces of the United States in the conduct of the investigation, prosecution, or detention of a United States citizen in violation of the United States Constitution, Constitution of Virginia, or any Virginia law or regulation.”

      6. Petition to BAN the vile creature ‘Jim’ (aka ‘tex2′)— the list so far:

        1) Surfisher
        2) DT
        3) The Chiefe
        4) mat
        5) SmedleyButler

        Common, Real American Patriots — VOTE to have this subhuman shill ‘JIM’, that DESIRES the death of Ron Paul, BANNED from this Forum! Add your names below!

        In case you forgot, this subhuman creature, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead!

        (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful….Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

        (Doug…are you paying attention)?!

      7. Surfisher

        I never said for you to add me to your banning campaign. I’m a Ron Paul Supporter and banning would be the antithesis of what the Liberty Movement stands for.

        Jim may be a very confused individual and very apathetic to Ron Paul and the Movement right now, but as the Apostle Paul had the scales removed from his eyes – all we, who love Liberty, eventually see the mistakes and errors of our ways when we come face-to-face with the Truth.

        Thank you in advance for removing me for your list.

      8. DT — done (sorry I misunderstood your previous posts).

        Petition to BAN the vile creature ‘Jim’ (aka ‘tex2′)— the list so far:

        1) Surfisher
        2) SmedleyButler
        3) The Chiefe
        4) mat

        Common, Real American Patriots — VOTE to have this subhuman shill ‘JIM’ 9aka ‘tex2’), that DESIRES the death of Ron Paul, BANNED from this Forum! Add your names below!

        In case you forgot, this subhuman creature, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead!

        (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful….Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

        (Doug…are you paying attention)?!

      9. Ron Paul to WIN 2012 —Come to Tampa on the 26th Real American Patriots — a Million+ True Americans are expected to show — be One of Us!

        Last chance to voice our support for the only Real American that deserves to be US President: Ron Paul !!!

        Don’t delay — start your trip to Tampa today!

        US Federal Election Law states: NO Delegates can be bound!

        All RNC delegates in Tampa are free to vote their conscience — meaning Ron Paul MUST WIN (or they have no conscience)!

        Real Americans, be part of this historic moment —over 70 news media from around the World will be transmitting LIVE this momentous LAST CHANCE to WIN our Nation back from the Criminals in Power!

        This is OUR FINAL STAND —Win our Freedoms BACK, or forever lose them!

      10. As you know, this is not a very libertarian thing to do. I know that DT also advised he (or she?) never did lend his name to this, “petition”.
        We do not have to like what anyone has to say to stand behind his RIGHT to say it.

      11. Regarding bullets// ammo? I just talked with my gun-expert client. and asked him why these agencies (especially) would require such things. His take on it made complete sense; it’s the govt’s way of handling gun-control.
        Don’t have ammo? Price of ammo has gone up? Well, it’s because that ammo is in, “Short Supply”.
        A box of bullets (for revolver) is now almost 35 dollars.
        A box of bullets, for semi-auto, over 40 dollars. That’s a lot of cash to lay out, especially for guys who hold classes on gun-safety!

      12. This is not yet true. What Jim posted from Richard Gilbert’s page is actually accurate.
        It is not time to rest on our laurels. It’s not time, yet, to celebrate this win. We still have a lot of work to do and Richard Gilbert needs our support, more-so now than ever.

      13. Romney will be charged as Criminal — question is, will he be arrested before the Tampa Convention.

        Only Ron Paul can defeat the abomination Obama…so why is the RNC willing to play patsy?!

        Share, make this video viral!

      14. WOW — just had the ‘Jim’ (previously posting as ‘tex2′) IP address located — shows to be from Israel!

        Creature JIM = tex2: posting here from ISRAEL, not USA!

        (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am (and ‘tex2′ had a similar wish months before) “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful….Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

        Shame on you Doug — to allow Foreign Agents to invade your forum with pernicious wishes for Ron Raul to die!

        Qvo Vadis, Doug?

      15. ALSO;
        I do know Smedley Butler has also asked to not be named in your, ‘Petition”. Seems to me you waste a lot of time having a go at this guy. It’s only making the blog-responses bothersome. Once, I would LOVE to get an email showing new comments that do NOT include your demands of Doug Wead.
        I bet Doug would feel the same (but would not put those words in his mouth, as i would ask you to not put your words in mine,)

      16. annebeck58 & DT — ‘Jim’ is ‘tex2’ (that all voted here to have it banned for its pernicious posts — and was banned).

        Sorry to hear you want its return.

        Again, this is not a matter of free speech — it can get on a soap box in any public place and vent its vitriol (that’s what Freedom of Speech is all about)!

        It is a matter of Invading Doug’s private property (his own blog) in order to DO HARM! Think of yourselves inviting guests to your Home — the polite ones are welcomed, but the one that wants to set your House on Fire (and burn it to the ground) …would you allow it to stay, or kick it out?!?

        I appreciate your naïveté — the belief that such creatures may eventually grow out of their vileness. But it is obvious you have never witnessed the maliciousness of such 3rd world subhumans on hand!

        Not only does JIM (aka ‘tex2’) desire the death of Ron Paul — but given a chance it will cut your heads off, and everyone’s that posts pro-Liberty here — and than will have a nice breakfast.

        You nice people simply have no clue, how berserk and subhuman these creatures are!

      17. Darling.., I am far from naive. I believe, in fact, I have proven my own maturity in the way I’ve decided to “handle” what seems to be your biggest problem.
        We you posting like this, on my blog and you refused to quit it after being asked same by others, I would actually ban YOU. It’s a constant barrage of insults, some that go well past any normal sense of decency, and i am shocked that Doug has not removed the majority of your comments.
        But, would I ask Doug Wead to “ban” you? No, I would not. Again; it’s not me being, “naive”; it’s me, being more decent and calm, and not so reactionary.

        There are times that Jim actually posts some things you may want to read or watch. I’ve been able to expound on his ideas and words, without flying off of the handle. Regarding some other things he’s posted (which are rumors), I have been able to quiet that rumor-mill,, at least, here.
        You want to call me naive? Count how many times you have posted the same inflammatory posts. That’s not only naive, it’s childish, in my opinion.

      18. Ron Paul: Stop Nation Building & Cut Military Spending to Keep Us Free and Safe (condensed).

        “Grover Norquist, the influential conservative activist, recently made some very frank and sobering remarks about the U.S. military budget. Unlike many conservatives, Mr. Norquist understands that American national security interests are not served by the interventionist foreign policy mindset that has dominated both political parties in recent decades. He also understands that there is nothing “conservative” about incurring trillions of dollars in debt to engage in hopeless nation building exercises overseas.

        Speaking at the Center for the National interest last week, Norquist stated that “We can afford to have an adequate national defense which keeps us free and safe and keeps everybody afraid to throw a punch at us, as long as we don’t make some of the decisions that previous administrations have, which is to over extend ourselves overseas and think we can run foreign governments.”

        He continued: “Bush decided to be the mayor of Baghdad rather than the president of the United States. He decided to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan rather than reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That had tremendous consequences… Richard Nixon said that America’s national defense needs are set in Moscow, meaning that we wouldn’t have to spend so much if they weren’t shooting at us. The guys who followed didn’t notice that the Soviet Union disappeared.”

        When a prominent DC conservative like Grover Norquist makes such bold statements, it shows that public support for a truly conservative foreign policy is growing. The American people simply cannot stomach more wars and more debt, especially with our domestic economy in tatters.

        The American people should reject the hype about so called defense “cuts” from both side of the political spectrum. When the Obama administration calls for an 18% increase in 2013 military spending, those who propose a 20% increase portray this as a reduction!

        Even the supposedly draconian cuts called for in the “sequestration” budget bill would keep military spending at 2006 levels when adjusted for inflation, which is about as high in terms of GDP as during World War II. It’s also more than the top 13 foreign countries spend on defense combined. Furthermore, sequestration only cuts military spending for one year after taking effect. In future years Congress is free to reinstate higher military spending levels– so under sequestration the most drastic case would mean spending $5.2 trillion instead of $5.7 trillion over the next decade.

        Is there any amount of money that would satisfy the Pentagon hawks? Even if we were to slash our military budget in half, America easily would remain the world’s dominant military power. Our problems don’t result from a lack of spending. They result from a lack of vision and a profound misunderstanding of the single biggest threat to every American man, woman, and child: the federal debt.”

        Hear this 3 minute tape:

      19. Lexington 1775 — The Shot Heard Around The World.

        Tampa 2012 — The Shout Heard Around the World!

        Come to Tampa American Patriots in support of Ron Paul — come in the millions! The voices of the Many cannot be silenced by the Few!

      20. By the way; no matter how you stretch it, the words Jim posted regarding Vegas odds? YOU are stretching these same words to mean something I did not read in them.
        He has not called for the death of Ron Paul. He’s made one snide comment, in that regard, but has not wished him dead (according to that so often re-posted comment- by YOU). Again, this is how rumors start (like that of “Kokesh punched Paul”) and I want no part of your take on his words or your furtherance of rumors..

        I believe this guy was simply pointing out Ron Paul’s age. And, guess what? People,on OUR SIDE, have pointed this out, too. And, I have certainly read worse, even from Dr Paul’s supporters.

      21. I have Richard’s word, audibly, and in writing, that he IS working for US (as well as himself and Dr Paul) for FREE. Please don’t even try and go there, Jim. He is taking money, out of his own pocket, to file these suits. Any delegate who does not have this in writing has not decided to be a part of the suit (and we’ve already seen how great that went for Maine delegation, eh? Their attorneys– or the campaign attorneys, much like the campaign, itself, has worked under the RULES of RNC, which the RNC has repeatedly changed at their whims. RIchard IS dealing with LAWS; big difference.)
        And, RIchard has, repeatedly, cautioned folk that this is a TENTATIVE WIN, not an out and out win. Those who’ve paid attention to his words understand this.
        Those who read into things information that is not there (as usual) have blown this up to be something it is not (yet, anyway). It is not a win and it is not a loss, per-se. In a sense, it can be seen as a win that the RNC attorneys have not (yet) gotten their win. They expected Judge Carter to simply toss this under the, “private club” thing. But, though it is a private club, it has an open membership policy, and to top it off, they are still required to work under current federal election laws.
        Richard has only had to re-write the case filings. He has not been handed a loss. You know better than this, I presume, but you’re making it out to be something it is not (surely not yet).
        It’s still an active case and we’re hoping for a ruling before the convention, as it has been filed for expedition. A part of the case has also been filed with the appellate court, to ensure this.
        If you’d like more information on the case, I’d be happy to provide you with what I have, as I am a part of this.

  53. Petition to BAN the vile creature ‘Jim’ (previously known as ‘tex2’)— the list so far:

    1) Surfisher
    2) DT
    3) The Chiefe
    4) mat
    5) SmedleyButler

    Common, Real American Patriots — VOTE to have this subhuman shill ‘JIM’, that DESIRES the death of Ron Paul, BANNED from this Forum! Add your names below!

    (Doug…are you paying attention)?!

  54. YES!!!

    Julian Assange has been granted asylum by Ecuador!!


    But the real question is: Will the Bank of England + Federal Reserve hegemony that is really pulling the strings and financing terrorism allow him passage out of England?

    Newt Gingrich, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Joe Lieberman – THEY are the real terrorists intent on spreading death & destruction on the entire planet.

    1. Just curious…

      Why would the National Weather Service (a federal agency) want to purchase 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition?

      A lot of us don’t like their weather forecasts…but not to the extent that warrants them to wanna shoot us….

      This is on top of the 1.4 Billion rounds of ammo PURCHASED by Home Land Security…. Gee, them pesky couple of hundred Muslim Terrorist in the USA need to be taken out by SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF TONS of LEAD per SINGLE Muslim Terrorist…right?

      Or, one can say that this QUANTITY amounts to about 4 bullets for each US Citizen (man, woman and child)….

      Interesting Math. SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just watch the first 2 minutes of this video — the rest is even more disturbing!


  55. Team JIM Surfisher: “LET MY PEOPLE GO”

    Since our name is being used again. We take a moment to respond with our usual piece of Reality-Check.

    First of all, to date, Team JIM has failed to provide a single piece of Legal Evidence that ties The Smedley Butler Brigade to Anti-Semitism (as was the original accusation). Second, in face of this impossibility, Team JIM is switching gears to attacks on the basis of criticisms of Israel Zionist Government (not its people). As we will show, this is an old routine that (fortunately for us) has been address properly by others.

    A good thing about this attack by Team JIM is that it tells us, Ron Paul Supporters, that Ron Paul still remains a Threat to the Warmongers Megalomaniacs who want to take us into World War 3.

    (1) Learned people know well that Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism. Despite this, the perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity use this “old trick” to smear Ron Paul and his Supporters. Only the Mentally Obese would find it difficult to search for the Truth and thus would prefer to fall for this Ministry of Truth propaganda that insists in the

    UNTRUTH: Zionism(Recent Political Ideology)=Judaism(Old Religion)

    No better way to disproof that pernicious misleading concept than reading from several websites belonging to 100% Jews Against Zionism. Those not mentally obese and with a wish to learn the Truth only need to search Google using terms such as Zionism, Judaism, Jews, Zionists.

    (2) Since people have short memory span, it seems timely to re-post the clip that has been in YouTube for years. After watching the following clip it will be clear why the criminals send their agents to silence those who expose them (as in the case of Operation Cast Lead). Again, those with functioning fingers and a wish to learn the Truth only need to search Google using the expression: Operation Cast Lead

    Here is that old clip from a Minister from Israel

    The Smedley Butler Brigade

    Tackling One Coup d’Etat At A Time

    1. Doug said the name of the video in the blog article and that’s not it. Nice try posting a video from a Truther site (read tin foil hat conspiracy theorist) called Representative Press, owned by leftist Tom Murphy (hey i thought Ron Paul was the “true conservative”? Why would an alleged RP supporter be quoting a leftist?)

      1. The Smedley Butler Brigade commented in response to: Team JIM:

        Team JIM said:

        “Doug said the name of the video in the blog article and that’s not it. Nice try posting a video from a Truther site (read tin foil hat conspiracy theorist) called Representative Press, owned by leftist Tom Murphy (hey i thought Ron Paul was the “true conservative”? Why would an alleged RP supporter be quoting a leftist?)”

        The Smedley Butler Brigade replied:

        For those unfamiliar with the technique used by Team JIM, here is a quote from Google on this technique:

        Ad Hominem is a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person”

        For those not familiar with the Ad Hominem approach, here is an example based on Team JIM latest target.

        Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni says “it like like it is” in an interview with Amy Goodman (of the well-known non-Corporate owned Democracy Now).

        Since Team JIM used the word Truthers we will use it as a root word to characterize those who oppose Truthers as Un-Truthers.

        Un-Truthers like to misdirect the topic of discussion towards a different topic and/or different source of information. Under The Masters guidance, Un-Truthers will do whatever it takes to cover the tracks of the criminals. This has been well-documented and very easy to find in the internet. Examples are: destroying evidence, sending evidence to Asia so that it cannot be processed in criminal investigations, letting suspects leave the country, ordering investigators to investigate, preventing investigations, underfunding investigations, etc. This goes along well with simultaneous yellow journalism using “undisclosed sources” (i.e. made up “journalistic” stories) supporting the warmongers plans through the Corporate-Owned Media (deceitfully called Mainstream Media). How many readers remember Colin Powell’s untruthful presentation at the UN given to justify the invasion of Iraq to get the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” or WMDs? Many in the streets of America still believe that Saddam had WMDs (thanks to Corporate-Owned Media). This Truth is hidden because The Masters need to invade Iran so that they can follow PNAC prescription for Global Dominance (at whatever price to Americans and the rest of the world).

        Who benefits? The Masters of course. This is why any dissenting voice against their (Criminal) Warmongering is furiously attacked by Un-Truthers. In this case is Team JIM against Ron Paul and his Supporters because they oppose Warmongering.

        The Ad Hominem technique is applied by the Un-Truthers (i.e. those who want to cover the horrors of the Israel Government) on: Operation Cast Lead, Apartheid Against Palestinians, and a long list of examples.

        Here is a speech by Bishop Desmond Tutu on Israel Apartheid Against Palestinians (via Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now).

        On occasions, Bishop Tutu has indicated that this Israeli Apartheid Against Palestinians is far worse than that endured by their fellow Natives in South Africa.



        Team JIM caught our attention for the hideous and pernicious attacks on Ron Paul and Suppoters (while at the same time claiing that Ron Paul had no chance of winning).

        Team JIM used (still do) the characteristic attacks using their manipulated concepts Anti-Semitism, Nazism, etc, against Ron Paul and Supporters. These attacks were accompanied by threats to Supporters (FEMA Camps, etc). Once challenge arose, Team JIM changed from its threatening stance to the “poor me” (martyr) stance emerged.

        Team JIM covers its real and central objective: Obliterate anyone who opposes the (criminal) warmongering instigated by Israel.

        This warmongering, constantly criticized by Ron Paul, results in War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Economy Collapse, and, throughout its short history, millions of death and many more displaced.

        We are at the brink on World War 3 (i.e. the ongoing Undeclared War on Iran) and to date there has been no voice in this blog, aside from The Smedley Butler Brigade, that has discussed the important issue of Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy.

        This is The Issue that separates Ron Paul from ALL other candidates, The Issue that concerns Team JIM.

        That Un-Truthers believe that “We, The People” are still in a Zombie Trance is clear from their tactics, namely: the lies that are being told about Iran are similar (in some cases identical) to the lies told about Iraq: WMDs.

        Why do Un-Truthers use the same tactics? For the same reason why we humans use the same technique to train another animal species (e.g. a dog). These tactics and techniques work. They are based on scientific evidence (conditioned-reflex, described by Pavlov), followed by studies of the human mind by Sigmund Freud and his famous nephew: Edward Bernays (who some consider the father of Propaganda). This knowledge has been funded by The Masters to manipulate and exploit “We, The People”. They are used to induce people to “buy” a product (whether a material/touchable object or an idea).

        Un-Truthers see that many Americans only care about what affects them directly (i.e. at home). The public is shielded from news about the Radioactive Nuclear Waste (deceitfully called Depleted Uranium or DU), White Phosphorous, Napalm, etc, used against innocent civilians elsewhere. Many Americans never heard of Operation Cast Lead. Therefore, it is the job of Un-Truthers to prevent that “We, The People” awake and see the horrible reality that only Ron Paul opposes.

        We previously cited JFK and Ike but it seems proper to remember their words of 1961 (respectively):

        #1 “Ruthless Conspiracy” (anything is allowed: “The End Justifies The Means”)

        #2 “The Military-Industrial Complex” (trillions of dollars to be made by warmongering)

        As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior said:

        “Now Is The Time”


        “Silence Is Betrayal”

        The Smedley Butler Brigade

        Tackling One Coup d’Etat At A Time

    2. The Smedley Butler Brigade — LOL!

      You are trying to untangle The Gordian Knot…why my solution is to cut it!

      Once severed from this forum — the creature can no longer present.

  56. There is NOT A SINGLE IOTA of evidence of Team Surfisher calling Team Jim “subhuman” due to him being Jewish or Martian or a green-glowing humanoid or whatever. Nada.

    There is plenty of evidence of Team Surfisher calling Team Jim “subhuman” because of their “subhuman” actions.

    Team Surfisher used the word “Subhuman” because Team Jim made a “subhuman” statement of wishing early death on Ron Paul. Every single person on this planet is capable of making subhuman statements regardless of their denominations – Be they Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, Jews, Hindus, Mormons, Sikhs, whatever…

    It is only the refuge of cowards to hide behind collectivist labels like “anti-semetic”, while themselves espousing terrorism and fascism. It is only the refuge of cowards to obfuscate issues & collectively point fingers at “Jew this”, “Evangelical Christian that”, “Mormon this”, “Muslim that”.

    Israeli government is called fascist because THEY ARE FREAKING FASCISTS. NSDAP, Heinrich Himmler, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler were called fascists because THEY WERE FREAKING FASCISTS. Military dictators like Zia-ul-Haq in Pakistan, Pinochet in Chile were called fascists because THEY WERE FREAKING FASCISTS.

    There is nothing “anti-semetic” about calling Israeli government fascist.

    US Government is called fascist because it is.

    UK Government is called fascist because it is.

    Bank of England is called fascist because it is.

    Federal Reserve is called fascist because it is.

    ADL and SPLC are the masters of spreading collectivist mentality and distracting people’s attention from real issues of fascism. ADL and Abe Foxman are the biggest fascist hypocrites, openly advocating for:

    * Taxation of US population to fund fascist Israeli military
    * Apartheid and genocide of Palestinian nation

    It is NOT anti-semetic to call Abe Foxman and ADL as fascists. That’s because THEY ARE freaking fascists.

    Ben Bernanke, Joe Lieberman, Bill Kristol are called fascists because THEY ARE FASCISTS. It is NOT ANTI-SEMETIC to call them fascists. It is their refuge of cowardice to hide behind “anti-semetic” label.

    Ludwig von Mises, Uri Avnery, Noam Chomsky, Adam Kokesh, Amy Goodman, Walter Block every single one of these people is/was Jewish. Every single one of them criticize (would’ve criticized had von Mises been still alive today) fascist actions of Israeli government.

    Nobody dare label Jewish people like Ludwig von Mises, Uri Avnery, Noam Chomsky, Adam Kokesh, Amy Goodman, Walter Block etc. as anti-semetic.

    1. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) — spot on!

      Except, I’m not a team…just an Individual who calls it as I see it.

      Anyone (regardless of race, birthplace, religious denomination, ethnicity, choice of TV programs they watch…etc.) that wants to SEE Ron Paul Dead is a SUBHUMAN CREATURE — the vilest of the vile, the scum of the earth, the poison of this forum.
      In case some forgot, this subhuman creature ‘Jim’ (previously posting as already banned ‘tex2’,) like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead!

      (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. Probably why he stopped actively campaigning w. $3 million left in the kitty… Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

      If this forum had a moderator — this alone would have caused it to be banned….

    2. “Anti-Zionism has become the most dangerous and effective form of anti- Semitism in our time, through its systematic delegitimization, defamation, and demonization of Israel. Although not a priori anti-Semitic, the calls to dismantle the Jewish state, whether they come from Muslims, the Left, or the radical Right, increasingly rely on an anti-Semitic stereotypization of classic themes, such as the manipulative “Jewish lobby,” the Jewish/Zionist “world conspiracy,” and Jewish/Israeli “warmongers.” —http://old.jcpa.org/JCPA/Templates/ShowPage.asp?DRIT=3&DBID=1&LNGID=1&TMID=111&FID=625&PID=863&IID=1064&TTL=Anti-Zionism_and_Anti-Semitism

    3. My aren’t we grasping at straws tonight? Funny you mention slavery advocate Walter Block (as a devout atheist he’s technically not a Jew) and Leftist Noam Chomsky who has endorsed Obama in your attempt to refute charges of antisemitism in the Ron Paul camp.

      “Noam Chomsky chooses Obama”


      And now that you bring Abe Foxman’s name into this perhaps it’s time he take a look at Doug’s blog ? I’m sure he will take offense at your facist remark. That would be some good publicity before the convention wouldn’t it?

    4. This subhuman creature ‘Jim’ (previously posting as already banned ‘tex2′,) like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead!

      (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. Probably why he stopped actively campaigning w. $3 million left in the kitty… Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

      If this forum had a moderator — this alone would have caused it to be banned….

    5. On its own accord, the Israeli government is free to do whatever the heck Zionist or fascist policies it wants to take – towards its own citizen and/or towards their neighbors. They’re free to move their capital to wherever they want. AND resolve their own disputes and face the consequences of their actions.

      Furthermore, American Jewish citizen who espouse principles of Zionism, fascism etc. and feel so strongly attached to today’s Israeli state: They are free to purchase ammunition with their own money, purchase helmets, gear, fighter jets whatever the heck they want, fly over to Israel/Palestine/rest of middle-east AND drop whatever bombs they want on schools, hospitals, children’s orphanages. AND then be ready to face rule of law, consequences of their actions.

      Heck, it’s not even about Jews specifically. If Christian Zionists so care, or atheists or Hindus or Islamophobes or Sunnis or Shias…whoever. If they so strongly feel about whatever fascist ideology, they are free to go help it with their own resources AND face consequences of it.

      Problem with official US support for Israel government’s fascism: It is unwillingly imposing support for their immoral actions on the entire US population, through an IMMORAL taxation system!

      NOWHERE in the US Constitution is it stipulated that I should be unwillingly imposed to Federal Taxes, to subsidize Israeli government’s poisoning of Palestinian babies with Phosphor bombs.

      If a private US citizen wants to take part in such war crimes, that’s their prerogative & they should face consequences of their sins. Existing fascist arrangement is cowardly. With help of chicken-hawk Zionists, it imposes willingness and participation in these sins on me & pretty much EVERY single unwilling American citizen.

      This is against the principles under which this nation was founded. It is against the Constitution of this nation. Plain and simple.

      1. The Chiefe (@the_chiefe71) says:
        August 17, 2012 at 11:05 am

        One of the most cogent posts I’ve seen here in a while!


    6. Yes, however, name-calling of any sort should be in my opinion, banned. It’s the antagonistic name-calling that i mostly object to, as I have striven to not go there. Having my name included, without my approval or foreknowledge, is also something I would object to– and have objected to, also.
      I’d like to see a ban on reposting the same words, again and again, to the detriment of all, and making them out to be what they were not (from either side) stopped and viewed as just as wrong.

      I just don’t see the point of fighting and wasting precious time, here and elsewhere, with such a thing.

      We do not all have to agree on anything in order to hold decent conversations.

    7. I had it nearly trained as Pavlov’s Dog — whereby it became the joke of the forum with its predicted responses — until ‘annabeck58’ broke her word and started responding to it (thus feeding the troll with more lines).

      Now the creature is using her to propagate its pernicious agenda here….

      No worries, we’ll end its pollution eventually.

  57. As far as I’m concerned the Republican Party itself is corrupt and c ompromised. Perhaps this little problem will show all of America just how disgusting the whole Party really is.

    1. That, Archie, was solidified for me, just today. I have been asking our county party chairwoman, as I cannot and will not support the Mitt/Ryan team (yet have voted for, stumped for, and volunteered time for others on the slate), is it a prerequisite that I go and cheer-on this ridiculous team in order to stay in my position as precinct chair.
      She was actually pretty decent about it. She said Mitt was not her 3rd, 4th, or even 5th choice, but she would swallow her thoughts and go with him. I can’t do it. So, she had suggested I vacate my seat (or at least think about it).
      I then wrote to Texas’s Rep Chair, Steve Muniesteri. Steve was not as nice. It was a cut-and-dried answer I got back from him, today; You support “our” slate or just drop out. This is what they mean by, “unity”? Kick out those who cannot, for their conscience and their knowledge of what’s been happening with Mitt’s filthy campaign? Replace them with more worker-bees, or Republidrones, as I prefer to call them, so that we can APPEAR to be UNIFIED behind Mitt and Ryan?
      What a FARCE. What a complete waste of my time, money, gasoline, etc.. Why I spend so much time learning ALL of the Texas hopefuls, in the TRP, is beyond me, for as it is, Texas (and probably all of the GOP.RNC) does not want thinkers. They want doers. I am both, but I that I consider my actions and weigh my options pretty much casts ME out of “their” party.
      Their party may as well slit their proverbial throats, today, for all of the good they are doing this country. They do NOT have younger Reps to replace themselves, as they die-off, and this is a stupid position to put themselves into. But, what am I supposed to do about this?
      Oh, right; as I cannot and will not be Mitt’s cheerleader, I am supposed to leave the game, entirely.
      I am now reminded of why I left the Rep party, back in 1982, It had everything to do with the attitude of the party-heads (they think they are heads, yet they are not). I came back, more than once, but this time is final for me.
      I am done with trying to deal with IDIOTS who cannot even tell my why they WOULD vote for Mitt, other than, “he can beat Obama and we NEED to oust Obama”. Well, TRP, GOP, TCRP and RNC; all of you ridiculous REPLUBLIDRONES: No, he cannot, And you are acting stupidly and SUICIDAL.

  58. Mitt Romney WILL be charged as a Criminal — and hopefully REMOVED from the Republican ticket BEFORE the Tampa Convention (that is, if we had a True Justice System)!

    Powerful charges levied against Romney by attorney at law, Richard Gilbert — MUST WATCH video!!! Spread it like wildfire!!!!!!

    Will Mitt take off for France, like he did when evading the Vietnam Draft?
    Or will Powerful Monopoly MONEY buy him “Get-out-of-jail Card”…?

  59. Bye, bye Mitt — Ron Paul to win in Tampa!

    Try and stop us — the Law is on our side!


    “Jennifer Sheehan, Legal Counsel for the RNC, plainly stated in a letter to Nancy Lord, Utah National Committeewoman, several weeks before the convention, ‘The RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose” – Legal statement by the RNC Legal Counsel.

    No delegate or alternate delegate shall be
    bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional
    district to impose the unit rule” – The Rules of the Republican Party. Rule 38, the Unit Rule.

    In what may be the most stunning revelation of the ongoing GOP presidential nomination process, it has been discovered that in 2008, the RNC Legal Counsel legally interpreted the RNC rules and concluded that all delegates, regardless of state party rules, could vote for whomever he or she chooses at the Republican National Convention. This legal inquiry by the RNC was the result of a delegate’s desire not to vote for a candidate who did not represent his principles. The significance of this legal interpretation by the RNC lawyers is that all delegates are free to vote for any candidate regardless of any such “binding”. Because the RNC was the organization that conducted this legal examination, their ruling trumps all state GOP rules.

    In the past, “bound” delegates have attempted to vote for a candidate they were not “bound” to and not once have they been disallowed. Not only is there credible legal interpretation of this scenario, it has been found that there has never been a “bounded” delegate forced upon his or her will to vote for a “designated” candidate by his or her state GOP party. This ruling has the potential to unseat Mitt Romney as the “inevitable nominee” with Ron Paul supporters winning delegate positions in multiple states. Paul supporters are also becoming delegates that are “bound” to vote for Mitt Romney as we saw recently in Massachusetts where out of the 19 delegates allocated, 16 are known Ron Paul supporters. The consensus is that if a candidate wins the primary popular vote, that candidate is awarded all delegates.

  60. Bye, bye Mitt — Ron Paul to win in Tampa!

    All Delegates are Free to vote their conscience (cannot be bound)!

    That’s the law of the land!

  61. Open Letter to the Social Security Administration

    Dear Social Security,

    I’m about to retire this year, but don’t want you to go after me with the 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets you are purchasing now — so, please, don’t send me any retirement checks, but keep my hard earned money you’ve collected from me over all these years for yourselves. JUST DON’T SHOOT ME with all that that ammo you are buying!

    Thank you!

    Social Security Administration To Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets


    “First it was the Department of Homeland Security, then it was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and now the Social Security Administration is set to purchase 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets that will be delivered to 41 locations across the country.”

  62. Noam Chomsky is very well on record stating what a fraud Obama is and is a puppet for Bernanke.


    Now from economic theory standpoint, Chomsky is a socialist. But that’s NOT the point. The point is:

    In him we have someone who was tortured by anti-semitism as a young boy in Philadelphia. Today, when he questions the hypocrisy of Israeli government, they have audacity to label him “anti-semitic”. He is not allowed to step foot on Israeli soil.

    So much for the “anti-semitic” hypocrisy.

  63. Add to the list name of yet another Jewish libertarian intellectual: Murray Rothbard (great friend of Ron Paul for years BTW) denounced Israeli government even back in the days before current face of Likud fascism. If he was still around, paper-moral pathetic hypocrites like Abe Foxman, Bill Kristol, Avigdor Lieberman, Joe Lieberman would have a field day trouncing over him shouting “ANTI-SEMITIC”!!! Just as they do to Noam Chomsky & Uri Avnery.

    No wonder Murray Rothbard and the Zionist hypocrite Ayn Rand didn’t get along too well. Ayn Rand had no understanding of principles of liberty. Her “objectivism” crap is spouted like gospel by bunch of other Zionist objectivists (some Christian Zionists, some Jewish Zionists) – Paul Ryan, Alan Greenspan, Bill Kristol etc.

    Fellow contemporary Jews like Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises had the better understanding of principles of liberty. Having both of them around today would help put Zionist hypocrites in their place.


    1. Nice try but Page 15 of Murray Rothbard’s self title biography published by Continuum International Publishing Group reads: “Rothbard was atheistic on religious matters.” Translation: Rothbard was NOT a practicing Jew.

      ” put Zionist hypocrites in their place”? WOW. The United States contributes foreign aide to over 150 countries. What about the Sundanese ? The Jordanians? Russians? Egyptians? Colombians? Bosnians? etc. etc. Do you also wish to put THEM “in their place” too?

    1. Adam Kokesh? Now I KNOW you’re getting desperate. Kokesh was booted from the military, has multiple arrests, is under investigation by the FEC for raising political funds on a foreign government owned tv station (RT from which he was subsequently fired), claimed to be Jewish (from the kosher mecca of New Mexico….right 😉 after being confronted with the massive support he received during his 2010 failed congressional campaign from Stormfront (who to this day claim he told a ‘white lie” to get the media off “his back”), leader of “Brownshirts for Paul” (the original Sturmabteilung was also comprised of war veterans). The Ron Paul campaign has distanced itself from him ever since he suggested assassinating Romney on his “show’ which lead Ron Paul’s campaign manager to issue the following statement:

      “Mr. Kokesh is a deeply troubled individual with whom we cut off contact a long time ago,” said Benton when told of Kokesh’s video. “We have a very cordial and respectful relationship with Gov. Romney and his campaign and reject anyone who would think or talk this way. I hope the Secret Service investigates and takes all appropriate action they find necessary.”


      Yeah you’re really going to change minds and win hearts quoting a wack-job like Kokesh! ……………….NOT!

  64. Hahahahahahaha!!!!! I’m rolling on the floor laughing & can’t stop. This is too hilarious to watch.

    This is the Paul Ryan, the Wrong Paul touted as the savior for pathetic Romney’s fascism charade? He can’t even break himself out of a paper bag on HIS OWN FREAKING Neocon Central Fox channel. Yes, the Goldman Sachs funded one! With Neocon cheerleader Brit Hume sitting their to ASSIST him and feed the words into his mouth.

    Even with so much propaganda setup, he manages to self-combust himself.

  65. Ladies and Gentelmen,
    the time for talking is over. Millions of liberty-freedom minded people and others in America and abroad, need a SIGN from Dr.Ron Paul and his MOVEMENT. We need to see if the time had come to change the COURSE OF HUMANITY. If the MOVEMENT IS STRONG OR WILL HAVE TO WAIT till the NUMBERS WILL GROW. The SIGN should be THE MARCH OF FREEDOM-LIBERTY PEOPLE TO TAMPA. We”d want to see Dr.Paul in front of the VETERANS and The LEGION OF FREEDOM, MARCHING.PEACEFULLY, behind. Everybody will know then, if THE TIME HAD COME to change the COURSE OF HISTORY. If i”m whrong i appologies.

    Sincerly yours
    aurel barber


    Given the fact that:

    (1) Ron Paul Supporters must focus their energies in the next days remaining for the Presidential Elections.

    (2) Our name is being use to launch further defamatory attacks against Ron Paul and his Supporters.

    We consider that our presence in this Blog is counterproductive to both Doug’s Objectives and to Ron Paul Supporters.

    Therefore, we are retiring from this Blog with a final note to raise the level of consciousness of Ron Paul Supporters who still have not noticed the Depth and Significance of Ron Paul Anti-War Foreign Policy to Americans and to the Oppressed-and-Exploited Peoples around The World

    May the Spirit of Peace Win Over The Warmongers!

    “The Time Has Come for Us…” MLK

    “Silence Is Betrayal” MLK


    “We, The People”=5 “Ministry of Truth”=0

    The Smedley Butler Brigade

    Fighting One Coup d’Etat at a Time

  67. *****************************************




    Given the fact that:

    (1) Ron Paul Supporters must focus their energies in the days remaining for the Presidential Elections.

    (2) Our name is being used to launch further defamatory attacks against Ron Paul and his Supporters.

    We consider that our presence in this Blog is counterproductive to both Doug’s Objectives and to Ron Paul Supporters.

    Therefore, we are retiring from this Blog with a final note to raise the level of consciousness of Ron Paul Supporters who still have not noticed the Depth and Significance of Ron Paul Anti-War Foreign Policy to Americans and to the Oppressed-and-Exploited Peoples Around The World.

    May the Spirit of Peace Win Over The Warmongers!

    “The Time Has Come for Us…” MLK

    “Silence Is Betrayal” MLK


    “We, The People”=5 “Ministry of Truth”=0

    The Smedley Butler Brigade

    Fighting One Coup d’Etat at a Time

    1. Creature JIM (aka ‘tex2’) lies again — that’s for some restrictions on fireworks, coolers, etc for ANOTHER City (St. Petersburg) — Doug, when will you put a stop to this subhuman posting its vileness here…?!?

      Ron Paul Party is on in Tampa on the 26th — Come all American Patriots, and rock the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. You better read Ron Paul’s last letter to supporters again:

        ” After the rally, my delegates and alternates will be riding chartered buses to the RNC Welcome Reception at Tropicana Field.
        ….From 8:30 p.m. until 1 a.m. on Sunday, we’ll be hosting an after party and celebration at Ferg’s Sports Bar and Grill.

        Aimee Allen, Jimmie Vaughan, and John Popper have been nice enough to agree to provide entertainment at this event, as well.”


      2. What you’ve posted says nothing about anything being cancelled, though.
        The only “event” that may be cancelled (and not by Ron Paul) is Adam Kokesh’s vet’s march. Kokesh is suffering from a bad case of sour grapes and nothing he says should be accepted as words from Ron Paul or from the campaign. Even Kokesh has made this clear.
        Kokesh did want to host some sort of event after this particular happening, put on by the campaign, and Kokesh is feeling (in his words), “snubbed”.
        Personally, I don’t care what Kokesh does or does not do. I don’t care what he says as he showed his true colors the days immediately following Rand Paul’s announcement regarding support of Romney. Supposedly, the “Liberty Camp” (a tent-city, set-up for those who could not get hotel rooms in Tampa), is going to be cancelled, too. Kokesh has cancelled this as it was Kokesh’s deal.

        Again, Kokesh is very wishy-washy when it comes to Ron Paul. One day, he acts like Paul is a god, and the next day he’s angry that Paul will not show up to HIS event (whichever of those, “Look at ME; I am Adam Kokesh!” fetes.) Ron Paul is a busy man with all that is planned for Tampa and all of the work that’s being done to ensure delegates are credentialed (or not de-credentialed). So, don’t accept what someone else– whatever “grassroots” sort of people they think they are, say is truth. Their truths are not always factual and generally have some sort of spin on them. (NO, I am not saying the campaign is doing enough for the delegates; it’s Richard Gilbert and other Lawyers for Ron Paul who are doing the most.)

        It’s why I cannot even listen to Kokesh anymore. The guy just is not playing with a full-deck and seems to want to stack that same deck against both Pauls. It’s not worth anyone’s time.

      3. Ignore the PERNICIOUS ‘Jim’ (aka ‘tex2’) shill, employed by NWO Puppetry to wreak havoc on this forum!

        Do not reply to It.

        This paid in 30 pieces of Silver ‘Jim’ SHILL is polluting this forum again. In case you forgot, this subhuman creature, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead!

        (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful. Probably why he stopped actively campaigning w. $3 million left in the kitty… Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

        Doug — how long will you put up with this creature (that wants to see Ron Paul dead)…?!

        If you can’t save your own blog from such Vandalism— how can you assure us you are doing your best for Ron Paul?!?

      4. annebeck58 you might have missed my earlier post (yes it has been cancelled..no way they’re going to find another venue this close to the convention date where they won’t encounter the same problems (closed streets):

        Glad to see you don’t take Kokesh seriously. He is a liability to the Ron Paul Campaign which should have distanced itself from him long ago, at least before the “assassinate Romney” incident which really raised a lot of eyebrows and hurt the movement more than it helped.

      5. Petition to BAN the vile creature ‘Jim’ (aka ‘tex2′)— the list so far:

        1) Surfisher
        2) DT
        3) The Chiefe
        4) mat
        5) SmedleyButler

        Common, Real American Patriots — VOTE to have this subhuman shill ‘JIM’, that DESIRES the death of Ron Paul, BANNED from this Forum! Add your names below!!

        In case you forgot, this subhuman creature, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead!

        (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful….Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

        (Doug…are you paying attention)?!

  68. It’s time to allow the chosen ones to draft a new Constition a new vision of a one world order the aristocrates being masters at managing humanity shall govern your new morality of liberties trading assault rifles capable of violence in your hands we will exchange for songs of the ghosphals which will be far more effective in keeping your family safe from the two million man army that you own 17 trillion to ! Hillary as you know has worked out a good deal with
    China as you can see ? Giving up your title to them as soon as we complete the bk (that’s no burger king silly) and gave them our most wonderful deep ship yard in Ca., to receive their trogen horse container ships The aristocrates manage their trillions fine but you have become a debtor and it’s time your turned over to the creditors And no the Constition won’t protect you that was fixed so it won’t get in the way ever again ! It’s time to pay your bill ,.Your hard at work federal masters have utilized wonderfully your tax in building the most secure deep underground bases to assure continuing law and order and big gov continue to be a part of your life for ever ! Getting bigger every day ,..those liberties mr Obama eliminated with over 968 executive orders will insure you walk the line of spiritual order. Using as few of the resources and generating as much tax for their mission as humanly possible . A government larger then ever and assured to even be larger then any in history. Thinking whats best for you as the chosen ones are here for a reason to teach your children a new way of thinking at an early age and once everyone is chipped and cash eliminated tax will be collected efficiently Rise up and your chip will be turned off ! to think the way the new American royalty (your elected ) desire ,.. dismantle home schooling instill a health care where the new 17000 (to begin with) IRS reps will look at your earnings under a glass and find every expendable extra dollar to asses your health care fair share bill. If you have $350 left over well that will be your payment ! Only five dollar payments are for the homeless and soon it impossible for anyone to make a living homeless . Those will be the first to experience camp femas ! The court means circuit and circuit means money ! As you can see now you can be arrested for the simplist infraction now even during a simple traffic stop you can speak up and be hauled in and booked and go home on probation lets get everyone through the system so we can use facial software to watch over all of you crime will be virtually eliminated ! So let go of your liberties ! Big gov is the way and will protect you the first step is total disbarment of all weapons when it is complete join hands witth Barrock and
    Hillary and sing koom-by-all ! Feel the love say hello to the next 100 million illegals that we will hand citizenship to ( we love them ! They never complain about paying income tax ! ) there just happy to be in the greatest union the new banana republic where debtors will be turned over to the creditor like other countries do without a dam thorn in the ass bill of rights . So stop with the Ron Paul thing it’s unhealthy move forward as Obama says just except and move forward ! This plan since 1960 has taken long enough. Time to make artificial reefs out of your scary arms Night sticks for the police and only military can have them ! It works great in other countries. Look at china and Gaza today ? How can a true dictatorship work with an armed nation ? Go to bed with these words and wake up with a new vision and pull the lever again for your leader and allow him to finish off the republic I means finish what he started I’m mean finish the plans for the money masters. Well you know what I mean ! Koom by y’all !

  69. FBI has got another one: A Ron Paul supporter is being held in a mental hospital for saying things like “Sharpen up my axe; I’m here to sever heads”. He also mentioned starting a revolution and made threats against military generals saying “I am coming for you”


    He’s not the first and I’m sure he will not be the last. As i’ve said before, Paul is well aware he has more than a few followers who are mentally ill. His refusal to concede this race in which he CANNOT win is only pushing them over the edge.

      1. Say, Doug Wead,
        Today, I was essentially forced to tender my resignation as precinct-chair, by Texas Republican Party’s Steve Munistieri. I had asked our Travis County Rep Party chair, Rosemary Edwards, if it was a requirement that I get behind the Romney.Ryan team (especially since it has not yet officially happened) and I was told that I should go with my conscience–out of the party.

        So, go I did. It sickens me, and though there were other Reps I was supporting (and have voluntarily stumped for, in Austin), I am not wanted. Seems it has everything to do with me not being a worker-bee, only. As I said to Rosemary Edwards; Thinking is not encouraged, and speaking-out is wrong
        What kind of unity are they vying for? Seems to be uniting only those who have fallen over for the criminal, Romney, and those who won’t because they can’t, ,are not welcome. It’s gonna be a much smaller party come November, for sure.

      2. Come now,Jim.
        It’s the DailyPaul. Anyone can post there and say anything they like. in fact, recently, it’s been taken over by pro-Johnson tools, which is why I hardly go there anymore, myself. I still pay the 5 dollars a month, but this may end, soon. The site is not what I signed on for, anymore, so I don’t see how it’s edifying or enhancing my political experience, at all.
        And, as anyone CAN post at DP, so long as they’ve also paid that five bucks, we cannot prove OR disprove this is an actual NATIONAL delegate for Dr Paul that’s written the post. In fact, read some of the responses to this person. I don’t know him (or her) and have not read anything except this one post, in DP.
        Surely, you are aware that people say things which are not true, just to get a rise out of others. And, of course, MUCH has been said about Dr Paul (and even the campaign team) that’s also not true or factual.
        I would not hang my hat on anything in DP unless it’s backed-up by at least one verifiable source. DailyPaul is not what it was when I joined a year ago.

      3. And thank you to Doug Wead for taking note of this.
        As I have said, the campaign (minimally, via the ChipIn site) is assisting delegates to get to Tampa, when needed.
        If someone was “denied” it is just as reasonable that said person is not a delegate to the national convention.

    1. Perhaps this should be better entitled; “This is What WAR Does to America’s Military”.
      This guy was in the thick of things, twice. We’ve sent him to war, twice, for lies. Perhaps this is why he says things (joke of not- and his friends all said what he posted was meant as jokes) that worry some people. If we did not send our kids to other lands, not to protect us, but for different (unspoken) causes, they would not come back with such things in mind?

      1. The poor guy who ended up in the mental ward for his “jokes” showed his mental condition when he joined the military in the first place. That’s when he should have been confined for his own good and the good of all those Iraqi and Afghani children murdered by American soldiers.

      2. Didn’t you see the quote from Richard Gilbert? :
        “According to Richard Gilbert Threatening the government officials of the United States is a serious crime under federal law. Threatening (non-presidental) officials is a federal felony, usually carrying maximum penalties of 5 or 10 years under 18 U.S.C. § 875”

        You DO trust Richard Gilbert right?

      3. Petition to BAN the vile creature ‘Jim’ (aka ‘tex2′)— the list so far:

        1) Surfisher
        2) DT
        3) The Chiefe
        4) mat
        5) SmedleyButler

        Common, Real American Patriots — VOTE to have this subhuman shill ‘JIM’, that DESIRES the death of Ron Paul, BANNED from this Forum! Add your names below!!!

        In case you forgot, this subhuman creature, like the Bilderberg Gang, wants to see Ron Paul dead!

        (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful….Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

        (Doug…are you paying attention)?!?

      4. Again Surfisher , Doug is a TRUE American, OPEN to opposing views and robust debate, as is, I would hope, Ronald Ernest Paul. Unless you can provide a quote along with a link to Ron Paul advocating banishment for anyone with opposing views I would seriously reconsider the way you are portraying “the movement” on this blog.

      5. Subhuman JIM = tex2

        ‘tex2’ stated it wants to see Ron Paul dead, several months ago, and was Banned!

        So, clearly ‘tex2’ is now posting as ‘Jim’ — with the same wish for Ron Paul to die!

        Doug — you banned this creature before…why haven’t you banned it again?!?

        Doug — how can we trust you if you agree with such sum????\

  70. While I give Kokesh ZERO credibility I do know Chief appears to idolize him, so ,in a friendly effort to be sure Chief doesn’t miss it , here’s what amounts to Kokesh’s “Dear John” letter to Ron Paul . With the release of the campaigns latest FEC records on Friday showing over $2.5 million in reserve while the campaign is routinely denying delegates assistance yet simultaneously asking for more contributions, I bet by Friday a lot more Paul supporters will, like Kokesh admits in the following video (pay attention to the last 4 minutes), that they got scammed by a man who will surely become known as the greatest con artist of the 21st Century. Over $39 million swindled from the Faithful and yet no nomination. Not even a speech at the convention, but plenty of Lobster dinners for family members (aka “staff”).The ones who refuse to wake up and read the writing on the walls will end up in psycho wards or deprogramming facilities specializing in dealing with cults.

    1. Here’s what I don’t get about you.
      Sometimes, you have decent things to say, yet you seem to (almost ever) wrap your words or posts in personal attacks.
      Did you mother or father or a teacher, at any time, not teach you about catching more bees with honey?

      No, not asking you to be sweet to anyone, as we both know that won’t happen. But, the out-and-out bile is helping you, only, to not be heard. I know you can say decent things, so I would simply ask you to consider this. Yes, I also realize you are under constant attack, but that is really only from one poster, here. Take a moment and consider how to entice that person to quit it, too, eh?

    2. BTW: Some of us gave-up on Kokesh a while ago. This guys ego is too big for ANY party or political movement. In fact, I almost posted this video, to you.
      I’ve been asking true liberty-supporting Republicans to ignore Kokesh, since the end of May, beginning, June. I’ve gone on record (via radio), asking the same, so as to not confuse the “movement”.
      Adam Kokesh is SURELY NOT the movement, as much as he likes to portray himself as “the grassroots leader”. It’s Grassroots. We don’t HAVE a leader (of course..)
      But, this is what i was talking about ; the only thing, that may be cancelled, is Kokesh’s doings. And, guess what? The Ron Paul Campaign, and many of us true grassroots supporters, are happy that Kokesh may not be there, at all.
      He gives the whole thing a black-eye, as far as I can surmise.

      1. Unfortunately as I mention below regarding Benton voter perception is everything.The average voter sees Kokesh and doesn’t look further to see what his fellow supporters think about him. They see Kokesh acting like a clown singing “Safety Dance” at the Jefferson Memorial and think : “if this guy supports Ron Paul….”

      2. Even worse, in regard to Kokesh? His latest (look-at-me-I-AM-THE-grassroots-LEADER) video post has been renamed, “Adam Kokesh Punches Ron Paul” And, of course, Kokesh has not punched Paul! But, as it was named this (tongue-in-cheek; I know the person who changed that title, and it was meant as a joke), the word is out, “KOKESH PUNCHED RON PAUL”.
        More fodder for and from the rumor-mill. It makes no sense, especially if you’d ever seen Paul’s bodyguards, up close and personal (as have I). Yet this story has wings?

        It’s like the story of Paul-fest being cancelled. It has not and will not be cancelled. It is ONLY Kokesh’s plans that have been cast aside,, and this was really Kokesh’s doing, As long as Kokesh is the center of attention, no press is bad press. He should have just supported Paul, as do we all, and not come out swinging, at the wrong person (Dr Ron Paul) back in May and June. But he did. And, again, it’s something we cannot prevent now (as it is done).
        Not everyone in the movement is like Kokesh or Greene, to name just a few of those who went off the grid. Most of us want what Paul wants as we see it as best for US. USA.

  71. WOW — just had the ‘Jim’ (previously posting as ‘tex2’) IP address located — shows to be from Israel!

    Creature JIM = tex2:

    (JIM says: July 9, 2012 at 8:07 am (and ‘tex2’ had a similar wish months before) “….The good doctor looked really feeble in that last message to the faithful….Vegas odds say he (Ron Paul) DOESN’T LIVE to see Tampa.”)

    Shame on you Doug — to allow Foreign Agents to invade your forum with pernicious wishes for Ron Raul to die!

    Qvo Vadis, Doug?

    1. What’s wrong Surfisher? Are you dreams of Vets for Paul marching through Tampa, burning and looting the shops of neocons vanishing? Your vision of driving the neocons into the sea going up in smoke? Why don’t you post my IP if you claim to have it instead of asking others to take your word for it? I guarantee it’s not in Israel.

    1. WE all KNOW how much money he has in the coffers. We expect it will be well-spent. If you know anything about Dr Paul, he will account for each and every dime. He knows that our contributions are his responsibility, and he has thusfar been responsible with same.
      The only persons I want to not get any of this are Jack I-support-Johnson Hunter and Jesse goes-behind-Paul’s-back Benton. These people should give-back to ALL of us.

      1. Well at least there is one thing we can agree on annebeck58. While i will admit it’s quite honorable of Dr. Paul to provide meaningful employment for his grand-son-in-law I also strongly feel rather than have someone close to the family who knows he can make mistakes/take risks and at the end of the day still be accepted Dr. Paul should have hired a professional with no family ties who would work as if his livelihood depended on it. Many times I have seen interviews with Benton where he came off as cocky and abrasive and believe it or not voters pick up on this. As a representative of the Ron Paul Campaign Benton is selling a product. And for him to come off as defensive it gives the impression something is wrong with the product. As opposed to Doug, who would deflect attacks on his candidate with a smile and a shrug.

      2. Well, there’s more to the story of Benton and how he got involved, as I am sure you are aware. Benton worked on Rand’s campaign. As I know (and most should know) Rand is not a liberty-style Republican, and had said many times he’d support whomever the Rep choice would be, I think Dr Paul could have certainly hired someone better to have our interests and his interests at heart (rather than that of his son).
        Benton was also really not qualified, or as qualified as would have been someone like Doug Wead, here. Benton has not matured enough to handle the demands of a campaign of this magnitude. And, on top of it, we’ve seen at least one email in which Benton talked with the Romney camp and promised to deliver them the win (and tried to deliver Romney Paul’s supporters- that was very naive of Benton, for sure.) There will be no “Unity” in the GOP or at the RNC’s shindig. Once you hear that “bell of liberty”, it cannot be un-heard or un-rung. Even if Dr Paul, himself, were to ask us to get behind this farcical pair, Rom/Ryan, we couldn’t do it. It goes against our principles.
        I am sure that instances like you cited regarding Benton would be the biggest things that would cause some companies to not allow nepotism. I think it’s too bad the Paul campaign had not thought this through more carefully. Family is great (even grandsons-in-law) for photo ops and for stumping, smiling and looking pretty and positive, but family is usually not the best choice for such a task as this.
        In a way, I’d say that the true-grassroots camps, of each state, would have done better without a Benton or a Tate, and surely better than Rand. But, it’s neither here nor there, as it stands now.

        I know, also, in the past few weeks (esp last week) the campaign lawyers are supposed to be trying to get the RNC to allow duly elected delegates their seats. The problem lies in their tactics, as they are trying to work within RNC- Rules, rather than Federal Law. And it’s getting these attorneys just about nowhere. One reason is that the RNC keeps changing these rules, and as a “private club”, they can do this. They, however, could not change federal election laws quite so readily.
        It’s just another thing the campaign is doing wrong.

        TO think what it could have been..
        (At least, this is my take on it all.)

    1. Come on. That’s a post from one Daily Paul member. It does not speak of the campaign or Ron Paul, or what the campaign IS doing to get delegates to Tampa.
      In face, Adam Kokesh was ticked off, too, that his tent-city is no longer necessary (not relevant) because the Paul camp has paid for lodging for anyone who really needed it.
      Still, there is a reason I decided to not be a delegate for Paul. I could not afford to take-off the time, as well as foot the bill for this conference. Any delegate needs to know that he or she is expected to find that money (and believe me, Tampa has upped the prices of lodging, when planning for the RNC to be there). So, it’s really never been on anyone’s campaign to provide funds necessary.
      (AND who knows who this person is, whining about not being given monies to be there? Do we even know this person is a delegate, elected TO the national convention? No, we do not.)

      Anyone who pays the five buck a month to be part of the Daily Paul can post there…

      1. annebeck58 take a look again at disbursements on the campaigns FEC disclosures.$379,377.89 for Operating Expenditures, $16671.90 in refunds to disgruntled supporters. If the campaign were giving money to delegates they would have to report it as a transfer.

        For a breakdown of operating expenses from a May WP article (I’ll post link in second reply so this one doesn’t get caught up in moderation)
        ” Paul’s granddaughter Valori Pyeatt helps organize fundraising receptions and has been paid $17,157. Another granddaughter, Laura Paul ($2,724), handles orders for Ron Paul merchandise. Grandson Matthew Pyeatt ($3,251) manages Paul’s MySpace profile. Daughter Peggy Paul ($2,224) helps with campaign logistics. The candidate’s sons Randall and Robert and his daughter Joy Paul LeBlanc have all been paid for campaign travel and for appearing as surrogates at political events.

        Who keeps track of all these finances? Paul’s brother and daughter, naturally, who have been paid a combined $62,740 to handle the campaign’s accounting. “Jesse Benton, Paul’s spokesman and, it just so happens, the fiance of one of the candidate’s granddaughters (he has been paid $54,573)”

      2. First; I should have been more clear. The campaign IS assisting delegates in pooling resources, and has been asking US for donations (specifically for the delegates to get to Tampa), via ChipIn. I do not know, for sure, if the campaign is using funds we’ve already donated to the campaign, for Ron Paul’s run, but if they were I;d be fine with it. If it’s legal and a legitimate thing to do, I am sure Dr Paul would also be good with it. But, it really is up to the delegates to each pay his or her own way. It’s always been this way, and is no different this year (regardless of what all’s transpired this past season.)
        I thought Benton had already married into the family?
        And, when it comes to family, I do think hiring and paying a salary to family members should be taboo. It’s my take on it. It is not Dr Paul’s take on the same thing. But, some is paid out in different manners, or coded not as salary, so we don’t know if these are payments (re-payments) for things such a travel, postage, etc…
        I am not necessarily for hiring family, though I do so in my business, only because my “kids” are well-versed in what they need to do. It’s easier than hiring someone off of the street, to be sure.
        I grew up in a political family. My father was a local and state politician, much like Dr Paul, and I would paint signs and make horsdevours, often, when he’d have a meeting. I also rode in parades, with my dad, made phone calls for him, and did block-walking with him. I did it for free and I think any family members should do so, for free (but this is my opinion, only) in order to avoid any negative feelings.

        The second link is from 2008. Do we need to go back that far?
        I will take a look at it and see if I want to or need to comment in regard to it.

      3. I was so busy reading and responding to the rest of it, I forgot to mention the refunds (to other, including donations). Many times, people will donate to the campaign- or any campaign- more than they are allowed to donate, as an individual. The total each person is allowed to donate is 2500 dollars, and not a penny more.
        Some people do not realize that purchasing items (tees, pens, even bumper-stickers) is a DONATION, so they purchase these items and their out and out direct donations have to be returned.
        You really should not leap to the conclusion that these were disgruntled supporters. Some simply exceeded their limit(s). Others are people Ron Paul would prefer to not have on his side (and you have named these same folks, in the past, so I feel there’s no reason to go there, again).
        Some may be reimbursed to delegates, in particular, if it will now help these delegates to get to Tampa, where they are needed.

        So, again; do not jump to conclusions as, unless you see a full break-down, your assessment is not exactly valid. You should know this.

      4. Annebeck are you really sure you want to stick by the ‘people going over” argument? It gives the appearance that the campaign has less supporters . My apologies on the link. I have literally thousands in my archive. Meant to post this more recent story :

        While not illegal, nepotism in politics is generally frowned upon especially in an economic climate of high unemployment, This isn’t a local election it’s a national campaign that’s raked in nearly $40 million. Surely you agree there are lots of people with comparable skills who are out of work who can do the same jobs? Especially when, as the first article pointed out, the FEC requires Paul pay “the going rate’ for such work (which negates he is saving his supporters money by enriching family members).
        Also please provide PROOF the campaign is providing funds to delegates by way of actual documentation and not hearsay. Thanks.

      5. I do know people who exceeded their donations-limit (not by much, but all the same..), unwittingly so, when they purchased items which are donated to the campaign and every penny “earned” with these items is a direct donation. I am not going to name names if that’s what you want.
        You can go and check the ChipIn.com (I believe it’s .com) site to see that there have been calls to Paul supporters, by the campaign (specifically Dr Paul, John Tate, to name a few) to assist delegates to get to and stay in Tampa. Surely, with all of the research you’ve done into the Paul campaign, you would know this?

        I have already told you I do not think hiring family for political races is a good thing. Even if it’s not illegal, I see it as not quite the best thing to do. But, again; this is my opinion.
        I think it”s fine for family to donate time (and you still have not proven to me that some members of the Paul clan were not doing that, and their “pay” was not simply reimbursements for out of pocket expenses). But, I do agree there are plenty of people out of work who would certainly have qualified and may have been better at the job than what we’ve seen out of people (family) like Jesse Benton. I said this many times and not only here.

      6. annebeck58 I am well aware of the chipins but again this proves nothing. By law disbursements to delegates have to be reported. They clearly are not. As for people maxing out their contributions they’re names are available on FEC and interest me not. The question is , if Paul’s support is so overwhelming as his supporters suggest why would ANYONE even max out to begin with? Truth is the campaign asked the same people repeatedly to enrich Paul’s family members.rather than expand his base. Paul never intended on winning (he’s flat out refused to attack Romney). This has all been a scam. A get rich quick scheme to provide (temporary) employment to the Paul flock while selling his books along the way.

    2. BTW:
      I have told you and others, in the past; I do not agree with everything Dr Paul does or says or thinks (I am sure). I do not have to agree with everything to know he would be the best choice, surely better than Romney or Obama.
      I do not put him on pedestal, as do some. He’s simply a man; an albeit intelligent man with good ideas for this country and the world, but a man all the same.

    3. One last thing and I am done for the night;
      Why are we even discussing small amounts of money from and to delegates, when we have a guy (Mitt Romney) accepting campaign contributions from foreigners?
      We know Mitt had a “business” set-up, aside from that, which somehow gave him a million dollars. Yes, it was Mitt’s fake-biz, from which he gave himself campaign donations- to the tune of one million, and closed it the following day.
      Is that not interesting to you?
      It is me.
      I hope it is to the federal govt.
      Mitt deserves to be arrested and tried. That’s better than what he would do to people who speak out against him (treat ’em as terrorists, even for their thoughts and words. That is awful.)

      1. >annebeck58 writes: Is that not interesting to you?

        Not in the least. Because annebeck58 it’s off topic. In your own words below “Glad to see we can now get the point of these posts; the Campaign and Dr Paul.” Yet bringing up Mittens changes the subject, doesn’t it?

    4. Regarding donations to delegates, again; the delegates are just NOW receiving funds (it’s only been a couple of weeks) so would not show-up in previous month’s filings.
      Wait til September, to see the August statement, okay?
      If there is nothing to delegates, specifically marked as same, I will give you that one. But, I do not expect to see funds allocated to any specific national delegate, until August’s release.

      1. Great catch annebeck58! You’ve proven yourself to be quite the thinker as opposed to just someone who regurgitates talking points (no names). But the convention is next week. Isn’t the first weeks of August sort of late to be booking flights/hotels if one is trying to save money? Like i said, the campaign, in my opinion, has never been in it to win it from the day they announced they would not campaign in Florida.
        Maybe the things we have discussed should be the subject of your next blog? Nothing negative against Paul of course, but how things could have been better without Benton and others who didn’t have a reputation in politics to build/uphold so might not have given 100% Perhaps you can find a delegate who has received money from the campaign to prove me wrong?

      2. Quite a few of these people never asked for assistance til this month. Some (for sure) had no idea that they would be going, as the RNC has played their games, all season.
        I say, let’s wait for the allocation-report, for August to come through, before we post any accusations.
        Regarding another post; this may be one idea. But, in the forefront of my mind is what the TRP and TCRP has done, today, by misleading me to believe it was necessary that I support each and every person on their slate, in order to remain in my position as precinct chairman. I’m pretty disgusted with that attempt to push me out, especially as I feel I am more Republican than any of these Neocons.
        We’ll see…
        But, thank you for causing me to smile, today.

    1. The Chiefe — Julian Assange’s Speech On Balcony Of Ecuador’s Embassy In London
      Watch this 9 minute video — The BO gets exposed for what he is…a wannabe Dictator of the World !

      Did British police actually invade the sanctity of the Ecuadorian Embassy? If true, that’s an Act of War!

      Anyway, congrats on the small Nation of Ecuador standing up to the Big Brother bullies!


  72. Patriot who was kidnapped from his house & still being illegally detained by taxpayer funded government speaks out.

    These agents who are more aligned with Stalin, Pinochet, Franco & Mussolini would proudly “DETAIN” Ben Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson & George Washington as “THREATS TO THEMSELVES” and “TERRORISTS”.

  73. I must pass this to all of you wonderful Ron Paul supporters: This is from Adam D’Angeli the campaign manager here in Michigan:

    Dear Michigan Patriots,

    I hope all is well with you. As I write, it’s the night before Ron Paul’s “We Are the Future” rally in Tampa, and everything is hectic, as you might imagine.

    First, I must thank all of you who helped chip in to send our delegates to Tampa. The effort was successful, and we couldn’t have done it without you. You have my most sincere thanks for supporting our hard-working delegates and seeing this through to the very end.

    Now, an update.

    If you’ve been following the news, you may have heard that the Romney team is pulling out all the stops to disenfranchise the Paul delegation (according to numerous news articles, not me).

    I don’t want to re-hash what’s being said in the news; all I can say right now is that nothing will be certain until after the fact, and that right now, the campaign is doing everything possible to ensure that all of our delegates are seated.

    We are fighting for the seating of our delegates, for platform issues, and for a speaking slot for Dr. Paul.

    Nobody knows how it will all shake out. If indeed the Romney strategy is to alienate the future of the conservative movement, rather than make reasonable concessions to ensure a convention that instills unity moving into the general election, I would think that is a poor strategy.

    But it is also possible that things play out differently, and for those of us who are not delegates, there’s nothing to do but wait and see.

    To everyone’s surprise, the RNC has announced that all of Monday’s events–including Senator Rand Paul’s speech, interestingly–have been canceled due to fears of bad weather. It remains to be seen whether they will re-schedule it.

    One thing I do know for certain: our historic rally, “We Are the Future,” will proceed as scheduled.

    And it will rock.

    For those of you who could not make it, the rally will be aired on C-SPAN from 3pm – 4:30pm.

    The 10,000 seats at the USF Sun Dome are all reserved. The overflow area seats another 3,000. Hundreds of media outlets are covering the rally.

    Whatever happens, our movement will not be denied.

    I hope you are all as excited by this as I am, and as riveted to see the path that Mitt Romney and the Republican Party choose.

    The decision is theirs. The country is watching. Pray they find the sense to do the right thing.

    For Liberty,

    1. Hi, Valeria (and Adam), I so do appreciate the updates.. and regarding “postponing the event due to weather”? Accept this with a huge helping of salt! PLEASE PASS THIS ON to ALL States’ delegations: The ROMNEY team has screwed with delegates at ALL levels in this manner– the postponement.. (including in Alaska and Texas, that I know of) and has “postponed” caucus or convention meeting-times, only to go-forth with voting, yet “forgot” to advise ALL delegates, particularly Ron Paul Delegates. It is how Texas, particularly Austin and Fort Worth, lost quite a few local-level delegates. prepared to go to State. These were very active members of the GOP and quite popular among all Republicans, not just the Liberty/RonPaul movement.
      These people will LIE to your faces without blinking an eyelash. I know; they out-and-out lied to me to get me to relinquish my position of Precinct-Chair (or Captain.) Luckily, for me, they put these lies in writing, and I was able to retain my seat.

      So, if it is SAFE (weather-wise) Please send at least one, possibly two, team member out to the meeting place(s), throughout the day Monday, to ensure this is not THE game being played on you all.

      Put nothing past these people, when it comes to shenanigans, rule–breaking and rule-bending, as well as law-breaking. They are at their wit’s end and will do just about anything to disenfranchise YOU ALL.
      Thanks; take care out there. WE are proud of all you’re doing for US as well as for the tools who are unknowingly voting for that fall-guy, Romney. For, as we know, they are not simply working against Ron Paul, or even just against us; their actions will finally destroy this Republic, and they need to be aware the effect their actions will have. There is still a possibility that at least a few delegates will be swayed into changing their vote(s) to Paul, and we NEED this now.
      Play them the video; What If, by Dr Ron Paul (and maybe throw in the GoldenState’s song, “Bombs,the Ron Paul song”, to seal the deal?)

      Before this Republic is destroyed and we all end up in Homeland-Securityville. State’s rights and State regulations are being taken away from us, every day, and this convention (coronation) may be the final nail in the In-Security-coffin our country is becoming.


      “The GOP is smarter than we”!

      While, We The People, have hopes of saving our Nation — THEY, the GOP Elite, have none.

      We are idealistic — believers that Truth, Liberty and Justice will eventually prevail, thus saving US from imminent economic collapse and the loss of all freedoms!

      The GOP Establishment has no such illusions — THEY want to assure that ONLY THEY and THEIR OWN have first dibs on the choices pieces of meat, when the carving of the American People starts. THEY do not want rejuvenation of the Republican Party, nor is stagnation enough — PURGING is needed, so THEY are first in line to pick our bones clean when the economic collapse starts. (Same goes for the Dems in power).

      We, the Real American People (the producers), are the HOST — and THEY, the Non-Producers, are the Parasites!

      While the Host was strong and healthy in the past — the parasites fed well with little notice on OUR loss.

      But, NOW the Parasites have become GREATER than the HOST — meaning in order to survive, THEY have to suck MORE blood out of US than we can produce for ourselves, let alone THEM.

      Realizing this, THEY are preparing the road ONLY for THEMSELVES and THEIR OWN to strip our carcass clean (after they’ve sucked US dry).

      Now, back to working two jobs Real Americans, so you can produce some more to feed THEM longer…until THEY are finally ready to send you to the glue factory… (“Animal Farm” by George Orwell).

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